Winner Takes All Chapter 1317-1318

Chapter 1317

With the return of Chen Daojun, the Black Prison shook.

Cheers and shrieks of joy were heard from the sky.

To the people of the Black Prison, Daogun was both a prisoner and the sole – guardian – god of the Black Prison’s tranquillity.

Inside the central control room.

The silver-haired old man raised his hands in a false press, signalling for the crowd to be quiet.

“Immediately organise a procession to follow the old man out of the Black Prison and greet Daogun.”


Five minutes later.

The ruins of the Black Prison’s southern gate had been cleared out to create a fast track.

A vast military convoy, like a long dragon, drove out of the Black Prison.


When the silver-haired old man brought the crowd close to Chen Daogun, he also finally saw the tragic state of Chen Daogun’s body.


With a command from the silver-haired old man, the vast caravan came to a screeching halt as it braked sharply in unison.

Almost as soon as the head car came to a halt, the silver-haired old man opened the door and jumped out of the car.

“Everyone stay where you are!”

The silver-haired old man dropped a sentence with a grave expression, and then ran towards Chen Daojun with stumbling steps.

Looking at the silver-haired old man running towards him, Chen Daogun also stopped in his tracks.

As he drew closer, the silver-haired old man’s gloomy expression turned to panic when he saw that Chen Daojun was covered in wounds.

So much so, that the last few steps became difficult for the old man to take.

“This, what the hell is happening here?”

The silver-haired old man walked in front of Chen Daojun with difficult steps, spreading his hands out to hold Chen Daojun head-on, his pale face filled with panic, his lips trembling, “Has Daojun ever suffered such an injury?”


Boundless great fear!

Not only the silver-haired old man who was close by, but also those in the caravan not far away, looked terrified and silenced at this moment.

In their hearts, a Daoist monarch represented the ceiling of the martial dao.

Even if one person had crushed a prison across the board, he had never suffered such a horrific injury.

And now, Chen Daogun’s wretched and hideous injuries were causing the silver-haired old man and the others to instantly feel a sense of unreality that the ceiling had collapsed.

“What’s there to be surprised about?”

Chen Daojun smiled faintly, “Arrange it immediately, set this matter as a top secret of Black Prison tonight, no leaks, or you know the consequences.”

The silver-haired old man’s body trembled, and his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.


The tightened pupils slowly swept Chen Daojun up and down, and a vicious chill ran from the soles of the silver-haired old man’s feet straight to the sky.

The initial shock of the Black Prison, the matter of Chen Daojun’s duel with the old monk, could definitely not be concealed.

It also could not be set as a top secret of the Black Prison.

What needed to be set as a Black Prison Top Secret was Chen Daojun’s current state!

In the Black Prison, the dragons and tigers were coiled up, and it was only because of Chen Daogun’s horizontal pressure that the ten prison districts were calm and quiet.

If Chen Daogun’s serious injuries were to sweep through the ten prison districts …… then the sky would completely collapse in Black Prison!

Thinking of the horrifying scene that could occur, the silver-haired old man’s face was as white as paper and his body was cold.

At that moment.

The silver haired old man turned around abruptly and ordered in a stern voice.

“Return immediately, clear the South Gate, and let me escort the Daoist monarch back to the prison, you do not need to accompany him, and you must not reveal a word of what you have seen to the public, otherwise one person will be guilty and nine clans will be implicated!”

A cold, stern voice, like a sword.

Under the night of the weeping wind and snow, it fell clearly into the ears of everyone in the caravan.

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone in the caravan answered at the same time.

Soon, the vast caravan turned around and sped off towards Black Hell.

Only the silver-haired old man’s head car was left in place, waiting until the convoy had travelled some distance out before the silver-haired old man carefully helped Chen Daojun into the car and drove off towards the Black Prison.

This was also done so that the convoy could attract everyone’s attention and minimise the matter of Chen Daojun being discovered with serious injuries.

The military SUV sped through the icy snow, rolling up waves of snow along the way.

Chen Daojun sat silently in the back, staring out the window at the snow and wind sweeping back, his gaze deep, his face indifferent.

The silver-haired old man sitting in the pa*senger seat, however, could not help but say, “Daogun …… forgive me for being presumptuous, but how did that old monk turn out?”

Chen Daogun slowly withdrew his gaze and looked at the silver-haired old man indifferently.

When he looked at Chen Daogun, a strong sense of oppression caused the silver-haired old man to look extremely embarra*sed, like a lump in his throat.

“Since you know it’s presumptuous, why are you asking?”

An icy, hoarse voice echoed within the car.

The silver-haired old man hurriedly bowed his head, “I’m sorry, I was the one who took the liberty!”


The wind and snow were as bitter as knives.

It cut the skin and pierced the bones.

Under the cold sky of the extreme night, a ray of aurora borealis stretched across the long sky in the night, beautiful.

In the darkness, however, a figure staggered forward.

“Amitabha Buddha, blessings of the Buddha, blessings of the Buddha!”

There was a plop!

Master Empty Sky fell into the snow, and the great pain that swept through his body caused him to let out a scream.

But Master Empty looked back in fear, and had no time to stop, forcing himself to stand up again with the tremendous pain that slashed through his body, and continued to stagger forward.

“It was so close, if the poor monk hadn’t run fast, I’m afraid I would have been buried in the extreme north and converted to my Buddha today!”

As he walked, Master Khong Khong recalled the fear he had just felt, his voice trembling terribly, not knowing if it was from the fear or the cold.

There was a poof!

With an empty foot, Grandmaster Empty stumbled again on his feet and fell in the snow again.

He was in such a state of disarray that he no longer had the same aura as before.

He looked back in fear into the darkness behind him, but there was nothing else but the howling snow and wind.

The Empty Master breathed a long sigh of relief, “Fortunately, they are not coming after us again.”

He was more concerned about whether anyone was coming after him than about his injuries.

With a strong chant of “Amitabha Buddha”, Master Kong Kong got up again.

He was sure that no one was coming after him, and he was no longer as frightened and panicked as he had been earlier, so he took more steady steps.

Step by step, step by step, he stamped heavily into the thick snow.

With each footfall, the thick snow almost engulfed him above his knees.

“Chen Daojun, just how much have you hidden? Why can’t the poor monk still detect your upper limit after exhausting over a hundred years of work?”

Every step he took involved a tremendous pain all over his body, accompanied by a sound of pain that drew in a cold breath, but Master Khong Khong seemed to be possessed, muttering one phrase under his breath all the time.

Darkness is like a tide.

The wind and snow scoured the bones.

The sound of the wind was like the wailing of an evil spirit.

In the land of the extreme northern cold sky, the temperature was frighteningly low.

Although this place is connected to the Northern Domain outside the realm, the climate is so harsh that it is a far cry from the clouds!

For many years, the Black Prison had been solidly established in the Far North.

Not only was it because of the tight security level, but one of the reasons was because the weather in this extreme north was brutal to the extreme.

Even if someone wanted to escape, they would be emboldened and deterred by the uncertainty of getting out of the Far North.


Qi rose from beneath his feet and surrounded Master Kongkong’s body.

Although this could not completely isolate the coldness, it could alleviate some of it, which was better than nothing.

Master Khung Khong rubbed his hands together and wrapped his monk’s robe, which was covered in blood and had become a strip of cloth, tightly.

“It will be all right, my Buddha blesses me, since the poor monk was able to come to this extreme northern land alone, he will be able to leave alone!”

Master Empty Air dragged his tired and pained body slowly towards the front, chagrined as he walked, “Rash, rash, without a plane, the hope of getting out of this Land of the Far North is extremely slim.”

Coming to the Far North, he had chartered a plane to fly in.

The plane was also waiting for him at the agreed place for the return journey.

However, the battle with Chen Daojun had completely disrupted his plans, and not only was he seriously injured, but he had also lost his way in the darkness after his defeat because of the white-hot battle earlier.

So much so that he can now only rely on his feet to measure the extreme north and find his way back.

Chapter 1318

Darkness envelops.

The wind and snow wailed and were as bitter as knives.

Master Khung Khong took one deep and one shallow step in the thick snow.

Weak qi energy surrounds his body, warding off the chill that scrapes his bones.

His breathing became heavier and heavier, as if his feet were filled with lead.

In this utter darkness, Master Kongkong could only discern his direction by the stars above his head, and then muffled his way forward.

He did not know if he could walk out.

But after years of practising Buddhism, his Buddhist heart was as solid as a rock, allowing him to continue to hope in this realm of absolute death and to fight his way forward.

“Hoo …… hoo …… my Buddha blesses, Buddha blesses.”

“Surely we can walk out, surely we can survive!”

“Rash, poor monk really rash, Chen Daojun you too, poor monk just ask you for an explanation, but just smashed your door well, you have to hit poor monk, talk properly can’t you?”


Master Kongkong kept spitting out white practice from his mouth, resentment abounding.

Dragging his heavily injured body, he walked forward exhaustedly.

Every now and then, Master Empty would also fall heavily into the snow, but immediately got up again with difficulty.

Consciousness had drifted a little and his eyelids seemed to have fallen on iron, desperately wanting to close.

But Master Khong Khong was aware that to really close his eyes and sleep in such circumstances would be to slumber forever.

He kept trying to find ways to stay awake, even going so far as to bite the tip of his tongue viciously in the most torturous moments, using the pain to bring back a few moments of wakefulness.

The footsteps became heavier and heavier.

Each kick took all the strength of his body.

But the price of doing so is that every wound on the body is involved, and the pain is so deep that it scrapes the bones!

In the darkness around us, there is no light at all.

We can only rely on the stars to discern our direction, and then rely on our strong will to forge ahead.

If it were anyone else, their mind would have collapsed and they would have given up trying to survive.

But Master Kongkong was different.

With his years and cultivation, his heart had already become rock-solid.

Even in this hopelessly desperate place, he was still able to hold on to his heart and soul and move forward with determination.

“Buddha bless the poor monk, the poor monk will definitely be able to see the light of day again and seek …… a ray of life!”

After walking for an unknown period of time, Master Kongkong’s breathing became more and more rapid, and his eyes were darkened for a while.

It was not the darkness around him that caused this, but the blurring of consciousness over and over again.


Intense dizziness.

The sky was spinning and the ground was spinning, and the feet were as weak as if they were stepping on air.


Master Empty bit down hard on the tip of his tongue, and the stinging pain hit him, filling his mouth with the taste of blood.

Only this time, it failed to clear his head again.

There was a poof!

Grandmaster Empty fell heavily into the snow and pa*sed out straight away.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The thick snow and wind gradually covered Master Khong Khong’s body.

This is how it is in this cruel environment. As soon as one falls, the power of nature can quickly wipe out a living being from the earth in a decisive and cruel way.


Bang, bang, bang ……

In the distant darkness, the sound of horses’ hooves rang out.

A campfire swayed vaguely.

The sight drew nearer, but it was a dozen horses, cloaked in animal robes, galloping wildly through the snow.

On each horse sat men with blades, wrapped in animal robes but covered in blood and in a terrible state of disarray.

Under the dancing firelight, the faces of all were stained with blood and water, their faces tired, but their eyes sad and resentful.

An atmosphere of oppression and desolation lingers in this procession.

In the middle of the procession were two ragged wagons.

The wagons were occupied by women, children and elderly people.

But the situation was by no means good, as there were constant cries from the children and women, as well as violent coughs from the elderly who could not stand the cold.

It was rare for such a group to appear in this far north.

“Ama, is there no more of our village?”

In one of the carriages, a young boy with ice crumbs in his hair and eyebrows nestled in the arms of a plump woman.

The woman had tears in her eyes, “No, it’s all gone.”

Her eyes looked out into the darkness, and the cold, knife-like wind cut into her face, hurting her.

She withdrew her gaze and looked through the dim campfire outside at the misery inside the carriage.

There were even old men who had lost their strength and were clinging to the frame, breathless.

She couldn’t help but shout, “Father, let’s keep going, everyone can’t hold out any longer!”

They were a small village clan near the far north, but that did not mean they had the absolute strength to withstand the cold.

The village had been wiped out and now it was a death wish to take the old, the weak, the women and the children deep into the far north.

“If we don’t die, how will we survive, the rest of us?”

At the front of the group, a sturdy man roared without looking back, “Those people are going to slaughter our village. If we run anywhere else, we will only be caught up with them and slaughtered or sold into slavery, but only here in the far north can we take a chance that the demons will dare to chase us deeper!”

As he shouted, the man’s eyes were bloodshot.

Thinking back to the tragic slaughter of his village, the man’s eyes could not help but moisten.

In this great land of the Northern Region, everyone believed in the law of survival of the weak and the strong, but when a nightmare befell them, it was hard for anyone to accept it.

Not to mention, their village had moved north again and again in order to avoid war slaughter, in order to take advantage of the increasingly harsh and extremely cold environment to force back some powerful villages or slave teams that were trying to hunt.

But …… nightmares are still coming!

“If we stay in the green hills, we are not afraid of having no firewood to burn, as long as the wolves bless us to live, in the future, we must avenge our dead companions!”

The hanyou waved the war knife that had curled its blade in his hand and swore fiercely.

“Take revenge!”

“Take revenge!”

The dozen or so hans who were accompanying him, at this moment, also loudly echoed.

The group was in high spirits, and the shouting seemed to have instilled another sense of life into the group.


The hunting dog beside the leader barked violently, then accelerated violently, like a madman, and rushed in one direction.


The leading man gave a startled eek and his eyes followed the direction of the hound.

Only to see the hound ploughing out a dozen metres or so, then stopping and creeping on the thick snow, ploughing it incessantly.

“Go over and take a look!”

The leader of the group was suspicious, so he gave an order.

The team ran wildly, and by the time they got close, the hounds had nearly ploughed through the snow and were tearing at one of Master Khong’s arms and pulling it out with great effort.


The leading man looked at the crimson blood dregs condensed in the snow and instantly his brows knitted in horror, “Did the blood attract the dogs here?”

As he held the campfire forward, by the light of the fire, his pupils clenched violently.

“It’s a man, there’s a man!”

The leading man hurriedly jumped off his horse and ran to Master Khongkong’s side.

The dozen or so men behind him also jumped off their horses and swooped over.

No one had expected that there would be a man half-buried under the thick snow in this harsh land of the far north.

“A man from the domain?”

When they saw Master Khangkong’s face, everyone was startled for a moment.

The leading man dispersed the hounds and frowned as he probed his hand to Master Khong Khong’s nose, a wisp of breath pa*sing to his fingertips.

“There’s still breath!”

The lead man turned back to his companion.

The words had barely left his mouth.

One of the men came up with a sword: “There is no common ground between the domain and the outside, this man from the domain cannot be kept, let’s kill him!”