Winner Takes All Chapter 1287-1288

Chapter 1287

The sound shook the whole place.

The appearance of the heavy sword without a blade seemed to press the pause button on the crowd’s clamour.

The whole crowd was silenced.

The sound of Chen Dong’s voice resounding throughout the room caused everyone’s faces to become complicated.

There were those who were shocked, those who were confused, and even those who were contemptuous and disdainful ……

The so-called upper cla*s of the southern border is only relative to the southern border.

The so-called upper cla*s in the southern border is only relative to the southern border, but perhaps when placed in the entire domain, it is as small as smoke.

The Zhao family, for example, is the richest of the rich in the southern border.

But when it comes to the Chen family, which holds all the wealth in the world, it is only a loyal and vicious dog under the command of Old Lady Chen.

Therefore, there were very few people who could tell Chen Dong’s identity and background in an instant, even in this Southern Border gentry feast!

Under the full glare of the crowd.

Chen Dong slowly stepped out of the Rolls-Royce, his suit straight, his expression cold, and even a domineering majesty between his brows that looked out over the entire audience.

His entire aura changed dramatically as he got out of the car and was exposed to the eyes of the crowd!

At the same time.

At the same time, Elder Long also slowly got out of the car, but his face was a little more complicated than Chen Dong’s domineering look of disdain.

With a complicated look, he looked at the bladeless heavy sword stuck on the gate post of the Zhao family.

Long Lao looked at Chen Dong grudgingly and said, “Young master, why don’t you just say that you are here to cut someone down?

Zhao Qian fell limp on the ground, his body tingling, his body like sieve chaff, and his face couldn’t hide his panic.

“Good, that was close!”

Only after a long time did Zhao Qian’s white lips slowly spit out a few words.

When the bladeless heavy sword streaked through the air just now, he even had the feeling of death coming for a moment.

If he hadn’t dodged quickly, the bladeless heavy sword that shot towards the door might have had to reap his head first!

It was only as he returned to his senses that a majestic rage swept over Zhao Qian.

While he was still in a state of panic, Zhao Qian looked angrily at Chen Dong who was getting out of the car.

Where in the world did this dog or cat come from that dared to come to my Zhao family and spill the beans?

“Young Master Qian!”

The Zhao family guards came back to their senses and swarmed over to help Zhao Qian up.

“Waste them for me and throw them out!”

Zhao Qian ordered in a cold voice.

“He… He’s here to congratulate us.” A guard said in surprise.

Zhao Qian’s expression was abruptly hostile: “Are you F**king sending swords to people’s homes to congratulate them on their birthday? This is obviously someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing and wants to cause trouble!”

The guards instantly woke up, and immediately a huge tide of people surged towards Chen Dong and Elder Long.

“Young master, let’s go straight in?”

Looking at the fierce-faced Zhao family guards who were surging in, Long Lao was a little uncertain.

“Let’s not fight for now, I’m wearing a suit, it’s not good to exert myself.”

Chen Dong tugged at his shirt collar and stuck his hands into his pockets, walking tamely towards the Zhao family guards.

Long Lao: “……”

Who the hell called a suit thug again?

Looking at Chen Dong’s back, the corners of Long Lao’s mouth twitched twice, if he hadn’t seen with his own eyes how Chen Dong had dyed himself into a bloody man in his suit, Long Lao would have really believed that!

With a sigh, Elder Long quickly followed Chen Dong.

As he saw the aggressive Zhao family guards, he saw them approaching.

A wicked smile picked up on Chen Dong’s cold face, but his gaze swept past the Zhao Family guards and directly locked onto Zhao Qian.

“You don’t know me?”

A question was asked, but it caused the Zhao Family guards to not immediately make a move.

It also simultaneously caused Zhao Qian to fall into a stunned thoughtful look.

On the contrary, he was only the third generation of the Zhao family, and his authority to know the secret secrets of the Zhao family was too small.

Zhao Qian snickered, “Clown, you dare to come to my door to seek provocation even on the Zhao family’s birthday today, do you know who I am?”

“Good! I, Chen Dong, have come to congratulate you, so if you let me pa*s, I may as well tell you who I am!”

Chen Dong’s aura was majestic, and his gaze lightly swept the Zhao family guards around him.

The terrifying pressure that was like a mountain and a prison invisibly enveloped the Zhao family guards, sending chills down the backs of all of them.

Sensing the change in the Zhao family guards.

The young master’s strength, since he had sensed Qi, was definitely a dragon and a phoenix even on the way to the martial path.

As Chen Dong’s words left his mouth.

Zhao Qian’s expression choked as he hesitated in thought.

Amongst the silent crowd surrounding him, those upper cla*s people who knew of Chen Dong’s identity and background, their teasing smiles were now even thicker.

“You don’t dare?”

Chen Dong raised his hand, rubbed his nose, narrowed his eyes and laughed playfully, “The Zhao family is the richest in the southern border, and it is a great honour for the Zhao family for me to personally congratulate them.

The sarcasm was undisguised.

As soon as the words were spoken, the entire crowd of upper cla*s people who were congratulating the Zhao family were in an uproar.

And Zhao Qian’s body shook, his expression flustered for a moment.

Faced with Chen Dong’s harsh and teasing gaze, and faced with the crowd’s shouts of alarm.

He suddenly felt an indescribable sense of shame.

But reason remained clear, and he frowned tightly, staring at Chen Dong in confusion, “You, who the hell are you?”

He was not a yellow-haired boy, and could still distinguish the situation.

Today was his grandfather’s 100th birthday, a feast for the gentry of the southern border.

For someone to come out of nowhere and arrive at the Chen family so wildly, wild indeed, but one could not say that the other party was brainless!

Even a brainless person would never dare to be as rampant as this man called Chen Dong in front of him in such a scene.

Unless …… has something to fall back on!

“I’ll tell you if you let me go over to write a gift and congratulate you.”

Chen Dong always kept a smile on his face, but the majestic prison like aura emanating from his body was pressing the Zhao family guards around him to look uncomfortable to the extreme.

“Let him come over!”

Zhao Qian gritted his teeth and ordered in a stern voice.

As the Zhao family guards dispersed.

Chen Dong and Elder Long, then, walked in front of Zhao Qian under the attention of all the people.

“Lead the way.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly.

Zhao Qian’s face turned blue as he gritted his teeth and said, “If you pretend to be a man, just based on what happened just now, it would be enough to make you die by a thousand cuts and bones!”

A threat!

A blatant threat!

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and did not deny it.

With all eyes on him.

Zhao Qian led Chen Dong and Elder Long to the main gate of the Zhao Family Manor.

Chen Dong walked unhurriedly to the door post in front of the main gate and raised his hand to pull out his Bladeless Heavy Sword.

Immediately, with one hand in his pocket and dragging the Bladeless Heavy Sword upside down with the other, he walked up to the ceremony writing platform.

From the beginning to the end, Zhao Qian had been holding back his anger and staring at Chen Dong with a deadly stare.

When Chen Dong stood in front of the ceremony platform, he gritted his teeth and squeezed out the words between his teeth, “You, who are you anyway?”

“A jumping clown!”

Chen Dong raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“You F**king ……” Zhao Qian burst out in anger.



A cold light suddenly shot into the long air under the attention of all the people.

There was a poof!

Zhao Qian’s head flew up and blood sprayed out.


Chen Dong brazenly placed the blood-stained bladeless heavy sword on the gift-writing platform and said domineeringly, “Elder Zhao’s hundredth birthday is too bleak, Chen Dong stains the Zhao family with blood!”

Chapter 1288

The bloody scene was like a thunderbolt from the sky that hit the gates of the Zhao family manor.

The whole place was dead silent.

Everyone was in a daze.

It lasted for a full three seconds.

“Ah! Murder!”

With a scream that was like water poured into a boiling pot of oil, the whole room exploded instantly.

“Murder, young master Qian of the Zhao family is dead!”

“Crazy, where did this madman come from? Old Master Zhao’s 100th birthday, killing someone on the spot, this is seeking death!”

“It’s over, it’s over, this son is rampant to the extreme, the Zhao family will definitely shred him to pieces!”


The crowd was surging and the sound of people shook the sky.

In front of the Zhao Family’s main gate.

The smell of blood filled the air.

Zhao Qian’s corpse finally fell into a pool of blood and his head fell to the ground, rolling with a grunt to the feet of a group of Zhao Family guards.

The Zhao family guards looked at Zhao Qian’s fierce and angry head on the ground, but their minds were at a loss as to what to do.

No one had expected that a young man who had appeared from nowhere would barge straight into the Zhao family and kill them with determination.

The magnificent Zhao family was the richest in the southern border.

In the southern border, the Zhao family is the sky!

All the high and mighty look up to them, but today …… someone is going to cut down the sky with a single sword!

In the face of the crowd’s terrified screams.

Chen Dong, however, acted indifferently, his right hand pressed on his bladeless heavy sword and coldly stared at the people who wrote the rituals: “Write!”

The crowd of people who were writing and clamouring for rituals had already been terrified by what they had just seen, and their faces were so white that their livers and guts were split.

Elder Long stood behind Chen Dong, a look of astonishment flashing across his face.

Even he had not expected Chen Dong to be so decisive in his killing.

At the first word, he directly stained the Zhao family with blood!

Such a domineering act was out of sight to the entire audience.

It was even more so that he had set aside the entire upper cla*s gentry of the southern border!

The sound of dense footsteps came from within the Zhao family’s garden.

Elder Long looked up suddenly, his pupils tightening.

There was a huge tide of people rushing out, all of them were Zhao family guards, one could not see their heads.

Each and every one of the Zhao family guards had a murderous intent on their bodies, and they were holding blades with a bitterly cold light.

At the front of the tide were several Zhao family members, their faces full of vicissitudes, now as gloomy as if they were ferocious beasts that would devour people.

Elder Long immediately stood in front of Chen Dong, facing the incoming tide of Zhao family members.


As several Zhao family members stepped out, a middle-aged man with white hair instantly wailed piteously and flung himself in front of Zhao Qian’s corpse, bawling.

The rest of the few Zhao family members were also struck by lightning and their jaws dropped.

They were the second generation of the Zhao family, the mainstay of the Zhao family today.

Today, on the occasion of their father’s birthday, they were all in the manor to receive guests.

When they heard the shouts from outside, they knew something was wrong.

But they didn’t expect to see such a bloody scene when they rushed out with their team!

Rage, raging up.

“Kill him, kill him for me!”

The middle-aged man holding Zhao Qian’s corpse had tears in his old eyes and was as fierce as a ferocious beast: “Kill my Qian’s son, I will cut you into pieces!”

Several of the middle-aged men were also vengeful.

The inordinate number of Zhao family guards instantly pounced towards Chen Dong and Elder Long to kill them.

There was a flash of lightning.

A middle-aged man from the Zhao Family suddenly changed his face drastically.

The tight pupils instantly exploded with a sharp aura.


The middle-aged man’s tongue burst into thunder as he drank all the guards to a halt.

“Big brother, you, what do you mean?”

Several middle-aged men stared at the middle-aged man who shouted in astonishment and surprise.

The middle-aged man, at this moment, looked terrified and panicked as he let out a loud shout.

As if he was talking in a demonic manner, he said, “He’s coming, he’s coming!”


Several middle-aged people were stunned at the same time.

Zhao Qian’s father, holding Zhao Qian’s corpse, wailed miserably, “Brother, Qian’s your nephew!”

The mournful wailing was tragic.

The tide of people present were also in a dumbfounded state at the moment.

The Zhao family’s birthday, killing the Zhao family members on the spot, this was simply a cataclysmic event that tipped the sky.

As the Zhao family crowd surged out of the Zhao family manor in a raging manner, everyone was ready for the bloody scene that was about to take place.

But the Zhao family’s boss’s bellow not only confused the Zhao family, even all the upper cla*s gentry were in a state of fear and confusion.

The Zhao family …… had never held back to such an extent?

It was a big deal to kill someone at their doorstep, to trample on the Zhao family in front of the entire upper cla*s of the southern border!

Only some people in the crowd who knew Chen Dong’s identity and background were acting extremely calm at this moment, even with a teasing smile on the corners of their mouths.

“Elder Long, back off.”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold as he lightly opened his lips and teeth.

“Young Master.”

Elder Long’s eyebrows tightened, his scruples not dissipating in his heart.

With the strength of the Zhao family, dominating the southern border, it was an existence that could only cover the sky with its hands.

The two of them, he and Chen Dong, had come to the door and were originally taking a big risk.

At this moment, Chen Dong had killed a member of the Zhao family in public with a single slash, and this was already a situation that would not end in death.

On the contrary, Chen Dong’s calmness had left Elder Long somewhat at a loss for words.

Chen Dong, dressed in a suit, moved a step across and swept past Elder Long under the gaze of countless gazes.

Immediately, a cold and domineering voice suddenly exploded like thunder.

“What? Is this how the Zhao family greets their master?”


The voice was very soft, but when it fell on the whole crowd, it was like a heavy bomb.

In an instant, the crowd was boisterous and the noise was like a tidal wave.

“What master? Are you kidding? The master of the Zhao family in the southern border?”

“Crazy, simply crazy! I’ve never seen such an arrogant person in my life. He doesn’t even have to take a P*ss to look at himself.

“Where the hell did this evil man come from? If he calls himself the master of the Zhao family, I’m afraid that blood will be spilled on the 100th birthday of the old master of the Zhao family today!”


Public opinion was in uproar, converging in a deafening manner.

But when it fell on the ears of several middle-aged men from the second generation of the Zhao family, it was like a million needles piercing their ears!

With Boss Zhao’s explosive shout, the few middle-aged men, after being frightened, finally saw Chen Dong’s appearance and understood even more the reason for Boss Zhao’s stern shout!

They were the second generation of the Zhao family, the mainstay of the Zhao family today, and the information they knew was in no way comparable to that of the third and fourth generations!

They knew all about the origin of the Zhao family and the Chen family!

But now …… millions of people are watching.

The high and mighty Zhao family has just ridden the tiger!

On one side was the young master of the Chen family, and on the other side was the face of the Zhao family in the southern border.

For a while, the middle-aged men were all in an anxious dilemma, like ants on a hot pot.

Everyone knew that they had to choose the lesser of the two, but the choice before them now was too heavy to bear, no matter how they chose!

“Brother, what should we do?”

A middle-aged man asked in a low voice.

Boss Zhao said in a deep voice, “Go and ask Dad what he wants.”

As the lifeline of the Zhao family was at stake, Boss Zhao did not dare to take the law into his own hands.

Immediately, the middle-aged man who had asked the question turned and ran back to the Zhao family manor.

At the entrance of the Zhao family’s manor, the crowd surged and a wave of voices rolled in.

With the stalemate, the scene immediately fell into an awkward and bizarre state.

Some people, even, had a horrible thought sprouting in their minds.

Luckily, the stalemate only lasted for a minute.

The middle-aged man returned, stumbling on his feet, and as soon as he reached the entrance of the Zhao family manor, he shouted.

“Old Master has ordered that all congratulations from all directions are guests, welcome Chen Sheng to the door of the manor!”

A thunderclap of words instantly brought the noisy crowd to a screeching halt.