Winner Takes All Chapter 1233-1234

Chapter 1233

Chen Dong’s body shook.

He felt the large hand on his shoulder, as heavy as a mountain.

He turned around and gazed at the crimson blood on the ground, and at the spirit tablet of his mother, which had been broken into two pieces, on the God Lord’s platform.

The sudden disappearance of his father was something that touched the world.

Chen Dong withdrew his gaze, looked at the closed door in front of him, and said in a deep voice, “Once this door is opened, the world will be in chaos ……”

He heavily exhaled the turbid air that was pent up in his chest.

Chen Dong took the lead in walking towards the closed doors. At this moment, the two doors seemed to be as heavy as a thousand pounds, making Chen Dong’s speed in opening the doors extremely slow.

The light of the stars and moon shone on Chen Dong’s stony face.

In the night sky, one could even faintly hear the thunderous clamour coming from the Chen family square.

The Chen family head’s big birthday.

It was a gathering of the great families of the world, a celebration and a revelry.

For the great families of the world, this is a rare opportunity.

To have the privilege of seeing the giants of the world’s most powerful families and forces is something they would not normally be able to reach, or even dare to hope for.

The banquet went on for a long time.

Rituals and music echoed throughout.

But no one knew that what was happening at the Chen family ancestral hall in the distance was about to shake the whole world.

As Chen Dong and Chen Daojun spread the news.

A sensation that was pa*sing through the Chen family like a tidal wave.

The two of them did not hide it, for it simply could not be hidden.

The head of the family, today’s birthday boy, had been struck by an accident, his whereabouts unknown, his life and death uncertain, and with all eyes on him, even a great god could not stop him.

The only thing that could be done was to try to minimise the impact for the time being.

As for the aftermath, for Chen Dong and Chen Daogun, it was truly a flood of water behind them, and they could not care less.

As the news pa*sed within the Chen family.

The order to seal the mountain was issued with fire.

The Chen Family guards, like rivers of stars, scattered to the great mountains in all four directions, with the Chen Family as the centre.

The air ban order also came into effect at the same time.

Only this was all done quietly under the arrangement of Chen Dong and Chen Daojun, with dark currents raging.

If it were in the past, Chen Dong would not have been able to command all this in the Chen family.

But after successfully taking over the crown of the next family head from his father, with this halo over them, the Chen family did not dare to say much.

The most important thing is that no one dares to act recklessly when the disappearance of the family head is at stake.

This is because the …… entire Chen family is at stake!

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The entire Chen family has to be united to secretly reduce such turmoil to the weakest possible level in the Chen family.

Everyone in the Chen family changed their expressions and hurried when they heard the news.

The elders who held the reins of power in the Chen family made their decision the moment they heard the news.

Even if Chen Dong and Chen Daojun had only said what had happened, these elders who held the power immediately saw the key and reacted quickly.

In contrast to the Chen family’s dark currents, people were on edge.

In the birthday square, it was a different story.

Rituals and music reverberated.

There was laughter.

But for the giants of the top powers, it was the giants who quickly sensed that something was wrong in the air.

Their status stood at the top of the pyramid, so they did not need to wander the vast sea of people behind them to socialise, and so were more relaxed, and therefore quicker to notice the difference.

“Strange, why are the elders of the Chen family, one after the other, retreating?”

Rothschild frowned and murmured in confusion.

The same suspicion also lingered in the minds of a group of giant bigwigs from the top powers.

On the family head’s birthday, the head of the family and the young family head were the first to withdraw, followed by the elders one after another.

Is this still the etiquette of the main family?

It was simply out of order!

The Sixth Master Jiang’s gaze was deep as he faintly revealed a look of worry.

And on the other side.

Gu Qingying and the others were still at the table.

The reunion meal was a great joy for everyone, sweeping away the resentment and gloom that had been building up in their hearts for some time.

It was only the departure of Chen Dong, Chen Daolin and Chen Daojun, who had not returned for a long time, that made everyone wonder from time to time.

“Why hasn’t Brother Dong returned yet?”

Qin Ye rubbed his nose, his body sitting on the wheelchair, but through a few drunkenness, half clinging to Zhang Yulan’s arms.

“Yeah, it’s been so long since they left, why don’t I go look for them.”

Gu Qingying took the lead and got up, the long time separation from Chen Dong and being detained in the room made her a bit afflicted at the moment.

“Young Madam, it is better for the old slave to go.”

Long Lao got up and smiled amiably, “Master Young Master, they should be going to the Chen Family Ancestral Hall, the journey is a bit far, Young Madam will be careful with her health.”

Gu Qingying nodded and resumed her seat.

Just when Elder Long turned around and was about to leave.

Instead, his gaze was frozen, and he saw Chen Dong, Chen Daojun and a few other people in power in the Chen family in the distance, walking with hurried steps.

As soon as he saw the faces of Chen Dong and the others, Elder Long’s drunkenness instantly dissipated by a few points and his heart thudded.


Kun Lun’s body was still stained with blood and filled with an aura of gore.

He was responsible for leading a group of Chen family guards in the fierce battle just now, fending off a large swarm of killers and killing them miserably.

As the dust settled on the Shou Terrace, the group of killers, who had lost their backbone, were quickly resolved.

But the joy was too great for Kunlun to change his clothes.

The crowd followed and looked towards where Chen Dong was.

It was only when they saw Chen Dong’s face.

Gu Qingying instantly obliterated her lips: “Something is wrong!”

Gu Guohua laughed drunkenly, “Silly girl, on this happy day, how could something happen, things have been settled.”

Gu Qingying shook her head, “I won’t be wrong about the big fool.”

Although the words were soft, they were extraordinarily firm.

As Chen Dong appeared, he soon attracted the attention of the entire audience.

With all eyes on him.

Chen Dong was in the lead, followed by Chen Daojun and several of the Chen family’s rulers, and quickly ascended the longevity platform.

It was only when countless gazes came into focus.

However, Chen Dong and the others’ faces eased off, all revealing a cloudy expression.

With a warm smile on his face, Chen Dong slowly walked to the front of the birthday platform.

With tens of thousands of people looking at him, he was calm and relaxed, and his expression did not look the least bit different.

“Thank you all for coming all the way to the Chen family to celebrate my father’s birthday, and thank you all for witnessing the establishment of my father as the next family head today.

A single bow caused the brows of the people in front of the birthday platform to knit.

The world’s giants, on the other hand, also revealed their delight.


When Chen Dong straightened up, the words he spat out were such that the tens of thousands of people crowding the birthday plaza were instantly silent and a pin drop could be heard.

“I am really sorry, the old lady in my family has a sudden change in her health, my father, as a descendant, has rushed to his bedside to do his filial duty, so this birthday banquet today ……”

Chen Dong’s face showed a helpless look: “Chen family I’m afraid I have to neglect you all, deeply sorry, I take the place of my father, once again say sorry to everyone.”

After saying this, he bowed once again.

While Chen Daogun, who was standing behind Chen Dong, lightly pulled up the corners of his mouth, as for the other few people in power, they looked strangely complicated.

The old lady had spat blood and fainted, and now she was pulled out by the young family head to take the blame, and in front of the world’s gentry, she was officially declared to be cool, and I wonder how angry the old lady must be?

Chapter 1234

Let the red event become a white event.

This was the best rhetoric that both Chen Dong and Chen Daojun could come up with in a short period of time.

The dead were the greatest, and with such a rhetoric, it would also be more understandable to the world’s gentry, and quickly dispersed with minimal chatter.

After all, Old Lady Chen’s position in the Chen family was transcendent.

It was only logical that Chen Daolin would lead the whole family to look after her once she was ill.

However, in the eyes of the world’s most powerful families, an accident to the old lady would have a far less dramatic impact on them than an accident to the head of the family.

In the Chen family, the old lady was the “empress” and the head of the family had to be subservient to her.

But in the eyes of the world’s most powerful families, Old Lady Chen is, in all honesty, just the old lady of the Chen family!

As soon as the world’s powerful families had dispersed, Chen Dong and Chen Daojun would not be able to take care of the ensuing turmoil in the world.

What they were seeking was temporary peace within the Chen family.

The whole room was silent.

Tens of thousands of people were silent, their faces stunned.

The old lady had indeed fainted after being questioned by Huo Zhenxiao.

At such an old age, it was only normal for her to be unable to cope with the ups and downs she had suffered.

Master Jiang’s brows were knitted together and his eyes were as deep as two black holes.

After two seconds of silence.

The Sixth Master took the lead and rose, clasping his fist and saying in a loud voice, “The elders are the greatest, since the Chen family’s old lady is in ill health, I will leave on behalf of the Jiang family today, thanking the Chen family for their hospitality, farewell!”

Saying this, the Sixth Master Jiang took the lead and left the table.

With the Sixth Master Jiang of the World Clan leading the way.

The giants and bigwigs of the top powers also rose to take their leave.

And with them.

All the giants of the world came back to their senses and said their farewells and left the venue.

Looking at the world’s magnates retreating.

Chen Dong turned towards the several Chen Family rulers, only for his face to sink as he turned around.

“The air ban order has been issued, please also ask the several uncles to help arrange the details of the departure of the world’s giants.”

“Don’t worry, arrangements have already been made, every plane leaving the Chen family will be closely monitored and searched in advance.”

One elder looked gloomy and lamented, “Dong’er, as the young family head, now that your father has suddenly disappeared, you have to take your father’s place and hold this Chen family’s position, securely!”

Several other people in power also revealed a look of seriousness.

All of them were the rulers of Chen Daolin’s faction.

They were Chen Daolin’s loyal followers, and also those who had the most vested interests.

At this moment, they were more worried about Chen Daolin than the rest of the Chen family.

“Later on in the Hall of Council, I would also like to ask a few uncles to help Dong’er out.”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold as he gave a fist to several people.

The news of the disappearance of the family head had shaken the Chen family up and down, while it had also doomed this wave in the Palace of Deliberation.

After all.

There were already several waves of factions that were rubbing their fists together.

What would happen in the Palace of Deliberation later on, Chen Dong could already anticipate it.

“Don’t worry, a few of us old bones, we’re not going to sit back and watch you being coaxed into power by the crusade.”

“Dong’er thanks you all.”

Chen Dong gave a fist hug once again, and then he walked off the stage.

Gu Qingying was the first to greet him, worryingly saying, “Honey, what happened?”

Chen Dong smiled gently and lifted his hand to gently scratch the bridge of Gu Qingying’s high nose, “Little fool, it’s nothing, the old lady is going to hang up and the whole Chen family is rushing to her side.”

“When you lie, your eyes will tell me.”

Gu Qingying’s eyebrows knitted together in some anger.

Chen Dong looked stunned and smiled bitterly, “Don’t ask for now, you go down to check in with your parents and Elder Long first.”

Although Gu Qingying was worried in her heart, Chen Dong insisted on not saying anything, so she did not ask more questions.

She was clear that there were things that Chen Dong would have said if he was willing to tell her.

There must be his reasoning for putting it off so much.


Gu Qingying nodded her head, and immediately turned around and held Gu Guohua and his wife, “Mom and Dad, let’s go down to the couch first.”

For a while, the atmosphere at the seating table became a little strange.

Everyone had sensed that something was wrong from the brief conversation between Chen Dong and Gu Qingying just now.

Chen Dong quickly walked to the seating table and instructed Elder Long and Kunlun and Fan Lu, “Think of a way to sober up as soon as possible, don’t scatter everyone, all rest in one room, you guys are responsible for guarding, also go and invite Elder Ye and Big Brother Yuan and Linglong to a room, wait for me to return.”

“Young master, what’s wrong?”

Elder Long was on edge, from what he knew of Chen Dong, Chen Dong rarely had such an apprehensive and nervous moment.

“Elder Long, protect Little Shadow and the others.”

Chen Dong spat out a sentence and was turning around to leave.

Chen Daojun, on the other hand, walked quickly to the seating table and picked up the bladeless heavy sword placed beside it. Before he left, he gave Zhao Breru a sidelong glance, “Xu Qingfeng’s heir, is Xu Qingfeng alive or dead?”

Zhao Baolu’s expression froze.

Immediately, he pretended to be stunned, “What Ma Dongmei? Oh oh, Xu Dongmei? I’m not a thief saint, I’m just a street skater.”

“Pretending to be deaf and dumb.”

Chen Daojun laughed coldly, his gaze looked askance at Changeless, “Changeless, you should question him properly later, you should also be curious about the life and death of this leader of the Eight Generals of the Thief Sect, right?”

“Yes.” Changeless nodded and responded.

Chen Dong had not gone far when Chen Daogun’s question fell clearly into his ears.

The Eight Generals of the Thief Gate?

Two beams of brilliant light erupted in Chen Dong’s eyes as he fiercely thought of Zhang Wuji.

It was just that with the Chen family in turmoil before him, he could not afford to think of anything else.

The most urgent matter at hand was what was about to happen within the Hall of Council!

“Dong’er, Pei Jian!”

Chen Daogun followed Chen Dong with quick steps.

Chen Dong took the Peerless Blade and wrinkled his brows, “Seeing blood within the Hall of Council, it won’t stand up, will it?”


Chen Daogun pondered for a moment and took Wufeng from Chen Dong’s hand, “You have a point, uncle come.”

“With the full support of several uncles, let’s hope that we can successfully suppress those wolves’ ambitions.”

Chen Dong said in a deep voice.

Chen Daogun looked indifferent and waved his hand, “It’s alright, uncle come, besides, isn’t your little cutie still being held in the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon war machine that Zhenxiao allotted to you? If there’s a problem, it’s not too much to ask for a little snack for the little cutie.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was stern, his expression cold and frosty.

He said no more.

In a troubled world, heavy-handedness was used, and fierce medicine was used in case of illness.

The sudden disappearance of his father had instantly made the Chen family terminally ill.

Without heavy-handedness and strong medicine, it would be difficult to suppress those who were fist-pumping in a short period of time.

When it really comes to the crunch.

Even if they kill a full house, they still have to be ruthless.

Inside the small courtyard.

Old Mrs. Chen woke up, her eyes cloudy, a hot towel on her forehead, and a frail look of breath.

“Mum, you’ve finally woken up, you scared me to death.”

Chen Daoping, who was standing by, let out a long breath.

“Dao Ping, Buddha didn’t bless me, go and smash the statue for me, I won’t believe in Buddha anymore.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s old eyes were filled with tears, her pathos was so extreme that her voice trembled with a crying tone.

The words had just fallen.

“Sanniang, Dao Ping, something big is wrong!”

Chen Daoping hurriedly ran into the bedroom.

This instantly made the mournful and pathos-stricken Old Lady Chen’s face as cold as frost.

Without waiting for a rebuke.

Chen Daoping then said, “The family head has been attacked and his whereabouts are unknown, the family is in chaos, that wild B*****d Chen Dong has taken the position of young family head on stage to excuse himself and invited away the world’s gentry, and will soon be discussing in the council hall!”


In an instant, a “boom” exploded in the ears of Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping.

The old lady who was lying on the bed, her eyes instantly shot out a bright light and she said with a cheerful expression, “Amitabha Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, my Buddha has blessed me, my Buddha has blessed me!”