Winner Takes All Chapter 1257-1258

Chapter 1257

Chen Dong was frozen.

His eyes widened in anger and his face froze as he stared at the breathless Zheng family head in front of him.

Anger, raging, wanted to explode in his chest.


The torch in his hand exploded in response to the sound.

At this moment, boundless killing intent erupted from Chen Dong’s body and rose to the sky.


The biting coldness even made the wind and snow seem insignificant.

Even from a distance away, he could feel the piercing coldness emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

For a moment, it even gave Kunlun the general feeling of once again facing the great terror of a mountain of corpses and blood behind Chen Dong.

“Young master ……”

Kunlun’s lips were noisy as he shouted.

Chen Dong lowered his head and a gasping sound like a torn bellows came out of his mouth and nose.

Kun Lun’s face changed greatly and he hurriedly stepped forward.

He knew exactly what such a reaction from Chen Dong meant, it was simply a stressful reaction in the physiological functions of a person who was having difficulty with the emotional overturning.

If it was not calmed down in time.

Chen Dong would enter the madness of the Daoist mind on the spot and Kunlun would not even be surprised!

“Young master, calm down, there’s still Zheng Junlin, there’s still him yet to be found!”

Chen Dong lowered his head, his breath still coming out, but in a hoarse voice: “Yes, there is still Jun Lin, find him for me, plough through the Zheng family estate, to see him alive, to see him dead!”

“Search together, young master and I will search together.”

Kunlun grabbed Chen Dong’s arm and forcibly yanked Chen Dong away from the Zheng family’s master.

He tugged tightly all the way and did not let go until he had entered the corridor, then he let go.

“Kunlun, look for them separately.”

Chen Dong’s face was gloomy to the extreme, the death of the Zheng Family Master and the Zheng Family’s extermination tragedy was like a sharp knife, as if it was going to lynch him.

It was not pain!

Rather, it was guilt like a tidal wave!

Because he knew clearly that the Zheng family had started because of his father, and the Zheng family was also the bottom card that his father had left to himself.

Now this tragedy must have something to do with himself, something to do with his father!

A family of ten billion dollars was wiped out in an instant!

This is a human tragedy!

And all because of him and his father!

“Okay, split up, split up to find it faster.”

Kunlun worriedly took three steps and looked back at Chen Dong, until he disappeared into the darkness.

Chen Dong stood in place, slowly looking back at the courtyard behind him.

A mountain of corpses, a sea of blood, was too apt a description for what was in the courtyard.

Guilt was like a knife, overtaking the whole body.

In his ears, the words of the Zheng family master before he died were even more afterthoughts.

What secrets did the Zheng family head …… die to keep?

So much so that the titular family head actually preferred to die rather than say anything, even at the risk of having his family extinguished?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Dong strongly suppressed the thoughts in his mind.

The torch shattered and the light dimmed.

However, to Chen Dong, it was only weakened for the most part and did not affect his actions.

He walked straight towards the depths of the Zheng family estate.

He was not sure whether Zheng Junlin was still alive or not after the Zheng family’s extermination tragedy.

He was not sure if Zheng Junlin was still alive or not, or even if he was dead, just piled up unseen in a mountain of corpses.

But during the daytime, Zheng Junlin was able to call him for help at a critical moment, proving that Zheng Junlin was in a better position than all the other Zheng family members at that time!

Even if it was a one in a billion chance, Chen Dong would never let it go.

The journey was slow and the search was on.

It was always dark all around.

Suddenly, a rustling sound rang out behind him.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted and he stopped abruptly.

The rustling sound was coming closer and closer.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s body shifted sideways, and then, with the momentum of a tiger, he pounced directly towards the darkness.


A scream, “Brother Dong, it’s me!”

“Didn’t you kid, Zhao Breru, not come in?”

Chen Dong dropped his grip on Zhao Breru’s arm.

“I’m D*mned if I’m more scared staying out here alone, I need Brother Dong and Brother Kunlun’s protection, so I came in.”

Zhao Broke-Ru spoke gloomily.

Chen Dong’s face was gloomy and his tone was cold and stern, “I’m not in the mood to joke with you.”

With a whirl.

Chen Dong then continued to walk towards the inside.

While Zhao Breaker quickly followed, “I’ll go ahead, I can see at night, don’t forget that I’m a gentleman on the beam.”

“Rooster and dog.”

Chen Dong said with his mouth full, but still gave way to let Zhao Brezhongru go ahead.

His eyesight could quickly adapt to the darkness around him, but it was ultimately inferior to that of the gentleman on the beam, Zhao Bailu.

There is a speciality in the art!

If he had bad night vision, he would have said goodbye to the job of climbing the beams.

“Don’t make fun of my profession.”

In the darkness, Zhao Breru’s tone was rarely serious.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted slightly, followed by the sight of Zhao Breru in the darkness raising his hands and wiping them in front of his eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Broke-Ru put down his hands, and was walking quickly towards the front, as if the darkness around him did not exist, no different from daylight.

“Worthy of being the heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng.” Chen Dong said.

Zhao Broke-Ru walked quickly while sweeping the surroundings, while responding to Chen Dong: “Don’t ask, it’s annoying to ask too much, I’m tired of Ma Dongmei every day.”

It seems that there is indeed a connection!

Chen Dong was certain in his heart.

Previously, Zhao Broke-Ru had always been perfunctory, vague and pretending to be stupid about the matters between the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng.

Even though both Eldest Uncle and Wu Chang were certain that there was a connection between Zhao Breru and Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, such a connection still existed under a precondition of Zhao Breru knowing or not knowing.

And now, Zhao Breru’s words clearly confirmed that he himself knew that he had received the legacy of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng!

One after the other, the two of them soon entered a courtyard.

The surroundings were deadly silent as the wind and snow drifted.

There was even some wreckage on the ground, broken floors and overgrown weeds, giving it a feeling of disrepair and desolation.

“This seems to be a miscellaneous room.”

Chen Dong frowned.

“It’s indeed a miscellaneous room, but aren’t you looking for someone, Brother Dong?”

Zhao Breru kept his footsteps and his voice was calm: “Thieves steal good rooms and hide people in rotten places, anyway, when I was living on the streets and was being chased, I would get into a bin to hide, I wouldn’t run to someone’s house to hide, otherwise I would still get beaten up by the host family.”

Chen Dong would be convinced and followed closely behind Zhao Bros.

After walking into the utility room, the smell of dust and ash was a little pungent.

Zhao Breru reached out and pressed the light on the wall, and the light illuminated the utility room.

It was a large room, covering an area of more than 200 square feet, with all sorts of miscellaneous items piled up everywhere, and with thick dust piled up on top of it, it was obvious that no one had been here for a long time.

Chen Dong swept his gaze across the whole place and shrugged, “There’s no one.”


Zhao Breaker turned back to Chen Dong and gave him a confident smile.

Chen Dong froze instantly.

Although this miscellaneous room was large and had many places to hide, there was no possibility of hiding anyone at all!

The other party had already exterminated the Zheng family, would they still spare every corner of the Zheng family?

This miscellaneous room must have been searched by the other side long ago as well.

And because there were so many miscellaneous items piled up, the search would definitely be a little more careful than the other rooms.


Chen Dong suddenly came to a clear understanding, “There is a secret room?”

The smile on his face grew even bigger as he walked straight to a place where tables and chairs were stacked.

After removing the tables and chairs, Zhao Baolu felt around on the walls.

Everything was flowing smoothly and without pause, as if the secret room was already in his mind.

This guy was on?

Chen Dong’s face was full of dismay.

However, as if he knew what was on Chen Dong’s mind, Zhao Breru said while groping the walls, “Dust these tiny traces, look carefully and there will be a surprise.”

It dawned on Chen Dong that it must have been Zhao Baolu who had seen the clues from the dust on the tables and chairs.

At this point, Zhao Breru stopped and turned back to stare at Chen Dong with a deep gaze, “Besides, if I can’t find it, wouldn’t it be an insult to the Saint of Thieves?”


There was a soft sound.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, and in his line of sight, Zhao Breru’s right hand was pressing a wall brick directly into a dent.

Immediately, a sound of machine expansion activity echoed in the miscellaneous room.

Chapter 1258

The sound of the machine expanding its activities.

It lifted Chen Dong’s heart and soul.

In his line of sight, at the corner of the ground and the wall not far from Zhao Brezhong, the ground and the wall simultaneously split apart, revealing a dark, bottomless hole.

“I told you there was one, right?”

Zhao Broke-Ru smiled triumphantly at Chen Dong, and immediately took a step to walk next to the hole.


Bang Teen!

A gunshot sounded.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically.

It was a close call, and Zhao Breru even let out a shriek and instinctively dodged.

The bullet grazed and swept past Zhao Brezhong’s shoulder, bringing up a scorch mark.


Zhao Breru’s features twisted and he sat down in pain, covering his arm and cursing, “Holy Sh*t!”

“Who’s down there?”

Chen Dong shouted sternly, while walking quickly towards the entrance of the cave.

The expectation for Zheng Junlin in his heart was growing like crazy.

But until he saw it with his own eyes, he still could not be sure.

With this shout of rebuke.

The hoarse wailing of Zheng Junlin’s voice suddenly rang out from inside the cave.

“Brother Dong, Brother Dong, you’re finally here!”

The wailing sound was heard.

A smile of relief finally appeared on Chen Dong’s tightly frozen cold face.

At the side, Zhao Breru kept wailing.

But Chen Dong paid no attention to it, crouched down next to the cave entrance and looked down through the light from the utility room.

Zheng Junlin’s face was imprinted in his eyes.

Just seeing Zheng Junlin at this moment, Chen Dong’s heart contracted hard, like a knife twist.

Zheng Junlin’s face was covered in blood, and his body was even more ragged and tattered, stained with blood.

His face was pale, so terrified that his features were twisted and stretched.

Terrified and helpless, fearful and scared, his whole body was in a state of imminent collapse.

As soon as he saw Chen Dong, Zheng Junlin’s eyes instantly filled with tears, which flowed down, and he hissed and cried.

“Gone, everything is gone, home is gone, my father is gone, all that’s left is me ……”

Silent and painful crying is the most sad.

At this moment, Zheng Junlin was crying and talking, but the sound of crying was as if it was not there.

This scene made Chen Dong’s heart twist like a knife and his nose sore.

He extended his hand towards Zheng Junlin and said in a deep voice, “Brother is here! You still have brother!”

Zheng Junlin’s body was trembling and his hands faltered as he grabbed Chen Dong’s right hand.

Chen Dong struggled to drag Zheng Junlin out of the secret room.

As soon as he landed on the ground, Zheng Junlin’s entire body went limp towards the ground.

He was crying.

Crying with tears streaming down his face.

His features were distorted.

But out of his mouth, there was no sound of crying.

Fear, mourning, helplessness …… all kinds of emotions were shown on his face.

But Chen Dong was clear that the kind of pain inside was what killed the most!

Chen Dong hurriedly held Zheng Junlin, directly holding Zheng Junlin in his arms, with a cold expression, he said, “Cry out, brother is here, it’s okay, it’s all over, cry out loud.”

He had experienced such emotions.

So he knew better what such emotions would bring.

But Zheng Junlin’s cries still did not come out, instead his body trembled even more.

“Brother is here, it’s alright, it’s alright, I’m here, I’ll hold you up even if the sky falls.”

Chen Dong desperately rubbed Zheng Junlin’s back, seeing that it still didn’t work, he pushed Zheng Junlin away from his arms and cupped his hands around Zheng Junlin’s face, his tearful gaze looked straight at Zheng Junlin, his sour nasal cavity made his voice become jarred at this moment.

“Brother in, you cry out ah, you are afraid still afraid of what?”

Zheng Junlin tears, teeth biting the lips blood flowing.

Facing Chen Dong’s gaze forced.


Zheng Junlin cried out with a “wow”.

“Gone, all gone, my dad, my family, our family, all gone …… woo woo woo ……”

The cries echoed with grief.

Each cry was like a knife and a sword, cutting people’s hearts.

Chen Dong’s expression eased for a moment, but his anger gushed out like a volcano.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s eyes were covered with blood, and his eyes seemed to kill a god!

Zhao Breaking, who kept wailing from the huge pain at the side, also stopped at this moment and looked at Chen Dong and Zheng Junlin with a complicated gaze.

He could even feel the anger that was enough to burn the heavens emanating from Chen Dong’s body.

With Zheng Junlin’s cries echoing in his ears, Zhao Breru could not help but feel sympathy and pity as he recalled the mountain of corpses and blood he had just walked into.

And yet.

All of this.

It all came to an abrupt halt with an explosive roar from Kunlun from outside.

“Young master, there’s an ambush!”

The moment the voice rang out.

Chen Dong then heard the sound of brisk and rapid steps coming from outside, quickly clearing up.

In an instant, Zheng Junlin’s cries came to an abrupt halt as he struggled in fear to get away from Chen Dong and tried to burrow back inside the underground chamber.

“They’re here, they’re here again, no, they haven’t left, they’re looking for me, they want to kill our Zheng family to death!”

“Jun Lin, stand still!”

Chen Dong yanked the crumbling Zheng Junlin to his death, “A man should avenge what he has, avenge the blood of the sea, watch, brother will avenge you!”

Zheng Junlin suddenly stiffened.

Immediately afterwards.

Chen Dong said in a stern voice, “Zhao Breaker, protect my brother, I’ll go kill some people!”

As he spoke, Chen Dong was gently pushing Zheng Junlin towards Zhao Breru.


Chen Dong forcefully ripped open the top button of his white shirt, took off his suit, turned around and kicked off one of the table legs of the table next to him, picked it up and strode towards the outside.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong’s knife-like features were in a cold and stern state.

It was that majestic sense of oppression of killing intent in the midst of calmness!

Even Zhao Ru and Zheng Jun Lin could clearly feel the majestic killing intent, causing the shadows of swords and knives to stir within this miscellaneous room!

It was also just as Chen Dong walked to the entrance of the miscellaneous room.


A cold light suddenly cut through the long sky.


Chen Dong’s qi energy pulsated and wrapped around the table leg as he slashed at the long knife that came across the room.


There was an explosive sound and a wave of Qi washed through the air.

The table leg and the long sword burst simultaneously.

In an instant.

Chen Dong’s features suddenly became violent and fierce, like a tiger pouncing on its food, he dashed forward and grabbed his opponent with a loud roar.


Chen Dong directly carried the killer with one hand, flipped around in the air and viciously threw him to the ground.

It was also at that moment.

The cracked hilt of the samurai sword finally fell down.

With a cold and hostile expression, Chen Dong raised his hand and grabbed the katana, stabbing it into the throat of the ninja in front of him, who had been smashed to the point of being out of breath, and twisted it fiercely, causing blood to spill wildly.

Chen Dong’s face was stained with blood as he looked coldly towards Zheng Junlin who had long since frozen, and smiled wickedly, “Watch this, brother will teach you to take revenge!”

The next second.

Behind Chen Dong, the cold light was so cold that a sword stretched across the sky and slashed down bravely.


Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed as his Qi energy roared up.

“This blood debt, from this moment onwards, step by step …… retaliate!”


In the snap of his fingers, Chen Dong’s figure swayed, bringing up a streak of shadow, appearing brazenly in front of the two nearest killers.

Heavy fists blasted and waves of Qi swept through.

It was as if a movie was being slowed down.

The two killers flew straight backwards, spitting out blood in the air.

The one who had been blasted in the abdomen was spurting blood as his back arched up high!