Winner Takes All Chapter 1271-1272

Chapter 1271

As soon as the words left his mouth.

The Chen Yufei in the camera froze.

Her pretty face was filled with resentment, “Chen Dong, this is your way of treating guests?”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, “You deserve to be my guest?”

Chen Dong was not stupid.

The Chen family’s sky had changed and Old Lady Chen had become the acting head of the family in charge.

Chen Yufei had once been Old Madam Chen’s favoured heir, and even if she had fallen out of favour with Old Madam Chen later, she was still connected to her.

Not to mention that Chen Yufei is the only heir left who has the closest relationship with Old Madam Chen.

At this moment, when Chen Yufei came to the door, one could think with one’s heels and know that it was a weasel worshipping a chicken, not having good intentions.

“Chen Dong!”

Chen Yufei in the camera was full of anger and stomped her foot angrily, “Are you going to miss this opportunity? I can remind you, this time I came to bring you an opportunity, if you miss this time, it will be difficult for you to return to the Chen family again!”

Chen Dong pulled the corner of his mouth and snorted, but did not respond.

Exasperated to the extreme, Chen Yufei gritted her silver teeth and said fiercely, “The opportunity is given to you, this is the only way you can return to the Chen family in the absence of the family head, if you don’t cherish it, don’t blame the next person.”

As she spoke.

Chen Yufei’s gaze was profound to the extreme.


“Get lost!”

Chen Dong responded coldly and sternly, “I don’t need you to give me a chance to return to the Chen Family if I want to, from the moment I left the Chen Family, in the future, either the entire Chen Family will respectfully invite me home, or I will cast the Chen Family again, I am Chen Dong with hard bones, I can’t lower my head, I can’t bend my back, and I can’t bend my knees!”


Chen Dong raised his hand and directly hung up the communication.

Immediately, he walked towards the living room with a sullen expression.

The scene just now was in full view of everyone.

Gu Qingying greeted him, “Don’t be angry about this.”

“It’s not that I’m angry about this.”

Chen Dong shook his head and laughed disdainfully, “What I’m angry about is that Chen Yufei is so pretentious as to think that the Chen family has posted gold, and with the wording of letting me return to the Chen family, she is actually certain that I must see her, this arrogance of hers is really brainless.”

“Fine, fine, leave her alone.”

Gu Qingying stroked Chen Dong’s head: “The Chen family has all the money in the world, it is inevitable that the hearts of the family are arrogant, but if they are arrogant, isn’t my husband even more arrogant?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment, “Why do I feel that there are words in your words?”

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly, “Not at all, I just like my husband to be arrogant!”


Chen Yufei left the Tianmen Mountain villa area lost in thought.

After walking out of the villa, she looked back at Tianmen Mountain Villa.


Taking out her mobile phone, she dialed the number.

“Uncle Dao Ping, it’s a failure, Chen Dong doesn’t even see me, can I go home now?”

The Chen family.

After finishing her rituals to the Buddha, Old Lady Chen sat down at the desk as usual, dealing with various Chen family matters.

The thrill of power had made her completely ignore the weight of the Chen family’s affairs.

She had been waiting for this day for many, many years!

Now that Chen Daolin had suddenly disappeared, this was simply a blessing from my Buddha and a heavenly opportunity for her.

She had to seize every second and spare nothing.


Chen Daoling walked into the Buddha Hall with a grave expression, “Things didn’t go as smoothly as we expected, that wild B*****d Chen Dong didn’t even see Yu Fei’s face.”


Old Mrs. Chen’s face sank, “Tell Yu Fei to think of something, the matter of Yike must not be allowed to reach that wild B*****d so easily.”

“But the face is not even visible, there is nothing Yu Fei can do.”

Chen Daoping was somewhat helpless.


Old Mrs. Chen angrily slapped her palm on the table and angrily rebuked, “Things are dead, people are alive, and solutions are also thought out, tell Yu Fei that those who achieve great things must do whatever it takes, if she can’t even get this done, she would be too much of a disappointment to me!”

Chen Daoping bowed his head in fear: “Mother, don’t be angry, I’ll go and do it now.”

After Chen Daoping had left.

Only then did Old Madam Chen’s anger dissipate, her eyebrows deepening, but quietly clenching into fists.

She knew exactly how many equity a*sets Chen Daoye and the others had taken away and pa*sed on to Chen Dong, and she also knew exactly how terrifying the butterfly effect would be once all the a*sets were put to work by Chen Dong.

However, she had not expected that the news of Yike’s announcement of its full-scale presence in the southwest region would be concealed by various factions within the Chen family, allowing her to be the last to know.

If not stopped.

Yike was already sucking the blood of the entire domain territory, and if all the a*sets were allowed to cooperate with each other again, the consequences would make even Old Lady Chen’s scalp tingle when she thought about it.

Even if it couldn’t be stopped, as long as it could be delayed for a while, it would be of great benefit to Old Lady Chen.

“Time, the old body needs time ……”

Under the light, Old Madam Chen’s pale face was filled with gloom as she murmured in a low voice.

It was also at this moment.

Outside the small courtyard.

As Chen Daoping left and the courtyard door closed, the small courtyard fell into silence.


A figure, like a ghostly apparition, leapt down the wall without a sound.

The dark shadow stalked, following the shadowy corners and sneaking in like a ghost to the entrance of the Buddha Hall.

Silently, a cold light emerged from the black shadow’s waist.

A killing machine had descended!


Old Madam Chen, who was inside the Buddha Hall, was completely unaware of this and continued to wield her brush.


After making sure that there was no one else in the courtyard, the black shadow took a step across and stood at the entrance of the Buddha Hall.

Suddenly, the light stretched his shadow long and wide.


Old Mrs. Chen looked up in horror, her old face full of panic.

“The one who took your life!”

The killer was masked, unable to see his face, but his voice was husky and cold.

As he spoke, the killer slowly drew a dagger from his waist and walked towards Old Lady Chen step by step.

He was in no hurry and his steps were unhurried.

As far as he was concerned, an old man in his old age, with no one around, was as good as fish on a chopping board, and would have no difficulty in killing her!

“Don’t come over, don’t come over ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled, terrified and disoriented.


When the killer came within two meters of Old Lady Chen, with a stern shout, the killing intent suddenly burst out like a river breaking its banks.

In an instant.

The killer took a step forward, slapped his palm on the table and leapt up in the air.

The dagger in his hand, shining with a bitterly cold light under the light, stabbed directly at Old Lady Chen’s heart.


The old lady sitting on the tai shi chair, however, in this instant, the fear on her face disappeared, and the corners of her wrinkled mouth curled up into a cold smile.

This scene was like a heavy hammer hitting the killer’s eyeballs.

The next second.


The wind suddenly rose, blowing Old Lady Chen’s robe and making her white hair dance around.

In an instant, Old Lady Chen’s aura changed dramatically, as if she was pulling a mountain out of the ground.

Just as the dagger came within a stone’s throw of her heart.

Old Lady Chen’s body twisted violently and her arms were like snakes, climbing directly onto the right hand that was holding the dagger.



The bones snapped.

The ghastly white bones carried the blood and flesh and pierced the skin directly.

The killer, however, fell heavily on top of the table, blood flowing from his neck, and he did not even have time to scream before he was cut off.

Old Madam Chen sat on the tai shi chair, holding the blood-dripping dagger in her right hand, her gaze grim, the corners of her mouth coldly smiling.

The series of movements just now were as quick as lightning.

It was hard to imagine that Old Madam Chen, who usually acted so old and uncomfortable, could have made such a scene.

If a bystander had seen it just now, they would definitely have dropped their jaws to the ground in shock.

This …… was really the Chen family’s old lady?

“Foolish villain, if the old body did not have the strength, would it not have begged and acted in three words, instead of opening its mouth and screaming? Can’t even tell the difference, and Killer …… ridiculous.”

Old Lady Chen coldly glanced at the killer on the case table and threw the dagger with a shake of her hand.


The dagger pierced into the door post five meters away, missing most of the way.

The whirlwind.

A long, quiet sigh resounded from within the Buddha Hall from Old Lady Chen.

“The old body’s surname has always been Gu, not Chen na!”

Chapter 1272

Five minutes later.

Chen Dao Ping went and returned.

When he walked into the Buddha Hall, he saw the body of the killer stretched out on the table.

Chen Daoping’s mind went blank, his face turned white, and the strong smell of blood that poured into his nostrils even made him lean against the door frame.

After a few seconds of dumbfounded panic.

Only then did Chen Daoping come back to his senses: “Mom, Mom ……”

How could he have imagined that just going out for such a short while, something like this had actually happened.

If something had happened to his mother ……

Just when Chen Daoping had just walked into the Buddha Hall, Old Lady Chen’s voice came from the slant.

“Daoping, mother is fine.”

Chen Daoping followed the voice and looked.

Old Mrs. Chen was currently kneeling respectfully in front of the golden statue of Buddha, her hands folded, her face full of devotion.

Looking at this scene, Chen Daoping sighed with relief, and his heart in his throat dropped back into his stomach.

But in a moment, doubts piled up.

There was no one else in the courtyard, and after he had just left, was this suddenly an extra person who had come to pay his respects to his mother?

Obviously not!

Chen Daoping was not foolish to such an extent and was naturally clear that this corpse was the killer.

It was just that the mother was the only one in the small courtyard.

The mother was fine, but the killer was dead.

That was what was puzzling in his mind.

“Ma, this is ……”

Chen Daoping inquired with trepidation and uncertainty.

Old Mrs. Chen gazed reverently at the golden Buddha statue and responded calmly, “Mother just killed someone, isn’t this a plea to my Buddha?”

Killed someone?

Mother had killed a killer?

Chen Daoping was instantly filled with doubt and disbelief.

He had been brought up by Old Lady Chen, and she had always regarded him as her own son.

How could she have the power to kill someone else when she was old?

Even if it was an ordinary strong man, not to mention an a*sa*sin, given the old age and weakness that Old Lady Chen usually showed, she would never be able to kill back.

What’s more, when Chen Daoping was puzzled, his eyes swept up and down the old lady, but he didn’t even find any injuries.

For a moment.

Chen Daoping looked at Old Lady Chen with eyes full of strangeness.

Is this …… really my mother?

In a trance, his heartbeat was even banging faster.

The originally familiar Buddha Hall, at this moment, was so unfamiliar to Chen Daoping’s eyes that it seemed as if he was coming for the first time.

“Dao Ping, come here.”

Old Mrs. Chen spoke out calmly.

“Mom …… what is this all about?”

Chen Daoping did not follow Old Mrs. Chen’s call, but stood still and asked.

“If you come over, mum will tell you.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was so calm that it was devoid of sorrow and joy.


Chen Daoping hesitated for a moment, but still walked over to Old Mrs. Chen.

“Kneel down.”

Old Mrs. Chen said.

There was a poof!

Chen Daoping knelt straight down, but his pale face was still full of disbelief, the scene before him so strange it was like a dream!


Suddenly, the wind rose up from beneath Old Lady Chen, turning into a cyclone and going straight up.

Old Madam Chen’s robe rattled and her white hair whipped about.

Chen Daoping was so startled by the sudden rise of the wind that he couldn’t help but lean back and squint his eyes.

After briefly adjusting, Chen Daoping looked at his mother in front of him with a frightened expression.

Old Mrs. Chen was still kneeling straight on the futon, but the strong wind surrounding her was so strong that Chen Dao Ping could feel the pain of her flesh tearing at his fingertips.

At this moment, Old Lady Chen seemed to be a new person.

There was no longer the old and frail look of before, but instead a harsh killing intent.

Kneeling on the futon, the astral wind surrounded her.

His entire aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, crushing the entire field.

When he was close at hand, Chen Daoping was even stiffened, like a lump in his throat, and a strong suffocating feeling like drowning swept through his whole body.

“Ma …… Ma ……”

Chen Dao Ping trembled, looking at the old lady Chen, whose aura had changed drastically, his eyes swiftly turned red and he wailed with tears in his eyes, “What the hell is going on here? What the hell is going on here?”

What she had known since she was a child was turned upside down in this instant, causing Chen Daoping’s mind to collapse.

“Shut up!”

Surrounded by the wind, Old Lady Chen suddenly turned her head and pierced Chen Dao Ping’s eyes with a harsh gaze, “Dao Ping, do you still recognize me as your mother?”

Chen Daoping hurriedly bent down and grabbed the ground with his head: “One day as a mother, all my life as a mother, I dare not forget the kindness I have received from my mother!”

In the midst of his words, he had begun to sob.

A smile appeared at the corner of Old Mrs. Chen’s mouth as she looked down at Chen Daoping, her right hand quietly placed behind her, “Then, Mom asks you, are you willing to help Mom?”


Chen Dao Ping froze for a moment.

“Help mum hide mum’s martial strength.”

Old Mrs. Chen spoke calmly, “This is about the matter of when mum married into the Chen family, you are mum’s son, although you were adopted, mum has always treated you as if you were her own child, mum might as well tell you today, mum’s martial strength has now sensed ‘qi’, after all, mum comes from the ancient family, a clan whose family was founded on martial arts I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I don’t want a third person to know about it, so I need you to help me.”

The words that he said in succession caused Chen Daoping, who was kowtowing to the ground at the moment, to have a shocking wave in his heart.

If Ma has never given up her martial arts training, and even now has sensed “qi”, then the Chen family elders bowed although the girl did her ……

The thought of this is very frightening.

A bad chill instantly swept through Chen Daoping’s entire body directly from the soles of his feet, and in a trance, his eyes were blackened, and his body was cold, and his bones were marrowed.

He didn’t dare to think about it, let alone pursue what happened back then.

The old lady in front of him had already released her “qi”, and the original story of what happened back then was too horrible!

One is a family that is a martial arts family, and the other is a family that is a wealthy family.

Both families had different priorities for their people.

But for a non-powerful elder of the Chen family to forcibly commit an act of misconduct against an old woman who cultivated martial arts, it was impossible to think about it.

What’s more, as far as Chen Daoping could remember, the old lady had always been depressed in the family for as long as he could remember, and it was only when the older generation of the Chen family left one after another that she, the only elder, had her day in the sun.

Before he could remember, Mrs. Chen had been in the Chen family for some dark years!

Roughly speaking, the time was at least a century!

Such stoicism …… made Chen Daoping’s body tingle and chill.

“Are you willing to help me?”

In the midst of extreme fear, Old Lady Chen’s inquiring voice exploded in Chen Daoping’s ears like thunder.

In an instant, Chen Dao Ping even felt as if he was listening to the voice of a man demanding his life.

In a flash of lightning.

He slowly raised his head and said with tears in his eyes, “You are my mother, you have raised me for so many years, without you I would not be here, I will definitely help you.”


Old Mrs. Chen smiled warmly, “Mom is very lucky to have a son like you, go deal with it.”

Chen Daoping wiped his tears as he got up to leave.

When Chen Daoping left the Buddha Hall.

The qi of the right hand behind Old Mrs. Chen was a thumping sound, and her right hand, which had been flexed into a claw with veins protruding, was now relaxed.

She looked in the direction of the entrance to the Buddha Hall, her eyebrows filled with a sinister hostility: “Raising a dog is of some use after all.”