Winner Takes All Chapter 1291-1292

Chapter 1291

A biting killing intent stirred the air.

In an instant, it caused the temperature in the meeting room to plummet.

Old Master Chen’s complexion was as gloomy as charcoal, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes pulsed furiously.

Quietly, his hands were clenched into fists under his Tang suit robe.

His entire body was on the brink of fury.

He was the Chen family’s old master, the one who had single-handedly established the Chen family’s position as the richest man in the southern border.

He had been in the business world for many years and had stood on the cusp of the storm.

Now, on his 100th birthday, he was killed by someone who had killed his descendants, and now he was even asked to die in a straightforward manner.

This is a disgrace!

It was even a complete disregard for him!

As soon as Chen Dong’s words were spoken, the sweat on the bodies of Boss Zhao and the others stood on end and their scalps tingled.

Dao’s gaze was fixed on Chen Dong with a deadly stare.

Several of the second generation of the Zhao family, including Boss Zhao, even immediately wanted to swarm towards Chen Dong and Old Master Zhao.

Chen Dong’s previous killing spree at the entrance of the Zhao family’s manor had made them really not dare to guarantee at this moment that Chen Dong would not suddenly rise up and point his sword straight at the Old Master.

Only, the steps of several people were stopped by Elder Long with one hand.

“Gentlemen …… old man is so old, don’t let the old man make a move.”

Old Man Long smiled bitterly, his eyes exploded with essence, and his killing intent suddenly declared, “Otherwise, old man will really beat you all to death!”

The domineering and brutal manner caused Boss Zhao and the others’ hearts to beat wildly at the same time.


They were all F**king crazy!

Has my Zhao family ever been treated like this?

This is like riding on the head of my Zhao family to Sh*t and P*ss!

Just as Boss Zhao and the others’ chests were raging with anger.

Old Master Zhao looked askance at the right time and stopped Boss Zhao and the others with his eyes.


Old Master Zhao met Chen Dong’s cold and ominous gaze.

The four eyes met.

In an instant, the air in front of them seemed to be filled with countless swords and shadows, stirring and streaking.

Old Master Zhao suddenly laughed: “Mr. Chen, you are the young master of the Chen family, you are not so oppressive as to oppress my Zhao family to such an extent, are you? Even for the sake of Lord Li’s face ……”

“Lord Li?”

Chen Dong interrupted Old Master Zhao’s words with a smile, “Lord Li, what a great official authority?”

A teasing question caused Old Master Zhao to be instantly speechless.

It was obvious that Chen Dong did not take Lord Li into consideration at all!

And the fact that Lord Li had suddenly changed his face and left just now even made these words of Old Master Zhao untenable!

The next second.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly stern, and a cold aura burst out of his eyes.

“When you come out to make a living, you have to admit when you have done wrong, and stand firm when you are beaten!”

“Old Master Zhao, you are a hundred years old, have you lived these hundred years to the dogs? Don’t you even understand such a simple truth?”

The words were so strong, overbearing and brutal.

Bang Teen!

Old Master Zhao was furious and slapped his palm on the table in anger, getting up angrily, “Chen Dong, I don’t need you to tell me what to do, today is my Zhao family’s happy day, you can’t come here and spill your guts! You’re so young and arrogant, you don’t know how high and mighty you are. Even if you make an issue of the land to the Chen family, the Zhao family is not at fault.

Every word was like a big thunder.

At this moment, Old Master Zhao’s face was red and his hair was on end, just like a raging lion.

He knew clearly that there was no possibility of backing down on this matter!

Or rather …… there was no turning back!

If the Zhao family, the richest family in the southern border, completely backed down on today’s matter, it would not only deplete the Zhao family’s prestige and face in the southern border, but would also cause the Zhao family’s impression in Old Lady Chen’s heart to fall to the ground!

The former could still be saved, but the latter could not be saved!

There was no choice but to fight to the end!

“Chen Dong, do you really think that just because you are the young master of the Chen family, you can be lawless?”

An angry rebuke suddenly exploded, “Your father has disappeared, and you, the young master of the Chen Family, are just a phoenix that has lost its feathers, and you still dare to come to my Zhao Family in the southern border to spill the beans. If you want to fight to the death, then I will fight to the death today to avenge my Qian’er’s blood on the spot!”

“Shut up!”

Old Master Zhao looked startled and scolded in a stern voice.


It was already too late!

Chen Dong snorted and slowly picked up the chopsticks on the table with his right hand, murmuring to himself.

“A phoenix that has lost its hair is still a phoenix, how can you dare to slander such vicious dogs?”


Before the words left his mouth, Chen Dong shook his hand and threw out the chopsticks in his hand.


The chopsticks shot into the air and instantly pierced through the middle-aged man’s throat, splashing blood.

The middle-aged man’s body shook and his eyes were wide open, full of disbelief. With his mouth open, he subconsciously raised his right hand to slowly feel for the chopsticks on his neck.

In an instant, the life in his eyes quickly dissipated.

The sudden onset of killing.

It took Boss Zhao and the others by surprise and left them in a daze.

Boss Zhao was the closest, and even the blood that splattered from the middle-aged man’s neck splashed onto his face.

No one expected that a mere word would bring about the death of a man.

No one expected that Chen Dong would be so ruthless and decisive to such an extent!

Even Long Lao, witnessing the scene in front of him, could not help but have his pupils constricted and his heart shocked.

The young master …… is too ruthless and decisive today!

Is this really the young master?

There was a poof!

Finally, the middle-aged man collapsed to the ground, his life cut off.

With this one sound, the crowd finally came back to their senses.

“Chen Dong! Give back my brother’s life!”

“D*mn it, let’s fight, let’s fight him, my Zhao family has tolerated this to this point, but in return, he slaughtered him in blood!”

“Chen Dong, who do you think you are? Today, you will never set foot outside the gates of my Zhao family!”

Boss Zhao and the others all exploded, each with hideously twisted features, shouting and roaring at Chen Dong.

And outside, the sound of dense footsteps rang out.

There were Zhao family guards and guests who had come to congratulate them.

Amidst the chaos.

The furious Old Master Zhao was in turn the first to react.

“Boss, close the door!”

A command was given.

“Dad ……”

Boss Zhao was furious.

“Shut the door!”

Old Master Zhao stomped his foot fiercely and roared.

It was also just as the parlour door closed.

Old Master Zhao’s entire body trembled and his eyes hated to eat Chen Dong alive.

However, he was clear that what was happening inside the meeting room must not be allowed to be seen by the outside guests.

Otherwise …… today’s shame of the Zhao family would surely shake the entire southern border!

The next second.

The next second, Old Master Zhao looked at Chen Dong angrily: “Chen Dong, you wild child, even if you have won the position of young family head, you are still a wild child, without your father’s shelter, who will protect you in the Chen family nowadays? Let me tell you, the reason my Zhao family is still standing today is because of the protection of the old lady of the Chen family, with her, you will not be able to make any waves in my Zhao family today!”


Chen Dong raised his sword eyebrows.


A fierce qi energy suddenly released and swept out to the mat table in front of him, which exploded with a rumble.

This scene.

It sent chills down the spines of Old Master Zhao, Boss Zhao and the others, and made their scalps explode.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong stood up holding his bladeless heavy sword, “I’ll give you the chance to give your last words to the old immortal!”

Chapter 1292


A madman!

The astonishingly cold voice echoed in the parlour, and Old Master Zhao and Boss Zhao and the others were all chilled and frightened, their hair on end.

Anger, resentment, scorn ……

All kinds of emotions enveloped Old Master Zhao and the others in an instant, causing them to fall into an ice cave and chill all over.

Even Elder Long, who knew Chen Dong well, looked at Chen Dong with a few more strange eyes at this moment.

Chen Dong’s performance today was also the first time he had seen it!

This was no longer just brutal and rampant, but like a flinty species, blood and courage on top, forcibly exerting pressure step by step regardless of everything.

It was as if he was a rascal in the marketplace, forcing himself to die!

But Long Lao did not stop him, he knew very well that Chen Dong’s heart and mind must have his reasons for doing so!


Chen Dong’s voice was stern, and his voice was like wild thunder as his qi energy intensified.

Old Master Zhao looked complicated, his body trembling, gritting his teeth, “Chen Dong …… you are so arrogant, you simply do not put the old lady in your eyes!”

“In your eyes? She is a woman, what is she to me, Chen Dong?”

Chen Dong’s aura was like a sheathed sword that wanted to break through the roof and tear apart the sky: “What I want to do and who I want to kill, even the king of heaven can’t stop me, let alone her, a wife who only schemed and worshipped the gods, your Zhao family is her loyal dog, if you want to come to my territory to plant a flag and set up a mountain, then don’t blame me Chen Dong for killing without blinking! ”

Bang Teen!

The floor beneath Chen Dong’s feet exploded in response to the raging Qi energy.

The sound was horrifying, and the killing intent was overwhelming.

“Chen Dong, you are unbridled! This is in my Zhao family, you are not allowed to act recklessly yet!”

Boss Zhao’s pupils tightened and his face was full of scorn, but he still spoke in a fury.

The ruthlessness and decisiveness Chen Dong displayed caught everyone off guard.

No one had expected that the young master of the Chen family, the one who had set the stage in one fell swoop, would actually approach the Zhao family in such a brutal and rude manner, completely unreasonable, which caused everyone to lose their composure and be unable to cope.

“Isn’t it obvious enough that I’m fooling around?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes, his coldness blazing as he suddenly looked askance at Boss Zhao.

In an instant.

Boss Zhao’s body stiffened, and as Chen Dong gazed at him, he felt a sense of panic as he plunged straight into the abyss.

The corpse on the ground is still hot!

Yes …… this wild B*****d, is it not obvious enough that he has been fooling around?

A sword killing at the main entrance, another life taken in the parlour at the drop of a hat, in the blink of an eye, already a line of the Zhao family has been severed ah!

The next second.

The next second, Chen Dong’s lips opened, and the voice of a man seeking his life suddenly exploded in the ears of Old Master Zhao and the others.

“There are two ways, either withdraw the flag-planted territory in the southwest region, or …… today, the Zhao family’s red lights have turned into mourning, and all the high friends are here for the old dowager’s death!”

The aura is pouring, aggressive!

At this moment, Chen Dong’s body was covered with qi energy and killing intent, as if he was a bloodthirsty evil ghost crawling out from the depths of hell.

Old Master Zhao and the others were forced by Chen Dong to be terrified and panic-stricken.

“Chen Dong, then today, I will not blame you for asking the old lady to crush you to death!”

Old Master Zhao suddenly opened his mouth, and in a cold and stern tone, he uttered a somewhat absurd and powerless sentence.

A whirlwind.

Old Master Zhao took out his mobile phone with his right hand and dialed Old Madam Chen’s number.

It was also during this process.

Anyone could clearly see that on the back of Old Master Zhao’s withered right hand, a line of veins protruded out, like an earthworm.

As the phone rang.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was so frozen that it was suffocating.

Old Master Zhao’s face was full of rage, forcing down his anger.

Boss Zhao and the others, however, looked terrified and uncertain.

The two main pillars of the Zhao family in the southern border, Lord Li and Old Lady Chen.

At the first meeting, Lord Li had instantly changed his face and left the scene.

Now the Zhao family could only hope that Old Lady Chen could suppress this mad dog Chen Dong!

If it cannot be suppressed, today ……

If they can’t suppress it, the Zhao family will be powerless to return to Heaven!

The disparity in strength between the two sides was too terrifying.

The Chen family’s young family head, the world’s merit added.

These two attributes alone were enough to make Chen Dong invincible against the Zhao family!

They could not hold Chen Dong, so they could only hope to minimise their losses when Chen Dong came to their door!

This is also the reason why from the very beginning, the old lady Zhao was forcing herself to hold her tongue despite the prestige and face of the Zhao family in the southern border.

Of course …… once the old lady Chen’s mouth has changed.

The Zhao family …… still has the guts to take the plunge!

“As long as the old lady can give the order to kill, my southern Zhao family can immediately close the door and kill the dog, even if the family heritage is spelled out, as long as the wild seed of Chen Dong is done away with, the future still shines brightly, the big deal is just the future hidden world.”

This was the thought in Boss Zhao’s mind.


The phone call was answered.

Old Master Zhao did not hesitate and directly turned on the speakerphone button.

It was just that on the phone, Old Madam Chen’s voice was drained of energy and weakness and exhaustion.

“Old Madam, are you physically okay?”

Old Master Zhao froze for a moment and hurriedly fawned with concern.

“Unharmed, I have a headache from being tortured by the killer!”

Over the phone, Old Madam Chen’s voice was breathless and weak to the core: “Something wrong?”

“Chen Dong has arrived at the Zhao family and has sent a message to my Zhao family!” Old Master Zhao said hurriedly.

At the same time.

Chen Dong, however, had a smile curled at the corner of his mouth.

The old immortal …… had been tortured by the a*sa*sins of the Hidden Killers so soon?

However, it was not the time to look deeper into this in front of him.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face flickered as his eyes looked deeply at the nervous and terrified Old Master Zhao, quietly waiting for Old Lady Chen’s reply on the other end of the phone.


Chen Dong’s left hand clenched into a fist, with sweat seeping out.

“What exactly is Young Master …… calculating?”

Long Lao always watched Chen Dong, and was puzzled by Chen Dong’s perversity today.

It was also at this time.

On the phone, old Mrs. Chen, who had been silent for two seconds, sounded steep and sharp.

“Chen Dong …… Zhao family is the patronage of the old body and has a heavy business cooperation with the Chen family, why are you oppressing the Zhao family, are you completely trying to break with the old body?”

Hearing this sharp questioning voice, Chen Dong suddenly felt a little funny.

The old immortal’s face …… was so thick?

The Chen family had reached such a point, and it was still not a complete break?


Not waiting for Chen Dong to open his mouth to respond.

The old master Zhao suddenly wailed: “Old lady, this matter you have to make the decision ah, I am today’s 100th birthday, young master Chen came to the door to congratulate, in public to kill my Zhao family third generation one, and in front of me to kill my own son, and now is to send down a thunderous calamity on the old man, to beat the dog have to see the master, the old man has already told him in advance, the relationship between the Zhao family and your old ah ……”

Every word, stifling tears.

It is hard to imagine that the head of the richest family in the southern border would actually have such a groveling appearance.


The moment the words were spoken.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face suddenly flourished, and a majestic cold intent covered his face.

“I, Chen Dong, don’t even look at people when I kill them, so how would I look at my master when I kill a dog? Old lady, don’t you think so?”


Cold light stirred and blood gushed out.