Winner Takes All Chapter 1321-1322

Chapter 1321

“Ooooooooooooo …… a daddy, a mommy ……”

The little boy ignored Master Khongkong’s voice.

Fear, at this moment in time, left the young man with only instinct.

Only Master Khong Khong grabbed his ankle, and no matter how much he struggled, he could not get closer to his mother who was half a meter away.

The sounds of killing and screaming in the distance were incomparably piercing.

The smell of blood soon filled the area.

The old men and children on the carriage cried out in fear and prayed to the sky wolves.

The women surrounding the carriage were even more sieve-like at the moment.

The total disparity of the fight created a situation in which everyone was desperate and helpless, but unwilling to give up their resistance.

The woman is on her knees, blood pouring from her chest and left shoulder blade, two pierced arrows exposed to the air with blood and broken flesh.

But her sanity still existed.

Hearing Master Khong Khong’s words, the woman’s pale face was incomparably solemn.

With blood in her mouth, she stared resolutely at the young boy.

“Son …… promise the Master that you will be brave, in this man-eating land, you have to be as brave as your grandfather!”

“Abba ……”

The little boy cried out with a howl.

The words were barely out of his mouth.


The wind broke and whistled.

Another arrow pierced through the woman’s body.

The woman shuddered violently and a cluster of blood, splashed in the air.

But she still did not fall, for before her was her own child, and if she fell, the arrow would be aimed at her own flesh and blood!

And behind her, several men on horseback, seeing an arrow hit, laughed out loud at the same time.

Teasing, mocking, reckless and wild.

It was as if a few men were torturing and teasing a beast.

In the battle circle, a dozen men had also been compressed to the limit by the horse team, and there was no room for depth between each other, just like a herd of beasts, back to back, relying on each other to death, waving their swords in their hands like trapped animals, fending off the weapons of the people on horseback.

“Little monk …… is too late!”

Master Empty Air cried out as he lay on the ground, breathless.

“My child …… is like Abba, like Abba!”

The woman knelt on the ground, blood flowing out of her mouth like a tidal wave, staining the ground, and her consciousness was fading.

“Ooooooooo ……”

The little boy looked at the woman, still crying, but his head slowly turned back to Master Khong Khong, “I’ll help you, please save Ah Dad and Ah Ma.”


Master Khong Khong spat out one word.

It made the young boy freeze.

The woman whose consciousness was rapidly blurring heard the word, and her cloudy, fluttering eyes suddenly exploded with a brilliant aura.

Wine, to ordinary people, was nothing more than a drink.

But to them, especially when they were on the run, it was an addiction!

In the extreme cold and long distance, wine was the best “medicine” to maintain body temperature.

“Son, ama …… has it!”

The woman squeezed out a word with all her might, but her voice was muffled by the blood and water in her mouth.

However, the little boy still understood.

He fell to the ground, biting his lip and sobbing tears as he crawled to the woman and untied the wine bag from her waist, just as he turned around.



Another arrow whistled and pierced through the woman’s body, splashing blood onto the young boy’s back, while a muffled grunt from the woman rang out.

The boy’s body trembled and he was about to turn back when the woman’s determined and firm voice rang out behind him.

“Don’t turn back, my child, Ama …… will always watch over you!”

The boy resisted turning back and quickly returned to Master Khong Khong’s side, unscrewed the wine bag and poured the wine into Master Khong Khong’s mouth.

Master Khung Khung swallowed the wine with a fierce gulp.

At this moment, he had no trace of the aura of a Buddhist monk, he looked like a madman who was thirsty for wine.

The bag of wine was all in his stomach.

But Master Empty’s face was flushed, but his mouth was still open and he kept begging, “Not enough, not enough, more, more wine ……”

“Master, I, I’ll get it!”

The little boy dropped the bag of wine, wiped his tears fiercely, and, without looking at his mother, lifted his legs and tried to run to the caravan.

But the petite body, as soon as it left the shelter of his mother’s body.


An arrow shot out of the sky.

The little boy let out a scream of fear and fell backwards onto his buttocks, narrowly avoiding the arrow.

“Come on boy ……!”

The woman’s eyes were full of tears, but her vision had long since gone dark.

The words had just left her mouth.



An arrow, which shot in, instantly pierced through the woman’s skull.

Even so, her body remained in a kneeling position and did not fall down.


The little boy sat paralysed on the ground, witnessing the blood-stained arrow pierce through his mother’s forehead, and in an instant the sky collapsed.

He wailed and hissed with all his might, “Wine, for wine!”

In front of the carriage, the old and weak women and children heard the hissing and instantly untied the wine bags they were carrying and rushed towards where Master Khong Khong and the little boy were.

“Wine, wine to ……”

Master Khong Khong urged in a panic, his face flushed.

The little boy trembled and sobbed, but still hurriedly opened the wine bag and poured the violent liquor into Master Khung Khung’s mouth.

Master Khong Khong’s mouth was wide open as he blubbered down the throat-stinging, high alcohol.

Gradually, the pallor on his face disappeared, replaced by an eerie, startling flush.

At the same time, Master Khong Khong’s weakness was rapidly dissipating, and his aura was like a rainbow rising from the sky, soaring at a great speed.

“With the alcohol paralysis, the poor monk was able to inspire his last battle, and if he succeeded in one battle, the Buddha would ferry all the people, and if he lost one battle, the Buddha would ferry the poor monk!”

This was the thought in Master Khongkong’s mind.

As a large amount of wine entered his belly, a blazing heat swept through his limbs and bones rapidly.

Quietly, Master Kongkong’s muscles all over his body squirmed and contracted, making a slight sound, only to be muffled by the sounds of killing and crying in the distance.


Suddenly, Master Khong Khong’s eyes exploded with golden light, and his roar rushed to the sky.


The majestic qi suddenly emanated from Master Kongkong’s body, turning into a strong wind that lifted the snow around him, and even lifted the young boy who was caught off guard.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Kong Kong, who was covered in bandages, stood up straight from the snow like a zombie.

The qi surrounding his body was quickly rendered in golden light, resembling a golden body of Luohan, a magnificent and majestic sight.

The sudden change of events.

The battlefield, not far away, was abruptly silenced.

Everyone looked at Master Kongkong in fear and dismay.

“This, this is ……”

The blood-soaked chief hanyou was completely confused, and his eyes were even more terrified beyond description.

This old monk …… could still stand up and have the power to fight?

Under the golden light envelope.

Master Empty Sky’s face was red and his drunken eyes were hazy.

Yet, he was solemn and majestic in his precious appearance.

“In ancient times, there was the poet immortal Li Taibai who drank a hundred poems in a battle, but today, a monk who dances with wine, dances with wine to slaughter all beings!”

Master Empty Sky slowly bowed his head, folded his hands and said solemnly, “Poor monk, I hope you will not be ungrateful!”


Before the words left his mouth, Grandmaster Empty was covered in golden light that shook violently.

In an instant, like a cannonball out of the chamber, wrapped in a vast killing intent, he rushed directly towards the battle circle ……

Chapter 1322


The wind howled.

Surrounded by qi and golden light, Master Empty Air swept through the wind and snow as he charged into the battle circle.


On the outskirts of the battle circle, several men on horses who had just abused and killed the women immediately let out an explosive roar, wielding their battle swords and slashing at Grandmaster Empty.

“The Buddha said: you deserve to die!”

Master Kongkong looked indifferent and his tongue burst into thunder.

In a flash of lightning, his gauze-covered hands bravely met the war sword above his head.

Clang clang clang ……

The moment his hands touched the swords, the sound of metal clashing exploded.

Several swords broke into two in the air.

With a violent wave of Master Kongkong’s hands, the broken battle swords instantly shot towards the few people on the horses.




The fractured swords sank deep into the chests of several people.

Blood flew into the air like a fountain.

With a few screams, several men fell from their horses at the same time.

The sudden scene brought an abrupt halt to the commotion of battle.

All the slaves and horsemen looked back at Master Kongkong in fear and confusion.

What the hell had just happened to ……?

In the centre of the battle circle, a dozen or so men were drenched in blood, and as Master Khong Khong struck out, it was as if they had grabbed the last straw to save their lives.

In a flash.

The chief hanyou raised his hand to wipe a handful of hot blood from his face, knelt down on one knee and begged, “Master, save us!”

Almost simultaneously.

The rest of the hans, in unison, also knelt down on one knee and begged for help.

“Master, save us!”

The voices echoed, deafening.

No one had expected that the monk from the domain they had saved in the first place would become a life-saver for all of them in the blink of an eye.

And just a moment ago, they were still hesitating whether to save Master Kongkong because of his status as a domainer, or to simply put an end to him with a single slash.

“Stinking monk, you seek death!”

The leader of the slave caravan was furious and raised his battle sword to point at Master Kongkong in anger.

Master Kongkong was covered in golden light and his hands were folded in a solemn manner.

“Put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, I invite you all to die!”


Before the words left his mouth, a fierce wind suddenly rose, sweeping up the thick snow beneath Grandmaster Empty’s feet and sweeping it towards the crowd.

The scene was instantly chaotic.

Under the dim light of the fire.

In the midst of the flying snow, Master Kongkong, who was covered in glorious golden light, lifted his legs and took a step, his steps seemed slow, but in reality, he had already reached the crowd with one step.

The next second.

As Master Khong Khong waved his hand, golden light stirred, a fountain of blood gushed out, and a man fell from his horse with a miserable scream.

However, this was only the beginning!

Master Kongkong was surrounded by qi and enveloped in golden light, with a majestic appearance, just like the Buddha’s presence in the world.

With his hands raised and his stride flowing, he was relaxed and casual.

But all around him, the sturdy men on the horses were screaming and wailing, spitting blood, falling off their horses and dying.

It was a tragic sight to behold.

Every now and then, there were even short limbs flying into the air.

It was clearly one man, clearly dressed in monk’s robes, but at that moment, like an evil spirit crawling out of the depths of hell, he was reaping the lives of every single person in the slave caravan.

The chief man and his companions were already dumbfounded.

The scene in front of them gave them a sense of unreality that was like a dream.

Was this really something that a man could do?

One man hunting and killing over two hundred people?

Some of the men even rubbed their eyes hard, thinking they had seen wrong.

But when looking again at the bloody killings on the field, everyone was frozen.

As the killing continued, Master Khong Khong wandered idly around the battlefield, dripping with golden light and with a solemn treasure appearance.

But with a wave of his hand, someone spilled blood and fell from his horse, unstoppable!

Previously, there were more than two hundred slaves and horses surrounding and killing the chief and a dozen others.

But as Master Khong Khong struck, it was a bizarre spectacle of other people surrounding and killing everyone!

With the lift of his hand, people were killed, in a flowing manner, without fancy!

It was like an artful killing that made people’s jaws drop!

Screams and shrieks were heard.

The horses whinnied, stirring the air.

The snow-covered ground was dyed scarlet with blood, and the air was filled with the sickening smell of blood.

At this moment, this part of heaven and earth was transformed into a Cyrus prison.

“Run, run!”

“This monk is not human, he’s not human!”

“Run, if you don’t run, you’ll die,”


After a short killing spree, all the people in the slave horses were in utter despair under Master Khong Khong’s killing spree, one by one, terrified and helpless, they all turned their horses around and prepared to run away.

Master Khong Khong, who was covered in golden light, put a great invisible fear over everyone after this short, bloody killing.

Even, from beginning to end, Master Khong Khong’s expression did not even raise a half ripple.

“Buddha wants you to convert, will you not allow you to escape?”

Master Empty Sky raised one white eyebrow and looked towards the fleeing crowd in the distance, but with a smile on the corner of his mouth.


In the next second, he directly slapped his palm on a war horse in front of him.

With a neigh, the war horse actually flew directly towards the fleeing crowd in the distance, just like a broken pocket.

Rumble ……

The warhorse fell to the ground with a huge inertia, causing it to continue sliding towards the front.

With the neighing and shrieking of one war horse, the horses under the fleeing men were all swept to the ground by the corpses of the war horses, losing their hooves on the spot.

Whoosh whoosh ……

As the horses and men tumbled, the sound of breaking wind exploded in the dim air.

The sharp swords stirred the air and plunged into the bodies of those who had fallen, and by the time they hit the ground, they were already lifeless corpses.

“Amitabha Buddha, my Buddha is merciful!”

Master Empty Air stood in place, hands folded, a look of compa*sion on his silent face.

It was as if he had not personally slaughtered those who had fallen and perished!

This scene, looking at the chief and the people of the slave horses, were all confused.

Was this …… really a man?

The next second.

Master Empty Sky raised his eyes once again and swept the entire crowd.

Having learnt from the previous experience, the people of the slave caravan had all given up their intention to escape at this moment.

In the snowy plains outside the country, the law of survival of the weak and the strong was being put to the test.

In the short time it took to kill, Master Khong Khong was looking out of the corner of his eye, striking fear into the hearts of all.

As Master Khong Khong’s gaze swept over them, all the slaves on the war horses panicked and dismounted, prostrating themselves on the ground.

They couldn’t fight, they couldn’t escape, all that was left was …… begging for mercy!

“Master begs to be spared.”

“Master, we know we are wrong, please be merciful!”

“Master, I still have my wife and children at home, for the sake of the Buddha, please let us go!”


The voices of those begging for mercy were like waves.

But Master Empty Air walked calmly and easily to the nearest person in front of him.

He looked down on this man from a high position.

“Put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha, Amitabha Buddha!”

The murmured chanting echoed in this man’s ears.

The man’s fearful look was immediately alleviated and he was surprised.

He was about to open his mouth in gratitude.

But the very moment he looked up.


A cluster of golden light suddenly blossomed, illuminating the man’s eyes.

The next second.

There was a clamour and scream.

A human head, flying up into the night sky ……