Winner Takes All Chapter 1315-1316

Chapter 1315

A deep murmur, however, sounded like a loud bell, blasting in the ears of everyone in the central control room.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The noise and clamour that had been going on was instantly silenced.

The silver-haired old man’s face was solemn and grave.

While his eyes were fixed on the monitor, his tightly clenched fists were already oozing with sweat.

He was the one in charge of this Black Prison.

He knew everything inside the Black Prison better than anyone else.

All the supervisors in the Black Prison, no matter how powerful they were, were under his command.

Over the years of the Black Prison’s existence, the staff under his command have changed, but he …… has always stood in the Black Prison.

He knows more about the power of Chen Daogun than anyone else.

The existence of the horizontal suppression of a prison.

The man who has been the top of the Hidden Killers Organization’s Death Ranking for more than twenty years.

A fierce god who had killed the Chen family’s peers and piled up corpses twenty years ago.

The pen of battle, glittering.

The number one in the world is none other than Chen Daojun.

And Master Khong Khong, even if the silver-haired old man did not know him, but the one who could compete with Chen Daojun without losing, was not a mere mortal?

Anyone who could be Chen Daojun’s opponent would already be at the top of the martial arts world.

How could such a battle, which could not be captured by the naked eye, not be worthy of a battle at the top of the world?


Suddenly, there was a loud boom in the sky.

The boom rolled like thunder raging.

Even though it was a distance away and the Black Prison had been specially soundproofed, this explosion rang out clearly in the ears of everyone inside the Black Prison.

At the same time, it also resounded in the ears of every prisoner in the ten prison blocks.

The silver-haired old man’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura, instantly exhausting his eyesight to catch everything on the monitor outside the southern gate.

“Oh my, the sky, look, there’s a ma*s of light spreading.”

As one person exclaimed.

The silver-haired old man’s pupils suddenly tightened, and he vaguely saw a ma*s of light spreading rapidly on the black night sky in the upper left corner of the monitor.

Because of the distance, there was not much difference in the transmission of light and sound.

But the light, as it spread, was particularly striking.

It was also just as the silver-haired old man caught it.

The crowd gasped and stirred.

“My goodness, the Daoist monarch and that old monk have fought their way to the sky?”

“Flying? How is this possible, even if the Daoist Monarch and that old monk were at the top of the world in a battle, they couldn’t be this fierce, right?”

“My goodness, I never dreamed that the martial strength of humans would be so strong as this!”


There was a lot of chatter and clamour into the ears.

The silver-haired old man, however, shook his head and murmured, “It is impossible to fly, this is the original limitation of human beings, even if it is a battle at the peak of this world, the Daoist monarch and the old monk will never be able to fly into the air, this is just the impact of power qi energy is too strong, rushing the sky and blowing up the air!”

Even though his heart was certain, when he murmured out, the old man’s body was covered with a chill, and the coldness hugged his bones to the marrow.

He was in a trance.

His eyes swept towards the surveillance monitors in front of him.

As the loud sound exploded into the air.

Within the ten major prison areas, there was already dead silence.

The silence was like a frozen scene.

It was almost impossible for this to happen in the Black Prison, a place where the world’s fierce gods were held.

On the contrary, it was not just as if it was frozen.

The silver-haired old man could even see that in some of the prison cells, those famous soldier kings, gods of war and fierce gods, at this moment, were revealing their most fearful appearance.

The old flame was no longer there.

They were either standing or huddled in a corner, looking terrified while their bodies were faintly trembling.

“Before the Daoist Monarch, the world’s great masters are all mere ants!”

The silver-haired old man lamented in his heart.

The so-called rules and iron laws all bound the weak.

But when a person became strong enough, the rules and iron laws would dissipate into nothingness, even opening the way for them and aiding them.

If the rules and iron laws still exist, then the person is not strong enough!

And Chen Daojun, in the Black Prison, has clearly ignored all rules and iron laws out of sight!

Inside one of the cells in the prison area.

Kun Lun sat on the floor, motionless, his eyes tightly closed.

It was as if the shocking battle outside had not happened.

His body was still strewn with hideous wounds, and there were even places where the blood had not yet clotted and scabbed over.

After entering the Black Prison, in order to improve his strength as soon as possible, he was the most desperate of the three, and had experienced the most bloody fights.

Compared to Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf, he had more experience in the Black Prison.

Likewise compared to the two of them, his bloody experiences on the mercenary battlefield, climbing out of the pile of the dead time and again, have also forged a rock-solid will, and an obsessive madness.

To walk on the edge of death is to understand the true meaning of power!

As he sat in meditation, Kunlun’s brow was sometimes stretched and sometimes wrinkled in pain.

But in this process, under the dim light, there was a faint trace of airflow that went up under his seat and lingered around him.

On the other side.

Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf were in a cell, which was also a deliberate arrangement by Chen Daojun.

Compared to Kunlun, they were both too weak.

Being thrown into the Black Prison, with their strength, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they were dirt pigs and dogs in the Black Prison.

This was not a deliberate belittlement, but a bloody fact!

One was a former leader and the other was a blood-soaked man who had to stay in the dark to survive by fighting in the dark.

Strength, they both have it!

They both have the guts!

But in a place as vicious as the Black Prison, they are destined to be at the lowest end of the food chain.

Living in the same cell in the same cell block would improve their chances of survival!

After all, when they entered the Black Prison, the main thing was to improve their strength, and getting killed was just a dangerous crisis that came with improving their strength.

“Brother Ling Dong, has the sky turned outside?”

Lone Wolf leaned against the wall, his face hidden in the darkness.


Lin Lingdong lit a cigarette, took a hard drag, and slowly exhaled the smoke: “Eldest Uncle has even done it, do you think the sky has turned over?”

Lone Wolf looked at Lin Lingdong in dismay, “In the Black Prison, where did you get the lighter and cigarettes?”

Lin Lingdong held the cigarette in his mouth and turned his head to look at Lone Wolf.

Under the dim light, Lin Lingdong’s face, which was covered with sighing scruff, slightly showed a few vicissitudes.

“Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes are for mixing, do you think that I, who have been a boss, will not be able to mix a lighter and a cigarette?”

Lone Wolf: “? 0?”

Lin Lingdong shrugged, “You kid are focusing on the wrong thing, shouldn’t you be focusing on Big Uncle?”

Lone Wolf put his hands behind his head and leaned against the wall, “I’m just worried about Daogun Uncle, not concerned, after all, I won’t reach the level of Daogun Uncle in my lifetime, all I want is to become as strong as possible and be able to help Brother Dong out.”

“That makes sense.”

Lin Lingdong nodded and said with deep eyes, “Those twelve Martial Dao Bodies that Daogun Daibe brought back have already made the head wolves of the ten prison districts so enthralled that they can’t eat or drink… Do you think the commotion outside could be related to those twelve Martial Dao Bodies?”

Chapter 1316

Rumble ……

Rumble ……

A dull, rolling thunderous boom echoed in the darkness above the Black Prison.

It was oppressive and dull.

The sound was deafening.

It was as if a gloomy haze had enveloped the sky and overturned the firmament, invisibly enveloping a great oppression in this side of the world where the Black Prison was located.

Even …… the wind and snow were silenced.

The black prison, everyone is anxious, fearful waiting.

Even these fierce gods and soldier kings, now listening to the thunderous roar of the outside world, could not help but be frightened and tremble.

In the Black Prison’s central control room, there was a silence that could hear a needle.

Everyone, including the silver-haired old man, was staring at the monitor screens with dead eyes.

However, all the surveillance equipment in the Black Prison had difficulty capturing the figures of Chen Daojun and Master Khongkong.

As the loud roar echoing in the sky grew weaker and weaker, the expressions of everyone in the central control room grew increasingly grave and tense.

Even the silver-haired old man, quietly, had a layer of white hair sweat seeping out of his back.

This battle at the peak of the world had made everyone feel the terror!

They even had unprecedented doubts about the limits of the human martial dao.

The same scene.

It also appeared on top of the walls of the Black Prison’s southern gate.

The members of the Black Prison in Linley felt it even more clearly compared to the crowd inside the Black Prison.

After all, because of the special construction of the Black Prison, the roar that echoed through the heavens was attenuated time and again.

As they stood on top of the city walls, facing the snow and wind, their feelings were clearer and more shocking.

At this moment.

On top of the city walls, everyone was standing like a statue, standing tall and silent.

There was a look of fear in their eyes and expressions that could not be concealed.

In the darkness.

With each loud roar.

They could all see the night sky, blossoming like fireworks.

“They …… seem to be getting farther and farther away!”

A hoarse voice echoed on the city walls.

It was obviously very soft, but it covered the howling of the wind and snow and fell clearly into the ears of the crowd.


This part of the world where the Black Prison was located returned to its usual silence.

Even the fireworks-like lights that bloomed in the air disappeared.

But the …… oppression did not subside.

It was not clear to anyone whether the two were getting farther and farther apart or whether the battle was over.

The large black prison, sprawled across the icy sky and snow, was hidden in the night.

The snow was flying.

The wind was as cold as a knife.

Whether on top of the walls or inside the Black Prison, everyone was in a state of trepidation as the commotion of the battle died down.

The wait …… became particularly anxious at this moment.

Everyone was like ants on a hot pan.

Time pa*sed slowly.

It was a stalemate for half an hour.

Inside the central control room.

The silver-haired old man ordered in a deep voice, “All monitoring equipment, search the four directions of the Black Prison immediately, if there are no results yet, immediately send troops out of the Black Prison and search!”

A single order was given.

Everyone moved around, manipulating the equipment and searching the surroundings of the Black Prison.

Soon, a report echoed from the central control room.

“No target found!”

“No target found!”


The silver-haired old man’s expression sank as he clenched his teeth and stared deadly at the surveillance monitor.


On the walls of the southern gate of the Black Prison, a group of Black Prisoners stood loftily.

Like the people inside the Black Prison, they were equally anxious.


“Look, is that a human figure?”

In the crowd, a shout of alarm rang out violently.

This shout was like water poured into a boiling pot of oil, instantly causing everyone on the city walls to explode.

The crowd looked around at the sound.

The huge searchlights on the southern gate wall were all pointing in one direction at this moment.

The light was so bright that it filled the sky and the earth, and where it pa*sed, it was as bright as day, a spectacular sight.

Because of the distance, the intense light still could not touch the figure in the distance.

It was only with the help of the strong light that it rippled into the darkness in the distance, so that the distance was no longer invisible to the eye.

So a vague outline of a figure could be seen, slowly walking towards the Black Prison!

For a moment, everyone’s heart was in their throat.

All eyes were focused on the blurred silhouette.

Almost simultaneously.

Inside the Black Prison’s central control room.

“There it is!”

One of the supervisors stood up with a start, his face red with excitement.

One word thundered.

The scene was instantly agitated and the clamour suddenly rose.

The silver-haired old man turned around abruptly and stepped in front of the monitoring monitor in front of the supervisor.

Behind the old man, a group of Black Prisoners also looked grave and solemn.

After a short period of noise and clamour, the central control room fell into dead silence.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the monitor.

Because the Black Prisoners at the South Gate were the first to notice, the surveillance at the South Gate was the first to lock onto the figure coming slowly from the distance.

The silhouette of the figure coming slowly also caught everyone’s attention at the first moment!

For a moment, everyone inside and outside the Black Prison fell into silence, waiting with baited breath and nervousness.

Who had won ……?

The wind and snow raged.

The figure in the distant darkness was slow in its steps, but little by little it became clear.

When the figure was in the bright light.

All the people in the black prison were boisterous!

The people on the city walls were the first to scream in ecstasy.

“Daoist monarch, it’s Daoist monarch!”

“Daogun has won, it’s Daogun who has won!”

“Hahahaha …… Daogun is mighty!”


The clamor rushed to the sky.

And inside the Black Prison, cheers and revelry roared like a tidal wave.

Inside the central control room.

The apprehensive and nervous crowd leapt to their feet and cheered.

The silver-haired old man’s expression eased and smiled gleefully, “Winning …… is worthy of a Daoist monarch, unrivalled in the world!”

By heartfelt emotion, the old man’s hanging heart fell back into his stomach.

In the Black Prison, the strength of the Dao Monarch was known to all.

But after witnessing the terrifying scene of Master Khongkong lifting his hand to destroy the southern gate of the Black Prison, no one was absolutely sure about this summit battle.

Now, seeing the return of Chen Daogun, the boulders hanging in the hearts of the crowd have all fallen to the ground, and the crowd is excited!

Outside the Black Prison.

Outside the Black Prison, cheers and screams were heard like a tidal wave.

Chen Daojun, with his hands behind his back, was enveloped by a strong light, his figure erect and his steps unhurried.

As he moved, the aura of light formed by the light moved along with him, always enveloping him in the centre of the aura.

With all eyes on him, Chen Daojun became the sole focus of attention.

However, if someone were to look at him up close at this moment, they would be able to see a horrifying and terrifying scene.

Chen Daojun’s face was as white as ever, even though his expression was cold and his brow was still filled with the domineering aura of the old days, there was red and stinging blood at the corner of his mouth.

His body was ragged and bloodied, streaked with ghastly wounds, his flesh turned out, and where the flesh was exposed, you could even see a muscle writhing and squeezing under the blood.

It was this tiny movement that controlled the blood loss and prevented the loss of too much blood in a very short space of time.

The seemingly calm and relaxed footsteps, in fact, left a footprint about half a finger deep on the ground with every step he took, the footprint was so red, with the remnants of blood, that Chen Daojun left a shallow and blurred line of crimson blood everywhere he pa*sed along the way.

If one distinguishes carefully, one can still faintly see the air currents visible to the naked eye, surrounding Chen Daojun’s circumference, flowing uncontrollably and recklessly.

“The old baldy has grown stronger and stronger after so many years of being out of the world!”

Stepping forward with lead-filled legs, Chen Daojun suddenly pulled up the corners of his mouth, revealing a meaningful smile: “Little monk to old bald donkey, is also considered a heavenly man, the essence of Buddhism are gradually mastered ……”