Winner Takes All Chapter 1263-1264

Chapter 1263

“Pan Gu?”

Zhao Brocade was full of doubts.

Kunlun, who was driving the car, was also wrinkling his brows in contemplation.

Chen Dong smiled but did not say anything, and slowly put down the “Pan Gu” jade tablet, and continued to rub it gently.

The matter of the shareholding agreement was known to the family.

However, the “Pangu Biotechnology” was still limited to him, Gu Qingying and Long Lao.

A company that could not be traced and did not exist.

But in a twist of events, a jade tablet engraved with the word “Pangu” was found in Zheng Junlin’s hands.

Is there a connection?

Of course there is!

Chen Dong was 90% sure that the jade medal was related to “Pangu Biotechnology”.

After all, his father had the shareholding agreement of “Pangu Biotechnology”, and the Zheng family was a power that his father had supported, and together with this “Pangu” jade token, it would be difficult not to link them together.

Chen Dong even guessed that the Zheng family’s tragic death was due to …… Pangu Biotechnology Company!

Just what is the deeper reason for ……?

“If I’m not wrong, my father’s equity agreement on Pangu Biotechnology should have been signed with the Zheng family, but how could such a company that could not even be traced and did not exist at all, bring such a tragic family extermination to the ten billion Zheng family?”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

As soon as he thought this, his thoughts seemed to fall into a dead-end cycle.

Until after he boarded the plane.

Chen Dong also kept falling into this dead-end cycle of contemplation.

It was not until the plane landed at the suburban airport.

Only then did Chen Dong pull himself out of this deadly cycle of thoughts.

A night of tossing and turning.

It was already dawn.

The warm winter sun gilded the airport with a faint golden glow.

Long Lao had already come to meet and greet him.

When Chen Dong got into the car, he asked Kunlun to tell Elder Long about the bad news about the Zheng family.

He himself dialed Qin Ye’s number.

In order to stabilise the situation, he had previously sent Qin Ye and Zhang Yulan to a*sist Qin Xiao Qian.

Against the Qin family, Qin Ye was ultimately better than Qin Xiaochen.

Even though he had already made a bloodbath in the Qin family and ripped up the internal intricacies of the Qin family, he was still a little unsure of what would happen to this snatched power before the world was in turmoil.

The phone was answered just after a ring, while Qin Ye’s unusually tired voice rang out.

“Hello, Brother Dong.”

The voice was breathless and wandering.

Chen Dong froze for a moment and said in a bitterly persuasive manner, “Beast, it really can’t be eaten as a meal!”

“What’s for dinner?”

Qin Ye didn’t react a bit.

“I’ve been there too.”

Chen Dong said in a serious tone, “We are all men, men and men don’t just think about that, but I’m not like you! I’m stronger than you, not to mention you’ve just awakened not long ago, dry fire and thunder for nine days, three meals a day as a meal, that’s pressing ah.”

The other end of the phone.

Qin Ye was silent for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Qin Ye burst out and said, “What the hell are you driving? Besides, which part of me is weaker than you? When I was a prodigal son in love and was running around with flowers, you were still moving bricks at the construction site!”

There was a pause.

Qin Ye’s tone suddenly lowered again, “The Qin family has been making a lot of noise lately, the news of your loss of power in the Chen family has been known to them, Xiao Qian and I have been busy combining our efforts and killing and throwing away bodies lately, where do we have the leisure time to have dinner with Yu Lan.”

Chen Dong: “……”

His brows knitted up, the thing he feared had finally happened!

The Zheng family exterminated the door in the first foot, and the Qin family’s heart moved in the second foot.

Nowadays, the situation is really like a fire at the front door and a disaster at the back!

“Don’t worry, in a few days, trimming and pruning all these pricks from the older generation and F**king burying them, and this Qin family will be at peace.”

Qin Ye’s weak voice, however, made Chen Dong hear a bone-chilling feeling even through the phone.

“You take care of your own body, I’ll give you a hand, I’ll have news within a day!”

Chen Dong took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “They have decided that I have lost my power, then let them despair completely, let them know clearly that the so-called power is also divided into people and levels!”

“Good, then Xiao Qian and I will indeed be able to relax a bit, and I will also be able to eat and dine with Yu Lan when we have free time.”

Qin Ye’s voice relaxed a few points.

After hanging up the phone.

Long Lao and the three of them all looked at Chen Dong in a grave manner.

The look on Chen Dong’s face just now, as well as what he said, were all seen and heard by them.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked cold and stern: “Elder Long, help me draft a letter of internal notice for Yike Group, with immediate effect, Yike Group will enter the southwest region and cla*sify the southwest region as the top long-term strategic investment place for Yike.

The words were cold, stern and resolute.

Only as soon as the words left his mouth.

Long Lao’s pupils tightened and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

“Young Master, such a decision will affect Yike too much!”

Elder Long hurriedly analysed, with his experience he was naturally clear about the impact and consequences of this decision, “Yike is the leading real estate industry in the domain, covering the entire domain, and even has overseas investments.”

“But historically, the southwest region has actually only ranked midstream in terms of investment prospects within Yike because of its geographical location, and investments in the southwest region have actually had strict choke points.”

“Once the young master’s order goes down, it will inevitably make all of Yike’s resources dumped into the southwest region, which will directly affect the earnings of other top investment prospect regions, and the return ratio formed by the southwest region in response to the dumping of all of Yike’s resources, I’m afraid that it will also fall short of expectations!”

An analysis that hit the nail on the head.

But what alarmed Long Lao even more were the words in Chen Dong’s order, “long-term”, “strategic” and “top investment sites”.

These words may not be the norm, but they are enough to make a huge change in the fate of Yike!

Not only will all resources be poured into the southwest region, but also all resources will be poured into the southwest region on a long-term basis, while other regions, even those top investment regions, will be reduced to the blood transfusion tool of the southwest region!

“The Qin family needs this pale dragon of Yike to suppress the fury.”

Chen Dong’s face was sullen as his gaze deepened in contemplation.

“Just for the Qin Family?”

Elder Long smacked his lips in shock, “Isn’t this a case of losing one for the sake of the small and losing the big?”

“What if we say another consideration?”

Chen Dong slowly raised his head, his gaze as stern as a sword.

The moment he locked eyes with Chen Dong, Elder Long could not help but have his pupils shrink and his throat tighten.

Chen Dong smiled a bitter smile, “I do have enough authority in Yike to become my one word, but Yike is still only the Chen family’s Yike after all, the southwest region does not only include Xishu, there is also this regional city where we Dingtai exists, dumping Yike’s resources to help the southwest region take off, in order to make this southwest region, our own solid stronghold! ”

“With this base camp, we can step by step to the level of competing with the Chen family, competing with the gatekeepers, and competing with the world, otherwise all the industries under our command are scattered outside, once something happens, it will once again create the dilemma of today’s fire at the front door and disaster at the back!”

There was a pause.

Chen Dong’s smile suddenly became cold and seeping: “Or to put it more crudely, I am doing whatever it takes to suck the blood of the Chen family and feed my Chen Dong people!”

Chapter 1264

Elder Long was stunned.

Even Kunlun and Zhao Breru revealed a surprised and frightened look.

With Chen Dong’s words, all three of them felt an eerie, bone-chilling chill that entered their bones.

It could not be described as dark!

It even made the three of them feel as if they were in a trance.

Not shying away from the power of others to fuel their own power.

This was something Chen Dong would have done in the past, but not to such an unscrupulous extent.

After all, the young head of the Chen family was still Chen Dong after all.

And now, although Chen Daolin was missing and his life and death were uncertain, once he returned, the Chen family would ultimately be under Chen Daolin’s rule.

Now, Chen Dong’s decision was sucking the blood of Yike! Sucking the blood of the Chen family!

A long time later.

However, Elder Long suddenly smiled, “Young master, when you say that, old slave understands.”

The smile was gratifying and unconcealed.

In Elder Long’s view, city spirit, ability, sometimes it was not only necessary to be open and honest and upright.

To be dark is also part of the city!

Those who have achieved greatness, if they do not have the will to rise above the clouds, how can they dare to become a Shura?

Back at the Chen family.

Elder Long then went to draft the internal notification letter of Yike.

While Kunlun and Zhao Breru were busy with their “gift-giving”.

As for Chen Dong, he accompanied Gu Qingying as if nothing had happened.

When Gu Qingying and the others asked about the Zheng family in Desert North, Chen Dong always avoided talking about anything else.

However, while chatting, Chen Dong thought of the Zhang and Chu families, Zhou Yanqiu and Zhou Zunlong.

The Zheng family’s destruction was probably due to the “Pan Gu Biotechnology” incident.

But this also sounded a warning bell for Chen Dong.

The Chen family was under the control of Old Lady Chen, and this was a threat to all the forces under his command.

Night falls.

The stars and moon are in the sky.

Outside Kyoto, the wind and snow cried out in the rolling mountain range.

But in the mountain range, the atmosphere was always oppressive.

All this has changed because of the Chen family!

Inside the Buddha Hall.

Inside the Buddha Hall, there had been a huge change.

There were more cases, more display cabinets, and many more documents and materials.

The Buddhist scriptures echoed in the Buddha Hall.

Old Mrs Chen was bowing in front of the desk, concentrating on various Chen family matters.

She was obviously very old, but she seemed to be unfazed by the heavy workload.

With her pen in her hand, she dances and dances, quickly processing a decision.

This is the thrill of power!

It gives the old lady the feeling of prolonging her life and strengthening her body!

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

Chen Daoxin walked into the room.

“Mother, it’s late at night, you should rest first, affairs are heavy, if it’s a minor matter, my son can do it for you.”


There was a snap!

Old Mrs. Chen knocked her pen heavily on the desk, “You are not the acting head of the family, who are you to do it for?”

While questioning, Old Madam Chen’s eyes were stern and compelling.

Chen Daoxin’s heart was beating wildly, not realising that his filial piety had turned into something else in Old Madam Chen’s ears.

As if she sensed that her words had gone too far, Old Mrs. Chen’s expression eased and she smiled warmly, “Daochen, I know you are filial, but now the Chen family is in a mess, so I have to take personal responsibility to put down the chaos as soon as possible, so that the world is in chaos and the Chen family is not in chaos, so as not to endanger the foundation of the Chen family.”

“In addition Chen Daocheng and these forces, are secretly dividing up the Chen family foundation, this is the time for the Chen family to enjoy the fruits after the chaos, Ma slacked off and rested at this time, may have to be eaten dry by Chen Daocheng and their group of wolf sons!”

Chen Daoxin’s expression eased a little and he nodded, “Mom, you’ve taken the trouble, but please take more care of your health, it’s good to cloak your liver and guts, but my son is still worried about you.”

“It’s okay, I can hold up as an old man.”

Old Mrs Chen waved her hand, “You go back first, Mum will take care of some more business and then rest.”

Chen Daoxin nodded and turned to leave.

After a few seconds.

Old Mrs. Chen’s expression suddenly turned gloomy to the extreme: “The old body has been boiling all my life, boiling the Chen family’s old undead to death, now how can I miss such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?”


The words had just fallen.

The light outside suddenly pulled in a long figure that cast itself into the Buddha Hall.

The gloom on Old Lady Chen’s face flickered away, quickly returning to calm and peacefulness.

Following closely behind.

“Mum, someone has sent something, specifically dictated to be for you!”

Chen Daojin walked into the Buddha Hall holding a four-square wooden box.

“Hmm? What kind of person sent this?”

Old Mrs. Chen rose to her guard and gestured for the wooden box to be placed on the floor.

“I don’t know, it was just placed at the entrance of your courtyard with a note on it, saying it was a gift for you.”

Chen Daoxin knew what Old Mrs. Chen was worried about and was well aware of the situation in the Chen family.

Now that the old lady was in power, it would simply be more than normal if there was a hidden agenda.


After putting down the wooden box, Chen Daojin unpacked it directly, “My son will open it on my mother’s behalf.”

“Good, Daoxin has filial piety.”

Old Mrs. Chen smiled happily.

Just the next second, as Chen Daoxin opened the wooden box.


A scream that rushed to the sky and cracked the air suddenly tore through the tranquil peace within the Buddha Hall.

And Chen Daojin was so frightened that his face turned white and he sat down on his buttocks, his lips trembling as he said, “Head, head ……”


Old Mrs. Chen was horrified and hurriedly got up and walked to the wooden box and leaned down to take a look.

Inside the wooden box, Gu Qian’s bloody human head, lying in it, with his eyes wide open until he died.

Seeing this horrifying scene.

Even with the previous experience of Chen Daoxin, Old Lady Chen’s body still trembled and staggered back.

In an instant.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was white and bloodless, and she was even more fearful to the point that her body was trembling.

“Gu …… Gu Qian?”

Her heart roared like thunder and turned over like a river.

The next second.

Old Mrs. Chen spat out a mouthful of blood: “Daoist relatives, keep this object ……”

Before the words left her mouth, Old Lady Chen fell headlong to the ground, unconscious.


In the land of the sea and land, inside the small courtyard of the Iga clan.

The melodious voice of the singer echoed through the courtyard.

The Iga Patriarch reclines on a tatami mat, his cheeks flushed with intoxication as he admires the dance of the graceful singers before him, his right hand supporting his head and his left hand gently tapping the mat to the rhythm.

The swaying singer, with her white face and cherry-red lips, is not very pretty, or even opaque.

But this costume, with its very characteristic customs, made the Iga patriarch happy.

He was in full flow.

An Iga ninja rushed in carrying a wooden box with the lid lifted.

“Sovereign ……”

“Baka yaru!”

The Iga Patriarch, who was in the midst of a good time, burst into a rage.

In an instant, he grabbed his gla*s of wine and smashed it directly at the ninja who rushed in.

The ninja subconsciously raised the wooden box to fend it off.


The wooden box exploded with a loud bang, causing the singers to scream and hide.

And as the crate exploded, a blood-covered head, falling to the ground, rolled with a grunt to the front of the tatami, and blasted the Iga Patriarch in the eye like a wild thunderbolt.

In an instant.

The Iga Patriarch’s body shook, his drunkenness vanished, and he stared at the human head in front of him with a deadly stare. ……

Quietly, a smear of blood even flowed down the corner of his mouth: “Are you …… declaring war on my Iga Ryu, once and for all?”