Winner Takes All Chapter 1239-1240

Chapter 1239

One word, “Yes”.

Crisp and clear, no hesitation.

Everyone in the audience glanced at Chen Daocheng, who had made the proposal, in dismay, and then looked at Old Madam Chen.

Had the old lady wasted her life for the sake of power and profit?

They were hesitant and silent because they were afraid of Chen Daogun, afraid that Chen Daogun’s butcher’s knife would fall on their necks.

It was even clear to all that Chen Daocheng’s proposal was directly pushing the old lady into the limelight, going toe-to-toe with Chen Daogun.

On the contrary, Old Lady Chen did not hesitate to bite the bullet.

This bravery, which was not afraid of death, made the crowd secretly shocked.

The corners of Chen Daoping’s eyes twitched and his heart beat wildly.

He wanted to dissuade her, but Old Lady Chen agreed so quickly that he was too late.

At this moment, Chen Daoping was burning with anxiety.

He could even feel that with the word “yes”, a terrifying coldness as cold as a prison instantly poured from Chen Daogun’s body, causing him to fall into an ice cave.

“Sanniang, do you really want to contest for the acting family head?”

Chen Daojun’s lips and teeth opened lightly, his voice cold and stern.


Old Mrs. Chen met Chen Daogun’s gaze and did not give an inch: “From the moment the decision was made, I have already put my life and death on the line, Daogun, you are willing to kill and dare to kill, I don’t mind being cut down by you in this council hall, but I have been in the Chen family for these flowery years, and now I am the only senior member of the Chen family, I will never allow you to do whatever you want to the Chen family after the disappearance of the family head and trap the Chen family The family will not allow you to do anything to the Chen family after the disappearance of the head of the family.

The words were strong and resounding.

But Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

How …… righteous!

“How dare I kill Sanniang?”

Chen Daogun slowly picked up his bladeless heavy sword from the table, his voice was hoarse and low: “Sanniang is a Chen family auspicious, everyone knows it in their hearts, I can kill Sanniang, but I can’t destroy the Chen family, it’s just that …… the Chen family has never had a precedent of having a foreign relative woman at the helm!”

“The moment I entered the Chen family, I was already a Chen family member and a Chen family ghost, so what is the point of having a relative?”

The old lady Chen’s eyes shot up with a cold aura, and her wrinkled face trembled violently, her anger undisguised.

It was only with Chen Daojun’s words that he spoke.

The people in power who were originally stunned looked different and complicated.

Even though Old Lady Chen had a high prestige, she was still a foreign relative!

Not to mention that she was also a woman!

The simple word “woman” had built up a high wall in the hearts of all those in power.

This is not just a taboo for the Chen family!

It is a taboo for all the great families of the world!

“In that case, let’s vote to elect!”

Chen Daogun slowly closed his eyes, but one hand fell on Chen Dong’s shoulder.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and gloomy, but his heart was filled with bitterness and anger.

This was already the best situation!

Instead of each faction fighting against each other, the chances of winning would be better if he and Old Lady Chen were placed on the chessboard and competed for supremacy than earlier.

After all, Uncle Daojun had already seen blood and beheaded Chen Dao’s relatives in front of the court, but he was still unable to suppress the greedy minds of the crowd, and Old Lady Chen, who had been single-handedly pushed by Chen Daocheng at this moment, had come forward directly, defying life and death.

This is not only the determination of Old Lady Chen, but also the determination of Chen Daocheng and the rest of the faction at the helm, who are not afraid of death!

When he and Chen Daojun joined forces, they could indeed kill the Council Hall to the point of blood flowing.

But …… what about after the killing?

The big picture being what it was, with his father missing, he couldn’t wait for his father to return and become the bare commander of the Chen family?

The atmosphere inside the council hall is frozen and stern.

After a few seconds of silence.

Chen Daocheng was the first to rise, with a large belly and his hands falling to his belly: “All those who support the old lady, raise your hands!”

As he spoke, Chen Daocheng was the first to raise his right hand.

This scene.

The crowd of people in power were incomparably surprised.

Even the va*sal rulers of Chen Daocheng’s faction showed their astonishment.

“Dao Cheng, the old lady is a foreign woman, do you really want to go against the ancestral precedent?”

A voice rang out in a low tone.

Chen Dong looked askance as the one who spoke was an uncle from his father’s faction.

“The Chen family is in danger, so in order to stabilise the situation, of course, the one who is able to do so will be the one to take over.”

Chen Daocheng said with a helpless face, “The young family head’s ability is indeed astonishing to us, but the young family head has indeed been in contact with the Chen family for too short a time, his qualifications are shallow, and he still needs years of experience, how can the magnificent Chen family be easily handed over to him, is this not child’s play?”

The words fell.

A few more people raised their hands in succession.

As Chen Dong swept through, he saw that not only were they from Chen Daocheng’s faction, but also the rest of the people in power, ten in total!

With Chen Daoping raising his hand, there were eleven in total!

With the remaining …… plus Chen Daojun, there are twelve in total!

“Good, next, those who support Chen Dong raise their hands!”

Chen Daocheng frowned slightly and added, “Those of you who can abstain from voting.”

One word came out.

Old Mrs. Chen, who looked pensive, instantly unfurled her brows.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun were even more instantly hostile.

What the hell …… is this reasoning?

The word “abstain” was not mentioned in the ballot for Old Mrs. Chen, but now when it was Chen Dong’s turn, he pointed out the word “abstain”, clearly hinting at the people here!

“Uncle Dao Cheng, I, Chen Dong, have no grudges or enemies with you, right?”

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into a slit as his depressed anger accumulated.

“The Young Master is overly concerned, it’s just that the Young Master is out wandering and wandering, and it’s impossible for me, as an uncle, to really know the Young Master like the back of my hand in a year or so, so how could I watch the Chen Family fall to pieces under the Young Master’s imminent command?”


Chen Dong closed his eyes and laughed coldly.

Almost simultaneously.

A single hand, slowly raised.

One by one, no one in power spoke out, raising their hands as a show of support for Chen Dong.

Those in power in Chen Daolin’s faction did not hesitate!

But the rest of those in power, at this moment, did not hesitate in the slightest either.

They knew exactly how risky it would be for the Chen family to fall into the hands of a foreign woman!

Not only was it a risk, but it was a violation of the ancestral precedent and a disgrace to the Chen family!

In the blink of an eye, all eleven of them raised their hands.

Only Chen Daojun stood still.

But it was clear to all that Chen Daojun had already made his position clear from the very beginning!

At this moment.

Inside the Hall of Council, there was dead silence.

Old Lady Chen, Chen Daocheng, Chen Daoping and the others had pitch-black faces and resigned expressions.

Chen Dong slowly opened his eyes and swept across the room, revealing a smile of relief.

The situation, the dust had settled!

Chen Dong indifferently swept a glance at Old Lady Chen and Chen Daocheng, and was about to get up.



The sound of a lion’s roar shook heaven and earth.

From outside, it rushed into the Council Hall with a roar.

In an instant.

Everyone revealed a pained look, their eardrums being shaken to the point of severe pain.

Chen Dong rose to his feet with a start, “The Snowy Lion, how did it come out on its own?”

When he had descended into the Chen Clan, the Snow Domain Lion had remained within the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon War Machine.

Moreover, after the Beast King had returned to his heart, it was simply impossible for the Snow Domain Stallion to act without his orders.


A flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows instantly opened in anger, “The Beast King returns to his heart and protects his master?”

The words had just left his mouth.


Chen Daogun let out an explosive shout and in an instant, he picked up his Bladeless Heavy Sword, bringing up a streak of shadows and directly resisting Chen Dong’s side.

The next second.

Firelight appeared in the night sky outside the Council Hall.

It illuminated the deep night as bright as day, as if it had instantly burned this side of the firmament.

Whoosh whoosh ……

The cold light was bitterly cold, and the sky was covered with darts that rained down like pearls, directly engulfing towards Chen Dong and Chen Daogun under the imprint of the fire light that filled the sky.

Chapter 1240

Clang Clang ……

The overwhelming number of darts rained down on the bladeless heavy sword.

Iron trees and silver flowers splattered.

Countless darts landed on the bladeless sword with unerring accuracy.

The rest of the men were not affected.

But the dramatic change still caused the crowd in the council hall to scurry in panic.

Even Old Lady Chen, screaming, went under the cover of Chen Daoping and went straight under the council table.

The scene was chaotic, with shrieks and screams.

The next second.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A shell, wrapped in blazing flames, landed with a bang outside the council hall.

As a mushroom cloud of flame rose into the air, a raging wave of fire swept even further across the area.

“Dong’er, back off!”

Chen Daogun bellowed, and with a powerful clang of his arm muscles, he directly graved up, clutching his Bladeless Heavy Sword and fending off the bomb’s shockwave.

Chen Dong, under the cover of Chen Daogun, quickly retreated to avoid the rolling heat wave.

But as he retreated, his heart was in turmoil and his mind was reeling.

Who was it?

Whose handiwork was this?

At this moment, Chen Dong’s mind was full of rotten cotton wool, viciously intertwined and clueless.

He could be certain that this was by no means the handiwork of any of the people in the Palace of Deliberation.

It wasn’t that these people couldn’t do it.

Rather, it was that these people wouldn’t do it!

The Chen family head was missing, already in a precarious and turbulent state.

Even if these people in power wanted to eat human blood buns and fight for power and profit, they would never dare to add to the turmoil in the Chen family again.

Everyone was panicking and screaming.


The bombardment went on for just one round, and then there was no more follow-up.

It all came and went as quickly as it came.

Inside the Hall of Council, the place was littered with wreckage, the air still flecked with dirt and dust shavings, and a strong smell of gunpowder permeated the air.

The people in power in the Chen family were huddled in the corners, looking terrified and shocked, and even those who were slightly timid were already trembling.

Chen Dong, under the shelter of Chen Daojun, was unharmed.

As the bombardment ended, it was his cold eyes that quickly swept over everyone in the room.

In the midst of such a sudden and dramatic change, even those who could manage their micro-expressions well would definitely not be able to conceal them.

All those who met his eyes were terrified and horrified, terrified and at a loss for words, and even the slightest hint in the corner of his eyes could not be found in Chen Dong’s eyes.


At that very moment, outside the Hall of Council, there was once again the earth-shattering roar of a lion from the Snowy Region.

Chen Dong’s mind shook as he got up and walked around Chen Daojun, his pupils instantly tightening.

The lights were brilliant.

The huge body of the Snowy Land Lion leapt straight up in the air and crossed the wall of the Council Hall in a domineering stance.

And in the Snowy Lion’s mouth, there was a bloodied corpse dangling!

The corpse, covered in black and almost broken in two, was bloody in the mouth of the Snowy Lion.

The Snowy Lion’s snow-white fur was still stained with blood and water.

There was a thud!

After landing on the ground, the Snowy Male Lion spat the corpse on the ground and immediately roared up to the sky.

The sound was deafening.

At this moment, the Snowy Lion’s might as a lion king was clearly visible.

Almost simultaneously.

Outside the Hall of Council, the sound of footsteps rang out thickly.

It was the Chen family guards who had come together!

When the courtyard door was opened, the tide of panicked guards stopped in their tracks the moment they witnessed the Snow Lion, all looking fearful.

Chen Daogun slowly lowered his bladeless heavy sword.

His face was sullen, his gaze deep, without sadness or joy, as he gazed out at the ground that was bombarded with craters.

“A warning?”

Chen Dong murmured softly.

He was not stupid!

If the other side could bombard the outside of the Council Hall directly, then they could just bombard the Council Hall directly just now and reunite the Chen Family’s group of people in power!

What was a warning if it could be done but not done?

But what was he warning me about?

Chen Dong’s face was full of doubts and his heart was tumbling.

Chen Daogun slowly spat out the words, “If you don’t let my son become the head of the family, then I will help my son become the head of the family!”

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring as he looked at Chen Daojun in confusion.

Just at that moment.

Chen Dong’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Chen Dong tapped on the speakerphone button.

A thick, magnetic voice rang out.

“They, are no match for me!”


The sound was like thunder, as if it was a bolt from the blue.

Chen Dong’s entire body exploded.

He instantly thought of Gu Qingying and the others.

For a moment, Chen Dong’s face changed drastically, frozen like a wooden chicken, and doubts abounded.

He was just worried that Gu Qingying and the others were in danger, so when he had come to the Council Hall just now, he had asked Elder Long to gather everyone together, even Ye Yuanqiu, Yuan Yigang and the others.

Kunlun, Bai Qi, Fan Lu, Wu Chang, Yuan Yigang and Ye Yuanqiu, six great experts all gathered together, who else could they not defeat?

The thought had just started.

On the phone, the sound of Gu Qingying crying in pain suddenly rang out, “Husband ……”

Hearing this sound, Chen Dong’s scalp exploded.

The entire person fell into a frantic and stormy state.

“Little Shadow, Little Shadow ……”

Chen Dong immediately grabbed the phone and rushed towards the outside of the council hall.


“Dong’er, calm down!”

The moment Chen Daojun heard the voice, he too had a cold aura exploding in his eyes, even a little stunned, but instantly still raised his hand to grab the storming Chen Dong.

“Let go of me, I’m going to save her!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were covered in blood, he did not know what had happened where Gu Qingying and the others were, nor did he know how the man on the phone had defeated Kunlun and their six great experts.

But none of this mattered now!

What mattered was that Gu Qingying was in trouble!

Something had happened to his wife!

“Give up the family master, spare her life!”

Almost simultaneously, over the phone, the voice rang out.

Chen Dong was stunned, the sky spinning.

Faintly, there was the sound of Gu Qingying’s sobs on the phone.

The voice on the phone instantly put him in a dilemma.

Anxiety, a heart like a knife, and a blackness in front of his eyes.

Chen Daojun’s complexion changed drastically, and his qi exploded with a “bang”, his robe rattling.

“You’re delusional!”

Almost simultaneously.

The terrified and helpless people in power revealed their horror.

Old Madam Chen, Chen Daocheng and the others were even more surprised.

Chen Daocheng even pretended to regret and said, “The young family head seems to have offended too many forces, now the winner is the king, all have to be defeated, but there is still a way out, big deal, do not want your wife’s life well, the three great joys of men are promotion, wealth and death of wife, the young family head has met exactly one joy ah, congratulations.”

“You shut up!”

Chen Daojun’s qi energy stirred and raised his bladeless heavy sword to point directly at Chen Daocheng, scaring Chen Daocheng into shrinking his neck.



Chen Dong’s hand landed on Chen Daogun’s wrist that was holding the sword.

This caused Chen Daogun’s angry expression to choke for an instant.

“That’s enough, uncle!”

Chen Dong lowered his head, his voice so hoarse that it was like countless gravel rubbing against his throat.

At this moment, it was as if his body was emptied of Qi, yet he did not hesitate.

“I, forfeit!”


“Chen Dong!”

Chen Daogun was struck by thunder as he roared out.

Chen Dong raised his head, his eyes already bloodshot, and his body exuded an eerie, violent aura.

“Didn’t I fight for everything and the winner is the king, just to return glory to my mother and let Little Shadow shine brightly?”

Chen Dong smiled, but the smile was bleak and seeping: “Heaven does not allow me, the Chen family does not allow me, for the sake of Little Shadow, this acting family head post, I do not want it, I have already experienced the pain of losing my ‘son’ once, if I cannot protect my wife and son, I am not a king at all.”

A rare grimace appeared on Chen Daojun’s cold face.


Chen Dong took the Bladeless Heavy Sword from Chen Daogun’s hand, dragged his tired body, turned around, and walked step by step towards the Snowy Lion outside the Council Hall.

“As long as Little Shadow is well, what if I give up everything?”

“If the heavens do not allow me, I will defy this heaven.”

“The Chen family does not allow me, then I …… will take my surname and crown it anew with a new Chen family!”

Chen Daojun looked forlorn: “Dong’er ……”

“Young master of the family ……”

Those who were in power under the faction of Chen Daolin were even more pleading.

Several families rejoiced and several families were sad.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daocheng and Chen Daoping were, however, ecstatic at this moment.

Chen Dong’s footsteps did not stop, dragging his bladeless heavy sword step by step, slowly but firmly walking towards the Snowy Lion.

The wind and snow, which fell on his body, was as bleak as it could be.

The voice echoing in the snow and wind was firm and resounding, like an oath.

“The winner is the king …… is just the beginning, right? Then I, Chen Dong, will go all the way to victory. I don’t want any winner to be king, I want to show you what it means to be born as king!”