Winner Takes All Chapter 1275-1276

Chapter 1275

The night is like ink.

The cold wind is blowing.

The New Year is approaching and the Chen family garden is decorated with lights and colours.

But it is clear to everyone.

Underneath this red-hot New Year smell, there are dark currents.

Late at night.

In Chen Daocheng’s small courtyard, there is laughter.

In the dining hall, the lights are green and the gla*ses are exchanged.

After leaving the council chambers, Chen Daocheng took his men of power back to his home to drink and rejoice.

Chen Daolin had disappeared and the Chen family had changed.

All the major factions were fighting with each other and grabbing benefits, and their faction was full of oil.

In just ten days, they had divided up nearly 30% of the Chen family’s a*sets.

Such a proportion was already the highest in the Chen family.

This was also the reason why Chen Daocheng had the courage to sneer in the face of Old Madam Chen and leave the meeting in anger.

“This time it’s still Brother Dao Cheng who is great, he has made a great deal of profit for us, Brother Dao Cheng, I’ll drink to you!”

A man in power, his face red with drunkenness, got up and raised his gla*s to Chen Daocheng.

Chen Daocheng was piled up on a chair, with the beautiful woman in his arms, but he was full of wine and his drunken eyes were misty.

He smiled and raised his gla*s: “All are our own brothers, if there is a piece of meat for me Chen Daocheng, there is a piece of meat for everyone, there is money for everyone to share, hahaha ……”

The two men clinked their gla*ses and drank the wine from them in one go.

The laughter echoed in the restaurant and the atmosphere was warm.

Suddenly, there was a sudden change.


The sound of breaking wind exploded.

A cold dart, bursting with cold intent, tore through the air and entered the restaurant.


Chen Daocheng instantly spotted the flying dart that came in for a lifeline because he was facing the restaurant door.

In a panic, he let out a scream and pushed the beautiful woman in his arms forward with one hand.


The dart instantly penetrated the woman’s heart and blood splattered.

The beautiful woman did not even have the time to scream, and her eyes were filled with fear, and her life was quickly dispersed.

A sudden and dramatic change.

The laughter in the dining room fell into a dead silence.

Everyone was confused, their drunkenness gone.

Some even dropped their gla*ses to the floor as their hands slipped.

No one was expecting this sudden killing spree!

A trail of frightened eyes gazed at the beautiful woman with darts sticking out of her heart, as if frozen in place.

Chen Daocheng slowly pulled the beautiful woman back into his arms and raised his hand to slowly slide over the beautiful woman’s eyes, allowing them to close.

At the same time Chen Daocheng was completely drunk and murmured sadly, “Wife, you died for me, your death was not unjust.”

It seemed sad, but when the words were uttered, they were as cold and unfeeling as they could be.

And the crowd, frozen and fixed, had now come back to their senses.

“Killers, there are killers, quick!”

“Guards, guards!”

“D*mn it, just D*mn it! My magnificent Chen family, why is there this sudden appearance of killers?”


There was a lot of noise and confusion.

But without exception, no one rushed out of the restaurant, and the biggest response was simply that someone went up and closed the restaurant door.

And Chen Daocheng, from the beginning to the end, I hugged the beautiful woman, looking sad, but his eyes were raging with coldness.


Outside the small courtyard, the shadows of people were thick with footsteps.

The Chen family guards were gathering quickly.

But in the shadows beneath the small courtyard, a figure hid within, like a ghost, silently moving forward into the distant darkness.

A low murmur of regret echoed through the darkness.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity …… that I haven’t exercised it for years, I’ve regressed a bit ……”

The guards who rushed in did not spot the figure.

As the guards arrived, Chen Daocheng and the others also reacted quickly, strictly ordering the guards to guard the mansion and thoroughly investigate the surrounding area.

But the final result left Chen Daocheng and the others at a loss.

There was no trace of the a*sa*sin anywhere.

Even all the surveillance equipment around the mansion had been destroyed in advance, and there were no clues.

Inside the restaurant.

Chen Daocheng and the others were gathered together, each no longer drunk, their faces stony and blue.

As for the body of the beautiful woman, it was lying on the ground.

Chen Daocheng did not even look at it, but pulled the corners of his mouth: ”Good …… really good …… no trace, even all the surveillance equipment was all destroyed, tsk… . to be familiar with all the locations of the surveillance equipment within the Chen family, if it wasn’t an inside job, who else was it?”

At these words.

The crowd looked at Chen Daocheng one after another.

All of them were those in power in the Chen Family, all of them were the best of the best.

When the guards reported the search results up, the first reaction in everyone’s mind was what Chen Daocheng was saying at this moment.

But …… no one dared to say anything.

It was just that Chen Daocheng himself had said it, and they, the clusters, no longer had scruples.

“Brother Dao Cheng, what do you mean ……”

A person in power asked in a low voice, but the words did not finish.

“Who else could it be but the old immortal?”

Chen Daocheng’s eyebrows flushed with hostility: “I struck her face in public at the Council Hall, making her, the acting family head, lose face, she immediately made a counterattack, it is only reasonable, but the most poisonous woman’s heart has always been the most poisonous, but I never thought that the most poisonous thing in the world is the old woman’s heart, vengeful and fighting for her life!”

As he spoke, Chen Daocheng took a regretful glance at the body of the beautiful woman on the ground.

“It’s a pity about my wife, now I have to change my wife again, sigh ……”

The crowd’s faces were sunken, their eyes all turned angry and chills surged.

To them, the death of the beautiful woman was unimportant, it was Old Lady Chen’s counterattack that they really cared about.

“But the old lady is old and weak, how could she possibly fight back to such an extent?”

One of the people in power queried.

“She is the one in power, with power and wealth in her hands, would she have no murderous dogs in her hands?”

Chen Daocheng narrowed his eyes, his face full of frost, like a fierce beast that chooses people to devour, slowly spitting out cold and harsh words, “Since we have to meet with swords, let’s make the Chen family see some blood completely and thoroughly, if the old woman wants to fight, then I, Chen Daocheng, will stand up to the open and fight her properly, not her death …… ”

After a pause, Chen Daocheng rubbed a handful of face and smiled fiercely, “Or she dies!”

At these words.

The crowd’s expressions also became stern.

When faced with profit and life, no one present would have the slightest thought of hesitation.

Killing and decisive is the way to go!

When Chen Daolin was in the Chen family, sitting as the head of the family, he was still able to suppress the Chen family and make all factions fearful.

After all, Chen Daolin is a genuine Chen family bloodline, and even more iron-fisted and decisive, no matter which way it is, it is enough to make everyone dare not make a move.

But …… what is Old Lady Chen?

A foreigner, by living a long life, became the last elder of the Chen family and lived as a “good luck charm”.

The fact that the husband of the old lady, the elder of the Chen family, was a marginal figure in the Chen family, which made the people have no respect for the old lady in their hearts.

It was because of her interests that she was pushed into the position of acting family head by the crowd.

Such an existence was not really enough to make Chen Daocheng and the others have the slightest scruple in their hearts!

Chapter 1276

The atmosphere was stern.

The moment Chen Daocheng’s mind was made up, the Chen family was already destined to fall apart.

The people in power were already calculating how to take the next step.

Chen Daocheng’s face was shadowy, his lips mumbling as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“Since we are going to fight, then we might as well add another chip to the Hidden Kill Organization, immediately contact the Darknet Hidden Kill Organization and synchronize the release of a ten billion reward mission, target: Old Lady Chen, Old Lady Gu, Patriarch Iga.”

The moment the words were spoken.

Everyone’s hearts and minds shook at the same time.

The Darknet Hidden Killers already had a ten billion dollar bounty on the three of them, and if the bounty was released simultaneously, it would mean that the bounty for this a*sa*sination mission would directly soar to twenty billion dollars!

This was a great move!

With the status of Old Lady Chen and the three of them, they are indeed able to deter the curmudgeons, and a bounty of twenty billion would not be able to match the three of them.

But …… there is never a shortage of poor people under the sky.

There will be reckless people under heavy rewards!

The person who a*sa*sinated Old Mrs. Chen tonight is the best example!

Twenty billion was nothing to the Chen and Gu families.

But how many Chen and Gu families are there in the world?

“Good, good, this is a good move by Brother Dao Cheng, it can put the old undead in danger and at the same time allow us to pull out without getting involved in karma, it is really a high move.”

One of the rulers echoed the praise.

After a pause, Chen Daocheng added, “Besides, let’s go and move the various forces under our command, after so many years of raising dogs, it’s time for them to move.”

The Chen family held all the wealth in the world and overlooked all the powerful families.

The Chen family’s power is not just the power of the Chen family.

The Chen family was intricately intertwined, converging into one force, while outside the Chen family, the people in power had their own subordinates.

Chen Daocheng’s eyes narrowed into slits as chills surged.

“Fodder our troops, since the old immortal is uninterested, then let’s invite her to dismount and properly clear a ruler’s side!”


The Gu Family.

Outside the Old Lady Gu’s residence, the atmosphere was stern and the air was frozen.

Under the lamplight, there was a bitterly cold light and killing intent.

A dozen members of the Gu family, dressed in single clothes, stood in the wind and snow, their faces cold and stern as they gazed at the seven corpses in the pool of blood on the ground.

Old Madam Gu, supported by Gu Dragonfly, stood at the entrance to the hall.

The killing just now had made Old Madam Gu’s face hard to see.

Although it was not fatal, although the killers appeared and were quickly decapitated by the Gu family.

But …… this was a disgrace!

A great shame!

The hall of the ancient martial arts clan, with martial arts as the family, tonight was actually teamed up by the killers to board the door, this spread out, simply ridiculous!

This is the same as playing with a big sword in front of the gate of Guan Gong!

“Have you investigated the matter thoroughly?”

Old Madam Gu asked, squeezing a scolding question out of her teeth.

Among the Gu family members standing side by side, a middle-aged man with graying temples stepped out from the crowd, looking as if he had eaten a dead fly, clasping his fist to report.

“It originated from a ten billion dollar bounty mission from the Darknet Hidden Killers!”


Old Madam Gu’s body was filled with a powerful wind, and her terrifying strength froze, pushing the ancient dragonfly who was supporting her to stagger backwards.

Even all the Gu family members present were struck by lightning, their jaws dropped and they were frozen on the spot.

Who had the guts to go to the Darknet Hidden Killers and post a bounty?

After the shock, indescribable anger filled everyone’s heart.

The Gu Family was a martial arts family, and there were very few killers in the world that they could fear.

But now that it had been blatantly posted on a bounty a*sa*sination mission for the Darknet Hidden Killers Organisation, it simply made them feel like they had eaten dead flies and dead bedbugs, disgusting to the extreme!

Not to mention the fact that the Gu family has been secluded since its downfall back then, and the place where the family is located is even more secretive compared to the Chen family.

Even when the Chen family was fighting with the Gu family, the Chen family had never used such disgusting and nasty tactics!

“Contact the Darknet Hidden Killers immediately, and make sure the bounty is withdrawn, and get Gu Cang Yue out of the gate.

Old Madam Gu ordered in a deep voice, her face as gloomy as black charcoal.

At these words.

All the people in the room looked shocked.

“Grandma, do you really want Father to come out of seclusion?”

Ancient Dragonfly’s face was full of consternation, “My father has already reached the threshold of his seclusion, so if he leaves now, I’m afraid he will lose everything!”

With these words, all the people showed their approval.

In the Gu Family, the name of Gu Cangyue was a taboo!

The fundamental reason why Gu Dragonfly was able to surpa*s the status of the previous generation in the Gu Family, and was doted upon by Old Madam Gu, was because of …… Gu Cangyue!

It was because of the existence of Gu Cang Yue that the Gu family was able to continue.

It was also after that incident back then that Gu Cang Yue carried everyone from the Gu family and ran to this place to re-establish the Gu family.

Gu Cang Yue …… is compared to a god in the hearts of all Gu family members, carrying the entire Gu family with one shoulder.

It was also after the continuation of the Gu Family back then that Gu Cang Yue went straight into a secret chamber of seclusion until now!

However, the ancient old lady is highly respected, some words ancient dragonfly can say, they, the ancient dragonfly elders, but can not say.


Old Madam Gu, however, gave Gu Dragonfly a sidelong glance, “Don’t forget, that God of Kill from the Chen Family has dominated the number one spot on the Hidden Kill Organization’s Death Ranking for over twenty years!”

Gu Dragonfly’s pupils tightened and her throat tightened, but she could not speak.

The rest of the Gu family, too, had their eyes light up as they came to a clear understanding.

Old Mrs. Gu said in a serious tone, “The only person in my Gu family who can resist that madman Chen Daojun is your father, Gu Cangyue. If he doesn’t come out at this moment, in case that madman Chen Daojun descends on the Gu family, will we have the power to resist?”

Gu Dragonfly froze in place, speechless.

She wanted to tell her father to continue his seclusion and break through the bottleneck, but what his grandmother said made it impossible for him to refute.

The reason was simple: her father, Gu Cangyue, was ranked third on the Death List ……!

Seeing that no one said much, Old Lady Gu then waved her hand with a gloomy expression and gestured for everyone to leave.

The only one who remained by Old Madam Gu’s side was Ancient Dragonfly.

The old man and the young woman were silent, the old lady dealing with her affairs and the dragonfly accompanying her.

However, this silence was soon broken by the intrusion of a middle-aged member of the Gu family.

“Old Taijun, the Darknet side refuses to withdraw the mission, and ……”

Speaking of this, the middle-aged man’s face turned red to the colour of pig liver as he gritted his teeth, “And I don’t know which son of a B*tch has added another ten billion bounty to this reward mission!”


Old Madam Gu’s body trembled, the pen in her hand exploded with a sound, and her right hand pressed down on the table brazenly, the veins on the back of her hand protruding.

In the silence, the Ancient Dragonfly and the middle-aged members of the Ancient Family could even hear the sound of Old Madam Gu gritting her teeth and snapping.

Mrs. Gu’s face was blue, her whole body was in a state of thunderous anger but she was forcing herself to restrain it.

For a long time.

Only then did the “crunching” sound between her teeth disappear abruptly, and she cursed, “D*mn it, my Gu family has always been good to people, why is there another ten billion reward?”