Winner Takes All Chapter 129-130

Chapter 129

One word came out.

It was as if time had stood still in the hall.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu looked terrified, and dense beads of sweat could not help but seep out of their foreheads.

Old Zheng, on the contrary, looked overbearing, staring at Chen Dong with a face full of disgust.

Gu Qingying’s eyes went black for a moment, and her delicate body couldn’t help but tremble.

Her parents were furious, and her first meeting with her parents was completely ruined!

After that, what should she and Chen Dong do?

Red lips mouthing, Gu Qingying slowly spoke, “Chen Dong ……”

The words had just left her mouth.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled, his smile as warm as the wind.

The heart, however, rose up with a thick depression, depressingly strong.

Tang Bohu’s “Qian Tang Traveling Picture” was given by Long Lao, and he was certain that Long Lao would never fool around with a fake painting.

Even if the painting had been given to Lord Meng in advance, there was no way it could be fake.

What made him feel depressed was Zheng Guote’s attitude, which was too arbitrary for a so-called expert to conclude that the painting was a fake with just one glance!

What’s more, because of Old Zheng’s arbitrary judgement, his surprise meeting with his parents today had completely exploded!

Hearing Gu Qingying’s voice, Chen Dong smiled and said to her, “Qingying, I’m fine, I’ll leave first then.”

The situation had already been decided, and his continuing to stay here would only put Gu Qingying in a difficult position in the middle.

Gu Qingying had come back to him at a time when he was at his most desperate, and he cherished this hard-won and sincere relationship.

To see Gu Qingying in difficulty would only make Chen Dong’s heart ache.

After saying that, Chen Dong still smiled with a warm face and nodded his head to the few people present.

“Chen Dong ……”

Gu Qingying wanted to hold back.

But Gu Guohua pulled her back: “Xiao Ying, don’t you still understand?”

“Dad …… what do you want me to understand?” Gu Qingying’s beautiful eyes flooded with tears as she tightly muffled her red lips.

“Eldest niece, this son may be considered a young talent in the city, but the first time we met, he gave a fake painting to someone, a gift that seeks to be high but not real, a false sentiment.

Old Zheng said righteously to Gu Qingying, “Your father asked us uncles to help you refine this piece of real gold today, and we were right to do so.

Gu Guohua and the beautiful woman looked at each other and sighed at the same time.

With the Gu family’s family history, they didn’t care how much money Chen Dong had, and in Gu Guohua’s opinion anyway, it was impossible to be richer than him.

What they valued was Chen Dong’s heart, Chen Dong’s true feelings for Gu Qingying.

So even though he knew that Chen Dong was divorced, Gu Guohua was willing to meet him and did not hide his appreciation when he learnt that Chen Dong had pre-sold three properties.

Even, he and his wife have secretly decided that if Chen Dong is really a good kid, it would not be too much to stop him.

After all, …… daughter likes it.

But just one try, and it turned out like this!

“Old Zheng, thanks to you today.”

Gu Guohua clasped his fist and thanked Zheng Guojia, then sighed and said to Gu Qingying with a solemn expression, “Little Ying, I don’t want you to be rich and prosperous in the future, even if Chen Dong has nothing, but our family has enough money to clothe and feed you and your offspring.”

“But mum and dad hope that you will be happy and that your marriage will be with a good man, but do you think that Chen Dong is a good man in this matter today?”

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, her reddened beautiful eyes filled with tears, and she was silent.

Just then.

“Zheng Ye Donkey, you eyeless B*****d! You have eyes that don’t know gold and jade!” Dean Liu suddenly lost control and pounded his chest, angrily scolding Old Zheng.

A sudden scene.

The Gu Guohua family and Old Zheng were all confused.

When Old Zheng was about to retort, Dean Liu suddenly gritted his teeth fiercely and shoved his palm against Old Zheng’s chest, causing him to stagger.

“You donkey temper, we couldn’t stop you just now!”

“Liu boy, what do you mean? Do you want to fight?” Old Zheng was instantly seething with anger.

Several people were old friends and titanic figures in their respective fields, so they naturally had tempers.

In normal days, they talked and laughed, but when it came to fighting, no one would give in to anyone!

President Liu’s eyes were red, gritting his teeth and cursing: “You’re just a wild a*s with good intentions, do you think I’m afraid of you? I lost the fight and healed myself, you lost the fight, you still have to beg me to heal you!”

“You ……” Old Zheng’s face was red and his anger was flaring up.

The scene, all of a sudden, was thick with gunpowder.

Gu Guohua’s face was shocked and bewildered.

How did his own late friend suddenly get into a nest fight?

At that very moment.

Lord Meng took a step forward and looked at Old Zheng with the same helpless face: ”Old Zheng, Old Zheng, this time it’s really you who’s confused! What Old Liu scolded you for was simply right!”

“Lao Meng, how do you ……”

Old Zheng’s expression stiffened, his face full of dismay.

But immediately afterwards, his eyes rounded and he woke up a little.

Within a few people, Lao Meng’s heart was considered the most calm and steady, otherwise he wouldn’t be in a high and powerful position.

“Old Liu and Old Meng, what exactly do you mean?” Gu Guohua was anxious and opened his mouth to ask.

The beautiful woman and Gu Qingying also looked at Lord Meng and Dean Liu with a puzzled expression.

Dean Liu, who was a little more impatient, stomped his foot fiercely, pointed at the Qian Tang Journey and scolded Old Zheng.

“Take a closer look at this painting for me, if this painting given by Chen Dong is a fake, I will eat this painting today!”


Old Zheng was struck by lightning and froze on the spot.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu were both upset for Chen Dong at the same time.

Could it be that …… had really lost his eyes?

Immediately, Old Zheng picked up the Qian Tang Traveling Map afresh and solemnly spread it out on the table, even taking out a magnifying gla*s from his pocket to observe it in detail.

He even took out a magnifying gla*s from his pocket and examined it carefully.

In the hall, there was silence to listen to the needles.

Gu Guohua’s family was bewildered.

Lord Meng and Dean Liu were mortified and indignant.

Clang and clang ……

Suddenly, the magnifying gla*s in Old Zheng’s hand fell to the floor.

His eyes rounded and he slowly looked up in disbelief, “Really …… really …… this painting is really Tang Yin’s real painting!”

The voice trembled, full of disbelief.

How could the Qian Tang Traveling Painting, which had been taken away by a mysterious buyer at an astronomical price three years ago, have appeared in the hands of a youngster?


The words fell on Gu Guohua’s family’s ears and instantly exploded like a big thunderclap.

Gu Guohua’s and the beautiful woman’s faces instantly changed dramatically.

Gu Qingying’s red and tearful eyes suddenly burst into glory as she grabbed her parents’ arms: “Mom and Dad, it’s true! I told you, Chen Dong would never lie to you!”

Gu Guohua and the beautiful woman had mixed feelings, and their faces were a little embarra*sed.

If the painting was true, then had they not just falsely accused Chen Dong?

“Ugh ……”

Lord Meng walked up to the dumbfounded Gu Guohua and said meaningfully, “Old Gu, there are some things we cannot say directly, but this future son-in-law that Xiao Ying has picked is not a young talent, he is a dragon son-in-law!”

When he thought of witnessing the image of the Chen family head daring to ask the old lady of the Chen family to die for Chen Dong, Lord Meng sighed with a sigh of relief.

Gu Guohua was indeed rich, but compared to the Chen family, it was a far cry!

He and President Liu were under Chen Dong’s orders and did not dare to say so to his face, but could only remind him in such a suggestive way.

Gu Guohua had a complicated look on his face, his eyes drifted, and he was about to speak.

However, Dean Liu stomped his foot fiercely, gritted his teeth and scolded the dumbfounded Old Zheng.

“Old Zheng, we’ve been friends for decades, we’re all doing you a favour, if you listen to the advice, go and recover Chen Dong immediately and apologise, otherwise you’ll be in big trouble!”


Chapter 130

Zheng Guote’s body shook with a complex expression.

He was a master of Chinese painting, a titan in his own exclusive field.

He had his own pride and dignity.

Even abroad, he was a guest of honour, sought after by millions.

At his level, an apology was already a rare word, let alone, an apology to a junior.

Seeing Zheng Guote standing still.

Dean Liu was furious, “You wild a*s, do you not believe me or Old Meng?”

Lord Meng let out a sigh, “Go ahead, it’s not a loss of face.”

As the Chen family head’s own son, who could make the Chen family head disregard filial piety in vain, how could he not afford a lowly apology from a master of national painting?

Zheng Guote’s eyes were suddenly bleak.

He could have ignored Dean Liu’s words, but now even Lord Meng had said so.

Even if he was an a*s, he knew that something was wrong!

Taking a deep breath, Zheng Guote walked quickly outside.

“Mum and Dad, I’ll go and retain Chen Dong!”

Gu Qingying excitedly ran out of the small bamboo courtyard first.

With the misunderstanding cleared up, this was one second of hell and one second of heaven for her.

As a human daughter, who wouldn’t want their parents, to like their intended?

Zheng Guohan’s pace could not help but pick up a little.

In the hall, the silence could be listened to by a needle.

Gu Guohua and his family were still a bit unconscious.

Everything tonight had changed so quickly.

From joy, to anger, to horror at the moment.

The couple had wanted to invite their old friend to have a chat, and at the same time to keep an eye on their daughter, but who knew that such a big misunderstanding would arise?

Thinking about the way they had just treated Chen Dong, both the couple’s cheeks burned a little.

Gu Guohua’s gaze fluttered as he looked at Lord Meng and Dean Liu.

“After years of being friends, you guys still want to hide this from me?”

Obviously, it was referring to Chen Dong!

“It must not be said.”

Lord Meng shook his head and said with a profound gaze, “Old Gu, do you think that nowadays, your family is rich and prosperous abroad?”

Gu Guohua hesitated for a moment and nodded his head.

He was not a presumptuous person, his own power and wealth abroad was indeed as Lao Meng had said, otherwise the blind dates he had arranged for Gu Qingying would not have been the offspring of those oil barons and Silicon Valley giants.

Only if we all stood on a pedestal would there be any possibility of playing on!

Otherwise, who would give him a good face?

Lord Meng laughed with a hint of disdain, “Even if you’re rich, you’re not as rich as him!”


Gu Guohua froze on the spot, his face red.

Lord Meng’s words, however, hit the nail on the head where he had been superior in his heart at the beginning when facing Chen Dong, like a resounding slap on his face.

Without waiting for Gu Guohua to regain his senses, Dean Liu nodded, “Old Meng is right.”


Gu Guohua’s pupils tightened as if he had been slapped once again.

“Two uncles, please also make it clear.” Gu Qingying’s mother said.

Lord Meng shook his head and looked at Gu Guohua, “Cherish it, Xiaoying has climbed high, whether or not she can enter her dragon son-in-law’s family depends on whether or not your Gu family’s ancestral graves are green with smoke!”

After saying that, he left with Dean Liu, leaving Gu Guohua and his wife with a complicated look on their faces, pondering.

Chen Dong gestured for them not to say anything, the fact that the two of them could speak to such a point was already for the sake of their decades of friendship.

Half a day.

Only then did Gu Qingying’s mother slowly speak, “Guohua, do you believe it?”

Gu Guohua smiled bitterly and exhaled heavily, “Old Meng and Old Liu won’t make this joke on this matter.”

“Then Chen Dong …… just now, the way we treated that Chen Dong kid, it wasn’t good at all.” Li Wanqing’s willow brows frowned slightly.

It was a good meeting, but because of a painting and a misunderstanding, it had caused this situation now.

She felt guilty towards Chen Dong.

After a pause, Li Wanqing said, “Why don’t we stay here for a few more days and find a time to re-host a banquet with Chen Dong, apologise to him and resolve this misunderstanding by the way?”

“Apologise?” Gu Guohua’s brows knitted, “Is it appropriate for us to apologise to him?”

Li Wanqing snapped, “Then you’re just going to watch Xiaoying get caught in the middle and be embarra*sed? You’re a father, why don’t you care about your daughter at all when it matters?”

“Fine.” Gu Guohua sighed and sort of agreed, saying leisurely, “It’s just that after being delayed here for a few days, I’m afraid that the contact with the Chen family will have to be put on hold again.”

Speaking of this, he was full of helplessness.

“I know that you are bent on making use of the Chen family’s power to take your achievements to the next level, and I agree and am very supportive of you.”

Li Wanqing’s voice was gentle and her eyes were full of tenderness, “But Guohua, we only have such a daughter as Xiaoying, your achievements are already beyond the reach of many people’s aspirations, enough money is enough, Xiaoying’s happiness is now our biggest goal!”

“But ……” Gu Guohua still wanted to argue.

“I don’t want Xiaoying to miss out on a good relationship because of our thought. Putting aside Chen Dong’s family background, his current achievements are quite good, if Xiaoying and Chen Dong split up because of us, would you as a father lose your conscience?”

Li Wanqing’s voice rose a little: “Maybe you think that Xiaoying will look at the offspring of oil tycoons and Silicon Valley giants?”

Gu Guohua looked puzzled and smiled bitterly.

Then, he said dryly, “In that case, the day after tomorrow, we will still be here, re-hosting a banquet and apologising to Chen Dong, which is also a real sense of us meeting the parents?”

“That’s a good father!” Li Wanqing smiled gently.


When Gu Qingying and Lao Zheng ran to the clubhouse car park, there was already no sign of Chen Dong.

Only a Rolls Royce was seen from afar driving outside the clubhouse.

Gu Qingying frowned slightly.

Old Zheng, on the other hand, hurriedly called for the security personnel to inquire.

After learning that Chen Dong had left in the Rolls-Royce, he instantly had a complicated look on his face.

In his mind, the words and actions of Lord Meng and Dean Liu kept coming back to him, making his heart beat faster.

Gu Qingying heard the conversation between Old Zheng and the security personnel.

She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called Chen Dong over.

Just after one ring, the call was answered.

“Hey, Chen Dong! You big idiot, why are you walking so fast? Don’t be angry, okay?”

As soon as she got through, Gu Qingying said pitifully.

“I’m not angry.” On the phone, Chen Dong said with a smile.

Not angry?

How could he be?

Gu Qingying explained, “The misunderstanding has been cleared up, Uncle Zheng re-read the painting and made sure that it was real, he was about to apologise to you, don’t go, okay, I’ll apologise on behalf of my parents.”

The situation just now was a big aggravation for anyone.

She was upset for Chen Dong, but she couldn’t change it.

Now that the misunderstanding was cleared up, she didn’t want Chen Dong to have misunderstandings about her parents.

“Alright, silly girl, that situation just now, me not leaving to stay would only put you in a dilemma, I’m really fine, get some rest early.” After Chen Dong finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

The Rolls Royce car.

Long Lao looked at Chen Dong who had hung up the phone and smiled, “Young master is really not angry?”

“Little Shadow came to me righteously when I was at my poorest, she is betting her life on it.”

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled gently, “How could I be angry at her and her parents for such a trivial matter?”

After saying that, he looked abruptly stern, “Even if I’m upset, it’s because of you, a real painting of over twenty million dollars, I was just going to have a meal with Lord Meng, and you’re asking me to give away twenty million dollars out of hand? Is that a loss of conscience?”

Faced with Chen Dong’s sudden outburst, Long Lao looked innocent: “Is twenty million a lot?”

“Not much?” Chen Dong asked rhetorically.

Elder Long shrugged, “Your father would never give out gifts below nine figures, last time he had dinner with a desert oil tycoon from the West, your father even gave him an oil field.”

Chen Dong: “……”