Winner Takes All Chapter 1299-1300

Chapter 1299

The night is cool as water.

The moon is high in the sky.

The Gu Family is hidden in the dense forest of the mountains and the surrounding area is dark.

The darkness of the moon and the high wind is a night of murder, and the forest seems calm, but in fact it is already full of dark currents and murderous intent.

There are vague shadows of people and hurried footsteps, rustling the leaves of the trees.

In the distance, there are even lights flashing, reflecting the cold aura of beams of armour.

“Come on, come on! We will not allow a single a*sa*sin to step inside the Ancient Family.”

A middle-aged man’s roar echoed through the mountains and forests, only his voice was hoarse and powerful.

As soon as the hundred billion dollar reward appeared, the pressure on the still relaxed Gu Family skyrocketed.

As soon as night fell, the killers arrived quietly.

They could no longer remember how many waves it was tonight, and all they could do now was to use the dumbest but most effective method to completely isolate the killers from entering the Gu family …… carpet push!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The same scene is being played out everywhere, and some of them are already fighting with swords and shadows.

Inside the brightly lit Gu Family.

People are on tenterhooks, facing a tidal wave of a*sa*sinations that could strike at any moment.

Everyone is unsettled.

Old Madam Gu sat in her room, looking out at the lights, her eyes deep, but her face unusually calm.

Gu Dragonfly clutched her hands together and looked at Old Mrs. Gu with worry: “Grandma, it’s late at night, rest, they will protect you, don’t worry.”

“Hehe …… ridiculous.”

The corners of Old Mrs. Gu’s mouth suddenly pulled up an arc, smiling to herself, “After my Gu family took refuge in such a secluded place, now it’s actually turned upside down by a hundred billion dollar bounty, the Gu family …… hasn’t been this lively for some years.”

Compared to the Chen family, the Iga clan land and the Gu family, the Tianmen Mountain villa was as peaceful and quiet as it could be under the starry moon.

Inside the study, Chen Dong was dealing with various matters under his command with Elder Long.

Gu Qingying was just off to the side, lying on a chair, wrapped in a blanket, waiting quietly. On the table beside her was the stew she had made for Chen Dong.

Raising her hand to touch the wall of the cup, the residual warmth was still there. Gu Qingying smiled and glanced at the focused Chen Dong and Elder Long, not rushing to hurry.

As for the others, they had already gone to sleep.

In the dark room, the bedside lamp was on, so that the room was not too dark to see.

On the couch, the sleeping Zhao Brezhong was sweating profusely at the moment, muttering incessantly under his breath.

Rough panting sounds emanated from his mouth and nose, and every now and then, there would be a threatening hiss like that of a vicious dog.

On his sweaty forehead, his veins stood out, and his whole body was in a state of shock and fury.


Zhao Baolu’s eyes were wide open, and under the dim light, a pair of eyes filled with panic, staring deadly at the ceiling.

“Whew ……”

Exhaling a heavy breath, Zhao Breru slowly sat up, his body was already drenched in sweat, even the bedding was dizzyingly wet, he raised his hand to wipe a handful of sweat from his forehead, “D*mn, when the hell is this nightmare going to end?”


He lit a cigarette and leaned back on the bed, but he had no desire to sleep, his eyes staring profoundly at the opposite wall, lost in thought.

This scene, which was like a freeze frame, lasted until the cigarette he was holding in his mouth was half burned, which was finally broken when the ashes of the cigarette fell onto the bed with a light tremble from Zhao Breru.


Zhao Breru’s eyebrows knitted tightly, his eyes shot out with a sharp aura, and he let out a startled expression, “It’s late at night, and a guest has actually arrived.”

Immediately, he stubbed out his cigarette with a gloomy expression and, wearing his pajamas, got up and walked downstairs.

The many days of fortification had made Tianmen Mountain Villa a different place than it used to be in Zhao Breru’s hands.

He had even asked Chen Dong to buy all the nearby villas for security purposes, creating a vacuum.

Of course, the purpose of doing so was also to settle the Snow Lion.

For Chen Dong, it was a mount that could protect the king of beasts.

To Zhao Breru, it was also a weapon to watch over the house and warn of guarding!

A pajama-clad Zhao Brou walked out of the villa, twisted his eyebrows and glanced at the Snowy Lion lying asleep in the cage in the distance, and couldn’t help but curse: sleeping so hard, it really wasn’t a good Wangcai.

Then he glanced around him.

He took a glance around and looked more and more grave as he lifted his feet and walked towards the back garden.

The villa was surrounded by his guards, but he knew clearly that the guest was from the back garden, but what made his heart pound was that the Snow Lion had not noticed.

The front and back gardens were vast, but as a fierce beast of a different species, he was not even aware of this?

Obviously, it was impossible!

The reason for this must be that the visitor was too strong and lurking on the trail for the snowy lion to notice.

But …… as a defender, Zhao Brocade’s alert acumen around the Tianmen Mountain villa now surpa*sed everyone else’s.

The lush, dense woods are really not very aesthetically pleasing.

But with the emphasis on safety, beauty was of no consequence.

Without stopping, Zhao broke into the dense forest with a single step.

The light around him suddenly dimmed, and the lush woods hid all the light from the villa.

Zhao Breru crept forward, not making a sound even when his feet stepped on the leaves and branches of the trees.

Like a ghostly apparition, he slowly advanced.

Finally, he saw a figure standing in the middle of the forest, motionless.

Just as he saw the figure, a calm voice suddenly rang out.

“What a surprise, to see the Thief Saint’s relic here, Xu Qingfeng’s heir, isn’t it?”

Zhao Brocade clenched his hands into fists instantly, his expression grave, “You found me a long time ago?”

“From the moment you walked in, you found out.”

“Who are you?”

Zhao Breru’s heart instantly rose to his throat, and a white fur sweat grew on his back in a trance.

He had set up this formation with his own hands, and by definition he had absolute control in it, but now when he faced the pitch-black figure not far away, it inexplicably gave him an absurd feeling of being short and in control.

“The formation is exquisitely arranged, you have inherited Xu Qingfeng’s mantle well, it is the usage that is incorrect.”

A calm voice, with a few teasing touches.

“Old man, don’t give shame!”

Zhao Breru gritted his teeth and chided, although he could not see the other party’s appearance, he could hear that his voice was full of vicissitudes.

“This Eight Formation Diagram, this is how it should be used!”

In the next second, the figure was taking a step, and the moment his foot landed on the ground, a strange change occurred.


With the place where the figure landed as the centre, it was like a spider’s web, following the ground and quickly spreading out a dull golden light in all directions.

In a flash.

The ground, the tree trunks, and even the branches of the trees were all littered with dull golden light, like a landscape tree at a festival, intricate and complicated, yet giving the impression that it was not abrupt and should have been so.

“This, this …… how could this happen?”

Zhao Breru was completely dumbfounded, his eyes rounded in disbelief as he looked around at the golden light, a scene of gods and ghosts that sent him into a moment of self-doubt: “You, who the hell are you? You, what have you done with my Eight Formation Diagram?”

The golden aura was all around, but it was not blinding.

The figure slowly raised its head and folded its hands under the golden aura.

“Amitabha Buddha, poor monk Master Kongkong.”

Chapter 1300

In the dimness, a calm voice echoed slowly.

“Master Khong Khong?”

Zhao Baolu murmured in bewilderment.

He looked towards Master Khong Khong with some trepidation, and could vaguely make out Master Khong Khong’s appearance with the dim golden light around him.

It was a face so old that Zhao Breru could barely describe it, with white hair falling down in an immortal manner.

Especially the pair of eyes, bright but as deep as two black holes, as if they could swallow everything.

“Amitabha Buddha, have you seen the usage of this eight-formation diagram?”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands, his face peaceful and calm.

Zhao Brocade’s body shook violently, and his eyes suddenly exploded with horrifyingly sharp auras.

He suddenly realised something horrible!

The old monk in front of him knew that the formation he had set up was the …… Eight Formation Diagram!

He knew that even Meng, when testing the formation he had set up, was certain that it was the “Eight Gate Golden Lock Formation” and considered it to be a useless and useless formation!

She knew more about the details of the Eight Formations than anyone else.

Even so, Meng had misjudged him!

But the old monk in front of him had pointed out the Eight Formation Diagram in one word!

In a trance, a cold chill ran through Zhao’s body.

His hollow and wavering gaze swept the dull golden aura around him, and a great invisible fear enveloped his whole body.

This old monk not only recognized the Eight Formation Diagram, but also knew the use of the Eight Formation Diagram, which even he did not know!

What the hell is this ……?

I had set up the formation myself, and even I didn’t know the use of the formation, but a formation intruder had easily figured it out!

The heart beats faster, Zhao Breru feels his whole body is instantly emptied of strength, staggering back a step, terrified and horrified question: “You, who the hell are you? This …… formation is my master’s life’s work, there is no way he would lightly pa*s it on to someone else!”

The voice trembled, full of fear and shock.

If Chen Dong and Wu Chang were present at this moment, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

For this was the first time that Zhao Brocade had truly acknowledged that he had received the mantle of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng’s legacy.

There was no winding, no covering up, and even less pretending to be a fool than Ma Dongmei.


Instead, Grandmaster Empty Sky folded his hands and bowed slightly with a nod, “The poor monk is but a sama, his Dharma name is Empty Sky, and he has come on this trip for the sake of Master Chen.”

For Brother Dong?

Zhao Brocade looked solemn, instantly suppressing his fear and scruples and gazing intently at Grandmaster Khongkong.

He did not know Master Kongkong, let alone the true purpose of Master Kongkong’s coming for Chen Dong.

However, just the fact that Grandmaster Empty stood there and was able to strike a great terror into him, and that he could recognise the Eight Formation Diagram at a glance, made him wait for Chen Dong.

“Old man, you’ve come late at night, I didn’t receive any notification from Dong, you’re afraid you’ve come for a bad reason, right?”

Even though he was wary of Master Kongkong in his heart, he did not dare to be the slightest bit lenient in his words and titles.

Master Kong Kong nodded his head and smiled: “Whether it is good or not, it has nothing to do with the monk and Chen Dong, so please do not meddle in the matter.”

After a pause, Master Kongkong swept his gaze around and said, “Master Shih only thinks that he has inherited the ‘Eight Formation Diagram’, but he does not know that the full name of this formation is ‘Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts’. This is a chance for you to understand the word ‘God and Ghost’, so that you can use the power of the eight formations to the fullest.

The words and attitude are all high and mighty.


Zhao Breru’s expression suddenly became stern and murderous: “You are very strong, and you even know more about the Eight Formation Diagram than I do, but don’t forget that I am after all the arranger of the Eight Formation Diagram, and it is still enough to stop you!”

The words fell.

Zhao Broke-Ru’s feet slammed into the ground, his sleeping robe suddenly rose and danced on his body as he drew back and flew back, instantly disappearing into the dense bushes.

“Young man, it’s too rash!”

Master Empty Sky did not stop Zhao Breru, but folded his hands and shook his head with a smile, “There is no tree in the Bodhi, nor is there a mirror on the stage, there is nothing in the beginning, where can one stir up dust?”

The next second.

Grandmaster Empty Sky’s expression suddenly became solemn and serious, his entire aura changed dramatically, his precious face solemn and unruffled.

Immediately, his lips were mouthing, and the sound of wavering Buddhist sutras echoed through this side of heaven and earth.

“When the Bodhisattva Guan Zi Zai Zai, practicing the profound Prajna Paramita, sees the emptiness of all the five aggregates, and transmutes all sufferings and evils ……”

While the sound of chanting sutras echoed, Master Kongkong slowly closed his eyes and folded his hands together in a solemn manner.

Like a leisurely stroll, he slowly lifted his feet and took a step.

He did not discern his direction, nor did he open his eyes to look around.

Mouth chanting Buddhist sutras, he walks forward with his eyes closed, impartial.

Under the imprint of the dull golden light around him, it was as if Master Kongkong’s body was coated with a dull golden glow at this moment.

“What is he doing here?”

Lurking in the shadows, the sound of Master Kongkong’s chanting echoed in his ears as he looked at Master Kongkong, who was deep in the formation, and was full of doubts, “Why is this old villain chanting the Heart Sutra instead of properly breaking the formation?”

“Shriji, colour is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from colour, colour is emptiness, emptiness is colour ……”

Accompanied by the chanting of the Buddhist sutra under his breath, Master Kongkong, who was walking straight ahead with his eyes closed, landed lightly on his right foot on top of a golden aura on the ground.

In an instant, as if a lotus was born under his foot, the dull golden aura rippled and spread out.

This scene was incomparably strange.

The entire person lurking in the shadows was instantly shocked and exploded.

His eyes were wide open, and his eyes were about to fall to the ground.

In the next second, an even more devastating scene happened to Zhao Broke-Ru.

The moment the lotus was born beneath Master Kongkong’s feet, without the slightest movement, the bushes in front of Master Kongkong parted with a rustling sound under the gaze of Zhao Breru’s frightened gaze.

“Did this …… hit a ghost?”

Zhao Breru’s body shook and he sat down directly on the ground, his mind was blank.

As he murmured, his chest rose and fell violently, and a mouthful of fresh blood just flowed out of his mouth.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Empty Sky’s stern, sullen voice came out.

“If you don’t open the Eight Formation Diagram by yourself, after you step out of the Eight Formation Diagram by yourself, you will also die and convert to Buddha.

The overwhelmingly stern and murderous intent was like an invisible sword in the air, stabbing fiercely at the heart of Zhao Brelu.


An indescribable fear!

At this moment, Zhao Baolu’s entire body was in a state of despair and helplessness.

Even the Eight Formation Diagram, which he was so proud of, was a mere figment of his imagination in front of Grandmaster Empty Sky.

“If I can’t stop it, and it’s late at night and quiet, let this old baldy go in, Dong and the others ……”

Zhao Brocade’s eyes suddenly resolved up, suddenly raised his hands were about to cast.

But the chanting of Master Khongkong, once again sounded.

“Shenlizi, the empty phase of all dharmas, not born, not destroyed, not defiled, not increased, not reduced ……”


The chanting of the sutra sounded like a heaven-shaking thunderbolt, which blasted Zhao Breru’s body, and a large mouthful of blood, as Zhao Breru’s body shook, spilled blood into the long air.