Winner Takes All Chapter 1313-1314

Chapter 1313

The Black Hell of the Far North, a place where no one has ever lived.

As night falls, the far north is plunged into total darkness.

If there is any embellishment, it is the aurora borealis, which stretches across the sky in all its beauty and splendour.

The wind and snow cry out.

The Black Hell is like an ancient beast, dormant in the snow and ice.


A sharp, ear-splitting siren resounded through heaven and earth, instantly breaking the deadly silence of this barren land.

The lofty walls of the Black Prison, with the sound of the siren, flashed with a crimson red light.

Inside the Black Prison.

“Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! There is an enemy intrusion into the Black Prison, the Black Prison level immediately goes to the Heavenly Defence level.”

The mechanical system alarm sound echoed throughout Black Prison in an instant.

In all the major prison areas and corridors, the alarm sound echoed, and there was even a blinding red light flashing.

The inmates within the Black Prison instantly became noisy and agitated, the sound of people boiling was deafening.

Immediately afterwards.

The gruff, hoarse voice of the silver-haired old man from Black Prison echoed within the ten prison blocks.

“Officers of the ten prison districts, immediately send all prisoners into their cells and do not go outside, those who disobey the order will be executed immediately!”

A single order was given.

The supervisors in the ten prison districts immediately expelled the tide of people and dispersed into their respective cells.

And in the Black Prison’s central control room.

The silver-haired old man stared intently at the dense monitoring monitors in front of him, and slowly lowered the communicator in his right hand.

Compared to the restlessness of the prisoners in the ten prison blocks.

At this moment, inside the central control room, it was even more chaotic.

“Alert, alert, the southern gate of the Black Prison has burst into pieces!”

“D*mn, who the hell is this old monk and why did he find out where our Black Prison is?”

“Quickly stop him, we can’t let him continue to burst in, otherwise there will be chaos in the Black Prison, and those fierce gods inside the prison are all pumping their fists!”


The discussion was like a tidal wave, and everyone looked terrified and gloomy to the extreme.

The silver-haired old man frowned tightly and narrowed his eyes as he stared at one of the surveillance monitors.

On the monitor, it was clearly the location of the southern gate of the Black Prison that had been switched in.

At this moment, smoke and dust were rolling around the south gate, sweeping around in layers, and the scene could not be described as appalling.

Vaguely, a figure could be seen standing in the smoke and dust, and the direction the figure was facing, the lofty and heavy gate, was showing a large hole, like the mouth of an abyssal beast, as if it could swallow everything.

Thinking back to the brief scene between the figure’s appearance just now and the breaking open of the southern gate, the silver-haired old man’s gaze could not help but drift a little, his lips mumbling.

“The strength of the defenses created since the construction of the Black Prison has never been something that can be broken through by the human sphere!”

“Then you take him …… not as a human!”

A magnetic voice suddenly sounded.

Although the words were soft, they were like rolling thunder, echoing through the central control room.

The originally restless crowd was instantly silenced at this moment, and they all turned their heads and gazed sideways at Chen Daojun at the entrance of the central control room.

Chen Daogun’s appearance seemed to have found a backbone for everyone!

Even the silver-haired old man, who had no regard for his status at this moment, turned and said urgently, “Daogun, these fierce gods are getting restless, please hurry up and calm the scene.”


With his hands behind his back, Chen Daogun stepped forward to the dense monitors in the central control room under the attention of the crowd.

His eyes were deep as he swept a glance at the monitors in the major prison areas.

At this moment, the crowd was surging in all the major prison areas, and the noise was ear-splitting.

The silver-haired old man had ordered all the prisoners to return to their cells at the first opportunity.

However, the people held in the Black Prison were the kings of soldiers, gods of war and fierce gods from all over the world, and now that the Black Prison had been trespa*sed, it was a rare opportunity for them!

Even if a wolf is in a bad way, it will never turn into a dog.

Once they find the opportunity, they will eventually show their claws and teeth immediately.

Some of the bold ones had already jumped at the chance to confront the Black Prisoners, although they did not do so directly.

Chen Daojun picked up his communicator and bellowed in a deep voice.

“I, am still here!”

Three simple words were instantly transmitted to the ten prison districts.

The originally chaotic and noisy ten prison blocks instantly fell dead silent, and after a few seconds of silence, the restless prisoners, one after another, returned to their cells in an orderly manner.


Chen Daojun put down the communicator, raised his eyes to stare at the monitoring monitor at the south gate, and deflated helplessly: “I told you why my right eyelid is jumping so hard.”

After saying that, it was time to turn around and walk towards the outside.

“Daojun ……”

Chen Daogun’s footsteps stopped and half turned back, his gaze glancing at the silver-haired old man, “Hm?”

The silver-haired old man swallowed, “Something can’t happen to Black Prison, otherwise the world would be in chaos.”

“The world is already in chaos!”

Chen Daojun stopped lingering and walked out of the room.

A moment later.

The people in the central control room looked at each other, each with a complicated expression.

There were those who were gloomy, those who looked relieved and secretly relieved, and those who were worried ……

After all, the scene of the southern gate of Black Prison breaking through the defenses just now was too sensational!

Can Daogun …… really stop it?

Black Prison South Gate.

Smoke and dust rolled and metal wreckage was everywhere.

In the air, there was still a pungent, throat-choking smell.

The wind and snow, all seemingly pa*sing through this side of the world, quietly rolled backwards and wreaked havoc on the rest of the world.

Although the Black Prison is a prison, it is not too much to say that it is a majestic city in its own right!

And because of its special nature, its strength and defence are no less than that of Zhenjiang City!

On top of the lofty walls, the Black Prisoners were standing at attention.

The eyes of the people were filled with fear and complexity as they gazed at Master Kong Kong, who was standing tall.

No one dared to make a rash move until they were ordered to do so.

A man who could break through the gates of the Black Prison with one fell swoop of human power was a man who could be described as “a god in a mortal’s body”.

The gates of the Black Prison are not ordinary wooden or iron doors, but are made of a special alloy that is heavily reinforced!

Snap …… snap ……

In the silence, the sound of unhurried footsteps echoed violently around the shabby south gate.

In an instant.

All eyes looked towards the near ruined South Gate.

Master Empty Sky, too, was no exception!

“It’s the Daoist Monarch, the Daoist Monarch has come out!”

The sightline from the city walls was clearly better, and with a shout of surprise, the crowd immediately cheered.

In the Black Prison, the word Daogun stood for the One and Only I am Kingless!

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daogun slowly walked up to a metal wreckage, and as his qi emanated from his body, it swept away all the smoke and dust around him.

He looked down on Master Khongkong from above, his expression indifferent as he slowly spat out his words.

“You …… want to die?”

“Amitabha Buddha.”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and smiled warmly, “The poor monk has travelled ten thousand miles to come to the door with a gift, only seeking an explanation!”

“A gift from a Buddhist is to come uninvited and just blast the door?”

Chen Daojun smiled untamedly, his eyes shining with a brilliant light, “I, Chen Daojun, have acted all my life, why do I need to explain to you?”

“You ……”


As Master Empty Sky was about to speak, suddenly a majestic qi force, like a dragon, broke out from Chen Daojun’s body and went straight to the clouds.

The rolling smoke and dust that filled the area around the south gate was instantly washed away.

Chen Daojun, who was standing on the metal wreckage, swayed like a cannonball, dragging a series of streaks of shadow behind him, wearing a wind and snow, sweeping up the snow on the ground and turning it into a rolling wave of snow as he pounced on Master Kongkong.

As fast as the wind, as swift as thunder!


Master Empty Sky had no time to react before his neck was strangled by Chen Daojun’s large hand, and a muffled grunt escaped from his mouth and nose.

In a flash.

Chen Daojun directly choked Master Empty Sky with one hand and lifted him into the air, wrapping a heavenly wave of snow behind him as he pushed all the way across and rushed into the distance.

“Old bald a*s, coming is not a gift, do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

Chapter 1314

Rumble ……

Qi energy surged and the sound was appalling.

Mighty white snow swept backwards up into the sky, leaving rolling waves of snow wherever Chen Daojun and Master Kongkong pa*sed.

This scene left the crowd on the walls of the Black Prison with their jaws dropped and they were dumbfounded.

Pushing three hundred metres across all the way.

“Old baldy, get down for me!”

Chen Daogun’s domineering voice resounded through the heavens and the earth.


The rolling waves of snow came to an abrupt halt.

As Chen Daogun’s large hand violently threw Master Khongkong to the ground.

The terrifying impact instantly shook the ground, denting it and causing the snow waves around it to tumble out in layers.

Everything fell silent in an instant.

The snow was flying.

The cold wind was biting.

On the walls of the Black Prison, the crowd of spectators simultaneously drew in a breath of cold air, and then fell into silence with horror.

Some of those who were timid even clenched their fists, their throats knotting and their bodies stiffening.

“Old baldy, you are injured, and you still come here to shout at me?”

Chen Daojun looked indifferent, his eyes devoid of the slightest emotion, his right hand choking Master Khong Khong’s neck, arching his body and pressing him to death into the large pit in the ground.

With blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, Grandmaster Empty said with a calm expression and a firm gaze, “The poor monk has come here to seek only an explanation!”

“First, you forced my son to give up his position as the head of the family, and then you disturbed the peace of my Black Prison, old baldy, you can’t do it more than once.

Chen Daogun’s eyes suddenly turned murderous and harsh, and the words squeezed out from between his teeth like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.


Master Empty Sky smiled astonishingly, “You …… can kill a poor monk?”

The moment the words were spoken.

Crunching ……

Grandmaster Empty Sky’s body tensed up violently, and a dense squeezing sound abruptly rang out.

In an instant.

Master Empty Sky’s body size seemed to have all but pulled up a notch, and was even more noticeably thicker.

“You’ve already controlled your muscles to this extent?”

Chen Daojun’s pupils suddenly tightened as he uttered a shocked voice.

It was this daze.

The Empty Master on the ground suddenly raised his abdomen and landed on his head and feet, as if a strong bow had tensed up, and in this bizarre stance, he was able to counteract the strong pressure of Chen Daogun’s big hand.

Bang Teen!

In a flash of lightning, a majestic force was unleashed.

Even as Master Kongkong arched up, a wave of air was formed at the highest point of his abdomen, visible to the naked eye.

Chen Daojun, caught off guard, was hit by the wave of Qi, a muffled grunt came out of his mouth, but like a broken pocket, he flew out backwards, and when he landed, his body even stuck to the ground, ploughing and sweeping the snow, and continued to slide a dozen meters out!

“Daoist monarch!”

On the walls of the Black Prison, the faces of the people of the Black Prison all changed greatly, and they all exclaimed in unison.

And in the Black Prison’s central control room.

The silver-haired old man and the crowd all stood up as they witnessed this scene.

The room was filled with the sound of falling objects.

Some of those who were in a hurry even said incredulously, “Is this …… really, really a Daoist monarch?”

To the people of the Black Prison, whether they were prisoners or supervisors.

The name of Daogun has long since become the will of the Black Prison.

One person crushing the people of a prison is comparable to a god!

The fact that a Daoist monarch was equal to invincibility was accepted throughout the Black Prison!

If there was a ceiling in the martial dao, then in everyone’s eyes, the Dao Monarch was this ceiling.

But after witnessing this scene with their own eyes, it caused everyone’s minds to go buzzing blank, with a feeling of cognition collapsing.

If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it!

Outside the Black Prison.

The wind and snow wailed.

Flying snow rolled and filled the air, blurring the vision.

After knocking Chen Daojun away, Master Khongkong rose upright.

At this moment, his figure was thicker and even his wide monk’s robes, in some locations such as his sleeve robes, were visibly stretched tight with muscles.

The originally loose monk’s robes had now become extremely ill-fitting.

Not only was his body thick and strong, but even Master Kongkong’s figure had been pulled up a notch.

He was no longer as old and stooped as before, with an air of lateness, but instead gave off the vibrant and majestic aura of a young and strong man.

If Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao were present, they would have dropped their jaws to the ground in astonishment.

Compared to the Empty Grandmaster at this moment, the Empty Grandmaster who was fighting against the two of them was just …… putting on water!

“Amitabha Buddha, poor monk Chen Daojun only asks for an explanation, having explained, the poor monk leaves on his own.”

The empty empty master hands together, the whole person’s aura are giving a majestic masculine feeling: “You and Chen Daoling, what exactly do you plan to do?”

As he asked these words, Master Empty’s eyes were bright and indefinite, sometimes deep, sometimes bright.

He already had a guess in his mind.

After the fight with Chen Dong, the thoughts were like weeds growing wildly in his mind.

After the fight with Huo Zhenxiao, the thoughts in his mind were confirmed.

Even so, he needed to get an admission from Chen Daogun himself!

Chen Daogun slowly got up, his expression indifferent, casually shaking his hand to pat the snow off his body.

The impact just now was nothing to him.

After patting the snow off his body, he then gazed coldly at Master Kong Kong, “You practice your Buddhism, I ask about my Dao, Buddhism and Dao, well water does not offend river water.

“If it were not for the purple qi covering the sky, the poor monk would not have stepped out of the Hanging Sky Temple on the Pouring Mountain.”

If I did not prevent Chen Dong from becoming the acting head of the Chen family, once I succeeded, even if Chen Daoling disappeared, I am afraid that Chen Dong would have been able to rise ninety thousand miles with the help of you, Chen Daogun!

At the end of the sentence, there was already a strong sense of anger.

With a bang, the place where he landed cracked.

A wave of qi swept through the court and rose up into the air, turning into a wisp of sword qi that tore through the wind and snow and headed straight for Chen Daojun.

“Then, let’s go to war!”

Chen Daogun’s eyebrows twisted, his eyes narrowed, and his boundless killing intent stirred out.

Yet, he did not dodge or evade, taking a step forward.

Invariably, qi energy was released, sweeping upwards and turning into a wall of qi.

The sword qi hit the wall of qi and instantly dissipated.

The next second.

Chen Daojun and Master Kongkong were both wrapped in Qi, which swept upwards, forming two transparent tornadoes that could only be seen in close proximity, straight through the black night sky.

The huge searchlights on the walls of Black Hell enveloped the two men.

Only, just as the crowd watched with rapt attention.

Suddenly, the figures of Chen Daojun and Master Kongkong swayed violently and dissipated into a bubble in the air.

“Dissipated, disappeared?”

On the walls of the Black Prison City, a Black Prisoner’s body was as weak as sieve chaff.

Immediately afterwards, the walls of the Black Prison exploded into a frenzy.

With all eyes on them, as far as they were concerned, Chen Daojun and Master Kongkong had disappeared into thin air!

This was unbelievable!

Inside the Black Prison’s central control room.

The voices of people sucking in cold air were also heard, everyone was stunned.

Only the silver-haired old man’s gaze burned as he clenched his fists.

“It’s not that they disappeared, it’s that the two of them were too fast, beyond our ability to catch with the naked eye!”


A shocked cry rang out, “The speed of a person can really escape capture by the naked eye?”

The silver-haired old man stared deadly at the surveillance monitor outside the south gate and murmured, “Not the next person, but the battle between the two of them, I’m afraid it’s a battle at the peak of the world!”