Winner Takes All Chapter 1243-1244

Chapter 1243

One short day.

The wind rose and the clouds rose, and the sea changed.

It was not until the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane, descended at the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Chen Dong was still frowning and staring, not coming back to his senses.

Not only him, but even Elder Long, Kunlun and the others did not react either.

Everything had changed drastically, too big, too much!

So big that the Chen Family was in turmoil, and the imminent possible upheaval of the world ……

Chen Dong fixed the position of family head, the world’s giants attention to ascend to the family head throne, but with the disappearance of Chen Daolin, everything changed abruptly, lost the qualification of acting the position of family head, just fell a young family head, and returned to the base camp in haste.

Along the way, the atmosphere inside the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon war machine all seemed to freeze completely.

Everyone had a choking feeling of being strangled.

As the warplane came to a halt.

Long Lao looked at Chen Dong’s face and said soothingly with some heartache, “Young Master, it will definitely get better.”


Chen Dong responded and glanced back at the crowd within the warplane, revealing a relieved smile, “Good thing, everyone is still safe and sound.”

Although Master Empty Sky had come with a fierce force, crushing Kunlun, Yuan Yigang and the others with the strength of one man, he had indeed kept to the rules of the Buddhist sect, and had merely injured the crowd to the point of being unable to resist, and had not attacked with serious injuries and dying.

Only, soon Chen Dong’s gaze fell on the unconscious Ye Linglong and his gaze became incomparably complicated.

Inside the cabin.

The crowd also noticed the change in Chen Dong’s expression.

Elder Long hurriedly coughed dryly twice as a hint to Chen Dong, while also moving to the middle of Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, blocking Gu Qingying’s line of sight.

“Young Master, the airport has been blocked, let’s return to Tianmen Mountain Villa first.”


The Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane, before it arrived over the airport on the outskirts of the city, the airport was already controlled and blocked.

When the hatch opened.

The Din Tai Company had already sent a few business cars, and Xiao Ma was waiting with baited breath.

Chen Dong took the lead and stepped off the plane.

As soon as Xiao Ma saw Chen Dong come down, he rushed up with joy: “Dong, Brother Dong, you, you’re standing up?”

As Chen Dong looked at the ecstatic Xiao Ma in front of him, a warm feeling suddenly flowed in his heart.

These are my soldiers!

If I lose the Chen family, I still have them, and I will be able to recreate a Chen family with my surname!

For a moment, Chen Dong felt that all the depression in his chest had diminished a little.

He smiled and said, “Yes, stand up, and stand even higher in the future!”

“That’s for sure, Brother Dong is taking us flying!”

Xiao Ma did not know what had happened and only took Chen Dong’s words as a promise for Din Tai in the future.

“Let’s go, let’s go home!”

Chen Dong turned to the grand crowd behind him and showed his teeth with a smile, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been home, I really want to lie in bed and have a good sleep.”

The crowd boarded the business car and drove away from the airport in great numbers, heading towards Tianmen Mountain.

The five-clawed Golden Dragon warplane, which shot straight up into the sky, left the airport.

The airport’s control blockade also disappeared.

The airport was filled with people talking about the blockade and the controls that had just been put in place.

In a corner of the hall, an old man shook off his clothes and murmured, “I’ve waited so long, but I’m finally back.”

After saying this, the old man got up and left the airport.


Tianmen Mountain Villa.

The caravan, in a vast manner, stopped in front of the villa.

The crowd got off.

Chen Dong looked at the villa in front of him, and familiar memories, surfaced in his mind.

He stretched out and took a deep breath, “Still the air at home smells better.”

“Let’s go, aren’t you making a fuss to get a good night’s sleep?”

Gu Qingying took Chen Dong’s arm in a heartfelt manner and walked towards the villa.

Elder Long, Gu Guohua and the others followed, while as for Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, they took Ye Linglong to the Lijin Hospital.

Chen Daojun was the only one, pulling Changeless to stop where he was.

After all of them had entered the villa.

Only then did Chen Daojun slowly speak, “You stay here and protect them, I have to leave first.”


Changeless nodded solemnly.

As Chen Daogun turned around, his footsteps gave a beat: “Has that kid Zhao Brelu told you about Xu Qingfeng?”

Changeless shook his head bitterly, “That kid has been playing dumb and dumb.”

Chen Daojun gave a “hmm” and got into his car to leave.


Zhenjiang City.

It was a cold night and the wind was crying and snow was howling.

After returning to Zhenjiang City, Huo Zhenxiao immediately went back to his heavy military defence work.

As far as he was concerned.

To him, going to the Chen family to congratulate them was a lie, but giving Chen Dong a helping hand in setting up his kingdom was the real deal!

A “Heaven’s First Merit”, a word of merit that is unparalleled in the world, is on a par with his Huo Zhenxiao.

It was enough for Chen Dong to defy the Chen family and successfully take over the crown from Chen Daolin.

After returning to Zhenjiang City, he also stopped paying attention to the Chen family and Chen Dong, his energy, all of it, was on the northern frontier!

The Huns’ change of heart had broken the alliance of the Hundred Clans, and had also made the Heaven-breaking Sword, which was stretched across the sky above Zhenjiang City, disappear for the time being.

Even so, he did not dare to slacken.

The joining of the Hundred Clans was enough to disintegrate Zhenjiang City and the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

The Northern Territory frontier in the midst of the extremely cold night sky had never seen a time when the pressure was reduced. A slight mistake would endanger not only Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, but the stability of the Northern Territory frontier, as well as the safety and security of the domain ……

After dealing with official business for a long time, Huo Zhenxiao leaned back in his chair, tiredly pinching the corners of his swollen and sore eyes.

Creak ……

Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open.

Huo Zhenxiao frowned in anger and looked askance.

But when he saw the person who walked into the room, his anger subsided and he hurriedly rose respectfully: “Master, why have you suddenly come to my place? Shouldn’t you be at Chen’s house at this moment pouring Chen Dong’s wine?”


Chen Daogun sat down in Huo Zhenxiao’s place without sorrow or joy, and lit a cigarette.


Huo Zhenxiao was dumbfounded, and only after three seconds did he come back to his senses and stared at Chen Daogun incredulously, “How is this possible to fail? The Chen brat’s ability and heart are all in the position of a transformed dragon, and he even has the world-renowned merit of me giving him the first merit in the word of heaven, isn’t he already set?”

“The Chen family has changed, Chen Daolin disappeared, the major factions vying for the position of acting family head, and other forces intervened, so that Dong’er gave up fighting for the position of acting family head with the young family head, followed by ……”

Chen Daojun said halfway through, a sigh, leaning back in his chair with a cigarette in his mouth, his eyes staring at the ceiling: “I won the sky half a son, after all, it was still a bad move.”

“This ……”

Huo Zhenxiao’s face changed drastically, his eyes widened and he fell into a daze.

Chen Daogun’s few brief words were too informative, so much so that he, the War God Sovereign, was a little overwhelmed by the reaction.

A long time later.

Only then did Huo Zhenxiao slowly said, “The Chen Family’s turmoil is afraid that it will also spill over into the world’s turmoil, right?”

“Zhenxiao, my master wants to lend you something!”

Chen Daojun suddenly spoke.

“Master wants to borrow something, just ask.”

Huo Zhenxiao looked solemn and spoke straightforwardly.

“Your twelve Martial Dao Bodies!”

Chen Daogun’s gaze was profound as he looked straight at Huo Zhenxiao.

“Twelve Zodiac Martial Dao Bodies?”

Huo Zhenxiao’s flesh instantly ached, “Master, this is not for borrowing!”

“This one can be borrowed!”

Chen Daojun said in a deep voice.

Huo Zhenxiao cried out, “That was something I managed to come up with with great difficulty, and I even took the life of Zhang Wuji, the eight general of the Thief Sect, it’s an important treasure that will be used to enhance the overall strength of the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army and consolidate the frontier!”

“This can really be borrowed!”

Chen Daojun’s voice got even lower, “Big deal, I’ll wait until you’ve recast the new twelve Martial Dao bodies again, then I’ll borrow it away.”

“The key is that Master you’ve already dismantled the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique, these first twelve Martial Dao Bodies won’t be useful to you.” Huo Zhenxiao was still intolerant.

“It’s not for me to use.”

Chen Daogun’s gaze suddenly snapped up, “I am taking the twelve Martial Dao Bodies and bringing them into Black Hell!”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Huo Zhenxiao was struck by lightning, his tiger body shook and his features became even more hideous and tense, “Master, are you crazy?”

Chapter 1244

This moment.

Huo Zhenxiao ignored even the seniority of his master and disciple and spoke straightforwardly.

It was not that he was disobedient, it was that he knew exactly what was being held in the Black Prison.

The prison was located in the extreme north, alone in a desperate and uninhabited land, and the people it held were all the kings of war, gods of war and fierce gods from all the world’s countries and regions, all of whom had been famous in the past.

Bringing the Twelve Zodiac Martial Bodies into the Black Prison was like a bolt from the blue to Huo Zhenxiao.

He spared no expense, and even Elder Zhang Wuji sacrificed his life for this purpose, in order to boost the battle power of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and to vault the frontier defences.

But …… the twelve zodiac martial dao bodies into the black prison, such a supreme martial heritage, if the fierce gods and gods of war in the black prison to look at the sense of ……

Those people, who are already the best among men, feel it, more quickly and easily than the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

After all, the 300,000 warriors of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army are still only veterans selected from the armies of the major military regions in the domain.

Whereas within the Black Prison, that was one in ten thousand of the ten thousand armies in the world!

“I am mad.”

Chen Daojun looked gloomy and dishevelled, his gaze so deep that it resembled a black hole vortex, “How can I dare to compete with the heavens again without giving everything I have? This world is going to be in chaos, the chess game has been broken, my half son of Shengtian has been stirred up, and even Master Kong Kong of the Hanging Sky Temple has come out, so if I don’t go mad, it will be too late!”

“Empty Master?!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s tiger body shook, his expression abruptly frightened, “Didn’t you say that the Hanging Sky Temple had always been hidden from the world? Back then, I heard from you that Master Khong Khong, after taking charge of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, had also used the heavy weapon of the domain to thoroughly investigate the Inverted Hanging Mountain, the Hanging Sky Temple and Master Khong Khong, but there were no clues, the real …… person has really come out?”

“My master as far as lying to you?”

Chen Daojun gaze gaze, lips mouthing: “ancient family, Iga flow, blood angels, this a family head birthday banquet, beat the blood angels, extinguished Dracula, but the three forces, the blood angels organization and Dracula is the weakest, the birthday banquet, that mangler is also shallow experience, in a hurry, by the ancient old lady and Iga patriarch to set up, Dracula moved, two old pipsqueak is Seeing that something was wrong, they immediately disappeared.”

“The Gu family is a former ancient martial arts clan with a rich heritage, and is deeply entangled with the Chen family, which I have told you! The Iga Ryu is even a ninja holy sect, with a long history, and now even Master Khongkong, a Buddhist who has avoided the world, has jumped out.”

As he spoke.

Chen Daojun wrinkled his brows and looked at Huo Zhenxiao, “So do you think that if I don’t go mad again, I still have a chance?”

Huo Zhenxiao was stunned.

He was the master of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the god of war in the domain, and his mighty name shook the heavens.

But he had known at a very early stage, through the mouth of Chen Daojun, that this world was far from being the simple world that he saw.

The Iga Ryu, the Blood Angels Organisation, these were all giant predator forces that were on the surface.

The Gu family changed back then and went into hiding, but with his energy, Huo Zhenxiao was still able to find out.

Only such an existence as Master Kong Kong of the Hanging Sky Temple, even to this day, he had found nothing.

In a trance, Huo Zhenxiao even had a feeling of a vague chill running down his spine.

At this moment, Chen Daojun slowly rose and raised his hand to gently pat the dazed Huo Zhenxiao on the shoulder, “Ten days, please ask Brother Wu Dao to recreate the Twelve Zodiac Martial Dao Bodies, and after ten days, I will ask the Martial Dao Bodies to enter the Black Prison.”

“Twelve zodiac martial dao bodies, although not yet twelve, but only eleven and a half martial dao bodies, the remaining half, can not be chiseled, Zhang Wuji before his immortal journey, left training perhaps have the Lupin technique to cast out.”

Huo Zhenxiao no longer meat the martial dao body, but still numbly reminded Chen Daojun.

“Eleven and a half seats, that’s enough.”

Chen Daogun said calmly, and slowly pulled out the broken finger from his pocket, “Within ten days, I need you to use the gene pool to find out where this broken finger came from, it is related to Dao Lin’s disappearance, if he is safe and returns early, he might be able to set the Chen family in advance and stabilize the world.”

“My disciple takes orders.”

Huo Zhenxiao nodded and accepted the severed finger with both hands.

“In addition, the Blood Angels have done evil to the Chen family’s birthday banquet, and the leader Dracula’s life fell to the Chen family, we should also help the Chen family, there is no need for the Blood Angels organisation to continue to exist.”

Chen Daojun’s voice was low and murderous, causing the temperature in the room to explode and drop by a large margin.


The other side.

The thirteen cities of Xiongnu were covered in onyx and sorrow pervaded.

The king of Xiongnu had died, and the nation mourned for three hundred days.

The atmosphere inside the Huns’ palace was even more intense.

The wind and snow wailed.

All was onyx, and even the lamplight was a little more forlorn.

All the guards and servants in the palace were wrapped in plain clothes and looked pitying and sorrowful.

Even …… now the Huns have a new king.

The new king has ascended to the throne, but it does not add any colour to the palace.

Inside the king’s palace.

The new king’s robe is a gorgeous robe that can be called a scenic cape, slightly powdered and with red lips like blood.

She stared blankly at the howling snow and wind outside the king’s palace, her eyes hollow and lustreless.

Every now and then, she would pick up the jug of wine and take a long, hard gulp.

The wine was extremely strong and stung like hell.

But swallowing it down her throat and straight into her belly gave her a different feeling.

An unspeakable guilt.

The death of the Hun King, the change in the Hun Heaven, the abrupt end of the alliance of the hundred tribes, all of these shocking changes, all of them originated from just one decision of hers.

That man …… changed the sky of the Huns!

And with a single stroke of his own, he put the brakes on the joining of the hundred tribes beyond the realm!

The funeral service of the Hun king was held with extra pomp and circumstance.

It was a last act of filial piety for her father and a way to make up for her guilt.

Her dead father had to pay the price for her!

As for becoming the first queen in the history of the Huns, she had never felt happy or honoured.

It was thanks to the arrangements that her father had made before he died and burned his life to the ground, coupled with the death of her father and the infrastructure support of the Chen family’s merchant fleet, that she was able to stabilize the situation in Xiongnu and ascend to the throne for the time being.

“Father …… demon mother misses you.”

Shying cheeks flushed, drunkenness gradually up, eyes confused, lazily leaning on top of the throne, lonesome look, with relaxation, and added a few charming and enchanting.

This innate charming and enchanting nature will be revealed on her body at the slightest relaxation.

“Aunty Shying.”

The timid cry made Shying’s misty eyes glow with a touch of glory.

She looked towards the entrance of the king’s hall, where Barbara stood timidly, her small face looking at her with worry, while behind Barbara stood guards and servants.

“Barbara, come over here, you guys stand down.”

Xixing smiled faintly and beckoned to Barbara.

Barbarian slowly walked towards Shy Star on the throne, his big eyes flashing, looking at Shy Star with a fearful look every now and then.

When Barbara walked up to the throne, Shying’s jade arm crossed and wrapped around Barbara’s waist, carrying her up to the throne.

The four eyes met.

The next second.

Shying Xing’s blood-like red lips were printed on Barbara’s ……