Winner Takes All Chapter 1237-1238

 Chapter 1237

This moment.

As Chen Dong got up, his aura suddenly rose to the sky like a mountain being pulled up from the flat earth.

A harsh and bitter coldness erupted from Chen Dong’s body, washing away all directions.

It instantly caused the temperature in the hall to plummet to the freezing point.

A stern rebuke.

The whole room was silenced and looked embarra*sed.

Chen Dao’s face turned red and he was rendered speechless by Chen Dong’s question.

When he felt the biting coldness from Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Daojin’s heart beat wildly and his lips mumbled, “You, don’t be too angry, what I said is the truth!”


Chen Dong blatantly slapped his palm on the tabletop with a terrifying force, instantly spreading a spider web of cracks on the tabletop.

“What do you call a young man if you’re not angry?”

A stern voice exploded, echoing through the council hall.

At this moment, Chen Dong was overwhelming and majestic.

Both he and Chen Daojun knew exactly what was on the minds of this crowd of people in power.

The Acting Head of the Family was the ghost that everyone was carrying in their hearts!

When my father was around, he had used his supreme power and his position as the family head to suppress the ghosts of this group of people in power.

But when their father disappeared, their scruples were dispelled and their greed naturally grew.

But Chen Daojin, who was as dumb as a pig, took the place of all those in power and took their place!

Knowing full well what these people were thinking.

Chen Dong has no patience to continue to make false accusations, and even less patience to face this foolish B*****d Chen Daojin!

The only way is to cut the Gordian knot and settle the Chen family as soon as possible!

Inside the Council Hall, the smell of gunpowder was instantly strong.

Everyone revealed a look of surprise as they looked at the indignant Chen Dong.

Did this kid …… blow up so quickly?

Chen Daoxin even looked flustered.

At this moment, standing in the same place, there is a kind of body like oil cooking anxious feeling.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

He wanted to embarra*s Chen Dong.

He also wanted to make a name for himself, which was why he had taken the lead to say something about acting as the family head.

But he didn’t expect that this young man, Chen Dong, would be too immoral!

Come up here and be tough, but don’t just be tough on me, D*mn it, everyone is sitting here, we all think the same!

“Uncle Dao, I am the young family head, what qualifies me not to be the acting family head? I did not have the elite education of the Chen family, but I have made more brilliant achievements than any of the Chen family’s elite educated successors, since you are so impatient to oppose me, then today, in front of everyone, you will carefully say one or two things, otherwise …… don’t blame me, Chen Dong, for not respecting the old and loving the young!”

The tone of his voice was resounding, harsh as a knife, inch by inch.

Chen Daoxin’s body sweat hair stood up at once.

He gritted his teeth in anger and scolded in a stern voice, “Young Master, you are too arrogant to be so arrogant to me in front of everyone, this is a council meeting, not a place for you to overpower others with your power and spill your guts!”


Chen Dong propped his hands on the table and leaned forward, snorting in an overbearing manner, “Isn’t my arrogance something that the uncles of the Chen family have known for a long time? If I am not young and arrogant, what will I do with the victor?”

One step forward.

Chen Dong was indeed arrogant to the extreme.

In the Chen family, he also dared to raise his sword and ask Old Lady Chen to die in a fit of rage.

In the eyes of the Chen family, this was youthful and arrogant ignorance.

But he knew very well that if he had not been arrogant, he would have been trampled into ashes by these snake uncles of the Chen family!

This is the way of the world, wolves walk a thousand miles and eat meat, dogs walk a thousand miles and eat Sh*t!

Honest people are destined to be bullied, trampled on and eaten to the bone.

The prodigal son returns, and that’s the only thing that doesn’t change!

An honest man who returns is still an honest man!

Today, the Chen family is at the helm, everything is at stake for him and his father, and now that the picture is exhausted, if he doesn’t go crazy, he’ll be waiting for New Year’s Eve?

The whole room was silent.

The faces of all those at the helm of the Chen family were unsightly.

Chen Dong’s words were not just addressed to Chen Dao’s parents, they were clearly addressed to everyone!

The next second.

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and stared at Chen Daoxin with a cold and biting light.

“Uncle Daojin, I’m not crazy, even a P***ies like you can step on my head several times, tell me, what makes me not crazy? Tell me, what makes me unworthy to take over the Chen family right away?”

Facing Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Daojin’s mind was in turmoil and his scalp was tingling.

He could feel the overwhelming killing intent surging out from Chen Dong’s body, crushing in a vast manner.

In panic and fear, Chen Daoxin held back his fear and gritted his teeth, “Are you so mad, do you want to kill your own uncle? In front of everyone?”

The last trace of smile on Chen Dong’s face completely disappeared.

The endless coldness made his entire aura swoop and change at this moment.

Hostile, vicious and brutal ……

A horror like the sea of blood and white bones after the madness.

The crowd all look greatly changed, like sitting on pins and needles.

The smell of gunpowder had been so strong that it seemed to turn into substance and burst open.

Everyone was surprised that Chen Dao himself had taken their place.

But Chen Dong’s reaction took everyone by surprise!

The thunderous and arrogant attitude of the thunderbolt, in an instant, overwhelmed the entire field, forcing Chen Dao pro into a dilemma, not giving the crowd any more time to politely wind up.

This young man …… doesn’t follow the rules at all!

Just at this moment.


Chen Daojun’s cold and husky voice suddenly exploded in the council hall.


The sword sound tore through the air.

The astral wind suddenly rose.

Everyone had no time to react.

Chen Daogun was already holding the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand and stood beside Chen Daojin.

While the bladeless sword stretched across the sky, blood gushed from Chen Daojin’s neck, and his head flew up into the air, then crashed heavily onto the council table.

Until his death, Chen Daojin’s five senses remained the same gritted teeth that he had just questioned Chen Dong about trying to kill him.

Grunts ……

After Chen Daojin’s head landed on the council table, it dragged up a bloody path and tumbled around a few more times before finally stabilising.

“I, Chen Daojun, have been traversing the jianghu for decades, but I have never heard anyone make such a brazen request!”

Chen Daogun laughed playfully, his face as cold as frost, and slowly put away his bladeless heavy sword as he stepped behind Chen Dong, sweeping his gaze over the crowd, “Gentlemen, what do you say?”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes bulged with veins as his gaze stared at the human head of Chen Daoxin.

The incision at the neck was flat as can be!

He had never thought that an extremely heavy weapon such as the Bladeless Heavy Sword could be so heavy and so sharp ……


Old Lady Chen’s shriek broke the dead silence in the council hall completely.

Looking at the head of Chen Daoping on the table, Old Lady Chen’s features were terrified, her face was pale and her chest was even more violently heaving.

Chen Dao Ping, who was at the side, was shocked and hurriedly calmed Old Madam Chen: “Mom, calm down, take care of your body, you are sick, you must take care of yourself.”



Within the Hall of Council, a chorus of voices sucked in cold air.

The crowd of people in power were silenced, their sweat hairs blown up as they stared at Chen Daojun, their fear undisguised.

Was that …… madman who had killed the Chen family back then back in the day, back again?

Chapter 1238

Inside the Hall of Council.

The smell of blood was so thick that it made people gag.

The group of people in power in the Chen family were silenced and chilled to the bone.

They all looked at Chen Daojun with fear.

The younger one is crazy, the older one is ruthless!

This …… playing nimrod, huh?

Chen Dong’s arrogance has disrupted the rhythm of the crowd’s attempt to seize power by taking a step forward.

Chen Daojun is even a sword cut the crowd’s liver and guts tremendous shock.

Two uncles and nephews, how the hell are they both not martial virtues?

“Dao Ping, Dao Ping ……”

Old Mrs. Chen’s chest rose and fell violently, and her pale old face wailed in shock, “Get rid of him, get rid of him.”

Chen Daoping looked startled.

But looking at Old Lady Chen’s frightened appearance, he still clenched his teeth and picked up the head of Chen Dao’s relatives on the table with both hands, as if throwing a watermelon, and threw it out of the council hall.

Immediately afterwards.

He even got up and kicked Chen Daojin’s corpse to the entrance of the Hall.

After doing all this.

Only then did Old Madam Chen’s complexion ease up a little.

Her old face was fearful and her eyes were scarlet with tears as she said bitterly, “O Daojun, everyone is deliberating, why do you have to kill so much, where is Daojin’s fault?”

“Too much talk, noisy!”

Chen Daojun stood loftily behind Chen Dong, his body stirred with killing intent, and his words were even more domineering.

Even if he was just standing, the killing intent emanating from his body was like a shocking wave that stretched across the whole room, chilling the crowd with bated breath.

“To kill in anger for merely making noise, is this in the Chen family, in this council hall, or in front of all of us, and you just don’t care?”

Old Mrs Chen wailed and hissed in pain, not even forgetting to raise her hand and pound her heart.

It was as if she was in shock and her heart was twisting like a knife because of Chen Dao’s death.

As old Mrs. Chen wailed, a group of people in power also mouthed their lips and spoke up.

“Brother Daojun, we are all members of the Chen family, and we are all discussing the affairs of the Chen family, the family head suddenly went missing, the Chen family has no head, we are all anxious, but you don’t have to be like this, right?”

“Back then, when you were vying for the position of family head, you killed all the heirs of our generation in the Chen family, and all those who dared to compete with you were cut down by your sword.

“The first time I saw you, I was a little bit more than a little bit more than a little bit abrupt.


The tone of voice was pathos, full of pity.

Chen Dong listened to the wailing accusations of the group of people in power and laughed coldly in his heart.

Although it was an accusation, it was full of pathos, even almost a plea.

The pathos in his tone was but pathetically false.

If it were anyone else, these people in power would have already exploded in thunderous rage.

But it was Uncle Daojun who had struck, and these rulers were only pitying and pitying in their accusations.

The difference between them was like clouds and clouds!

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked towards the corpse of Chen Dao’s relative at the entrance of the Council Hall, secretly shaking his head.

“Stupid seeds are stupid seeds, dying is not even enough to make these people, feel half-hearted pity for you.”

This was the thought in Chen Dong’s mind.

Dang Teeny!

With a cold expression, Chen Daogun placed the Bladeless Heavy Sword on the council table in front of Chen Dong.

The noisy council hall was instantly and abruptly dead silent.

Chen Daogun swept his gaze across the crowd and said out of the corner of his eye in a cold voice, “I, Chen Daogun, have acted throughout my life, why do I need to explain to you and others?”

The words were harsh and domineering.

They instantly rang out like thunder.

The crowd of rulers were left red-faced and speechless.

There was indeed no need to explain!

Back then, when Chen Daojun had killed the heir of the Chen Family, the chickens and dogs were in turmoil and all the people and ghosts were afraid of him, but he had never explained a word to the magnificent Chen Family.

Twenty-odd years later.

The God of Killers has returned, and in the Hall of Council, what explanation is needed to kill a man?

If Chen Daoling hadn’t set the head of the family in time, I’m afraid that at least two thirds of the people here would have been turned into souls and returned to hell, not to mention the need for Chen Daogun to explain to them.

The whole room was silent.

Old Lady Chen swept her gaze across the crowd of people in power, her brows furrowed in indignation.

Did no one dare to jump?

A bunch of Chen family wastrels who could never eat four dishes in their lifetime!

Secretly cursing, Old Lady Chen’s eyes rose with determination and said in a polite and sad voice: “Daojun ah, what everyone means is that the Chen family is at stake, I hope you will be calmer in this deliberation, what we are deliberating now is not just to find a family head, but to choose an acting family head to come out and use thunderbolts to stabilise the situation in the Chen family, otherwise once the Chen family is in chaos, the world will be in chaos! ”

“Good, I vote for Chen Dong!”

Chen Daojun did not hesitate and spoke decisively, “Dong’er is the newly elected young head of the family and will be the rightful head of the Chen family in the future, now that his father has disappeared, he is the best acting head of the family, who is in favour? Who is against it?”

The questioning voice fell on the ears of all the people, like a thorn in their backs.

At this moment, everyone fell silent and did not take a position, but their expressions were incomparable.

Resentment, hesitation, ruthlessness ……

All sorts of looks appeared on everyone’s face, very different.

The fact is that Chen Daogun is going to die to ensure that Chen Dong acts as the head of the Chen family!

The people are also clear in their hearts and are all weighing in at this moment.

After all, with the disappearance of the family head, this was a rare opportunity for a group of them in power to share the meat and seize power.

Over the years, although the major factions had been undercurrents and fighting with each other.

But with Chen Daoling’s presence, it was as if a big hand was holding everyone down, and even if there was a big storm, they could not turn over Chen Daoling’s five fingers.

Now it was different, Chen Daolin was no longer there!

This meeting in the Palace of Council was said to be about finding the family head, but everyone was vying for power and profit!

On the contrary, Chen Dong was arrogant and Chen Daojun had a black hand.

The corpse of Chen Daoxin at the main entrance was still cold, and the sickening smell of blood in the air had not yet dissipated.

The scene just now seemed like a nightmare, floating in the minds of the people.

To Chen Dong, the people in power had no scruples, even if he was the young family head, he was just a young child.

But to Chen Daogun, this was a god of murder with his hands full of human lives!

On one side was power, on the other was life.

The tangle was so intertwined that even these high and mighty people in power could hardly decide for a while.

It was at this moment.

Old Lady Chen looked determined and spoke out to break the dead silence in the council hall.

“Daoist Monarch, since this is the case, let us vote by a show of hands, one person here, one vote, and together we will contest for the acting head of the Chen Family!”

As she said these words, Old Lady Chen’s gaze was no longer evasive, directly meeting Chen Daogun’s gaze.

Chen Daoping, who was at the side, was even more distraught, and cold sweat instantly broke out on his back.

Was Ma going to fight Chen Daogun, the God of Killers, hard?

Almost simultaneously.

Dao’s hesitant gaze landed on Old Lady Chen in surprise.

A whirlwind.

Chen Daocheng was the first to speak out, “The old lady’s proposal is good, brother Daogun, let’s go with the old lady’s proposal, so that no one is disadvantaged. ability.”


Old Mrs. Chen stared resolutely at Chen Daojun.

As soon as Chen Daocheng’s words were spoken, she did not hesitate and directly answered in one breath, a determined cold smile appearing at the corner of her mouth!