Winner Takes All Chapter 1273-1274

Chapter 1273

Under the lights.

As she murmured, Old Lady Chen’s face was shaded to the extreme.

One pair of eyes, however, shone with a light that seemed like a poisonous snake.

She slowly raised her head, folded her hands and looked at the Buddha statue with devotion.

“Blessed by Lord Buddha, the old body has been saluting Buddha all my life, holding back for a century, suffering and concealing, finally seeking a blossom, Namo Amitabha Buddha.”

Whirling, she slowly bent down and kowtowed.

“I am afraid that the Chen family would never have dreamed that back then, all that would have been planned by me abandoning a woman’s chastity.”

This was what was going through her mind.

However, it was destined to be a secret in Old Lady Chen’s heart that she could not tell until her death.

Telling Chen Daoping was also because there was no more to hide!

She knew very well that if she was elected acting head of the Chen family by all the major factions, she would inevitably be noticed by all the major powers and would no longer be able to stay in the Chen family as an “auspicious” person, as she had been at the beginning.

If Chen Daoping was not allowed to dispose of the corpse and take the blame for her, she had no doubt that as soon as the corpse left the courtyard, the Chen family would immediately learn that she was a strong martial artist.

At that time, she was destined to be isolated and to meet a thunderstorm of crusades from all the major factions.

The old lady had seen all the battles between the powerful families in her life, and she was already well versed in them.

A woman with a foreign surname who could sit at the head of the family was already a blessing from heaven.

She was only qualified to come up when all parties were competing for benefits.

But once too much was revealed, and the various forces within the Chen family sensed the crisis.

Then it would be time for the guns to unite and pick her off!


Chen Daoping returned in a hurry, accompanied by a group of people in power in the Chen family, as well as a large group of guards.

The attack on the old lady was a major event that had rocked the Chen family.

As soon as Chen Daoping spoke, the Chen family came in droves.

However, Chen Daoping took all the blame for the killing of the killer onto himself, which pleased the old lady and she gladly accepted the rea*surance of the Chen family.

The guards also quickly disposed of the killer’s body and cleaned up the Buddha Hall.

The Chen Family Council Hall.

The atmosphere was gloomy and solemn.

Old Madam Chen and a host of other people in power, including Chen Daoye and Chen Daocheng, were all present.

The a*sa*sination was not only a matter of Old Lady Chen’s life, but also a severe blow to the Chen family’s face.

“Everyone, this matter must be taken seriously, my magnificent Chen family has never had an a*sa*sin step over the threshold?”

Chen Daoping’s face was sullen and angry: “If I hadn’t arrived tonight, my mother might have been ……”

The words were not finished, but the meaning was clear.

“Yes, yes, the old lady is now the acting head of our Chen family, so she can’t make a half-a*sed mistake, otherwise the Chen family, which has just settled down, will be in an unstable situation again.”

Chen Daocheng, all fat and piled up on his chair, smiled a little oddly, “That killer also doesn’t know how to live or die.”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face steeply clouded to the extreme.


Chen Dao Ping slammed his palm on the table with a sudden slap, “Dao Cheng, how much do you mean by those gloomy words?”

“No, it means nothing, aren’t we discussing the a*sa*sination of the killer together?”

Chen Daocheng smiled and waved his hand, then swept his gaze across the room and changed the subject, “Gentlemen, tell us all about it, right?”

“My magnificent Chen family is high up in the clouds, overlooking the world’s most powerful families, and rarely does a killer come to our door.

“The Chen family must not lose face, today’s incident must be suppressed! But I’m curious, even Dao Ping can solve the killer, how bold is this guy?”

“A cat or a dog, a clown! Dao Ping’s strength is only middle of the road among those of us, a little a*sa*sin of this strength has the audacity to come to the door and a*sa*sinate, how tempting is this?”


A group of people wantonly discusses and deliberates.

Chen Daoping’s face was red, pretending to be calm but still unable to hide his embarra*sment.

His strength, among his peers in the Chen family, was really not outstanding.

His martial arts talent was just mediocre, but it was just a strength built up over time.

When the crowd was talking about the killer, it was a bit embarra*sing for him to have his strength involved.

Old Lady Chen, on the other hand, simply closed her eyes and rested her mind.

She was not afraid of the killer.

With her strength, only an a*sa*sin who had perceived “Qi” could really threaten her.

As far as she was concerned, Chen Dao Ping had already taken the blame for the a*sa*sination, so she was already out of the picture.

Chen Daoye and the others, who were under Chen Daoling’s command, were all silent at the moment and did not participate in the discussion.

However, several people in their calm state, glancing at Old Lady Chen from time to time, were a little lost in their eyes.

If Old Lady Chen had really been successfully a*sa*sinated, their faction, too, would have had the possibility of continuing the fight, in favor of …… unfortunately!

There were noisy and noisy arguments.

It did not come to an abrupt end until another person in power stepped into the council hall.

“The intelligence has come out.”

The middle-aged man’s face was gloomy to the extreme, his brow furrowed as he slowly pushed a report onto the council table.

One word came out.

The whole room fell silent.

Old Madam Chen slowly opened her eyes and looked at the information on the table.

Chen Daoping was about to reach out for it.

But Chen Daocheng took the lead and picked up the information.

This action made Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping frown at the same time.

After Chen Daocheng took a glance at the information, his expression also suddenly became grave, and his fat face could not help but tremble.

This scene.

When it fell into the eyes of the crowd, it could not help but make everyone curious.

“Dao Cheng, where exactly did the killer come from in the intelligence?”

A man in power urged.

With the power of the Chen family’s intelligence agency, they were still able to determine exactly where the killers came from in a short time.


Chen Daocheng did not speak straightforwardly, but looked strangely at Old Lady Chen and asked with a strange smile, “Old Lady, have you ploughed up anyone’s ancestral grave?”

The words were sarcastic and unconcealed.

“Chen Daocheng, show some respect!”

Chen Daoping burst out in anger and rebuked angrily.

Even Old Lady Chen looked furious and narrowed her eyes, “Dao Cheng, do you still have me as an elder in your eyes, do you have me as acting family head?”

“Yes there is, but I’m just curious!”

Chen Daocheng deflated his mouth and immediately put the intelligence information on the table and pushed it in front of Old Madam Chen, then leaned back in his chair and said loudly, “Old Madam, if you didn’t dig up anyone’s ancestral grave, how did you get listed on the Darknet’s Hidden Kill Group? And there’s a ten billion dollar bounty on your head?”


The sound was like a big thunder that exploded in the council hall.

In an instant, the crowd was shocked.

There were even sounds of people sucking in cold air.

Old Mrs Chen’s body trembled, her face full of anger as she squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, “Who the hell …… did this?”

“Impossible, how could this happen?”

Chen Daoping looked flustered as he grabbed the intelligence information, once he saw the intelligence results, his entire body was instantly dumbfounded, “Mom, you, you’ve really been hung up!”

“Not only have you been pegged up, old lady, but also the old lady of the Gu family, and also the Iga Patriarch!”

The corners of Chen Daocheng’s mouth curled up and he snorted, “You three are more than ten billion dollars, the people who put you up on the hidden kill bounty are really looking down on the three of you, this is clearly an insult to you, but ten billion is indeed enough to attract the curmudgeons to make a scene!”

Chapter 1274

Words of sarcasm.

They echoed throughout the room.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was pig liver colored, clenching her cheeks, and the way she looked at Chen Daocheng was as if she wanted to eat people.

“Chen Daocheng, you dare to insult my mother, you don’t put my mother in your eyes, how can you respect your elders, you simply disregard the Chen family’s iron law!”

Chen Daoping blasted out in a stern voice.


Chen Daocheng shot up, his fat face trembling, and said sternly, “Chen Daoping, what do I care about the Chen family’s iron law, do you really think you can use a chicken feather as an arrow?”

“You ……”

Chen Daoping’s colour changed to blue and red, and he was momentarily speechless.

“This matter, of course the Chen family will manage, but with this attitude of yours, Chen Daoping, I’m sorry!”

Before the words left his mouth, Chen Daocheng brazenly left his seat and left directly without stopping.

In an instant.

All the people were in shock.

They looked at Chen Daocheng, who left without looking back, in disbelief.

The Chen family had complex factions, and all the major factions were in turmoil with each other.

When Chen Daoling disappeared, it was Chen Daocheng and the others who single-handedly pushed Old Lady Chen into the position of acting family head.

During the day, although the major powers fought for each other’s interests, they were also submissive and deliberately concealed from Old Lady Chen.

However, in the end, Old Lady Chen is now the acting head of the Chen family, so the face that should be given will still be given.

The Hall of Council is the place where the Chen family’s major events are discussed.

But Chen Daocheng left with a few words, which was like tearing up the last face of the family!

As Chen Daocheng left, the rulers of his faction also got up and left the Hall of Council.

The atmosphere in the Hall of Council was instantly awkward to the extreme.

There was silence.

The people in power looked at each other with some difficulty in making a decision.

The faction to which Old Lady Chen and Chen Dao Ping belonged, the rulers, however, looked extremely uncomfortable.

They were dependent on Old Lady Chen, and their own interests were also dependent on her.

But now, in this scene, Chen Daocheng had not only slapped Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping in the face, he had also slapped them directly in the face!

There was silence.

Chen Daoye also suddenly rose, “Sorry old lady, you are the acting head of the Chen family, and now that you have been put on a bounty mission by the Hidden Killers of the Darknet, the Chen family will naturally not ignore it, but with your old man and Dao Cheng like this, we can only wait for your grudge to be put aside before we go into the council hall and discuss it in peace.”

With his words, he did not offend either side, but he also made his attitude clear.

After saying this, Chen Daoye turned around and left, and with him, there were several people who were also in power in the faction under Chen Daolin.

In the blink of an eye.

Many seats in the densely packed council hall were empty, and it was cold and clear.

The atmosphere became even more anxious.

Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping stood frozen in place at the moment, feeling the gazes of the crowd and feeling a burning sensation on their backs.

Half the time.

“Old Madam, Dao Ye is right, the Hall of Deliberation is where we all come together to discuss the Chen Family’s major events, and since Dao Cheng is no longer involved in the discussions, we are unable to deliberate.”

“Old Madam, calm your anger, wait until Dao Cheng’s anger subsides and we will enter the Hall of Council again.”

“Old Madam, your matter is a big matter for the Chen family, but now that Dao Cheng and the others are not participating in the discussion, we and the others cannot decide on this matter, we can only wait until we are all in the Hall of Council and then discuss it.”

The people rose and left one after another.

In just a minute’s time, only the rulers of Old Lady Chen’s faction were left in the Hall of Council.

“Go, all of you go!”

Old Madam Chen’s face was iron blue, a fierce aura flickering in her eyes as she gritted her teeth and hissed out from between them.

Several of the people in power looked at each other, but eventually chose to get up and leave.

Inside the Hall of Council, only Old Madam Chen and Chen Daoping remained.

Old Madam Chen was trembling with anger, her teeth clenched and creaking.

“Ma ……”

Chen Daoping stepped forward and held Old Madam Chen: “They, too, are too deceitful!”

“Oh ……”

Old Mrs. Chen pulled the corner of her mouth and laughed, “More than bullying people too much, this group of wolf sons of theirs are simply ignoring the Chen family, ignoring the old body, do they …… want to completely divide the Chen family’s home?”

Every word was spoken by Old Lady Chen through gritted teeth.

At this moment, the furious old lady Chen’s face was hard to see, and the blue veins at the corners of her eyes kept twitching.

Except for Chen Daocheng’s direct departure.

The rest of the major factions had their own winding rhetoric, but she could still hear the good and the bad.

All of their words were in favour of Chen Daocheng, as if they did not regard her as acting family head at all.

Blatant favouritism!

Naked favouritism!

Before she came to power, Old Lady Chen had expected to be caught in the middle of a battle between the interests of the major factions and had prepared herself mentally.

But she never expected that in such a short period of time after coming to power, it would have already exploded to this extent!

In her thunderous rage, Old Madam Chen could not even contain her qi, and a vague cyclone of qi rose from the soles of her feet and puffed out her robe, making her appearance even more terrifying and ominous at the moment.

Even Chen Dao Ping’s heart was scared at this moment, and his back was chilled.

“Dao Ping, you should go too!”

Old Mrs. Chen squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, “Let the old body, an outsider to the Chen family, have some peace and quiet!”

“Mother, taking care of your own health is most important.”

Chen Daoping said with a grave expression, and then turned to leave.

Inside the large council hall, there was dead silence.

Old Mrs. Chen settled into her chair, her body exuding a chill that seemed to blow out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“Good, really good, after a lifetime of planning, I cannot resist you treating me as an outsider, are you going to tear me apart?”

Old Madam Chen’s gaze was gloomy to the extreme, and under the dim yellow light, her face looked like a ghost.

A long time pa*sed.

“Dao Cheng ah Dao Cheng, this time the Chen Family Heavenly Change, you have indeed gained a lot, but ……”

Old Mrs. Chen slowly rose, her qi energy ringing her body as she walked towards the outside, dropping cold words in the silence: “There are some people you cannot mess with, and you don’t have the life to mess with them!”

Although her voice was soft, the moment it resounded through the council hall, the air was filled with sword shadows and killing intent.

On the other side.

Inside Chen Daocheng’s mansion.

Chen Daocheng, surrounded by several people in power under his command, walked into the small courtyard.

“Brother Dao Cheng, if you do this, it won’t lead to big trouble, right?”

A person in power said with some concern.

“Trouble? What trouble?”

Chen Daocheng looked askance, pulled the corner of his mouth and snorted, “The old lady is old, what else can she do? If I give her face, she is the elder of the old lady and the acting head of the Chen family, if I don’t give her face, she is just an old, immortal B*tch.”

“Really think that by sitting on the head of the family, you can turn the clouds and rain in the Chen family, simply stupid as a pig!”

At these words.

The group of people in power nodded their heads in agreement.

Indeed, bloodlines were extremely important within the Chen family.

And they were even more aware that it was their faction that had made it possible for Old Lady Chen to become the acting head of the family by pushing hard.

Between Old Lady Chen and Chen Dong, it was just a matter of taking one of the two and choosing the lesser of the two!

“I also wonder who issued the mission to a*sa*sinate the three of them.”

Chen Daocheng rubbed his chin and smiled fiercely, “It would be good if the old undead was killed, if Chen Dong was not in the Chen family, our faction would be able to compete for more benefits along the way, or even …… take his place?”

The last sentence out of the mouth.

Chen Daocheng and a group of people in power have all laughed.