Winner Takes All Chapter 1241-1242

Chapter 1241


The lion roared to the sky.

The snowy lion carried Chen Dong, striding wildly through the Chen family garden, tearing the wind and splitting the snow.

Sitting on the back of the Snowy Lion, Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost and his expression was stern.

Thoughts in his mind were in a tangled mess, completely unable to make sense of them.

But at this moment, there was no need!

At a slant, a figure leaped above the wall at great speed, catching up with Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion as fast as lightning.

“Dong’er! Uncle and your father have waited for this day, the family headship is within your grasp, and you are willing to give it up like this?”

Chen Daojun’s qi roared as he scolded in a stern voice.

Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet red, and he glanced at the Snowy Lion under his seat in dismay.

How strong had uncle’s strength become?

Could his legs even catch up with the Snowy Lion’s speed?

A thought flashed by and Chen Dong said decisively, “I’ve worked so desperately to get my mother the glory that should have belonged to her, to make Little Shadow shine brightly, and now that my mother has successfully entered the Chen Family Ancestral Hall, Little Shadow’s life is more important than the Chen Family Headship!”

“You are too impulsive!”

Chen Daojun burst out.

“I just don’t forget my original intention.”

Chen Dong smiled sadly, “Just like when my mother’s life-saving money, that was the real family money, but I knew clearly that money could be earned again if it was gone, but if a person was gone, they would really never come back, that’s why I agreed to the doctor’s liver replacement surgery without hesitation, but unfortunately, they even robbed my mother’s life-saving money, that day was also the moment when my fate changed… …”

“Dong’er ……”

In the darkness, Chen Daojun pranced at high speed, and could not see his face, but his tone was full of anxiety.

“Eldest uncle, without Little Shadow, what use would it be for me to hold all the wealth in the world?”

Chen Dong interrupted Chen Daogun’s discouragement.

The lights were glorious.

Under the night sky with stars.

The festivities in the Chen family’s garden had not yet receded.

It was only Chen Daoling’s disappearance that had plunged the Chen family into complete chaos and turmoil.

Bang Teen!

The Snowy Lion leapt, directly jumping over the two-metre high courtyard wall and landing in a courtyard.

Here, was the place where Gu Qingying and the others were!

As soon as he landed, Chen Dong’s scarlet gaze looked towards the middle of the hall.

Inside, the lights were bright.

Kunlun, Bai Qi and the others, however, were all lying on the ground, and there were even pools of blood gathering.

This scene instantly caused Chen Dong’s jaws to split and his anger to fill his heart.

“Brother Dong!”

In the hall room, Qin Ye was lying on the threshold and saw Chen Dong: “Sister-in-law, it’s still in that man’s hands!”

“Which way?”

Chen Dong asked after him.

The words had just fallen.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

A sound of chanting Buddha suddenly came from the darkness not far away.

The voice was thick and magnetic.

But as soon as he remembered it, Chen Dong’s body sweat stood up and his heart twitched hard.

So close …… I didn’t perceive it at all?!

Chen Dong forced down the shock in his heart and slowly looked towards where the darkness was.

It was too dark under the large, luxuriant trees that blocked out most of the light.

Also at the same time as he looked, two figures slowly came out from behind the trees, walking out.

Gu Qingying was in front, her face full of desolation and trepidation.

Behind her was a stooped, thin figure, dressed in a cloth robe, with a white beard and white eyebrows, so old that the skin of his face was completely drooping and clinging to his bones, and only a few teeth were left in his mouth, which was slightly open with a smile.

A very old, very old feeling!

So much so that the cloth robe, as if it was too big, directly enveloped the body that had no idea how thin it really was.

“A monk?”

Chen Dong’s eyes exploded with essence, and the fear in his heart intensified.

It was clearly a face that made people feel terrified, and it was clearly a face that had just threatened him with Gu Qingying’s life, over the phone.

But at this moment, with the old monk’s chanting of Buddha and grin.

However, it gave Chen Dong a feeling of spring breeze, tranquility and peace.

It was precisely because of this feeling that Chen Dong was extraordinarily frightened of the old monk in front of him.

A man who could completely hide his breath and shield himself from being sensed, even taking Gu Qing Ying beside him along with him.

How terrifyingly strong would this have to be ……?

And a smile to change his impression of people, how terrifying would that have to be?

In a flash.

Chen Dong gazed at the old monk, as if he had the feeling of a mole looking at a mountain.

Let alone seeing through the old monk!

It was a complete blur of dripping light!

“Master Chen, good talent, I am much offended.”

The old monk stood at Gu Qingying’s side and smiled with his eyebrows, “The poor monk has believed in Buddhism all his life, so he had no choice but to do so, it is indeed a sin and a sin.”

“You know it’s a sin, and you still don’t know your mistake and change?”

Chen Dong forced down his fear and spoke calmly.

The old monk looked stunned for a moment.

Obviously, he did not expect Chen Dong to really accept his words.

It was also at this moment of silence.


Chen Daogun leapt down to the side of Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion.

As soon as he saw the old monk, Chen Daojun’s expression immediately became grave and his pupils tightened.

“Master Empty Sky, you are a Buddhist, such tactics are too underhanded.”

Master Khong Khong?

Chen Dong glanced at Chen Daogun in surprise, “Uncle, you know him?”

Chen Daojun did not say anything, but stepped towards Gu Qingying and Master Kongkong.

“My Chen Daojun’s nephew-in-law, Master Kongkong also dares to rob, I’m afraid that the Hanging Temple will have to be demolished?”

As he took one step forward, a majestic aura like a prison exploded out from Chen Daojun’s body, a mountainous roar, crushing the sky and earth towards Gu Qingying and Master Kongkong.

“Stand still!”

Scruples surfaced on Grandmaster Empty Sky’s face as he bellowed, “Daogun ah Daogun, how can you be so vulgar, Lao Di Hanging Sky Temple has always been kind to people, what are you doing demolishing Lao Di Hanging Sky Temple?”

Chen Daojun stopped in his tracks.

His sword eyebrows were raised.

The ground cracked instantly with a “bang”.

“Master Kongkong, do you still want to make a fool of yourself?”

“You don’t want to force your face!”

The originally smiling Master Kongkong instantly rebuked angrily, then his expression changed again: “Amitabha Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, please forgive me for the sin of defiling my mouth, forcing is not good, forcing is not good ……”

Chen Dong smacked his lips a little.

The scene in front of him caught him a little off guard.

This Empty Master, obviously, was acquainted with Uncle Daojun, otherwise he would not have had this kind of verbal conversation.

“Now, let go of my nephew-in-law!”

Chen Daojun’s voice was cold and stern, his aura majestic.

From the beginning to the end, Gu Qingying’s pair of tearful eyes always stared at Chen Dong with fear and supplication, but did not open her mouth for a single word.

Because she was clear that anything she said now would not help.


Master Empty Sky met Chen Daojun’s aura and said in a deep voice, “Old ca*sock may not want his face, but old ca*sock wants something else!”


Chen Daogun’s qi surged, turning into a cyclone visible to the naked eye, and shot straight into the night sky, “You have already forced my Dong’er to give up his position as acting family head, and now you still want something else, Master Empty Sky, you are over a hundred years old and still can’t let go of your greed, anger and hatred?”

“If the old ca*sock doesn’t do it, there is still someone else who does!”

Master Empty Sky’s eyes burst out with a brilliant aura as he suddenly looked towards Chen Dong, “Master Chen, the old ca*sock is good to people, your friends and family, none of them have been killed, as long as you give the old ca*sock three drops of blood, the old ca*sock will let your wife go today and disappear immediately.”

Being gazed at by Master Khongkong, Chen Dong’s body stiffened and fear spread.

However, Master Kongkong’s words caused Chen Dong to instantly reveal a confused look of bewilderment.

Chapter 1242

“Just three drops of my blood?”

Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded.

The other party had put down Kunlun and the others with their power alone, and had even gone so far as to force him to give up his position as the acting head of the Chen Family with Gu Qingying’s life.

On his way to save Gu Qingying, Chen Dong had even prepared for a fish death.

On the contrary, the demand made by Master Kongkong was only for three drops of blood!

What was the connection between three drops of blood and the Chen Family’s acting headship?

What was the comparison between the two?

“Dong’er, don’t agree!”

While in doubt, Chen Daogun’s qi surged and he turned around brazenly, glaring at Chen Dong angrily.

This bellow was like a loud thunderclap.

Chen Dong’s body shook violently, and he could even clearly feel the mountainous pressure of Uncle Daogun, pressing directly across.

“Uncle, it’s only three drops of blood ……”

Chen Dong was confused and his lips were mumbling.

The words did not finish.

“Shut up!”

Chen Daojun’s expression snapped and he shouted angrily.

What the hell is going on here?

Chen Dong was completely confused, his already redundant and complicated thoughts, at this moment, it was even more as if his head was about to explode.

“Amitabha Buddha, O Daoguang, Master Chen also said that it was only three drops of blood, it is not as if the old ca*sock was going to rob the family, let Master Chen give up the acting head of the Chen family, and then take three drops of blood to the old ca*sock, this deal is very cost effective for you.”

With a kind smile on his face, Master Empty Sky raised his hand and gently patted Gu Qing Ying’s shoulder, “If you don’t give these three drops of blood to this female monk, old ca*sock ……”

As he spoke, Grandmaster Khongkong’s expression suddenly snapped.

Ming Ming merely landed his left hand gently on Gu Qingying’s shoulder.


Gu Qing Ying’s delicate body trembled as she screamed out in misery, her face in pain and tears welling up.

“Little Ying!”

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, his mind panicking as he hurriedly said, “Here, I’ll give!”


Chen Daojun’s expression was tightly wrinkled, wanting to say something but then stopping.

Instead, he turned around brazenly and looked angrily at Master Khongkong, “Old vulture, do you really think that I can’t find the Inverted Hanging Mountain and demolish your Hanging Temple?”

“Daoist monarch, you can’t blame me for this, who made you two brothers plan such a big move?”

Master Empty Sky looked solemn, no longer smiling and laughing, giving people a sense of Buddha’s might and great oppression, “Lao ca*sock only wants three drops of his blood, not to smash your chessboard, are you so angry because you think your nephew-in-law’s life is not worth three drops of blood?”

“If Lao ca*sock did not speak of martial virtue and Buddhist rules, Lao ca*sock would not have done what he did tonight, but would have attacked and killed this son directly while you were away!”

“You lied to me first, if it wasn’t for the gathering of the world’s great sects today, and this son’s success in one battle, I would still be in the dark, in just over a year’s time, he would have been able to charge into the sky and transform into a dragon, and feel the Qi, such a heavenly person, almost missed by me!”

The words were powerful and resounding.

As the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong could clearly feel that Master Kongkong’s aura was rising rapidly like a mountain being pulled up from the flat earth.

In his line of sight.

The terrifying qi energy even rose from underneath Grandmaster Khong Khong’s feet, wrapping around Grandmaster Khong Khong and Gu Qingying as they went straight up into the night sky.

Click ……

The nearest big tree to the qi energy was also swept by the qi energy, and the trunk of the tree exploded with cracks in response.

A series of remarks brought Chen Daojun into silence.

Chen Dong sat on the back of the Snowy Lion and gazed at Chen Daogun’s back.

He could not see the look on his uncle’s face at the moment, but he could hear Gu Qingying’s heart-rending cries of pain.

Each cry made his heart drip with blood.

“I give!”

Chen Dong took a deep breath, his tongue bursting into thunder as he leapt off the Snowy Lion.

A whirlwind.

It was then that he stepped towards Master Kongkong and Gu Qingying.

With this explosive cry.

Chen Daojun, who was standing still, his body visibly trembled for a moment.

Chen Dong saw it in his eyes, but he had no time to care.

He had to save Gu Qingying!

As he pa*sed by Chen Daojun.


Chen Dong then felt his arm tighten, and when he looked down, Chen Daogun’s hand was gripping his arm tightly.

“Uncle Daogun, I have to save my wife!”

Chen Dong’s voice was incomparably resolute.

There was a silence for three seconds.

Chen Daogun’s hand, slowly dropped, only for his head to lower with it, making it impossible for Chen Dong to see his expression.

“Right, it’s just three drops of blood!”

The Qi from Master Empty Air gradually weakened.

Chen Dong looked at the pained Gu Qingying and his footsteps could not help but speed up.

When walking in front of the two.

Chen Dong said, “Let my wife go first, and then I will give you the blood.”


Master Kongkong released Gu Qingying and gave her a gentle shove.

Gu Qingying stumbled into Chen Dong’s arms at once.

“Little fool, it’s safe.”

Chen Dong hugged Gu Qingying with his right hand and immediately lifted his left hand, handing it to Master Empty.

Master Empty Sky’s eyes shone brightly.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and chanted a Buddhist hymn to Chen Dong’s left arm, swirling his head down.


The fingertips of the joined hands were surrounded by qi energy, and with this lowering of his head, he was able to cut a gash into Chen Dong’s left arm.

Fresh blood dripped down.

Immediately, Master Empty Sky pulled out a small test tube and intercepted the blood.

This all happened very quickly.

After Master Empty Sky had put away the test tube, he then gave Chen Dong a benevolent smile, “Thank you, Grandmaster Chen, Grandmaster Chen’s merits are immense.”

After saying that.

He turned around and stomped into the air with one step, his body as light as a swallow, disappearing behind the courtyard wall.

From the beginning to the end.

Chen Daojun had never spoken a word.

It was only as Master Khongkong left that Chen Daojun’s head, which had been lowered, finally slowly lifted.

It was forlorn, forlorn.

His eyes were scarlet, and two crystal tears were faintly flowing down the corners of his eyes.

If this scene were seen by onlookers, they would be absolutely dumbstruck.

A man who was able to crush a fierce god in a prison was shedding tears at this moment?


Not long after the tears appeared, a flash of Qi swept across Chen Daojun’s face without a trace, evaporating the two drops of tears and dissipating them.

It was at this moment.

Master Khong Khong, who had already left, suddenly heard a voice from afar.

“Dao Monarch, come to the Inverted Hanging Mountain, Hanging Sky Temple as a guest when you have time, old ca*sock is waiting with a swept couch.”

The voice rolled with a few moments of delight.


Chen Daogun’s hands clenched into fists, squeezing the air to burst.

Chen Dong pacified Gu Qingying and walked up to Chen Daogun with Gu Qingying full of doubts.

“Uncle, just how much have you guys been hiding from me? What is the Inverted Hanging Mountain? What is the Hanging Temple? And that Empty Master, who is he again?”

A series of questions came out of Chen Dong’s mouth.

The questions that were intertwined in his mind at this moment were far more than that.

He had long been aware that the fight for the Chen family’s headship was not just the end, but now that the winner was king, everything that opened up before him was shrouded in fog, making it impossible for him to see through it, nor could he weave everything together and sort out the logic.

The winner is king did not allow him to see through the clouds.

On the contrary, the clouds have been lifted and there is a bigger cloud hanging over him!


Chen Daojun, however, smiled ruefully, his tone tinged with exhaustion, “Pack everything up immediately and return to Tianmen Mountain Villa immediately, the Chen family cannot stay for long.”