Winner Takes All Chapter 1261-1262

Chapter 1261

A cold, stern voice echoed through the miscellaneous room.

The dazed Zheng Junlin’s body trembled for a moment, his pupils quickly regaining focus.

His lips mumbled, “Revenge, revenge, yes, revenge!”

Zheng Junlin’s eyes gradually grew fierce and he leaned his back against the wall, standing up slowly with his hands braced.

He stumbled a little, as if his feet were filled with lead, and his mouth kept muttering “revenge” as he slowly walked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, and his right foot was firmly planted on the Iga ninja’s mouth, and he did not move a single inch, no matter how much he struggled and how much he whimpered.

“Jun Lin, pick up the broken sword and take revenge for your Zheng family!”

Chen Dong’s voice was full of coldness, so determined that no one could refute it.

Zheng Junlin’s body trembled and his mouth murmured as he slowly leaned down and picked up the broken knife, his hands clenched but trembling.

As he stepped closer to Chen Dong and the Iga ninja.

The broken sword that Zheng Junlin was holding in his hands was trembling more and more.

His eyes also gradually showed fear.

This scene was clearly captured by Chen Dong.

He knew very well that at Zheng Junlin’s age, he had once been a playboy, enjoying a luxurious and privileged, paper-drunk life.

What was in front of him was something that the Zheng Junlin of old could hardly even dream of.

The bloodshed, the killings!

For ordinary people, this is just something that exists in movies and novels.

Zheng Junlin experienced everything this night, his liver and guts had already been split, lifting the butcher’s knife was even harder for him.

But …… had to take this step!

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

It takes blood to forge the body of a king!

When he falls into the nightmare of fear, Zheng Junlin is completely and utterly ruined!


Zheng Junlin walked up to Chen Dong.

His eyes looked down at the Iga ninja with fear and uncertainty, and not only did his hands tremble, but his body trembled as well.

He raised his broken sword tremblingly and kept muttering “revenge” under his breath, but the sword never came down.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted: “If you don’t even dare to kill the murderer of the family, how will you take charge of the Zheng family and inherit your father’s mantle in the future?”

“Take revenge …… take revenge ……”

Zheng Junlin’s mouth kept repeating, but it still paused.

“Look at what scene is outside, everything in the Zheng family’s front yard, you wouldn’t be unaware of it, the sea of blood, the human lives, it’s all your Zheng family!”

Chen Dong lifted his hand and pointed behind him, “When a man stands in the world, he will repay revenge if he has an enemy, and repay kindness if he has a favour!”


Zheng Junlin’s five features steeply grimaced, with an explosive roar.

The broken sword in his hand fell down brazenly.

When the dust had settled.

With a poof, Zheng Junlin sat down on the ground, the fear in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by determination, slowly letting out a long breath, “Brother Dong …… I have my revenge.”


Chen Dong patted Zheng Junlin’s shoulder.

Whirlwind raised his eyes to look at Zhao Breru: “Zhao pretend to take care of Jun Lin.”

“You F**king saw that just now?”

Zhao Broke-Ru suddenly woke up with a start, his face reddening with embarra*sment.

Chen Dong, however, was noncommittal, turning around and walking to the door of the miscellaneous room, looking at Kunlun’s nearing the end of the fight in the courtyard.

“Brother Kunlun, hurry up and finish it!”


A knife stretched across the room, the cold light was biting.

With a miserable scream, blood spilled wildly.

Kunlun threw the katana in his hand to the ground and walked towards Chen Dong with quick steps.

Compared to Chen Dong, Kunlun was in a much more difficult position. After all, he hadn’t felt “Qi”, so he was under more pressure when facing this group of killers.

On Kunlun’s sturdy body, there were obviously a few bloody wounds, and the flesh and skin were turning out, which was quite ominous.

But Kun Lun, who was bathed in blood, seemed to feel no pain, his expression did not even change and he did not even frown.

“Young master, your injury ……”

Seeing the injury on Chen Dong’s left shoulder blade, Kun Lun asked worriedly.

The words did not finish.

Chen Dong then shook his head and interrupted, “It’s much lighter than you, if it wasn’t for killing two Qi Jin powerhouses, this injury wouldn’t have been sustained!”

Two Qi Jin powerhouses?

Kun Lun’s mind was shaken, and as soon as he saw the scene in the utility room, his face changed drastically.

He then stared at Chen Dong in horror.

Was Young Master already this strong?

Facing two Qi Jin powerhouses, he had killed both of them with just one injury.

This strength growth …… was too demonic!

“Let Jun Lin and Zhao Breaker come out and do something for me.”

Chen Dong threw his cigarette on the ground and smiled hideously, “This is also my return gift to the Iga Ryu and the Gu Family, otherwise they really think that I, Chen Dong, am made of clay!”

As he spoke.

The chill was bitterly cold.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was domineering!

Ten minutes later, Kun Lun opened the door of the utility room and came out holding two four-square wooden boxes.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and gave them a sidelong glance, “Find two more nice looking pieces of cloth and wrap them, since they are gifts, you can’t do without packaging.”

“Understood, Young Master.”

Kunlun looked at the wooden box in his arms with a cold and stern expression, “This is a big gift from the Gu Family and the Iga Ryu, I wonder how they will react when they see it?”

On the other side.

Zheng Junlin’s gradually calmed down, only for his whole person to fall into a state of grief and dullness.

Zhao Brocade stayed by his side.

While Kunlun went to bandage the great gift, Chen Dong instead walked up to Zheng Junlin: “Come home with me.”

Zheng Junlin’s body trembled for a moment, and his hollow eyes regained focus.

Slowly, he raised his head.

“Brother Dong, I want to go see my father for a while.”

Chen Dong wrinkled his eyebrows, but eventually nodded, “Alright, I’ll take you there.”

With that, he helped Zheng Junlin up and walked towards the front yard.

All along the way, Zheng Junlin was extremely calm, without any sadness or joy.

But such a reaction caused Chen Dong’s heart to twist like a knife.

This was how great sorrow could be!

It was just like when Barbara was outside the realm, so mournful that she had completely sealed herself away.

“Jun Lin, when it happened, did your father give you any explanation?”

Chen Dong wanted to distract Zheng Junlin’s attention.

Zheng Junlin shook his head, “It happened too suddenly, when my father personally pushed me into the chamber, and I called you at that time, only the signal was cut off after my father closed the chamber.”

Chen Dong said, “Promise me that after you see your father off, you will come home with me, with brother around, the sky will not fall yet, I will have someone from the Chen family office handle this side.”


Zheng Junlin stared ahead, but calmly answered.

Pa*sing through the corridor.

Finally, he walked to the front yard.

Only the front yard was pitch black.

However, the smell of blood in the air, which was so thick that it made people gag, was still present.

As soon as he stepped into the front courtyard, Chen Dong felt Zheng Junlin’s body tremble violently.

Chen Dong did not let Zheng Junlin go up alone, having this darkness shrouding him would also stop Zheng Junlin from seeing the purgatory in the front yard.

He pulled Zheng Junlin and walked to the pillar that had nailed the Zheng family head to death.

Then he lifted Zheng Junlin’s hand and stroked it up, “Your father is here.”

Zheng Junlin’s hand slowly groped around the body of the Zheng family head, and every time he touched a sword, Chen Dong’s supporting hand clearly felt a tremor.

Soon, Zheng Junlin’s body trembled like sieve chaff.

Only in the darkness, Chen Dong did not look at Zheng Junlin’s face, nor did he need to.


Zheng Junlin’s sobbing voice rang out in the darkness, “Dad …… are you in pain?”

A very “idiotic” question.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was more heartbreaking than any grief statement.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s nasal cavity was sore to the extreme, and his eyes were moist ……

Chapter 1262

Zheng Junlin knelt on the ground and cried for a long time.

He cried until his throat was hoarse and sobbed uncontrollably.

Chen Dong stood by and did not try to stop him.

In his opinion, it was better for Zheng Junlin to let it out than to completely seal himself away as he had done before.

For a long time.

Zheng Junlin’s cries weakened and disappeared without a trace.

“Brother Dong ……”

In the darkness, Zheng Junlin’s voice was weak and feeble: “I want to bury my dad.”

“Good, I will accompany you, the rest will be handled by the Chen family office.”

Chen Dong nodded, then he helped Zheng Junlin up and called for Kunlun to invite the Zheng family head down from the pillar.

The four of them left the Zheng family together.

After getting into the car, they went directly to the ancestral tomb of the Zheng family under Zheng Junlin’s direction.

The wind and snow were drifting.

Zheng Junlin prostrated on his knees, wielding his hoe with difficulty and effort, ploughing the soil a little.

Chen Dong, Kunlun and Zhao Brezhong stood by the side.

Several times Kunlun and Zhao Breru wanted to go forward to help, but they were stopped by Chen Dong.

Chen Dong silently lit a cigarette, “He needs to vent now, all kinds of venting.”

While slowly exhaling the smoke, Chen Dong said to Kunlun, “It’s time for us …… to prepare for a counterattack, starting with those two great gifts.”

Kunlun frowned, “It’s good to be where the Iga Ryu is, after all, it’s a ninja holy sect, but the Gu family …… young master, we’ll have a hard time getting a glimpse of the door.”

Under the dim light.

Chen Dong gripped the corner of his mouth with a cigarette, Ling smiled: “The old immortal is not Chen Gu’s? If we can’t find where the Gu family is, just let the old immortal pa*s it on, she must be able to find her family’s door, right? She should also count as a part of this great gift.”

“Understood.” Kunlun nodded his head.

It took a long time.

Zheng Junlin finally dug the burial pit, his face full of blood but unable to hide his grief, and with great effort he carefully placed the body of the Zheng family head in the burial pit, and watched it for a while before slowly filling in the earth.

The rustling sound of the earth sliding down echoed around them.

This was the only sound.

When the grave bag was built, Kunlun handed a wooden tombstone to Zheng Junlin.

“Time is short, the Chen family office will follow up with due care.”

Zheng Junlin took the tombstone in silence and with great difficulty inserted it in front of the grave and fixed it again by smashing it with a hoe.

Throughout the whole process, Zheng Junlin displayed a sense of exhaustion and weakness.

His face was pale and his expression was almost numb after mourning.

It left his entire body in a state of weakness to the point of fainting.

However, Chen Dong still did not help, nor did he ask Kunlun and Zhao Brezhong to help.

When everything was done.

Zheng Junlin’s entire body nearly smashed heavily onto his knees and kowtowed three times to the tombstone.

After raising his head, under the shocked gazes of Chen Dong and the three others, Zheng Jun Lin suddenly bit down hard on his right hand.

There was a crunch!

The flesh was instantly bitten and cracked, blood flowing and dripping onto the ground.

A whirlwind.

Zheng Junlin raised his blood-streaked right hand high above his head, and swore with words and forcefulness.

“Dad, Jun Lin will not let the Zheng family fall, even with Jun Lin alone, he will carry the Zheng family on his shoulders, and return the blood feud to the sea of blood!”

Each word was as loud as thunder, and was as different from Zheng Junlin’s frail state.

The words fell.

Zheng Junlin pressed his blood-stained right hand onto the wooden tombstone, slowly sliding down the inscription of the Zheng family head, staining a path of blood red.

This scene.

It caused all three of Chen Dong’s expressions to change, with mixed feelings.

A boy, overnight, had become a man who stood on top of the sky and would carry the family on his shoulders in the future ……

Only those who have experienced such a bitterness can truly understand it.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Come home with me, from now on, me and the Zheng family, one glory, one loss, I am immortal, you are immortal too!”

And yet.

Zheng Junlin, however, folded his blood-stained right hand back and landed on the back of Chen Dong’s hand, “Brother Dong, I won’t be going with you.”


Chen Dong froze.

Behind him, Kunlun and Zhao Breru were all stunned as well.

No one had expected that Zheng Junlin, who had just experienced such a shocking change, would make such a decision at this moment.

Zheng Junlin slowly stood up.

Turning to look at Chen Dong, his eyebrows were sunken, yet he exuded an unprecedented rigidity and resilience.

“If I also leave, then the Desert North Zheng family, the Jun Lin Group will really be gone! After the sea of blood is cleansed, I still have to sit in the Zheng family, ruling the big picture, I want to show the Gu family and Iga flow, Zheng family men, one person left, Zheng family still can still be powerful!”

“But ……”

Chen Dong’s heart was like a knife, his expression sunken to the extreme.

He was clear that Zheng Junlin must take the helm of the Zheng family and must control the big picture of the Junlin Group.

But definitely not right now when he had just gone through all this!

Zheng Junlin needed time, a period of time to calm down and organize his thoughts.

On the contrary, Zheng Junlin refused!

Alone, living alone in the Zheng family in the Purgatory Sea of Blood.

Such pressure and shadows would be hell for Zheng Junlin!

“I’ve already decided, Brother Dong doesn’t need any more persuasion.”

Zheng Junlin squeezed out a smile so bitter that it hurt, “If Brother Dong doesn’t feel at ease, he can instruct someone from the Chen Family Office to take care of me.”

Chen Dong’s gaze burned as he stared at Zheng Junlin.

The boy who had once been a vocal, even childish boy, was completely gone!

For a man, growing up was a must!

But growing up too fast is heartbreaking!

A few seconds of contemplation.

In the end, Chen Dong nodded his head and answered, “Okay, I promise you.”


Chen Dong, Kunlun and Zhao Broken waited until the Chen Family Office’s people arrived at the Zheng Family before they left with peace of mind.

On the way to the airport.

Chen Dong twisted something in his right hand and rubbed it slowly, as if in thought.

Kunlun, who was driving the car, and Zhao Broke-Ru, who was on the pa*senger side, both fell into silence.

The whole atmosphere in the car was heavy to the extreme.

The air was still filled with the faint smell of blood coming from the trunk.

“Young master, do you really want to leave Zheng Junlin alone to guard the Zheng family?”

Kunlun was a little worried.

“No, I’m going to let Qin Ye go to the desert first to support and take care of Jun Lin, I’m more at ease with Qin Ye watching.”

Chen Dong looked down at the object in his hand.

This scene had been seen more than once during the road trip.

It was also always watched by Kunlun and Zhao Brezhong in the front row.

Zhao Breru turned back curiously and asked, “Brother Dong, what exactly did Zheng Junlin give you, you’ve been pinching and looking at it all the way, your face looks so strange.”

“A jade tablet of protection.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled oddly.

“Then you don’t have to look like this with this face, do you?”

Zhao Broke-Ru shrugged and pointed at Chen Dong’s right hand, “You’ve been rubbing the jade token to the point of wrapping it up this whole journey, haven’t you?”

“A jade token of protection is indeed not so bad, after all, it is just a small object to pray for blessings and keep peace.”

Chen Dong slowly lifted his right hand and opened his five fingers, a jade token about the size of a walnut dressed by a red rope dangled into the air and swirled and swayed.

A whirl.

Chen Dong’s eyes erupted with two beams of essence, his expression grim, “But the word ‘Pan Gu’ engraved on it is too strange ……”