Winner Takes All Chapter 1327-1328

Chapter 1327

The plane pa*sed through a sea of clouds.

Chen Dong looked out at the sea of clouds, his heart always hanging in the air.

The call with Qin Ye was short, but the bawling sound, as if it was a magic sound, always lingered in the ears.

What happened to Xishu …… in the end?

The phone is already sobbing, and it’s impossible to ask for details in that state.

Chen Dong could not understand, nowadays, the Qin family of Xishu, what else can they do to turn the stage?


Before he was appointed head of the family, the Qin family had been disobedient and disobedient, but that was only under the soft hand of Qin Xiao Qian.

After that, he used his iron fist to crush the Qin family, and he divorced Qin Henian, making him Qin Xiaoxian’s most powerful a*sistant.

At that time, he was unable to make any waves, but now that Qin Ye is back in charge of the Qin family, how can something still go wrong?

The first thing that happened was that Qin Ye was not a good person, and he knew that the Qin family was a group of evil spirits that ate human blood.

To Qin Ye, the best way to suppress the Qin family was one word – kill!

If I had to add a few more words, it would be …… kill enough!

Zhang Yulan has Qin Ye’s protection, even in the Qin family, the entire Qin family wouldn’t dare to touch her half a bit!

It was …… that something was wrong now!

And it’s a big deal!

The only thing that could make Qin Ye cry so much that she couldn’t even finish her sentence was that the sky had collapsed in front of Qin Ye!

With anxious thoughts, the plane finally landed at the airport in Xishu.

Just what Chen Dong did not expect was that when he stepped out of the airport, he was not greeted by Qin Xiao Qian or anyone from the Qin family.

Instead, it was Zhuge Qing from the …… Zhuge Family!

“Mr. Chen.”

Zhuge Qing’s face was as gloomy as water, and even the few moments of respect that he used to have when facing Chen Dong were now gone.

“Where are Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian?”

Chen Dong asked in a deep voice.

“Something big has happened to the Qin family, you should follow me to the Zhuge family first, grandpa will explain it to you in detail.”

Chen Dong’s face was instantly filled with depression.

“Joke! Something has happened to my brother and my sister-in-law, can I go to your Zhuge family to ask for an explanation? If there is anything, it would be my brother himself who would tell me!”

Chen Dong was overwhelmed with anger and let out a snort.

He then bypa*sed Zhuge Qing and strode off into the distance, “I’ll go to the Qin family myself, I want to see who made my brother cry so badly, who collapsed the sky for my brother!”

Words were hard and hostile.


Zhuge Qing’s complexion changed drastically, and he turned around with a fierce sentence, but it caused the furious Chen Dong to give an abrupt stop in his steps.

Zhuge Qing said, “If you go to the Qin family now, Qin Ye and the few of them might die!”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and the hostility on his face intensified, as if he was a bloodthirsty beast, clenching his teeth as he squeezed out a sentence from between them.

“Then I will let all of the Qin family be buried with me!”

Hoo ……

The light breeze brushed by, but it carried a bone-chilling coldness.

Zhuge Qing looked flustered and quickly stepped forward, grabbing Chen Dong’s arm.

“Mr. Chen, I have offended many times, but the current situation in Xishu is difficult to explain in a few words, the Chen family turmoil has already changed the sky in Xishu, please move to the Zhuge family, my grandfather will discuss with you in the long run!”

The words were humble, almost pleading.


Chen Dong’s hands clenched into fists, faintly rattling.

Quietly, the muscles in both arms were even inching up.

The strong spurting sensation was particularly clear to Zhuge Qing, who was clutching Chen Dong’s arms, and revealed a look of fear and trepidation.

Before he arrived, his grandfather had given him strict orders to bring Chen Dong to the Zhuge family first.

If Chen Dong did not go to the Zhuge family, but went directly to the Qin family, then the situation might be as grandpa had said, and the whole situation would go out of control!

A long time later.

Chen Dong slowly exhaled a foul breath, his face still hostile, but his eyes were a little clearer.

“I will go with you to the Zhuge family, but it won’t take too long, my brothers and siblings are waiting for me!”

Zhuge Qing’s expression instantly eased, but he did not dare to let go of Chen Dong, pulling him quickly towards the car: “Mr. Chen, please!”

With the intelligence power of the Zhuge Family, coupled with the fact that they had been attached to Chen Dong for so long.

The Zhuge Family knew how close Chen Dong and Qin Ye were to each other!

Two people with similar personalities, both crazy in their bones and blood!

So crazy that they would do anything to risk their lives!

In the beginning, Chen Dong was able to crush the Qin family to death for Qin Ye, making the Zhuge Family the most powerful family in Western Shu.

Now, Chen Dong was also able to bury hundreds of people from the Chen family for Qin Ye’s sake!

It was clear about this relationship that Zhuge Qing’s grandfather was certain that Chen Dong could not go to the Qin family immediately.


The Zhuge family.

With the weakening of the Qin family, the Zhuge family’s heritage, which stretched over a long period of time, exploded and became the number one family in Western Shu in one fell swoop.

Today, the Zhuge family is far more magnificent than before!

The walls are high and the courtyard is majestic.

It is a magnificent compound with majestic walls.

Even though the courtyard is full of people, it is not chaotic and noisy, and the traffic is orderly and well organized.

But with an order from Elder Zhuge, the traffic in front of the manor came to an abrupt halt.

The Zhuge family guards poured out of the manor, clearing the road in front of the manor of all idle people as quickly as possible.

They were brutal, rude and unreasonable.

The guests were surprised and indignant, but they dared not speak out in anger.

Soon, a Mercedes Maybach came speeding by.

The car stopped and the door opened.

Chen Dong was the first to get out of the car and strode into the Zhuge Family.

Along the way, a crowd of Zhuge Family guards in suits all looked in awe, and everywhere Chen Dong pa*sed, the crowd bowed their heads in silence.

Zhuge Qing got out of the car and followed behind Chen Dong with a heavy face.

He had already gotten up to a trot, but still had difficulty catching up with Chen Dong.

As he neared the entrance, Zhuge Qing turned to the people around him and ordered, “Keep a tight guard, don’t divulge half of it.”

“As you command!”

Several hundred people responded in unison.

Zhuge Qing looked solemn as he turned to trot after Chen Dong.

The entire Zhuge Family, with Chen Dong’s arrival, the atmosphere became strangely gloomy and tense.

Even, as Chen Dong advanced, the large Zhuge Family fell into an eerie dead silence.

In the meeting room.

Elder Zhuge was sitting on crutches, his back straight, his eyes tightly closed, his brows knitted together, his expression solemn.

When Chen Dong, who was covered in hostility, walked into the meeting room.

Master Zhuge suddenly opened his eyes and rose straight to his feet, “Mr. Chen, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

“Cut the crap, my brothers and the others are still waiting for me!”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, dry and direct.

“Mr. Chen did not tell us, the Zhuge Family, yet we, the Zhuge Family, know that Mr. Chen has arrived in Western Shu, don’t you feel curious?”

Elder Zhuge said in a deep voice.

“I don’t like nonsense.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern as he stared at Elder Zhuge, he did not think this matter deeply at all, the Zhuge Family was the richest man in Western Shu today, with eyes all over the place, it was easy to spy on his whereabouts at all times.


Elder Zhuge, however, handed his mobile phone to Chen Dong.

“This is a distress message sent by Qin Xiao Qian to the old man.”

Chen Dong’s gaze flinched and his pupils tightened.

The phone was on the text message page and the content was messy, and one could even see a few typos and miscellaneous punctuation marks.

Obviously, the situation was urgent when Qin Xiao Qian sent the message, and too many mistakes had been made in the panic.

However, the contents of the message could still be discerned.

“Save us! Brother Ye is luring Brother Dong to the Qin family.”

Immediately following, Elder Zhuge’s face was grave as he said in a deep voice, “It was this text message that made the old man tell Qing’er to wait for Mr. Chen at the airport in silence, with the deadly order that he must bring Mr. Chen to the Zhuge family first… On this message alone, Qin Ye may have backstabbed Mr. Chen, this matter has to be guarded against!”

Chapter 1328

The parlour.

As the words fell, a dead silence fell.

The air seemed to freeze.

Zhuge Qing, who came closely behind, did not step into the meeting room, but stood stonily at the door.

Before that, he already knew the contents of the text message!

On Qin Xiao Qian’s distress text message alone, and Qin Ye’s call for Chen Dong to come to the Qin family in Xishu, not only was something wrong with the Qin family, but Qin Ye had indeed betrayed Chen Dong, intending to lure Chen Dong into the Qin family and carry out a backstabbing.

Without this text message, he would not have gone to the airport to stop it, and perhaps at this moment Chen Dong would have arrived at the Qin family.

And the consequences, no one would dare to bear!

Elder Zhuge leaned on his dragon head crutches with both hands, his face sullen and his eyes deep.

He did not urge Chen Dong, let alone have the idea to say more at this moment.

The decision on everything was in Chen Dong’s hands.

The Zhuge Family was able to rekindle its ancestral majesty in the past by relying on Chen Dong, and in this matter, the Zhuge Family could only advise, not stop.

Time pa*sed by, minute by minute.

As Chen Dong fell into silence, the Zhuge family was plunged into the feeling that every second was like a year.

Chen Dong was holding Elder Zhuge’s mobile phone, his eyes locked on the contents of the text message sent by Qin Xiao Qian, his expression unchanged.

But inside, there were mixed feelings.

The matter was still inconclusive, but Elder Zhuge’s words seemed to be sharp needles, stabbing his heart fiercely, stuck on the upper side, uncomfortable as hell.

For a long time.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, and his face finally changed.

He smiled spontaneously and handed the phone to Elder Zhuge, “Alright, I’m going to the Qin family.”

“Mr. Chen ……”

Elder Zhuge’s body trembled as his face swooshed and changed dramatically.

Zhuge Qing at the door also looked up instantly, his face full of shock as he took a step into the meeting room and stood in the middle of the doorway.

Chen Dong’s footsteps gave a beat, his gaze blazing as he stared at Zhuge Qing.

“Stand in my way?”

Two simple words instantly made Zhuge Qing feel like a mountain was pressing down on him, and his shoulders couldn’t help but sink downwards.

He moved a step to the side in a panic: “Mr. Chen has misunderstood.”

Master Zhuge quickly caught up with Chen Dong: “Mr. Chen, this matter has to be guarded against, and one must not be impetuous!”

“We are all brothers, if we don’t act out of righteousness, how else?”

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at Elder Zhuge and strode towards the outside, his firm and resounding voice reaching the ears of Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing: “If the world has failed me, Qin Ye will never fail me either!”

Elder Zhuge and Zhuge Qing’s faces changed from blue to red.

Only after Chen Dong’s figure disappeared from their sight did Elder Zhuge stomp his foot and said urgently, “Qing’er, take someone with you to accompany Mr. Chen, once there is a change, the Zhuge Family’s reserves will explode, even if we have to blockade Western Shu and set off shocking waves, we must protect Mr. Chen!”

“Blockade Western Shu? Grandpa, it can’t be like that, can it?”

Zhuge Qing’s face was filled with shock, staring at Elder Zhuge like he had seen a ghost.

The Zhuge family has been declining and declining again, and after the theft of that item, it no longer has its former bones. ”

The words were so hard that they exuded a bitter chill.

Zhuge Qing’s heart was beating faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

He did not dare to be slow and hurriedly chased after him.

But as soon as he reached the courtyard, he subconsciously stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky.

Just a moment ago, the sky was still clear, but in just a moment, the entire sky had become overcast and depressing.

“The sky …… has really changed!”

Zhuge Qing’s pupils tightened as he murmured and stopped staying.

In the meeting room, Zhuge senior’s gaze was deep as he looked out at the empty courtyard, murmuring in a complicated manner, “If it wasn’t for the theft of the ‘Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram’ left behind by the old ancestor back then, this Western Shu would not have been possible for the Qin family to climb to the top of the wealthy list, and now relying on Mr. Chen, the Zhuge family has once again returned to the number one position in Western Shu. I will never allow the Zhuge family to fall back to the gods and spies in my generation!”


The darkness of the chamber.

The air was filled with the choking smoke and the rich smell of blood.

The dim light on the walls stretched the shadows of the three men into long, long stretches.

Qin Ye, Zhang Yulan and Qin Xiao Qian, all tied backwards to chairs, were in a coma, and under the light, the three of them were covered in bloodied wounds and in a sorry state.


A painful wailing sound broke the dead silence in the chamber.

Qin Ye slowly opened his eyes, and the excruciating pain that swept through his body caused him to inhale cold air backwards from his mouth and nose.


It was as if he was about to have his flesh and bones cut off.

But his vision quickly regained focus and he came to his senses completely.

“Yu Lan!”

Qin Ye, however, was fiercely worried and terrified, and looked around in a panic.

When he saw Zhang Yulan, who was also tied to a chair, unconscious, beside him.

Qin Ye’s mind went blank and his eyes turned red in a flash.

“Yatou, Yatou ……”

Qin Ye called out softly, he did not dare to raise his voice, because he knew that once the movement attracted people over, he would have no room to resist.

Zhang Yulan was dressed in a white dress, torn and tattered, stained with blood, her head hanging to the side.

No matter how Qin Ye called out, there was not the slightest response.

Qin Ye was so confused that he clenched his teeth and struggled desperately despite the pain in his body.

He remembered that before the three of them were caught unconscious, Zhang Yulan was the most seriously injured of the three!

For no other reason than that Zhang Yulan had blocked a sword for him!

A sword right in the centre of his heart!

In his sight, Zhang Yulan’s heart was already stained with blood, like a bleak plum blossom, thumping into bloom.

This scene made Qin Ye’s heart burn with anxiety, his body like oil cooking.

“Wait for me, girl, wait for me ……”

Qin Ye desperately twisted his body, trying to break free from the ropes, his whole body was in a state of manic madness.

Even the severe pain that swept through his body, as if it did not exist.

Creak …… creak ……

The finger-thick hemp rope, under Qin Ye’s struggle, made a tiny squeezing sound, but it did not move at all.

On the contrary, Qin Ye’s wrist, under the deadly violent friction, quickly cracked and oozed blood, staining it red.

Even so, Qin Ye did not stop with red eyes and tears in his eyes.

The more violently he struggled, the more severe the friction at his wrist became.

Soon, blood was dripping onto the ground.

But Qin Ye, he didn’t stop!

In front of him, there was someone more important than his life!

In the midst of his struggle, Qin Ye’s complexion abruptly became fierce, and a sudden muffled grunt escaped from his mouth.


With a soft sound, the bones of Qin Ye’s left hand took on an extremely bizarre and ominous twisted state.

His right hand, however, was slowly letting go of his left hand.

Qin Ye clenched his teeth as he gazed at the unconscious Zhang Yulan and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Break it so I can come out and hug you.”