Winner Takes All Chapter 1235-1236

Chapter 1235

A gloomy haze hung over the Chen family.

A steady stream of planes, rising into the air, flew off in all directions.

All the giants of the world dispersed, no one was sure what was about to happen.

The airport was full of traffic, and under the arrangement of the Chen family’s rulers, countless Chen family guards had checked every plane harshly, but the result was that nothing was found.

In the great mountains of the four directions.

With the order to seal the mountain, countless guards poured in, using the Chen family as the centre, casting the four directions into an iron barrel.

However, the carpet sweeping search still yielded no clues to Chen Daoling!

This made the hearts of all the Chen family members rise to their throats.

The entire Chen family, because of Chen Daolin’s disappearance, the mountains were raining ……

When Chen Dong and Chen Daojun arrived at the Hall of Council, they could hear the noise of people inside the Hall of Council from afar.

Under the bright lights, the Council Hall was filled with people.

As Chen Dong and Chen Daojun entered the Hall of Council, the chattering came to an abrupt halt.

Daoist gazes looked towards Chen Dong with varying degrees of complexity.

However, when the gazes fell on Chen Daogun, they all turned into dense fear.

The fierce reputation of Chen Daogun, who had been the head of the family back then, was no less intimidating than that of Chen Daoling in the Chen family!

Even more so, in the hearts of the Chen family, Chen Daogun’s intimidation was even better than Chen Daoling’s. After all, Chen Daoling could at least speak.

After all, Chen Daolin could at least be reasonable, but Chen Daojun could not!

It was a good thing that Chen Daojun had disappeared after he won the family headship.

But he has reappeared in time for today’s event.

Now, he has even come across such shocking news as the disappearance of the family head, which has shaken the Chen family to its core.

The leaders of each faction all had secret thoughts, but everyone knew that with Chen Daogun sheltering Chen Dong, it would not be easy for them to realise their ideas.

“Dong’er, you are already the young family head, your father is missing, you sit in your father’s family headship!”

Chen Daogun carried the bladeless heavy sword in his hand, standing tall, his voice cold.

“Daojun, I’m afraid this is not good?”

A voice suddenly rang out.

“Dao Cheng, what do you think is wrong with my arrangement?”

Chen Daogun’s gaze suddenly looked askance at the person who spoke, his voice cold and harsh, his gaze cold and piercing.

Chen Dong also followed the sound and looked at the person who had spoken.

All those who could be seated in the council hall were those in power in the Chen family.

However, compared to the previous times he had been to the Chen family, he had always confronted the Old Lady Chen’s faction, and did not have too many friendships with the other faction’s rulers.

In the past few times, the people in power in the other factions had always sat back and watched the tit-for-tat between him and Mrs Chen, and did not intervene too much to intervene or take sides.

But with his father’s disappearance, he had already prepared himself mentally on his way to the Council Hall.

In sight.

In front of the huge round table, a middle-aged man with a fat body and a face full of flesh was stacked on the eunuch’s chair, his huge stature making it seem as if it was about to collapse at any moment.

With Chen Daogun’s questioning.

Chen Daocheng’s heart and soul flinched, and being gazed at by Chen Daogun gave him an even more terrifying feeling of countless sharp needles pricking his whole body.

He hastily smiled nervously, “Daojun, calm down, I am not questioning your arrangement, I am trying to say that after all, Dong’er has only just taken over the position of young family head, he is not yet the true family head, now that Dao Lin has merely disappeared, it is not yet time for a change of family head, it is inevitable that he will attract criticism if he sits on his butt in the family head position.”

“I, Chen Daojun, said so, if there are any criticisms, come at me!”

Chen Daojun responded indifferently, and immediately gestured for Chen Dong to take his seat.

Those who fell to Chen Dong’s left and right were the elders who were in power under his father’s faction.

Compared to the others, their gazes were different.

These elders were the only ones in the room who showed a kind look towards Chen Dong.

Chen Daogun, on the other hand, stood behind Chen Dong in a towering manner, placing Fengless behind Chen Dong’s tai shi chair, and then hugged his chest and closed his eyes.

At this moment there were still some people in power in the Council Hall who had not yet arrived.

However, with the arrival of Chen Dong and Chen Daogun, no one opened their mouths to discuss the matter.

The silence in the vast Hall of Council was so loud that it could hear a needle.

It was as if the air had frozen.

The atmosphere was eerie and stern.

One by one, another Chen family ruler entered the hall.

No one dared to be the least bit negligent as the matter concerned the family head and the entire Chen family.


The huge round table in the Hall of Council was nearly filled to capacity.

“The old lady is here!”

With one person’s low cry.

The silent crowd instantly turned all their gazes towards the outside of the Council Hall.

Chen Dong did the same.

And Chen Daojun, who had been clutching his chest and closing his eyes, also opened his eyes at this moment, his deep eyes like eagle falcons, staring at Old Madam Chen who was surrounded by people outside and entered the Hall of Council.

The crowd was watching.

Old Madam Chen, supported by Chen Dao Ping and Chen Dao Xing on her left and right, slowly walked into the Hall of Council.

As soon as she entered the hall.

As soon as she entered the hall, Old Madam Chen stomped on her cane, her lips trembling as she wailed, “What on earth has happened? How could the family head have disappeared for good reason? I’m lying in bed, but when I hear this, I can’t even sit still, this is terrible news for the Chen family!”

The words were sorrowful and heartbreaking.

“You’re sitting up in a state of shock from a dying illness?

The old man was really a realistic actor!

Chen Dong laughed coldly as he witnessed Old Madam Chen’s wailing.

How many people in this large hall are really sad and worried about my father’s disappearance?

Chen Dong laughed coldly in his heart as he swept his deep gaze over the Chen family.

He had personally experienced the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Western Sichuan.

Chen Dong had already seen the feuds of the gentry to the fullest extent, and among the gentry tainted with huge interests, eating human blood buns was just a common occurrence.

His mother’s past, Qin Ye’s and Qin Xiao Qian’s encounters, were all followed by dead bones and a sinking sea of blood.

What is about to happen to the Chen family is just an extreme amplification of the Li family in Kyoto and the Qin family in Western Sichuan!

These people, they could not have been more vicious in their calculations!

The so-called worries and pains are just a cover.


“Chen Dong, who told you to sit at the head of the family?”

A scolding voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Dong turned back to his senses and stared at Chen Dao’s relatives with a face as cold as frost: “The dog is fighting for power!”


The overbearing Chen Daoxin’s face instantly turned red to the colour of pig’s liver: “Chen Dong, although you are the young family head, at least I am your third uncle, how dare you do that in public ……”

Chen Dong sat on his chair and stared contemptuously at Chen Daojin, “One does not go around barking and biting the master in return!”

“You ……”

The corners of Chen Daoping’s mouth twitched as his anger raged.

After Chen Daolin had become the head of the family, his status had also risen, even if he was among a group of people in power with mediocre abilities, he could still be ranked high.

Now to be humiliated to such an extent by Chen Dong in front of all the Chen family’s power holders was simply a strange shame!

“Dao pro, shut up!”

Old Madam Chen scolded Chen Daoxin and then stared at Chen Dong with deep eyes, “Young Family Head, this is a matter of great importance as it concerns the Family Head and the Chen Family, but it is indeed inappropriate for you to sit on the Family Head’s seat as you have only obtained the qualification to succeed the Family Head and have not officially become the Chen Family Head.”

The tone of his words was the same as Chen Daocheng’s, just now.

With these words, the daoist gaze fell on Chen Dong, like a mane piercing his back.


Dang Teen!

Chen Daogun directly threw his bladeless heavy sword onto the council table and said out of the corner of his eye, “I let Dong’er sit, Sanniang has a problem with that?”

The atmosphere suddenly slaughtered to the extreme!

With these words, a cold light suddenly blazed through the council hall, and the temperature plummeted by a large margin.

Chapter 1236

The atmosphere was stern.

The cold light was bitterly cold.

The overwhelming coldness that came from Chen Daogun’s words instantly enveloped the entire council hall.

The eyes that were originally locked on Chen Dong were now all staring at Chen Daojun with scorn.

Old Madam Chen’s expression sank, and scorn flickered in her eyes.

There was silence for three seconds.

Only then did Old Lady Chen smiled, “Since it was requested by Daojun, then the old body will not say any more.”

Such a concession was not met with blank stares.

On the contrary, in the hearts of a group of people in power, they felt that this was the way it should be.

Back then, when the generation of Chen Daolin and Chen Daogun had set up the family head and the winner was the king, the group of people in power here were all the successors of them and had experienced it first hand.

The terror of the two brothers was felt extraordinarily deeply.


Old Mrs Chen was then a*sisted by Chen Daoping and settled down beside Chen Dong.

Chen Daoping, on the other hand, turned blue and red and stared at Chen Dong with resentment as he settled into his seat.

“Everyone has arrived, so let’s start from the bottom.”

Old Madam Chen said calmly, “I need you all, to use all the power of the Chen Family to retrieve the family head!”

As the only oldest member of the Chen family.

At this moment, Chen Dong was the first to speak up, and he merely gave Old Madam Chen a sidelong glance, not saying much.

He was also clear that retrieving his father was not the key now, and the group of people in power in the Chen Family would not be willing to do so in their hearts.

It was just some grand words.

The deliberation that took place in this council hall was merely to progress step by step until the picture was exhausted!

“The Chen family has already used its power to seal the mountain and forbid the air, and all the guards of the Chen family have been sent out, and it was the young family head who made a decisive decision and sent away the world’s giants on the pretext of excuses, so that the impact on the Chen family was reduced to a minimum.”

Chen Daocheng echoed, not forgetting to praise Chen Dong.

It was only with his words that he said this.

The crowd at the council table suddenly fell silent, their eyes sweeping oddly over Old Madam Chen.

Old Madam Chen frowned slightly, slightly puzzled.

Chen Daoping did the same.

After the old lady had vomited blood and fainted during the competition for the position of young family head at the Shoutai stage, the mother and daughter had returned to the small courtyard and closed their doors to outside affairs.

Even when Chen Daolin disappeared, it was only when Chen Dao’s relatives rushed to inform her that they knew about it.

“What are you hiding from the old body?”

Old Madam Chen asked in a deep voice.

Chen Daojin, who was at the side, sneered instantly, “Third Mother, Chen Dong’s excuse was that you had just vomited blood and fainted, and that your whole family had to go to your bedside immediately to do their filial duty.”

The words were harsh, and even a few deliberately pushed up in volume.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face instantly darkened to the extreme.

All the people present also stared at Chen Dao’s relatives in dismay.

This included Chen Dong and Chen Daojun.

Everyone could hear what Chen Daojin meant by these words.

The old man was ill and the descendant was doing his filial duty at his bedside, this was indeed telling the outside world that Old Lady Chen was dying.

But it was clear to everyone that the world’s gentry converged, and only such an excuse could calmly condemn away the world’s gentry.

The fact that Chen Dong has not cursed the old lady, a group of people in power will not but think about it, right as the only excuse to condemn the world’s powerful families.

The fact that Chen Dao’s parents were outspoken at this moment clearly added fuel to the fire.

“The young master is so bold, the winner is the king, and then he curses the old lady to death in front of the world’s gentry.

As if not noticing the strange gazes of the crowd, Chen Daoxin stared at Chen Dong with a sneer on his face.

“If you make me lose face in the Chen family, don’t blame me for being vindictive!”

This was the thought in Chen Dao’s pro’s mind.

Just as the words left her mouth, the old lady beside her glared angrily at Chen Daoxin: “You think you’re humorous?”

Chen Daojin: “……”

He was trying to provoke Old Madam Chen, so that Old Madam Chen and Chen Dong could go toe to toe, to take out the anger that he had just been insulted by Chen Dong.

However, he did not expect that Old Madam Chen was the one to direct her anger, down to his body.

All at once.

The people in power present revealed teasing smiles.

“No wonder you are P***ies, Uncle Dao’s parent, you really can only be a P***ified waste if you don’t dog it.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and stared at Chen Daoxin with a cold gaze, “The situation just now, if we don’t dispatch the world’s powerful families at once, once the news of my father’s accident and disappearance bursts into lightning, it will not only alarm our Chen family members, but the world’s powerful families present, the excuse I can think of can only be this, if everyone here has a better excuse, please ask all the uncles and elders, on the spot give me advice.”


There was a dead silence.

The crowd in the Hall of Councilors all looked strangely embarra*sed as Chen Dong’s words left their mouths.

To be able to condemn the world’s giants in a few words, without causing waves and allowing the Chen family to quickly restore calm, even those of them who were used to seeing great storms did not guarantee that they could rack their brains to quickly come up with a better excuse than Chen Dong in the scene they had just witnessed.

“Well, there’s no harm in the old body being able to make up for some contributions to the Chen family with its crippled body.”

Old Mrs. Chen waved her hand, uncovering this awkward scene, then slowly looked towards Chen Dong: “Young family master, old body feels that this deliberation has two main points, the first is naturally to use all the strength of the Chen family to find the family head, and the second well ……”

Speaking here, Old Lady Chen but paused, her gaze sweeping across the room.

So soon to press on, to figure out the dagger?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The group of people in power also looked solemn at the moment, but none of them made a sound.


Chen Daoxin stood up.

“Secondly, I think we should establish an acting head of the family as soon as possible! After all, a country cannot be without a ruler for one day, and a family cannot be without a master for one day. If the head of the family has disappeared, then an acting head of the family should be elected immediately to take charge of the Chen family.”

A loud voice echoed through the council hall.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Old Lady Chen’s mouth.

The rest of those in power were also staring at Chen Dao’s relatives gratefully at this moment.

Everyone knew what the second point was, but with Chen Daogun sheltering Chen Dong, no one dared to come right out and stroke Chen Daogun’s tiger’s whiskers.

Chen Daojin suddenly rose up, but it was the question that had tangled the crowd that instantly disintegrated.

Chen Dong glanced at Chen Daojin and suddenly felt a little amused.

If it wasn’t for my father’s connections, someone like you would not even be qualified to enter the Hall of Council!

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun calmly spoke out, “Dong’er has already become the young family head, and with Dao Lin’s accident and disappearance, there is no need for the Chen family to choose an acting family head, just let Dong’er take charge of the Chen family for the time being, he will be the one to sit as the family head in the future anyway, but it’s just sooner or later.”

The words had barely left his mouth.

The young master is indeed the next head of the Chen family, but he is still young and has only been in contact with the Chen family for a year or so, and the Chen family has a lot of work to do inside and outside, can he take over?”


Chen Daojun raised his sword eyebrows and laughed playfully, “Daojin, Dong’er is older than Dao Lin when he first took the head of the family, why didn’t you jump up and call him young when Dao Lin succeeded him?”

Chen Daojin’s expression froze.

Panic flashed across his eyes.

Immediately, he calmed down and retorted, “Can they be the same, father and son? Back then, it was the family head who was suddenly prone, and the situation was much the same as today, but Dao Lin had been educated by the elite of the Chen family since he was a child, and knew the Chen family like the back of his hand, and was superbly capable, while he, Chen Dong?”

“In his early years, he lived in exile and mixed with the city folk, he has not been educated by the elite of the Chen family, and only because of the family head’s favour has he been exposed to the Chen family in the past year or so, he is so wild that he cannot take over the Chen family for the time being anyway, I am the first to disagree with this matter!”

At the end of the sentence, as soon as the word wild was uttered, Chen Dao pro reacted and immediately changed his words, but with an extraordinarily firm attitude.


Chen Dong burst out laughing.

When the crowd was silenced, this laugh seemed particularly harsh.

He slowly rose, his expression indifferent as he forced himself to look at Chen Daojin, “Uncle Daojin, you are so grand in your elite education, so let me ask you, why is it that those sitting here and deliberating with you are not the young generation who came out of the elite education you are talking about?”