Winner Takes All Chapter 1285-1286

Chapter 1285

Chen Dong, who took Zhao Breru away, did not hear Changeless’s murmuring voice.

After following Zhao Breru’s directions and walking out of the formation, Chen Dong drove Zhao Breru directly to the Lijin Hospital.

After a night of resuscitation, Zhao Breru was finally out of danger and was transferred to a general ward.

Early in the morning, Elder Long called to enquire about the situation.

Chen Dong briefly said that he refused to let Elder Long come to replace him to take care of Zhao Breru.

By the time noon rolled around.

Zhao Broke-Ru finally woke up.

“You’ve finally woken up.”

Chen Dong smiled as if he was relieved and joked, “You’re quite a chicken thief, kid!”

Zhao Broke-Ru laughed noncommittally.

Chen Dong stared profoundly at Zhao Baolu and rubbed his nose, “A stab to the heart, but you just avoided all the vital points, if the doctor who resuscitated you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known what kind of medicine you were selling in your gourd.”

Zhao Brou’s smile became even more bitter: “What can I do? I can’t fight, but I’ve been threatened with my life, so I have to give it up.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, rubbed his swollen temples and said no more.

The scene last night had indeed scared him.

However, the words of the resuscitation doctor had enlightened him.

The fact that a man determined to die had stabbed himself in the heart but managed to avoid all the vital points seemed like a coincidence, but on reflection, had such a coincidence really fallen on Zhao Brelu in such an unlikely manner?

Coincidence aside, the chances of it being deliberate are obviously higher!

Forced to death!

This can’t be said that Zhao Breru is despicable, even if Chen Dong put himself in his own shoes, when he encountered the scene last night, he would have chosen this way to protect himself.

Otherwise …… the situation at that time, as a fish on the chopping block, Zhao Ruolu would not have been able to let Changeless slaughter him?

Half the time.

“Brother Dong, am I too despicable?”

Zhao Baolu looked at Chen Dong weakly, breaking the quietness in the ward.

Chen Dong shook his head, “Being meaner might make you live better? It’s not like it’s harming people, it’s just self-preservation.”

After a pause, Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “But I am curious, what kind of formation did you set up? I can’t believe that even an old journeyman like Wu Chang has been able to muddle through, and with such a high level of attainment in formations, how did you end up in such a mess that you can’t even pay your gambling debts?”

“I can’t say.”

Zhao Brocade shook his head with a bitter smile, and then said helplessly, “My formation attainment is high, but my physical strength and fighting skills are not, these days, when a fight is going to start with a brick, who would wait for me to set up a formation and then duel in a proper manner?”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, and then burst out laughing.


Zhao Broke-Ru’s formation attainment was indeed high, and it might be suitable for use on the battlefield, after all, there was time to prepare before the outbreak of war.

On the other hand, Zhao Breru was a marketplace hooligan who would never give you time to prepare for a fight.

He might be crouching on the ground setting up a formation, and the enemy would have already swung a brick at the back of his head.

“What about other skills?” Chen Dong asked.

Zhao Breru shrugged, his pale face full of bitterness: “‘Dragon climbing’ and ‘Bone Draining’ street juggling are fine, but they’re just skills that can be used to sneak up walls and rooms and run away to save my life. ”

Chen Dong looked at Zhao Baolu and fell silent.

And Zhao Breru also did not blink or avoid Chen Dong’s gaze, and stared directly at him.

After a few seconds, Chen Dong shifted his gaze aside and lowered his brows in thought.

Perhaps …… should really trust him?

After all, it was the Thief Saint’s mantle that was pa*sed down, not the Martial Saint’s mantle.

At this very moment.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone rang.

It was from Elder Long.

As soon as he picked up, Long Lao’s gruff voice rang out from the phone.

“Young Master, Yike’s full-scale entry into the southwest territory has been hindered by some obstacles.”

“This has only just begun, who is causing trouble?”

Chen Dong’s brows lowered and his face had a depressed air.

Over the phone, Elder Long slowly spat out a few words.

“The Zhao family, the richest man in the southern border.”


Chen Dong laughed blatantly, “The old immortal has let the dog bite so soon?”

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong admonished Zhao Breaking to take a good rest and then called the doctor and nurse to admonish to take good care of him before getting up and leaving.

Dingtai Real Estate.

When Chen Dong arrived, the company was still running normally as usual, with no abnormalities at all.

As Chen Dong walked into the company, a group of employees all got up.

“Brother Dong!”

“Mr. Chen!”

Chen Dong nodded his head in greeting, and the two greetings were partly from the old employees who had once worked at Dingtai, and a larger part were from the new employees who had entered Dingtai.

When Din Tai was on the verge of bankruptcy, he was the one who turned the tide against the wind to make Din Tai go all the way.

The staff who had stayed with Din Tai had already developed deep feelings and were now the company’s seniors.

Whether he was the general manager of Dingtai in the past or later took the helm completely, his feelings for these old employees are in no way comparable to those of the new employees.

Walking into the office.

Long Lao and Xiao Ma were looking anxiously at the thick information on the desk.

Compared to Long Lao’s calmness and composure, Xiao Ma was so anxious that he was already scratching his ears.

“Brother Dong, this matter is too tricky.”

Seeing Chen Dong, Xiao Ma hurriedly greeted him.

Chen Dong nodded, Long Lao had already reported to him, it would be strange if it wasn’t tricky.

After taking his seat, Elder Long pushed the information in front of Chen Dong: “The Zhao family in the southern border has sent us a big gift.”

Chen Dong picked up the information and flipped through it, gradually his brow formed a “Chuan” frown.

After reading only half of it, Chen Dong was not interested in reading any further.

Snapping the information on the table and leaning back in his chair, Chen Dong snorted, “Does the Zhao family in the southern border want to compete with us in terms of financial power?”

“Financial power is definitely no match, and this is something that a group of old foxes from the Southland Zhao Family must be well aware of.”

The old man knew it in his heart and clasped his hands to his chest as he analyzed, “They are doing this because they want to take advantage of the opportunity to disgust us and delay Yike’s full presence in the southwest region. This is the time for this dog of the Zhao family to show his loyalty, the southwest and the southern border are not far apart.”

“On my father’s birthday, the Zhao family went out of their way to help Chen Tiansheng with half of their fortune, and now that my Yike is going into the southwest, he is even more willing to interfere with it, this is really a good dog for Old Lady Chen!”

Chen Dong was smiling, but his eyes narrowed, and a blatantly piercing coldness was released, causing the temperature in the office to plummet a notch.

“Some things can be one but not the other, a mad dog bites, then kill it!”

Long Lao looked solemn: “Young Master, behind them is Old Madam Chen, would it be possible to knock them directly?”

Chen Dong’s cold and stern gaze looked askance at Elder Long: “When they bloodied the Zheng family’s 108 members and killed the ten billion Zheng family’s only remaining member, Jun Lin, did they ever greet me?”

Every word, like a knife and a sword, pierced straight to the heart ……

Chapter 1286

The car sped down the road.

Inside the car, silence could listen to a needle.

From time to time, Elder Long raised his eyes to look at Chen Dong in the back row through the rear-view mirror.

From the time he left Din Tai for the southern border, Chen Dong had been silent all the way, his face as cold as frost.

The biting and piercing coldness made the atmosphere inside the car so heavy that it was suffocating.

“Young master, in another half an hour we will arrive at the Zhao family in the southern border.”

Long Lao’s lips mumbled to break the dead silence in the car, “But with just the young master and the old slave heading to the Zhao family, I’m afraid this matter will not be easy to resolve, should we inform the local Chen family office?”

The Zhao family was the richest in the southern border, the leader of the region, but when facing the Chen family, it was a humble pug, but in the region, it was the richest in the region, no less than the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Xishu in the past.

Such an existence is not to be feared!

“What are you afraid of?”

Chen Dong’s downcast eyes slowly lifted, a bitter chill, even through the rear-view mirror, caused Elder Long’s throat to tighten.

Long Lao hesitated and said, “Young master, my old slave is worried about a change, as the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground, not to mention that the Zhao family is not just a snake on the ground, but a strong dragon lying on the southern border.”


Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled disdainfully, “The Li family in Kyoto, the Qin family in Xishu …… are they still around today?”

Elder Long’s expression choked.

“Elder Long, although I, the Victorious One, have been expelled from the Chen Family by the old undead them due to my father’s disappearance, and seemingly lost my power, but my roots are still there, not so much as to lose my guts!”

Chen Dong rubbed his face and smiled playfully, “This trip is a dog fight, even if the Zhao family in the southern border is strong, he is still just a dog under the Chen family, I am the young master of the Chen family, how dare the dog devour its master?”

Long Lao had a complicated look on his face, that was true, but now that the Chen Family’s Old Lady Chen was in charge, the Zhao Family was a vicious dog in Old Lady Chen’s hands!

The Chen family was already in turmoil, and the whole world was in turmoil because of the Chen family’s turmoil.

The situation has long since changed from the days when the Li family of Kyoto and the Qin family of Western Shu were crushed.

In such a situation, for two people to barge into the Zhao family in the southern border was, in Elder Long’s opinion, an impulsive move.

The Zhao family of South China had intervened and acquired land on top of the land planned by Yike, which would definitely delay Yike’s plan to enter the southwest region.

And Long Lao knew better than that, the full-scale move of Yike into the region was originally Chen Dong’s black-hearted move to suck the blood of the entire domain to strengthen himself.

The momentum has risen, if you can’t grow your own body as soon as possible, you may be swallowed up in the tide!

Time …… really can’t afford to delay!

“Phew ……”

Long Lao exhaled a foul breath, his gaze gazing intently at the cluster of cities ahead.

There …… was the Zhao family!

It was just today, obviously just after the New Year, before spring had started, the sky over the city was shrouded in gloom, layers and layers of dark clouds seemed as if they were going to press down directly into the city.

“Today’s trip is also the moment for the young master to completely sit on the table and arm wrestle with Old Madam Chen, and I wonder if Old Madam Chen will die to protect this loyal and vicious dog of the Zhao family!”

This was the thought in Elder Long’s mind.


A gloomy haze enveloped the city, making the air a little depressing.

But early in the morning, the whole city was in a festive, cheerful atmosphere.

There was no other reason …… Zhao family’s big birthday!

The Zhao family is the richest in the southern border, and in this corner of the city, it is an existence that can only cover the sky.

The richest man’s birthday is celebrated by all!

The Zhao family manor.

The Zhao family’s estate was decorated with lights and colours, and there was a great deal of joy.

At the main entrance, cars and people were swarming around.

The car park was already filled with luxury cars, and further away, there was a vast and endless caravan lined up slowly.

A birthday banquet had attracted the entire upper cla*s of the southern border, and even the upper cla*s outside the southern border, to flock to pay their respects.

To the upper cla*s of the southern border, this was a rare opportunity to get close to the Zhao family.

What’s more, those who were invited to the birthday banquet were already titanic figures from all over the southern border.

The opportunities hidden in such a high quality social banquet are like a carp in the river!

Today, the Zhao family is bound to be the most dazzling existence in the entire Southern Border!

“The Wang Family of South Yue City has come to pay their respects, one Tang Sancai!”

“The Southwest Zhang Family has come to pay their respects, a pair of thousand-year-old mountain ginseng!”

“Lord Li of the Southern Border, coming to pay his respects!”


At the main entrance, the clamour of salutes rose and fell.

And not far away, a column of salutes was placed, and with the noise of the salutes, it rang out in the long sky again and again.

The sound was enormous.

With the arrival of the “Lord Li”, the whole room suddenly erupted in shouts of surprise.

“Lord Li, I didn’t expect that Lord Li of the Southern Border would be there in person to pay his respects!”

“My goodness! Lord Li has always been fair and incorruptible, and he loves feathers very much.

“Lord Li is in charge of the entire southern border and has a lot of power, and for him to come and pay his respects in person is simply too much for the Zhao family!”

There was an uproar of excitement.

An unobtrusive black Pa*sat slowly pulled up at the entrance of the Zhao family manor.

Without waiting for the car door to open.

An old man wearing a festive Tang suit, with white hair and a dragon’s head crutch, was surrounded by people, and quickly greeted him.

This old man was the birthday boy of the Zhao family!

The Zhao family head, Zhao Tiantai!

Quickly greeting him in front of the car, Zhao Tiantai, with a red face and a smile piled on his face, personally stepped forward and opened the door of the Pa*sat.

“Lord Li has come to congratulate my son on his birthday, it really makes the Zhao family look great!”

A complimentary laugh then emanated from Zhao Tiantai’s mouth.

“Where, where, where, old Zhao is auspicious, a hundredth birthday, I came to congratulate myself.”

A flowery old man dressed in a Zhongshan suit, full of smiles, stepped out of the car.

The two of them were holding hands and exchanging pleasantries as they walked towards the Zhao family garden.

All around them, gazes were watching this scene, and all of them revealed a shocked and grave look.

How could the Zhao family be so close to Lord Li?

They were not even avoiding suspicion in public?

Witnessing the scene just now, in the hearts of the crowd, the Zhao family’s weight in the southern border had grown a few points heavier!

“Zhao Qian, you’re in charge of welcoming the guests, I’ll go and arrange for Lord Li and the old man.”

A middle-aged man over half a hundred years old was full of smug smiles as he quickly led the crowd into the courtyard.

The one called Zhao Qian, however, was a young man in a suit and in his thirties.

He was the third generation of the Zhao family!

Today, his grandfather’s 100th birthday shook the southern border.

With the status of grandfather and his father’s generation, it was naturally inconvenient to show up to receive guests.

The fourth generation of the Zhao family, on the other hand, was too young and junior to receive the guests, so the job naturally fell to him, the third generation.

While Zhao Qian was standing at the entrance with a smile on his face, a Rolls-Royce car was on the road in the distance.

On the distant road, a Rolls-Royce was speeding past the long queue of cars and, in a domineering manner, rushed directly to the Zhao family manor gate.


The Rolls-Royce drifted once and stopped abruptly, sending up a huge cloud of smoke and dust.

This scene caused everyone in the audience to wrinkle their eyebrows in anger.

But when everyone saw that it was a Rolls-Royce, they were able to suppress their anger.

There were many upper-cla*s people in the southern border, but no one was stupid, and those who could use a Rolls-Royce Phantom as their car were not ordinary.

“Hmm? Which distinguished guest is this again?”

Zhao Qian gave a startled eek, then straightened his clothes and was ready to go forward to greet him.

At the same time.

The rear door of the Rolls Royce slowly opened.


The wild wind stirred the long air and roared.

Under the public’s attention, a thick sword as wide as a door panel lifted the wind and flew out of the Rolls-Royce, slicing through the air in a brutal manner.

Zhao Qian, who was about to step forward to greet him, turned pale and shrieked.

His eyes were wide open as he saw the heavy sword coming straight at him, and he sat down on the ground in fear.


The heavy sword plunged directly into the vermillion door pillar of the Zhao family manor.

A whirlwind.

A cold and open voice, like a heaven-shaking thunder, exploded in the silent crowd.

“Southwest Chen Dong arrives to congratulate, congratulation gift …… Heavy Sword Without Blade!”