Winner Takes All Chapter 1255-1256

Chapter 1255

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong’s heart stuttered.

“Come to my house, come to our house!”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and his right hand was holding the phone, and he was also hesitant to put it down.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?” Elder Long asked.

“Something has happened over at Jun Lin!”

Chen Dong exhaled a foul breath, his chest full of depressed anger.

After his return, he had told all parties under his command to enter a state of hibernation.

Only the King’s Landing Group had been unreachable.

It was …… that this calamity had really fallen on the King’s Landing Group!

“Elder Long, prepare the plane, I will immediately go to the Desert North Jun Lin family.”

Chen Dong immediately got up and ordered in a deep voice, “Kunlun and Zhao Breaker will accompany me on this trip, Elder Long you are in charge of the house.”

“Young master, this trip is very dangerous, old slave ……”

Long Lao was instantly anxious, something had happened to the Jun Lin Group, but in his eyes, Chen Dong would be in even greater danger if he went over there!

The Chen family had changed and the world was in turmoil.

Chen Dong, who had just become the young family head, was bound to be noticed by the world’s gentry once again.

Only before he could finish his words, Chen Dong interrupted in a cold voice.

“This is an order!”

Elder Long’s face turned red as he helplessly bowed his head, “As ordered!”

Ten minutes later.

Chen Dong, Kunlun and Zhao Broke-Ru hurriedly headed to the airport on the outskirts of the city.

“Young Master, what has happened to the Jun Lin Group?”

Kun Lun asked warily as he drove, feeling the chill emanating from Chen Dong behind him.

“I don’t know, Jun Lin hung up the phone before he could say anything. ,”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost as he sat in the back row, but his hands were always clenched together, his heart apprehensive.

Although Zheng Junlin was somewhat out of tune, his words were still able to speak clearly.

There were only two possibilities for the hasty hang-up on the phone.

Either the matter was too critical for him to say one more word, or the boy had been threatened and was deliberately luring him over.

Whichever was the case, Chen Dong had to make this trip!

“There’s something weird about this, why don’t we just contact the Chen family office in the north of the desert and move in with us?”

Kunlun also sniffed out a hint of anomaly and suggested.

“The Chen family has all exploded now, the major offices must have been affected and have to deal with matters on an emergency basis, not to mention the fact that the old immortal is now in control of the Chen family, whether the Chen family offices will listen to the transfer or not is still up in the air.”

Chen Dong directly vetoed Kunlun’s proposal.

The atmosphere inside the car was heavy and frozen for a moment.

The pa*senger side of the car said with a bewildered expression, “I’m a bit confused, why do the two brothers have to bring me along? I can’t fight, I can’t resist, so I’ll just be a dry cook if I go.”

“We can’t just let you stay home as a man and let a woman go out with us to take risks, can we?”

Chen Dong leaned forward and gazed directly at Zhao Baolu.

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Zhao Baolu’s face stiffened, and he felt a feeling of a man’s back.

He subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva before nodding his head, “What you say makes sense!”

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes became meaningful as he looked at Zhao Breru, and with an odd smile, he leaned back in his chair.

With a whirlwind, the car fell into silence.

Upon arriving at the airport, Elder Long had already arranged everything in advance.

The three of them pa*sed directly through the special channel and entered the airport runway, boarding the plane directly and taking off.

As the plane took off.

Chen Dong looked at the time, even if he had rushed all the way, it was now after ten o’clock.

He took out his mobile phone again and dialled Zheng Junlin’s number.

The phone was still the same as it was on the road just now, it kept ringing until the system automatically hung up, and no one answered.

“Zheng Junlin, what has happened to your Zheng family?”

Chen Dong grew worried.

He always had a part of other thoughts existing towards Zheng Junlin and the Zheng family.

The Zheng family had made its fortune because of his father’s appreciation, and it was one of the cards his father had left behind, and when he had met Zheng Junlin, he had seen some of his own youthful self in Zheng Junlin.

Perhaps it was this bond that made Chen Dong unable to calm down.

When the plane landed at Mo Bei Airport.

It was already dusk.

The wind and snow in the desert north were even more biting, rough and brutal.

After leaving the airport.

Kunlun quickly found an off-road vehicle.

After getting into the car, the three of them rushed towards the Zheng family without stopping.

Chen Dong looked at the yellow sand and white snow outside the car and smiled bitterly, “I really didn’t expect that it would be under such circumstances when I arrived at the Zheng family again.”

Kunlun said helplessly, “When we were in this Desert North, we experienced a lot at all. It was also the trip to the Desert North that led to the discovery of Master’s trail. Young Master said, when we go to the Desert North again, will there be a trail of Master too?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment, then shook his head, “Impossible, I’m afraid that even my father didn’t predict the surprise attack on the Chen family birthday banquet, when he disappeared he predicted everything in advance and ambushed him, but this time, even he was caught off guard, how could he have time to leave a backhand?”

The journey tore through the wind and snow, rushing towards the Zheng family under the stars and the moon.

By the time Chen Dong arrived at Zheng’s house, it was already nine o’clock in the evening.

The wind and snow remained the same, but the night sky in the north of the desert was covered with stars.


Kunlun parked the SUV outside the Zheng family’s manor, and the sudden sharp stop, inertia brought up a large area of wind and snow.

“Something’s wrong!”

The headlights shone on the Zheng family gate, and Kunlun waggled his eyebrows as he gazed at the tightly closed Zheng family gate.

Chen Dong had also noticed something strange about the Zheng family.

These kind of Desert North gentry were always gated on a regular basis, even at night, it would definitely be the same!

It was not polite to say that a scene that was busy every day in the Chen family would also occur in the Zheng family, only in miniature.

But at this moment, the Zheng family’s gates are closed and unguarded, even the lights …… are all dark!

Under the night.

The entire Zheng family mansion was like a giant beast lying dormant on the ground, looming overhead.

The thick sense of oppression made people feel suffocated!

“How about I slip through the wall first to see what’s going on?”

Zhao Broke-Ru suddenly suggested.

Chen Dong nodded, “Well, that’s the right profession for you, you go and scout the way first!”

“Capture the shoots na?”

Zhao Breru raised his middle finger at Chen Dong’s deflated mouth, “What do you mean by “professionally appropriate”, do I have to be insulted by your profession for being a pawn?”

“Isn’t your profession the heir of the Saint of Thieves? I didn’t say it wrong.”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders.

“What? Ma Dongmei?”

Zhao Baolu deliberately played dumb and whirled and got out of the car.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked at each other.

Only when Zhao Breru had already walked under the Zheng family’s courtyard wall, some distance away, did Kun Lun ask, “Young master brought Zhao Breru here, did he deliberately want to probe the matter of the Stolen Sage? Wu Chang hasn’t been too busy probing this kid these days, he froze and gave a perfunctory pa*s with a mouthful of Ma Dong Mei.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked at Zhao Breru who had skillfully gone up the wall and disappeared into the darkness.

With a soft smile, “The Thief Gate, I am really interested in it, the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng has gotten the eldest uncle so attached to it, can I still not be curious?”

“That’s true, but this Thief Sect is also really secretive enough, I’ve froze and never even heard of it.”

Kun Lun laughed awkwardly.

Chen Dong shook his head, “You’ve been rampaging through the mercenary battlefield for years and have been in the Chen family since then, it’s normal that you don’t know about the past of the jianghu.”

The words just fell.


Inside the Zheng family manor, Zhao Breaker’s scream suddenly rang out, rushing up to the sky and cracking the air!

Chapter 1256

The bad!

Chen Dong and Kun Lun changed their expressions greatly and looked at each other as they hurriedly got out of the car.

Just as the two of them rushed towards the Zheng family gate.

On the side of the Zheng family’s courtyard wall, a figure leapt up like a ladder into the air, surpa*sing the courtyard wall by more than a metre and landing on the outside of the wall with a bang.

It was Zhao Broke-Ru!

Chen Dong and Kunlun stopped dead in their tracks and stared in shock at Zhao Baolu, who had landed on the ground.

By the light of the SUV, they could clearly see that after landing on the ground, Zhao Baolu was crouched on the ground, his body like sieve chaff.

At this moment, Zhao Breru’s whole body was in a state of shock and explosion.

His face was in a state of fear and panic, his lips were trembling!

The hair even stood up backwards ……

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as he looked at the hair on the top of Zhao Breru’s head that stood up and exploded, and a chill ran down his back.

Before this, he had always thought that the hair standing on end was just an adjective ……

The two men walked quickly towards Zhao Brezhong.

Kunlun was the first to ask, “Zhao Breru, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Breru raised his head with a bloodless face, his lips trembling, “Dead people, so many dead people, piled up together, hell ……”


Chen Dong and Kunlun were struck by lightning.

In an instant.

Chen Dong rushed to the gate like an arrow off the string, his right foot was blatantly powerful, his qi surged, and with a boom, he directly kicked the thick gate and blew it to pieces.

Wooden debris flew about and smoke and dust rolled in.

As the gate exploded, without waiting for Chen Dong to see what was inside the courtyard, the smell of blood, so thick that it made people’s stomachs turn upside down, came in like a tidal wave.

The moment the bloody smell hit Chen Dong’s nasal cavity, his heart suddenly sank to an endless abyss.

What had happened to the Zheng family ……?

Almost simultaneously.

A large hand, then, moved across the front of Chen Dong’s eyes, blocking his vision.

Kun Lun’s voice rang out, “Young master …… you have to be prepared!”

The voice was low.

Chen Dong’s heart was tremendously shaken and his heart was racing, as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

In the past, Kunlun was the king of mercenaries on the battlefield, the god of killing that came out of the mountain of corpses and blood, what kind of bloody purgatory scenes had he not seen?

Bias …… has such a reminder at this moment!

Take a deep breath.

“I’m ready!”

Chen Dong raised his hand and slowly pressed Kunlun’s hand down.

When a scattered corner of the courtyard, illuminated because of the car lights, appeared in Chen Dong’s line of sight, there was a momentary impact of wild thunder blasting his eyes.


Pools of blood!

Where the lights reached, the ground had long since been stained red, and the stinging blood was like a dense pool of blood.

Because of the time, the blood had already become somewhat dark red and sticky.

And in it, some broken limbs and arms could be seen.

This scene was like a purgatory!

Even if it was just a scattered corner, you could get a glimpse of the whole picture!

In a trance.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and gloomy, and his throat felt as if it was being contained by a large hand, and a strong feeling of suffocation swept over him.

It was as if a person was drowning, causing Chen Dong’s neck to become thick with suffocation.

“Kunlun, hold the lamp!”

Chen Dong gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

With a face as cold as frost, Kunlun turned around and went back into the SUV, found two torches and tried again to help up the crouching Zhao Brezhong.

But after two attempts to help him up, he couldn’t get up!

Compared to Chen Dong and Kunlun’s ability to withstand.

Even though he had been living on the streets since he was a child, and had been displaced like a dead dog, he had already seen life and death, but what happened in the Zheng family compound was still far beyond his ability to bear.

Kunlun stopped a*sisting and turned on his torch, handed one to Chen Dong, and then took the lead in walking into the Zheng family manor.

Snapping …… snapping ……

The sound of heavy, mountainous footsteps echoed clearly in the dead silence of the manor.

Even though the wind and snow remained, it still could not cover up the sound of these footsteps echoing.

Both Chen Dong and Kunlun’s steps were slow, one behind the other, with caution and also due to shock and fear.

As they walked forward.

Chen Dong’s torch, slowly swept through the interior of the manor.


All corpses!

In a trance, he recalled the magnificent scene when the Zheng family head had a big birthday.

On that day, the Zheng family was filled with people from all over the north of the desert.

On that day, the Zheng Family was decorated with lanterns and cannons, and there was a great deal of activity and noise.

But now, the magnificent and powerful Zheng family has become a mountain of blood!

The pools of blood were filled with broken arms and limbs, making it easy to imagine just how gruesome the killings were when they took place.

And every now and then, when the torch light swept into the spacious courtyard, near the direction of the lobby, it swept out a mountain of corpses piled high and tall!

Even, Chen Dong saw a few faces that vaguely existed in his memory.

Only no matter if the faces in his memory were unruly and brutal, they had now turned into blood-covered faces of terror and resignation.

The scene in front of him was like a red-hot knife plucking at Chen Dong’s heart.

Anger, fear and all sorts of negative emotions wrapped around him at this moment.

He even felt as if his chest was stuffed with stones, blocked to the brim.

While his expression was cold and gloomy, his right hand, which was holding the torch, even slowly increased its force and creaked.

No wonder Jun Lin was so anxious on the phone!

At that time …… was afraid that the Zheng family had already reached the danger of extinction, right?

Perhaps …… Jun Lin was huddled in a corner somewhere at that time, desperate and fearful, and called me for help?


The impact on Kunlun, who was walking ahead, was not much weaker than Chen Dong’s at the moment.

However, his experience in the mercenary battlefield had given him a stronger resistance to pressure than Chen Dong.

He swept through the miserable scene in the courtyard with abandon, and every time the light swept up to the mountain of corpses piled up in the very centre of the courtyard, he could not help but pause for a moment.

A mountain of corpses several metres high, piled up, must be at least a hundred bodies, right?

How great a grudge must this be to carry out a direct act of extermination against an existence like the Zheng family?


Kunlun, who was about to bypa*s the corpse mountain, gave a beat on his feet, and the torch light instantly locked onto a location behind the corpse mountain.

“Young master!”

Kunlun let out a blast from his mouth.

Chen Dong was struck by lightning and hurriedly walked around Kun Lun, shining his torch over.

Where the light reached, there was a thick pillar standing.

And on top of the pillar, the Zheng family master was nailed to it!

The stalks and swords had pierced through the body and limbs of the Zheng family lord, nailing him to the pillar like a human stick, dead.

There were even two pig-killing barbed chains that pierced through the Zheng Family Master’s lute bones, hanging him from the pillar as if he was afraid he would fall off.

The Zheng Family Master’s clothes were in tatters and his body was bathed in blood.

Chen Dong could even see the blood flowing out from the Zheng Family Master’s body, either falling directly to the ground or following the pillar and flowing towards the ground.

“Family Master Zheng, Family Master Zheng!”

Chen Dong’s cold and gloomy expression finally changed as he rushed to the Zheng Family Master with big steps.

With a shout.

The Zheng Family Master who was nailed to the pillar suddenly trembled gently.

Not dead?

Chen Dong was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Zheng Family Master, hold on, I will definitely save you!”


However, the Zheng Family Master’s head was slowly, with great difficulty, raised halfway, revealing a face smeared with blood, but when he saw Chen Dong, he revealed a smile of relief.

His lips, covered in blood, opened and closed gently.

He could not hear Chen Dong clearly, even though he was close to him.

Chen Dong was anxious and slowly approached the Zheng family head and pressed himself in front of his mouth, finally hearing clearly.

“Young master …… me, die without saying anything!”

The words did not fall.

The Zheng family master’s half raised head, no longer supported, directly drops down, no life left.