Winner Takes All Chapter 1231-1232

Chapter 1231

The night was like ink, the stars and the white moon.

The cold wind was blowing.

In the Chen family ancestral hall, there was only the sound of the wind.

There was a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong and Chen Daojun rushed into the Chen family ancestral hall as if they had been electrocuted.

Just now, they were both talking with drunkenness and had let their guard down because of the revelry of the birthday feast where the winner was king.


But after snapping out of it.

A cloud of white fur sweat seeped out from the backs of the two men who had rushed wildly into the ancestral hall.

Excessive silence.


With the strength of the two men, especially at the level of Chen Daojun, they had long since reached the point where they could hear everything the wind blew.

On the contrary, the guards were a hundred metres away, thumping away as if they had evaporated.

This was a truly great terror!

With a wild rush.

The whistling wind sounded in his ears.

Chen Dong, however, looked stern and murderous, his fists clenched, his gaze deadly fixed on the closed door of the ancestral hall lobby.

Dad …… you must be alright!

Bang Teen!

Chen Daojun took the lead and kicked open the door of the lobby with a brazen kick.

When everything inside the house was imprinted into the eyes.

All of Chen Dong’s prayers instantly collapsed, his face was white and dumb, his eyes were black and the sky was spinning!


In the light of the lamp, crimson blood stained the ground, splattered on the spiritual throne of the altar, and sprayed on the body of the incense censer.

The air was thick with the smell of incense and blood.

But Father, however, had long since disappeared!

What was in front of him was like a burning red sharp knife that suddenly poofed on Chen Dong’s heart.

That huge pain, burning through his entire body, made Chen Dong’s body faint and he staggered back a step.


Chen Daojun’s face was as gloomy as water as he uttered a shocked cry out of his mouth.

It was hard to imagine that Chen Daogun, whose strength was like a martial ceiling, would have witnessed this scene within the ancestral hall in this instant and exhaled such words out of the blue.

Such words struck Chen Dong’s body even harder.

Uncle Chen had always given him the impression that he was a domineering figure, that all beings were bent under him.

Such an unruly and powerful person would suddenly pop out such a sentence.

The implication of this was such that one felt a sense of fear that the sky was falling!

“Immediately seal off the Chen family, no, seal off the entirety of the Chen family’s great mountains, we must find my father!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet and his body was rigid, as if he was a parched and angry beast, at this moment, he fiercely squeezed out the words from his teeth.

The sudden disappearance of his father.

The bloody and wretched scene in front of him.

It was as if his body was being tortured.

Painful, suffocating!

A moment ago at the entrance to the ancestral hall, his eldest uncle was still telling him about his father, and in the blink of an eye, his father had actually disappeared silently under their noses.

What was before them was too appalling.

Was his father …… alive or dead?

What frightened him even more was this.

Whether it was his father, or the guards watching a hundred meters away from the ancestral hall, they had all disappeared without a sound right under his and Uncle Daojun’s noses!

How strong must the perpetrator be, anyway?

“It’s too late, to be able to do that under your eyes and mine, to put down all the guards and seriously injure your father, this kind of strength ……”

Chen Daojun’s gaze was stern, but he smiled bitterly: “Anyway, if I put down your father, I can’t do this kind of heavy lifting and silent.”

Father …… so strong?!

Chen Dong was horrified, even his eldest uncle had certainty about his father’s strength, then his father’s strength was definitely a strong one among martial artists!

Shocked at the same time.

Chen Dong then felt that the sky was spinning, and his entire body seemed to have fallen into an abyss of endless darkness, sinking down one after another.

For such a strong person to avoid the Chen family blockade was indeed as easy as a hand.

What’s more, neither he nor Chen Daojun knew exactly when the man had struck, and it would be impossible to calculate the time, making the move to seal the mountain all the more impotent.

Perhaps if the order went down and the Chen family sealed the mountain, the murderer would have already escaped from the Chen family’s great mountains around here!

“Dong’er, close the door!”

Chen Daojun let out a rebuke, causing Chen Dong, who was terrified and disoriented and blackened, to wake up with a start.

Chen Dong came back to his senses and hurriedly turned around to close the door to the lobby.

From beginning to end, his breathing was incomparably sharp and ragged, and his eyes were bright and uncertain.


A great invisible fear, as if it were a tidal wave, engulfed Chen Dong.

With his mind, at this moment, even though his sanity was still intact, he could hardly maintain his composure!

Fear for his father’s safety!

Fear of the killer’s strength.

Fear of the killer’s strength made Chen Dong completely unable to control his body’s instinctive reaction at this moment.

After closing the door.

Chen Dong then struggled to take a deep breath and turned to follow the traces of Chen Daojun’s walk, approaching the spiritual throne of the divine platform a little.

The sudden disappearance of the Chen family head on his birthday, full of blood!

Such news would be enough to shock the world!

It was even enough to set off a shocking wave that would affect the whole world.

The key is to hide behind closed doors!

The aftermath, and much, much more!

Chen Daogun’s face was gloomy to the extreme, his gaze blazing as he quickly swept the entire lobby.

He was more composed than Chen Dong!

However, as he swept, his brow was furrowed tighter and tighter.

And Chen Dong also swept quickly through everything around him.

The piercing crimson pool of blood was extending from the futon, and there was not much sign of a fight at the scene, so it should have been a single instant move!

This space was like a different world, silent and still.

The air was so frozen and sticky that one could not breathe.

Chen Dong ignored Chen Daogun who was wandering the lobby, but slowly walked up to the divine platform, gradually revealing a jealous expression, and his scarlet eyes were swooshing with tears.


Chen Dong fell heavily to his knees.

He hit his head on the ground with a thud and wailed, “Mother, it’s my son who is unfilial!”

Chen Daojun looked back at the sound of his voice.

But his pupils shrank.

The lowermost spirit tablet on the main stage was all stained with blood.

The only one that was covered in blood was the spirit of “Li Lan”, which had not only been rendered in blood, but had also been cut in two, with the upper half of it falling into a pool of blood on the ground.

“Mom, I’m sorry, my son is unfilial, my son is unfilial.”

Chen Dong looked in a trance, his hands trembling as he grabbed the half of the spirit tablet in the pool of blood, his blood-stained hands trying time and again to bring the half of the spirit tablet, back together with the lower half of the spirit tablet on the God Lord’s platform.

Just …… how is this possible?

The disappearance of the father.

The fear of the perpetrator had strained Chen Dong’s nerves to the breaking point.

And the breaking of his mother’s spirit tablet into two pieces, which had just been placed in the Chen family ancestral hall, was like a sharp knife that instantly picked at his nerves.

As a son, he could not protect his living father, nor could he protect his deceased mother.

Words can hardly describe the guilt and reproach he felt.

“Dong’er, calm down, if the sky falls, there is still Uncle!”

Chen Daojun scolded.

But Chen Dong did not listen.

With a stern look, Chen Daogun quickly stepped forward and slapped Chen Dong’s face.

Chen Dong fell to the ground with half of his spirit tablet.

He was about to get up when he suddenly spotted a small pool of blood in the dark corner of one of the incense tripods, and there was a half severed finger lying in the pool of blood!


Chen Dong gave a sharp cry and picked up the bloodstained severed finger.

Chen Daogun’s expression changed greatly, and after receiving the severed finger, but snapped it tightly in his palm, and then he said in a deep voice.

“Dong’er, the Chen family is about to change!”

Chapter 1232

Chen Daogun’s voice was gruff to the extreme.

Chen Dong, whose face was filled with blood and tears, also fell into silence.

The family head had disappeared!

For the Chen Family, this was undoubtedly a disaster that would break their heads!

The Chen family was already complicated with internal factions, and it was all thanks to his father’s strong hand that he had managed to suppress the situation to the point where it was calm and quiet.

Now that his father has disappeared and there is no leader, I am afraid that the undercurrents between the various factions will have to be brought to the surface.

Not to mention the fact that it is also the occasion of his father’s birthday, when the world’s most powerful families are gathered in the Chen family, and the glory is focused.

The Chen family, with all the wealth in the world, has the power to shake up the world.

It was not just the Chen family that was about to change!

Once the news leaks out, even the world …… will have to change!

“Such bad news, or on top of my father’s birthday banquet, can’t be suppressed!”

Chen Dong’s breath gradually calmed down, his brows locked in a frown, his expression grave: “Could it be that the Gu Family and the Iga Patriarch, who fled and left, have gone and returned to lay their hands on my father?”

Chen Daojun’s slap woke him up, breaking down and crying in pain at such a critical moment was just an incompetent act, he had to calm down and deal with this matter as soon as possible.

“It’s possible!”

Chen Daojun reopened his hand and gazed sternly at the bloodstained severed finger, “Perhaps …… this severed finger is our breakthrough.”

“It’s not my father’s?”

Chen Dong was a little surprised, the reason why he whistled shrilly just now was because he was worried that the severed finger was Chen Daoling’s.

Chen Daogun smiled a bitter smile, “People who practice martial arts, hammer their flesh and body, as their physique grows stronger, the various bone joints in their body will also become thicker, this broken finger, not as thick as your father’s knuckles, the broken finger owner’s strength should not rival your father’s.”

Chen Dong reacted, “It wasn’t a man who moved his hand!”

There was no sign of a fight inside the ancestral hall, and no sound was emitted just now, so obviously the victory or defeat was done in a split second.

But for the strong, a split second was still enough to engage in a fight!

The owner of the broken finger was no match for his father’s strength, so the only possibility was that more than one person had entered the ancestral hall, and after his father had countered by breaking one person’s finger, he had been subdued by another person in an instant, ending the victory or defeat.

Chen Daojun nodded in silence, his right hand slowly closing and placing the broken finger in his pocket.


His eyes were so deep that he stared at Chen Dong.

Within the ancestral hall, a dead silence instantly fell.

Chen Dong was being stared at by Chen Daogun, his eyes locked, and at this moment, it felt as if Eldest Uncle’s eyes were as deep as two black holes, as if they were about to swallow him up.

“Eldest Uncle, what’s wrong?”

“Phew ……”

Chen Daojun slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air, raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, sitting down slightly dejectedly, “Dong’er, things are beyond what your father and I initially expected, they came too quickly, the disappearance of your father may be the work of the Gu family and the Iga Ryu, but what is before us is only one of the possibilities, there are other possibilities! ”


Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded, in a trance, his body tingling.

The Gu Family and the Iga Ryu of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing, since such forces dared to descend on the Chen family head’s birthday to kill him, they must also have been prepared to tear themselves apart and fight with swords against the Chen family a long time ago.

However, apart from these two forces, which other forces would have the audacity to strike at the Chen family head at his birthday banquet?

Who was the “they” that Uncle was talking about?

“You know the difference between a powerful family, a family, a clan, and a family clan.”

Chen Daojun said slowly, his face deep: “But each family or power, in fact, has a difference in attributes, of which the difference, or rather the bias within each powerful family or power, can be divided into power, wealth, and …… martial!”

Chen Dong’s heart twitched for a moment.

Uncle’s words had given him another deeper perception of the previous disparity between the gentry, lineage, gentry and worldly gentry.

The so-called attributes were also the first time he had heard of them!

He took a deep breath, held his breath and listened quietly.

For it was clear to him that Uncle might be opening the true doors of this world for him.

“Wake up and hold the power of the world, get drunk and lie in the lap of a beautiful woman, take all the wealth of the world and oppress the people with your power!”

Chen Daogun’s hoarse voice, at this moment, seemed to have magic power, always attracting Chen Dong’s attention: “Power is thick and heavy, if we talk about representation, the family where the lord of the domain is located, is considered the top, while the Chen family is considered the top in terms of money, as for martial words …… nowadays, the world does not yet produce a type of family that favours martial attribute of the top sectarians.”

“When the ancient family, which was flourishing, might have touched the threshold of the top of the martial arts, only to fall again and avoid the world because of the change. In other words, in this world, what you see are mostly powerful and wealthy families, the Zhuge Family can be considered a martial family, but there are only a few ancient martial families that are really known to the public or seen by you.”

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light.

Suddenly, he opened his voice and said, “Uncle means that the one who moved my father might be another ancient martial arts family?”

“Just a guess, there could be many, after all, everything was too sudden, even you and I didn’t react, and the scene was clean, only a pool of blood and a severed finger, it was hard for us to even judge your father’s situation clearly.”

Chen Daojun’s gaze was sunken and he sighed longingly, “These matters of power, wealth and martial arts would not have been told to you in such a hurry, at least not by uncle, but by your father at some point in the future, but with your father’s sudden disappearance, the Chen family in jeopardy, and the world in fear of shaking, uncle could only tell you in advance on your father’s behalf. ”

Chen Dong’s face was sunken to an extreme, and at this moment, even breathing, felt a little prickly in the throat.

He slowly asked, “What about the Jiang family?”

“Worldly clans and gentry are not included in this list.”

Chen Daojun shook his head, “Power, wealth and martial arts, if you get two of them, you are enough to advance to the level of a worldly clan, transcendent, at a time when the world is about to be in turmoil, helping the building to fall, after becoming such an existence, it is extremely difficult for the family to decline, the Jiang family is secluded, with both wealth and martial arts, it is already beyond the world.”

“What about power?”

Chen Daojun smiled gently, “If one were to choose attributes in a line of sectarians, most would choose both wealth and martial arts, with power being at the end of the list, holding power means shouldering the community, which means one could face the peril of a change in decline.”

Chen Dong drew a breath of cold air backwards.

Each sentence of Chen Daogun’s words was like a heavy hammer that hit his heart fiercely.

Immediately following.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “I seem to understand why the Chen Family has always focused so much on elite education, and is extremely strict in terms of martial arts.”

The magnificent Chen Family, with all the world’s wealth at its disposal, was already at the top of the clan, and was only a time and an attribute away from stepping into the world’s clan and clan.

The entire clan’s elite education and harsh martial dao, isn’t this just to save up enough martial power as soon as possible to prepare for a single step into the world’s clan’s gatehouse?

“The Chen family is building up momentum, as well as those ancient martial families. Back in its heyday, the Gu family was able to reach the top threshold of the ancient martial sects, and was only short of money from the world family sects.”

Chen Daojun said with a morose frown and a gruff tone, “When one truly steps into the World Clan Monarchy, it means prosperity and transcendence for the family, which is an irresistible temptation for every ancient martial arts family and power, the sudden attack on your father and his disappearance could be the work of the Gu Family and the Iga Ryu, or it could be the work of other ancient martial arts families taking advantage of the chaos. ”

“They …… are just trying to stir up the Chen family and plot the Chen family’s world wealth?”

Chen Dong’s thoughts suddenly became clear: “A Chen Family without a leader is better to deal with than a Chen Family with my father at the helm, anyhow!”


Chen Daogun rose and raised his hand to land on top of Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Let’s go, go with Eldest Uncle, to meet the chaos of the Chen family, and this coming chaotic moment when the world will be in chaos ……”