Winner Takes All Chapter 1229-1230

Chapter 1229


Chen Dong suddenly laughed and raised his hand to rub his face.

The sound of laughter, however, grew louder and louder.

Chen Daogun stared at Chen Dong with a dismayed expression.

Following closely.

Chen Dong rubbed his eyes, laughing while saying, “Actually, this is quite embarra*sing, you might not even believe me when I say it, but it was really because I was cheap to find out.”

“Well, when?”

Chen Daojun was filled with confusion.

“It was back in Nanming City, when we set off together for the airport to leave.”

Chen Dong tried hard to curb his smile, but the corners of his mouth still couldn’t help but turn up and grin, “Didn’t you have an accident at that time? The caller told me to go straight away and leave you alone, in fact even now I’m not sure if you were in trouble or not at that time, but the situation was such that my first reaction was to turn around and go back to save you, only to be opposed by Elder Long and all of them.”

After a pause, Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders.

“It was when they objected to me that I sensed something was wrong with my wife! Because ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a puff of smoke and said awkwardly, “At that time, Little Shadow was trying to stop me after Elder Long’s persuasion, but she got down on her knees and begged me. From what I know of Xiaoying’s character, she shouldn’t have knelt down and begged me, it’s not like I haven’t been a jerk before, and she had discouraged me, but when I insisted on doing that thing, she would have thrown a slap at my face, she was gentle and spirited, yet she would never be humble enough to kneel down and beg me not to do this one thing.”

Chen Daojun was stunned.

On his cold face, the blue and red changed, and his gaze deepened to the extreme.

Silently throwing away the cigarette in his hand, he relit another one and smoked it fiercely.

The smoke curled up.

When the cigarette burned out again, Chen Daojun then extinguished the cigarette and looked up at the starry sky at a forty-five degree angle.

“You kid is really cheap, a thousand calculations, I was really not expecting to lose all the success to this slap, this simple one kneeling above.”

“Maybe …… it’s also because I know her too well.”

Chen Dong’s face emerged with tenderness: “When loving someone, one really will remember everything about her deeply from every aspect, even if there is even the slightest flaw appearing, it feels very diaphanous and abrupt, this kind of feeling, truly loved someone deeply have, eldest uncle you should also understand it very well, right?”

The panic in Chen Daojun’s gaze flickered away.

He hurriedly responded, “Yes, you’re right!”

Chen Dong did not notice the difference and said, “As for Eldest Uncle replacing Little Shadow, it should have been that melee in the hospital in Nanming City, right? I’ve thought hard about the experience in Nanming City, and there was only that small period of time that was the best time to switch.”


Chen Daojun replied calmly, and with a turn of phrase, he asked, “And how did Elder Long know about it?”

At this moment, facing Chen Dong alone, Chen Daogun no longer concealed the doubts in his heart.

He had planned this game of heavenly killing for a long time.

It was the only way to protect Chen Dong’s sidekick to the greatest extent possible when the winner was the king.

And Gu Qingying was Chen Dong’s biggest weakness!

This was something that everyone had seen in their eyes and hearts since Li Lan’s death.

If, at the birthday banquet, when the pot was about to be set, someone moved Chen Dong’s scales and hurt Gu Qingying, it would be too much for Chen Dong, who had a demon in his heart, even Chen Daogun would not dare to gamble on how big a change Chen Dong would undergo.

Neither he nor Chen Daoling wanted Chen Dong to fail due to other factors when the birthday banquet was set!

The move to replace Gu Qingying was the only half-pawn he had to win in this game!

However, Chen Daogun had never expected that Chen Dong had already noticed the end of this move, not long after he had made it.

“When we were trapped in the small courtyard of the bamboo forest in the face of the Heaven-Slaughtering Game.”

Chen Dong smiled, “Didn’t you ask me to read the Tao Te Ching? At that time, I only sensed that there was something wrong with Little Shadow, but I was not sure whether your position was good or bad, so I could not force myself to reveal everything, at that time, I could only use the excuse that I wanted to read the sutra, then I deliberately handed the Tao Te Ching to Elder Long, and then was sent back to my room by Elder Long together with the sutra, this back and forth, the secret was in the Tao Te Ching.”

Chen Daojun was confused and frowned as he carefully recalled the scene when he was trapped in the small bamboo courtyard because of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing.

The scene that Chen Dong had dictated was even a little blurry to him.

On the contrary, it was such a scene that was even blurred in recollection that had revealed his plan early on!

“So …… the clown is myself?”

Chen Daojun’s lips were noodling, and he murmured despondently.

“Eldest uncle is biased in this statement.”

Chen Dong shrugged and said solemnly, “At that time, Eldest Uncle’s attention was on me, and I was also paying attention to Eldest Uncle, so for the sake of Little Shadow, I could only manage to draw out a third person who could get away from your attention and mine in order to act conveniently and investigate carefully, it is not about whether the clown is a clown or not, it can only be said that at that time, Eldest Uncle was playing me, and I was also playing Eldest Uncle, and Elder Long was the third person I drew out to acting in secret.”

“You kid ……”

Chen Daojun teased, looking at Chen Dong, his gaze profoundly powerful: “In this aspect of city calculation, you are carved out of the same mold as your dad, it’s just a pity that I, ah, was calculated once by your dad back then, and now I’m being acted out by you once again.”

The words were full of emotion.

But in the midst of his emotions, he was full of appreciation for Chen Dong.

Age represented experience, and the difference between the two of them was not more than two rounds of years?

On the contrary, from the beginning to the end, he, Chen Daogun, had never found the slightest hint of dissimilarity in Chen Dong.

“So …… can you tell uncle when you found out that the identity of the mystery man was actually me?”

Chen Daojun raised his hand and rubbed the bridge of his swollen nose.

Chen Dong smiled meaningfully.

However, he did not deny it, and with a turn of phrase, he asked, “Eldest uncle, in fact, I am also curious as to why the level of security would be lax to such an extent for this grand birthday of my father today, when the world’s giants are meeting and competing to congratulate each other, such an unparalleled scene.”

“Lax? Not at all!”

Chen Daojun shook his head, “You only saw the countless killers that poured into the birthday plaza, and you only saw the Heavenly Killing Game descend with ease, but you did not see what was actually going on in the mountains surrounding the Chen Family, the blood flowing in silence, the silence, but also the wreckage of warplanes all over the mountains, only letting in so many killers was already the limit.”

Astonishment appeared in Chen Dong’s eyes.

It was true that he had only seen what had happened on the birthday banquet square, and what had happened on the birthday banquet square, whoever looked at it, would definitely think that the Chen family security was lax to the extreme.

But the words of his eldest uncle woke up the dreamer with a start.

Sometimes the killings, the crises, are not limited to what you see in front of you, but are mostly killed by the tight security outside the Chen family!

The starry moon filled the sky.

The cold wind was blowing.

Chen Daojun lit a cigarette again, took a deep breath and exhaled a thick smoke.

Then, slowly murmured, “Not to mention, the Chen Family itself has the presence of the Anti-Bone Boy, those forces from the Bureau of Heavenly Kill can enter the Chen Family, and with the Anti-Bone Boy around, no one can stop them.”

“Who dares to turn against the water on such an occasion?”

The shock on Chen Dong’s face intensified and his eyes widened.

“It’s not a backlash, it’s a release!”

Chen Daojun narrowed his eyes, chilliness surging as he sneered bitterly, “Old Mrs. Chen …… should be called Chen Gu, if we’re talking about surnames!”

Chapter 1230

Chen Dong’s expression shook.

There was even a “boom” in his ears.

According to the traditional marriage rules, when a woman married into a man’s family, she would take his family name.

In my name, you will take his surname.

When a woman married into a family, she would be introduced to the public with the man’s surname first, followed by her own surname, and then her first name.

Chen Gu’s!

The surname of the Chen family, the surname of the Gu family!

And one of the forces of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing is none other than the …… Gu Family!

At this moment, Chen Dong’s heart banged and beat faster.

Even his breathing became rapid.

“She comes from the Gu Family?”

Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance and lost in thought.

Eldest Uncle Chen Daojun must have meant something when he mentioned this matter at this moment.

If Old Lady Chen had really come from the Gu family, then the seemingly lax security at the birthday plaza would actually make everything justifiable!


Chen Daojun smiled and answered out of his mouth and nose.


Chen Dong clenched his right hand into a fist, his bone joints ringing.

Old Lady Chen’s position in the Chen family, the only person of the older generation!

With such a status, even if his father was the head of the family, he would have to salute and respect her when he met him.

It would not be an overstatement to say that she was beyond the pale.

Such an existence, sitting above the Chen family, if they were anti-bone boys, if they were to work together from the inside, even if the Chen family were to raise the security level of this birthday banquet to the highest level, the forces of the Heaven Killing Bureau would definitely be able to break into the Chen family like nobody’s business!

This is not the bottom and middle tier of the anti-bone boys, but the top tier, directly opening the doors of the Chen family wide open!

“This old lady, not a simple one!”

Chen Daojun glanced at the shocked Chen Dong and smoked a cigarette as he slowly recounted: “Back then, the Chen family’s elders dried up their daughter, but they entered the Chen family’s door, but because of their resentment, they refused to start a family for the unpopular elders for the rest of their lives and ended up with no descendants. She is the only one left in the Chen family after all the older generations have gone into the ground.”

Chen Daojun sneered, “So it’s just the way things work out, because she was so miserable back then, and after she entered the Chen family, she was always as humble as dust and cowering because of the incompetence of the Chen elders.

“The old B*****d has become the auspiciousness of the Chen family. If there was an elder in the Chen family, even if the life of the elder woman had survived her, the Chen family would not be in such chaos and disarray as it is today, and our generation would not have had to kill each other in the past. ”

The words were full of helplessness and exhaustion.

It was hard to imagine such a tone coming from Chen Daojun’s mouth.

However, when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it caused his heart and mind to gradually tighten up.

A few short words revealed a huge amount of information.

A dead wife who had entered the Chen family for dishonourable reasons and had lived in a nest, humble as dust for decades, no one could determine how much resentment she actually had in her heart, it was possible to say that she was psychopathic.

Such an old generation, let alone expect her to have much sense of belonging and loyalty to the Chen family deep in her heart!

Being linked to the Gu family by blood, could they not help the Gu family?

“Isn’t there any way to fix her?”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes as a cold aura stirred.

At this moment, a biting and piercing chill emanated from his body.

“Anyone would want to get rid of her, including me and your father.”

Chen Daojun shook his head helplessly, “But she is now the only old person in the Chen family, the ‘auspicious rite’ of the Chen family, the magnificent Chen family, the leader of the world’s gentry, is watched by countless pairs of eyes all the time, and getting rid of the ‘auspicious rite’ of one’s own family. The impact of this matter is so great that it may even affect the foundation of the Chen family’s advancement into the world’s noble families!”

The words were heavy and full of helplessness.

Chen Dong was in a trance, his gaze hollow.

In a trance, he thought of the image of when his father had openly asked Old Lady Chen to die because of his own affairs.

At that moment, how determined did my father have to be for my sake?

He had already gambled the Chen family for my sake with that invitation to die!

When he thought of this, Chen Dong’s heart suddenly became filled with mixed emotions, as if his chest was filled with stones and blocked.

The nasal cavity was even more sour.

Chen Daojun’s hand fell on Chen Dong’s shoulder and said in a serious voice: “So, don’t blame your father, he can’t help himself in many things, the Chen family is already too chaotic, what you see is only what these people in the Chen family show you, the Buddha said: seeing the mountain is a mountain, seeing the mountain is not a mountain, seeing the mountain is still a mountain, these are three realms, your current understanding of the Chen family is only limited to seeing the mountain is a mountain. The mountain is this step, there is still a long, long way to go in the future.”

“Now you are the king, you have successfully taken over the crown of the next family head from your father, it is just the beginning, with your father’s ambition, and then with your ambition to continue his bloodline, only then will it be possible to truly push the Chen family into the ranks of the thousand year old family clans, only then will it be possible to deal with all the unknowns.”

“All the unknowns?”

Chen Dong looked at Chen Daogun with a profound gaze.

Chen Daogun’s words had cleared up a lot of confusion for him, yet they had brought about more and greater doubts.

In this world, is there really a veil shrouding it?

I always thought that when I was the victor and took the crown from my father, that would be enough!

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, “In fact, before and after the appearance of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing, I already felt that this pool of water was getting muddier and muddier, and it was far from enough for me to end everything by being the victor as king, but uncle your words have made me even more unable to see.”

“If you can’t see it, take your time, the road is taken one step at a time, the world is seen one step at a time, who hasn’t come through life in a hundred years in a muddle?”

Chen Daojun’s gaze brightened and he smiled spontaneously, “Your father is a majestic master, unlike uncle, who is just a reckless man, only thinking of pursuing the extreme top of martial arts, that’s why I gave up the competition at the last moment and entered the Black Prison when I was facing a fight for the family head, because uncle knew that the Chen family could only go to the next level in your father’s hands, in uncle’s hands… …hehe, uncle guessed he would have to practice the Chen family!”

Chen Dong guffawed.

Yet, he did not ask any more questions.

Knowing this was enough, the rest, go slowly and take your time.

If Eldest Uncle thought it was appropriate for him to know, he would have already said so.

There are some things that only those who don’t know are not guilty!

Stretched out a lazy back.

Chen Dong exhaled a breath of foul air, and his drunkenness dissipated for a few moments.

Looking at the white moon and stars, he said gratefully, “But thank goodness, at least I have gone as far as you and my father expected, and have not let you and my father, and my mother down.”

“Well, you have performed far beyond our expectations.”

Chen Daojun grinned, “I guess your dad is now at the ancestral hall crying his eyes out and bragging to your mum about how good his son really is,.”

“How can a man as big as him cry?”

Chen Dong shrugged.

“It’s not like your father hasn’t hugged me and cried before, when he abandoned you mother and son back at the Chen family that day, it was raining heavily and he was hugging me and crying like a dog.”

Chen Daogun unceremoniously exposed Chen Daoling’s old self.

Chen Dong was lost in thought for a moment, his gaze drifting towards the bamboo forest in the distance, his heart becoming even more complicated.

Something was not right!

Also just as his gaze landed on the distant bamboo forest, his expression abruptly flinched.

“It’s excessively quiet!”


Chen Daojun raised his eyebrows and followed a look at the distant bamboo forest, “Where are the ancestral hall guards?”

One word came out.

The two men’s bodies jolted and they looked at each other.

“No good! Your father!”

Chen Daojun’s face changed drastically.

In an instant, as if they had been struck by electricity, they and Chen Dong got up and rushed towards the ancestral hall.