Winner Takes All Chapter 1289-1290

Chapter 1289


The whole room was dead silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded and full of disbelief.

Even those who knew Chen Dong’s identity had the same look on their faces!

Old Master Zhao’s 100th birthday, an important event in the southern border!

This was a feast that brought together all the top families of the southern border, and even more so, all the people of this city!

The fact is that the company’s business is not just about the people, it’s about the people.

The …… Zhao family put up with it and backed down!

Even the words complimented to the extreme.

The actual fact is that you have to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Chen Sheng, that is the greatest honorific for Mr. Chen.

The Chen family has welcomed Chen Sheng into the house despite such a heinous blood feud, how humble must this be?

Is this …… really the Zhao family of the southern border?

For a moment, even the several second generation middle-aged members of the Zhao family were blue in the face.

Today’s invitation was a loss of the Zhao family’s prestige that had been built up in the southern border for many generations!

“Elder Long, congratulations on your birthday!”

Chen Dong spoke coldly, grabbing his bladeless heavy sword with his hand.

Bang Teen!

As the Bladeless Heavy Sword blazed into the air, the ceremonial platform exploded and split into pieces.

The people around him were so frightened that their faces turned white and their features twisted, and they retreated in fear.

However, Chen Dong, as if he was in no man’s land, walked straight into the Zhao family manor with his sword.

“Young master …… not only has the style of the old master, but also has a few shades of the old master Daoist monarch now.”

Long Lao smashed his mouth and sighed with emotion as he quickly followed.

And behind Chen Dong, the upper cla*s gentry of the southern border, all of them were appalled at the attention.

At this moment, under the warm sun.

The figure of Chen Dong, dressed in a suit, was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, soaring at an indescribable speed, causing all those at the helm of the upper echelons of the gentry to feel a sense of horror and insignificance as if they were ants looking at the sky.

By the time Chen Dong and Elder Long entered the Zhao family’s manor.

Only gradually did the deadly silence of the crowd pick up a sound.

“This hidden tolerance of the Zhao family …… Ninja Turtles?”

Among the crowd, the offhand murmur of a middle-aged man rang out.

Although the words were soft, they clearly fell on the ears of the people around them.

Before, no one would have dared to say such insulting words to the Zhao family.

But after witnessing the scene just now, no one felt that the middle-aged man’s murmur was abrupt.

The Zhao family …… had really put up with it to the point of having no bottom line!

The same thing, if it were any of the gentry upper cla*s, it would never be possible to hold back so much.

The same thing is true of the Zhao family, who did it!

Public opinion suddenly rose, and the crowd also talked about it.

“Who the hell is that person? How dare he make Elder Zhao personally order him to hold back to such an extent?”

“The Zhao family, the richest in the southern border, has completely lost its face today!”

“I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy for the old master of the Zhao family to celebrate his 100th birthday today. I told you that the gloom covering the sky this morning was not a good omen, and now it’s really coming true.”


There was a clamor of discussion filling the ears.

Boss Zhao and the other members of the Zhao family had blue and red faces, gritted their teeth, and their gazes were as shadowy as poisonous snakes.

They did not follow in the footsteps of Chen Dong and Elder Long.

To allow the old master to suppress his thunderous rage and respectfully invite Chen Dong to join them was already the last choice the Zhao family had made, forsaking all prestige and face.

They hadn’t been cheap enough to smile at each other at this point!

“Dad, what does it mean?”

Boss Zhao asked his brother beside him in a deep voice.

The middle-aged man had run wildly all the way and was still panting at the moment, but he was panting heavily while laughing fiercely, “Father’s 100th birthday, it would be indecent to make trouble at the doorstep of the house, so back off, invite the king into the jar, and close the door to kill the dog!”


Boss Zhao’s expression suddenly turned hostile as he shouted to the middle-aged man who was still holding Zhao Qian’s corpse, “Old Six, why don’t you come in with us?”

“Big brother, my Qian’er, my Qian’er’s blood feud ……”

“Shut up!”

Boss Zhao looked stern and angrily scolded the middle-aged man to shut up.

As Boss Zhao and the others entered the Zhao family manor, the entrance to the Zhao family manor, which was originally joyous and lively, was plunged into a strange and awkward stalemate.

The Zhao family’s 100th birthday was celebrated by all the upper cla*s in the southern border.

Instead, someone has dyed the Zhao family’s gate red!

Those who had not yet sent their congratulations were frozen in place, unable to stay or go, and could only watch as the Zhao family cleaned up the blood and corpses at the gate.

Amongst the crowd, there were some upper-cla*s gentry who knew Chen Dong’s identity.

At this moment, they did not say a word and quietly withdrew from the crowd to fight their way back to their homes.

“Elder Qian, you and Elder Zhao are close, and you’re turning around and leaving now?”

In the crowd, a low, mosquito-voiced enquiry rang out.

The white haired old man pretended to be in pain and waved his hand and smiled bitterly, “My little old man suddenly became physically ill and went home to see a doctor first, Brother Zhao’s birthday hoedown was celebrated, I was physically ill and did not say goodbye, Old Brother Zhao would not mind.”

Looking at the old man leaving, the inquiring man snickered and murmured, “D*mn old fox, see the wind and make the rudder.”

With a whirl, the snickering man also exited the crowd and quietly left towards the distance.

Inside the Zhao family garden.

The garden was decorated with lights and colours, and the word “birthday” could be seen everywhere.

The 100th birthday has been a great joy since ancient times.

A centenarian is an auspicious event.

The Zhao family’s success in becoming the richest family in the South is also due to the old man, the old master Zhao, who has worked hard to forge the future.

As Chen Dong stepped into the Zhao family with his sword in hand.

There was no more laughter in the manor house, which was full of friends.

Instead, there was total silence.

Dao’s gaze was complicated as he gazed at Chen Dong.

No one had expected that on the day of the Southland’s great joy, there would be a demon at the door.

And Chen Dong, too, was destined to become the focus of everyone’s attention because of the killing at the gate.

Sensing the gazes of the crowd, Chen Dong looked cold and calm, and from beginning to end, his footsteps were unhurried, as if he was walking at leisure.

And with such an aura, it spawned fear in the hearts of the attention-grabbing crowd.


Inside the Zhao family’s living room.

The large parlour was not like the tables outside, but only had three tables.

But the people who could sit at these three tables were definitely among the distinguished guests of the Zhao family’s birthday today, those with high and powerful positions and extremely distinguished status.

And at this moment.

Old Master Zhao and Lord Li were all seated at the main table of the three tables.

Dressed in a festive Tang suit, Old Master Zhao sat with a sullen expression, his folds even trembling, his eyes narrowed to slits, his light bitterly cold.

Inside the parlour, the atmosphere plummeted to a freezing point, and the bones of the man were torn to shreds.

Lord Li also knew that something had happened outside, but because when the middle-aged Zhao family member ran to report just now, he had whispered directly to Old Master Zhao, so he did not know the details.

At this moment, when he felt the chill emanating from Old Master Zhao’s body, he also could not help but feel the knot in his throat well up and his back tingle.

In his opinion, at this moment, Old Master Zhao’s silence was just the calm before the storm.

Once it erupted, it would be a thunderous explosion of rage capable of shaking the entire southern border, a fire that would burn the heavens!

“Elder Zhao, if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll be happy to help.”

Lord Li spat out the words in a cloudy manner, “In the Southern Border, Mister Li can still say something.”

He was a feudal official of the Southern Border, ruling over the Southern Border, and had a lot of power.

In the Southern Border, as long as he was willing to help, there was still nothing that could not be settled.

“In that case, many thanks to Lord Li.”

Old Master Zhao’s brows were slightly relieved as he gave a fist bump to Lord Li.

Creak ……

The door to the room was pushed open.

“Dad, Chen Dong has arrived.”

Boss Zhao was the first to run into the parlour.

“Chen Dong?”

Lord Li, who was originally gladly seated, but his brows knitted, feeling that the name was a little familiar.

Not waiting for him to recall.

A sturdy figure was slowly walking into the meeting room.

In a flash.

That cold and calm face was like a big thunderbolt that blasted into Lord Li’s eyes.

Lord Li’s tiger torso shook, instantly his jaws split, and his expression was terrified to the extreme.

“One, one word side by side …… with the head of Chen?”

There was a poof!

Lord Li’s body shook, no longer having the calmness and composure he had before, and he directly fell to the ground.

After scrambling to get up, Lord Li dryly gave a fist bump to Old Master Zhao: “Old Master Zhao, I’m busy with official duties, I’ve disturbed you, I’ll take my leave!”

Old Master Zhao: “……”

Chapter 1290

In a flash.

Old Master Zhao’s face was black and blue, and the corners of his eyes were throbbing wildly, and he almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

However, Lord Li did not care, and with one word, he turned around and left.

It was as if the scene just now had not happened.

As he approached Chen Dong’s side, Lord Li forced a smile onto his heavy and frightened face and said with an arching fist.

“Li, Li Dezheng, Governor of the Southern Frontier, meet Leader Chen!”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled teasingly, “Your Excellency has met me?”

The Governor of the Southern Border, a real official of the frontier, could not be said to have a heavy authority.

It was only logical that he could come to the birthday banquet of the Zhao family, the richest man in the southern border.

When asked by Chen Dong, Lord Li immediately looked solemn and respectfully said, “The leader of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, the first recipient of the world’s merit, the first merit of the word “Heaven”, and the first word alongside the God of War, Lord Huo, it is indeed a blessing from my ancestors that I can meet the leader of the Chen army in person!”

Ah Yu complimented, unabashedly.

As a person in charge of the southern border and a fiefdom official, to flatter him to such an extent in public was simply mind-boggling.

But at this moment, Lord Li’s expression was not one of embarra*sment.

It was true that he was an official of the frontier, but he knew very well that the southern frontier he was in charge of was very different from the northern frontier where Zhenjiang City was located!

The Southern Border was just the southern border of the region.

The Southern Frontier is just the southern frontier of the domain, while the Northern Frontier is about the entire domain!

Huo Zhenxiao, the God of War of the Northern Region, had held 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders against the lions of the Hundred Tribes of the Northern Region, and such a worldly feat could not be compared to that of his small regional governor!

And Chen Dong was also the equal of Huo Zhenxiao!

The world’s greatest merit is in his possession, and his glory is immense.

In the eyes of ordinary people, he was an unattainable mountain, but compared to Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao, he was as small as an ant!

With his official position, Lord Li naturally knew all about Chen Dong, who had recently shone like a star in the sky.

With his official experience, he knew what to expect at this moment!

Previously, he did not know who the person outside against the Zhao family was, so with his relationship with the Zhao family, he did not mind showing favouritism and protecting the shortcomings for once.

But after seeing Chen Dong, he no longer dared to think of playing favourites.

As a friend of the dead, Lord Li naturally had a very good grasp of the officialdom.

If the Zhao family had messed with Chen Dong, they had not just kicked the iron plate, they had kicked the door into the ghost gate!

If he doesn’t get himself out of the way as soon as possible and pull out, once he’s affected, he’ll be on top of the black hat!

“Lord Li ……”

Old Master Zhao’s face was pig liver coloured, his jealousy splitting as he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s not so bad, is it?”

Lord Li’s sudden change of face had caused the old dowager to fill his chest with depressed anger and almost vomit blood.

Now that Lord Li was flattering Chen Dong in front of him, it was as if he had been slapped in the face!

At the door, Boss Zhao and the others all looked as gloomy as water, secretly gnashing their teeth.

Lord Li’s “two-fifths” reaction made them, who were already prepared to close the door and kill the dog, instantly feel as sick as if they had swallowed a dead fly.

“Not so much?”

Lord Li’s expression sank as he turned around and said with a cold smile, “Old Zhao, listen to my advice, be kind to others, the magnificent Zhao family is the richest in the southern border, don’t lose a thousand years of virtue in one day!”

The words fell.

Lord Li simply clasped his fist and did not stay any longer, “I am busy with official duties, I will first take my leave, so I will not disturb Dragon Head Chen in his work!”

Obviously, he was completely splitting from the Zhao family at this moment.

“Dragon Head Chen, I will first take my leave, since the Dragon Head has come to the southern border, Li will be waiting for the Dragon Head’s presence!”

Chen Dong nodded his head in greeting.

Looking at Lord Li who was sullenly and hurriedly leaving, Boss Zhao’s expression changed and his lips mumbled a few times, wanting to retain.

“Lord Li ……”

The words just came out of Boss Zhao’s mouth, but Lord Li, who was in a sullen hurry to leave, suddenly ran.

A wild run, under the stunned eyes of the crowd, blinked out of sight.

Only the voice of Lord Li could be heard from afar: “I’m busy with my official duties! All of you in the Zhao family, take care of yourselves!”

The echoes lasted for a long time.

Yet in an instant, it froze the atmosphere in the parlour to a frosty point.

Old Master Zhao and all the members of the Zhao family had ugly faces, and their hearts were filled with apprehension and anxiety.

Lord Li of the Southern Border was not the Zhao family’s main a*set!

But now, the moment he saw Chen Dong, he changed his face and left the scene, so it would be a lie if the Zhao family did not panic in their hearts!

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the Zhao family, finally landing on the sullen Old Master Zhao.

He lightly pulled the corner of his mouth, revealing a wicked smile.

He then walked towards the main table with his sword in hand, as if he was walking idly.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Old Master Zhao’s eyes twitched and he was on pins and needles.

“Don’t enter unless you are invited, doesn’t Mr. Chen understand this point of etiquette?”

With a scolding, Boss Zhao was about to step forward to stop Chen Dong at once.


At a slant, a figure leapt in front of Boss Zhao with quick steps, blocking him.

Elder Long smiled blatantly, “Does Mr. Zhao really think that Old Slave and Young Master have come to congratulate you, and are running to present gifts?”

At the end of the sentence, the smile on Elder Long’s face disappeared abruptly, replaced by a coldness that made people’s hair stand on end.

The matter had come to this stage, and Elder Long had no more scruples in his heart.

When Boss Zhao and the others were stopped by Elder Long, they froze in place for a moment, their features twisted.

They, knew exactly why Chen Dong had come!

In order to please Old Madam Chen, they, the Zhao family, had secretly stirred up trouble to grab land and plant flags in the area planned by Yike, which would greatly delay Yike’s full entry into the southwest region.

And Chen Dong had come uninvited, and all of them, who were in the know, knew with their heels that they had come to ask for punishment!

In front of the Zhao family manor, Chen Dong had already made his attitude clear by drawing his sword and killing Zhao Qian!

As Lord Li left, Boss Zhao and the others were already terrified and uneasy in their hearts, perhaps …… closing the door and killing the dog had to turn sour!

Clang and clang ……

Chen Dong walked up to the main table and directly threw the bladeless heavy sword on the mat table.

Spinning, he pulled over a chair and settled down, leaning lazily on it and looking askance at Old Master Zhao.

“The old dowager still has such a refined spirit on his hundredth birthday, he is truly extraordinary.”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly and cupped his fist, “Chen Dong came in haste and did not prepare a birthday gift, so I can only use Wu Feng as a gift to wish Old Master a long life with blessings like the East Sea.”

A hundred years of life?

Boss Zhao and the others’ pupils suddenly tightened.

Old Master Zhao’s eyebrows knitted together, his eyes narrowed into slits as he looked towards Chen Dong with a chilling intent.

“Mr. Chen is good at wishing, but I happen to be a hundred years old today, what is the meaning of Mr. Chen’s words ……?”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders: “There is nothing better than knowing one’s mistakes and being able to correct them, the old master’s 100th birthday, having seen the ups and downs of the world, can’t you even hear this?”

The next second.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and his majestic killing intent exploded out.

A cold voice, like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, suddenly reverberated throughout the entire meeting room.

“Those who know their mistakes, a hundred years old for their birthday, universal celebration, death without repentance, a hundred years old for the end, today for the old master!”