Winner Takes All Chapter 1227-1228

Chapter 1227

The gentry of the world are all watching.

The uproar dissipates.

All that remains is to be watched.


Chen Dong and Gu Qingying embraced.

Amidst the wind and snow drifts.

Chen Dong laughed out loud, hugged Gu Qingying tightly, and carried him around in place a few times.

And Gu Qingying, lying on Chen Dong’s shoulder, cried out in pain.

During the time she had been detained, she had missed this shoulder countless times, and now she finally got what she wanted!

When the spinning stopped.

Chen Dong carefully put down Gu Qingying and lowered his head with a fierce kiss, landing on top of Gu Qingying’s forehead.

“Wife, go home!”

“Ooooooooooo …… do you know how much I really miss you?”

Gu Qingying howled, her emotional breakdown making it difficult for her to control herself at the moment.

Chen Dong, however, was filled with a doting smile, wiping the tears at the corners of Gu Qingying’s eyes with both hands while gently soothing her.

He knew exactly what Gu Qingying had been going through for some time!

What Uncle had sacrificed in order to work out this chess game today was not only his freedom, but also Gu Qingying’s freedom!

All the price he paid was for today!


Zhang Yulan pushed Qin Ye and slowly got off the plane.

Behind them, Fan Lu, Zhao Breaking, Lin Lingdong and Wu Chang slowly followed.

All of them had smiling faces.

Only Qin Ye, who had landed in his wheelchair, had some dissatisfaction on his face.

Muttering his mouth, he said with resentment, “The world’s gentry are in the limelight, and this show of love from Brother Dong is really enviable.”

“What is there to resent about this?”

Zhang Yulan heard the resentment in Qin Ye’s mouth.

Qin Ye raised his head and smiled softly, “It’s such a good time, I can’t hold you and spin around in front of the world’s magnates like Brother Dong, of course I’m complaining.”

Zhang Yulan froze for a moment.

A red haze immediately covered her tired and slim pretty face.

She angrily and secretly pinched Qin Ye’s shoulder: “So many people, are you ashamed?”

Qin Ye sucked in a breath of cold air in pain, but laughed out loud.

When Gu Qingying’s emotions gradually calmed down.

Chen Dong raised his eyes and his gaze finally gazed at Qin Ye.

In an instant, his eyes swished red.

Chen Dong took Gu Qingying by the hand and walked towards Qin Ye.

When they were a metre away, both sides stopped at the same time.

The four eyes met.

Two seconds later.

Chen Dong and Qin Ye laughed at the same time.

Laughing heartily and uncontrollably.

But while laughing, both of their eyes were red, ripples surged and their gazes were crystal clear.

There were no extra words.

When the laughter stopped.

Chen Dong raised his right hand and punched his heart three times with a clenched fist, “Today’s glory belongs to us!”

“Go you!”

Qin Ye snapped his fingers.

The crowd, led by Chen Dong, headed towards the Shou Terrace.

Chen Dong always held Gu Qingying’s hand, while Gu Qingying also followed closely, only when her eyes looked askance at the pomp and circumstance of the world’s magnates, even if she was born into a magnate family of ten billion dollars like the Gu family, she couldn’t help but be a little bewildered and nervous.

With Gu Qingying’s insight.

Amongst the sea of people, there were always some familiar faces among the faces that were imprinted into the sight.

And in the past, these familiar faces were all internationally renowned and high up in the clouds!

And today, the world’s greatest families are gathering at the Chen family!

Just for ……

She looked tenderly at the back of the man in front of her who was half a step ahead of her.

The broad back was as tall as a mountain.

Happiness, sweetness and glory came in a flurry, dispelling all the negative emotions in her heart.

When the crowd walked onto the birthday platform.

It was Chen Dong who took Gu Qingying’s hand and walked to the front of the stage beside Chen Daolin.

Qin Ye and the others, on the other hand, were separated into various places.

Impermanence took the trance-stricken and disorientated Zhao Brezhong with him and walked next to Chen Daogun.

Chen Daogun gave a sidelong glance and laughed softly, “Xu Qingfeng’s heir, this hand of yin and yang, did he calculate it, or not?”


Zhao Brocade looked at Chen Daojun in surprise.

Chen Daojun smiled faintly, “The Thief Sect will rise na!”

It was also while the two were conversing.

Chen Dong, however, slowly took Gu Qingying’s hand and raised it into the air under the attention of all the world’s magnates and all the people.

Immediately, he laughed loudly, “Sorry everyone, this glory belongs to me, Chen Dong, and also to my wife, Gu Qingying, so Chen Dong has an ungrateful request, would you please …… congratulate him again?”


Every last word was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, bombarding the whole room.

Chen Daolin’s face changed drastically.

Gu Qingying panicked.

Even Chen Daogun almost stumbled and the corners of his mouth twitched, “This kid, how dare he!”

All at once.

The atmosphere in the entire room suddenly became bizarre.

Everyone’s expressions and gazes became strange.

The gentry under the sky were in a storm.

Just now, when everyone was congratulating him, Chen Dong did not respond, and now he invited everyone to congratulate him together with his wife, such an abrupt move was not in accordance with etiquette!

“Dong’s son, this is rude, apologise to the world’s great families!”

Chen Daolin hurriedly reminded him.

The great families of the world had taken advantage of his birthday banquet to witness the birth of the next family head.

The magnificent Chen family, with all the wealth of the world at its disposal, was high up in the clouds.

But it would never be so abrupt as to disregard the courtesy of the great families of the world on such an occasion.

The Chen family is not afraid of being disrespectful to the world, but they are afraid of being criticized and laughed at by the world’s gentry!

“Hahahahaha …… The young master favours his wife, so what’s wrong with another congratulation?”

The Sixth Master Jiang laughed aloud and immediately clasped his fist in a salute: “Jiang Family, congratulations to the Young Family Master and to the Young Lady!”

With the Sixth Master Jiang leading the way.

Without further hesitation, tens of thousands of people moved in unison, clasping their fists and saluting loudly in congratulations.

“Congratulations to the Young Clan Master and the Young Madam!”

“Congratulations to the Young Clan Master, congratulations to the Young Lady!”

“Congratulations to the young family head, congratulations to the young lady!”


Ten thousand people congratulated each other, and their voices shook the sky and the earth.

It was a magnificent scene that was unparalleled!

The sound of congratulations reeled backwards in the wind and snow, echoing through the mountains for a long time.

This moment.

Gu Qingying’s pearly blossoms were tingling with rain, her teeth clenched on her red lips, and her delicate body could not stop trembling.

She had never even imagined such a blooming scene.

Even with Chen Dong’s early promise, she had never imagined it.

But today, this man, this man who she had tried to find back at the beginning, despite all the odds, had done it!

When the promise shone into reality, it made Gu Qingying’s emotions become incomparably complex at this moment, words could not describe.

“I promised you that glory and glory will be added to you, and today …… husband did it!”

A gentle voice sounded in her ears, Gu Qingying looked up, her teary eyes hazy, but she still saw Chen Dong’s handsome and gentle smiling face.

“Thank you for finding me during my most destitute and uprooted time, accompanying me to rise again, accompanying me to carry my weight, accompanying me with my fresh clothes and horses, never leaving, now we finally enjoy this winner is the king of all glory!”

Chen Dong gently swept Gu Qingying into his arms, all his hopes were fulfilled, and now they have finally come true!

The Gu Qingying in his arms trembled terribly, her pearly blossoms were tingling with rain, and she cried uncontrollably.

Although Chen Dong was smiling, the tears in his eyes could not stop flowing.

Ten thousand giants, tens of thousands of people were congratulating each other.

The two embraced each other.

Chen Dong’s gaze also slowly looked towards the spiritual tablet of his mother held in Fan Lu’s hand.

His lips mouthed and he murmured softly, “Mom …… my son has done it, finally I was able to invite you into the Chen family ancestral hall and return to you the glory that originally belonged to your family head wife. It is a pity that my son can no longer make up for his guilt towards you… Today’s glorious glory, your old man should be able to see it in heaven, right?”

While murmuring, Chen Dong’s scarlet eyes were filled with two lines of tears ……

Chapter 1228

The winner is king.

Ritual music was played.

After the dust had settled, all that remained was the congratulations of the great families of the world on Chen Daolin’s birthday.

All the giants of the world were seated.

Bells were ringing and laughter was heard.

Chen Dong, led by Chen Daolin, wandered around the tables of the giants of the top powers, exchanging gla*ses and laughing.

Carrying the world’s greatest merit, such as the First Heavenly Merit, made Chen Dong shine brightly.

As he wandered around the tables, Chen Dong acted calmly, lifting his weight as lightly as he could, and his words and mannerisms made the bigwigs and giants of the top powers nod their heads and praise one after another.

The Chen family members, even though they had grievances in their hearts, knew at this moment that the big picture had already been decided, so they could only force their grievances down.

After some wandering around and talking and saluting.

Chen Dong and Chen Daolin were seated in the front row, in the middle of the main table.

Above the seated table.

Gu Qingying, Qin Ye, Elder Long and the others had also settled down early.

Zhao Broke-Ru, Wu Chang and others, on the other hand, were seated at the next table.

A joyful atmosphere permeated the table, so thick that it seemed to turn into substance.

After taking their seats.

Chen Dong obediently took Gu Qingying’s hand and quietly placed it under the table.

Chen Daolin, on the other hand, glanced at Chen Dong: “Brat, don’t keep on worrying about children’s love, at least say a few words?”

Chen Dong returned to his senses, his gaze slowly sweeping over the familiar smiling faces on the seating table and smiled gratefully.

These were not the gentry, but they were all family members, people who were close to them.

They are friends, elders, brothers ……

Blood is thicker than water!

The fact that Uncle Daojun has planned this big game has finally led to this near-complete situation today.

The one who should be protected has been protected.

The one who should be awake has finally awakened.

Everything was almost complete.

Chen Dong slowly raised his wine gla*s and smiled gratefully, “This reunion dinner is really our reunion!”

“Hahahaha ……”

At the table, all the people laughed out loud.

A toast was raised to celebrate.

The laughter, the exchange of gla*ses, the mingling of chips.

Even if the whole big game, haunting the hearts of the people, there are still many, many doubts, but no one speaks up, no one wants to break this hard-earned reunion because of curious doubts.

Even Chen Dong himself had some curiosity in his heart.

However, everyone suppressed it, as if a tacit agreement had been formed among the people.

The most celebrated day of all.

Even Gu Qingying had a few small drinks.

Chen Daolin, on the other hand, was even more of a boozer.

To be able to allow Chen Dong to settle on the family headship by an overwhelming margin in just over a year’s time, to successfully take over the crown of the next family head from him, this was simply a great blessing in heaven for him!


The banquet was just halfway through.

The drunken-eyed Chen Daolin pulled Chen Dong up and left the banquet, holding away, at the same time, the spirit tablet of Li Lan.

No one stopped him, no one asked after him.

It was clear to all that there was one more person who needed to witness this glory.

Even Gu Qingying, whose lips were mumbling, hesitated and gave up the choice to follow.

This little gathering, the Chen Dong family, was twenty years overdue!

Only shortly after Chen Dong and Chen Daolin left the table, Chen Daojun slowly got up and left the banquet as well.

The atmosphere couldn’t help but wilt for a few moments.

But it was soon lifted up by Qin Ye, Elder Long and the others.


The Chen Family Ancestral Hall.

Here were enshrined, the successive generations of the Chen family’s family head, the family head’s wife, and the ancestors who had contributed greatly to the Chen family.

In the great Chen Family, only those who have prospered in the Chen Family are eligible to be invited into the ancestral shrine after driving the crane, to enjoy the incense of generations of Chen family members.

This is an honour, the only honour the Chen family can bestow on those who have pa*sed away!

It is also an acknowledgement of all that the person who is invited to the ancestral hall did during his or her lifetime!

To die in the ancestral hall is what every member of the Chen family has ever wanted!

The towering ancestral hall stands between the green hills and the beautiful greenery, surrounded by a bamboo forest, the leaves rustling in the wind and snow.

It is a quiet and secluded place, not gloomy.

On the contrary, the ancestral hall is full of incense, which sets off the solemnity and austerity.

Chen Daolin exhaled with the breath of wine and stopped at the entrance of the ancestral hall with a red face, but his dazed eyes were awake.

Chen Dong followed close behind, his hands respectfully holding his mother’s spirit tablet.

“Lan’er ah, twenty years, I can finally bring you home openly, it’s just a pity ……”

The sound of emotion, slowly exhaled from Chen Daolin’s mouth, his eyes, at this moment, were rippled.

Guilt, self-blame, like a tide like waves, running to surge.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was a bit harsh.

Chen Dong wrinkled his brows and looked at his father in front of him with some resentment.

For more than twenty years, you have been able to bring my mother back to the Chen family in a bright and upright manner countless times, you are the head of the family!

On the contrary, it was only after I was set as the family head and the winner was the king that you allowed my mother to return to the Chen family in this manner, is this …… really what you expected?

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong snickered, but did not say much.

But just this snicker still made Chen Daoling hear it clearly.

“Go, together with dad, invite your mother, into the ancestral hall!”

Chen Daolin sighed, his brows knitted together as he walked solemnly towards the ancestral hall.

“Greetings to the family head!”

The group of guards responsible for guarding the ancestral hall knelt down on one knee in respect.

“Open the ancestral hall, after which all of you retreat a hundred metres and must not approach!”

Chen Daolin ordered with a wave of his hand.

When the doors of the ancestral hall were opened, the smell of incense that lingered in the air immediately became even stronger.

Chen Daolin led Chen Dong into the ancestral hall and made his way inside.

Finally, he stopped at a hall full of spirit tablets.

The spirit tablets were arranged on top of high and low tables, stacked on top of each other, all the way to the highest point, where there was only one spirit tablet left, and the whole structure was like a pyramid.

In front of each of them, an oil lamp is always on, swaying gently.

At the very front was an incense censer, filled with incense ashes and three incense sticks, with curling smoke rising up.

“Dong’er, place your mother on the God Lord’s platform, in the very middle.”

Chen Daoling put his hands behind his back, his eyes red and full of tears as he gazed at the starched spirit tablets on the divine main platform.

“Mom, we …… are home!”

Chen Dong bowed his head, his eyes were red and tears were falling like rain, he called out with a trembling voice, he was holding his mother’s spirit tablet and slowly went forward.

All the depression in the heart, finally is waiting for this day.

His mother had endured humiliation for more than twenty years, and had given everything for him, even her life, and was willing to carry him around with her, and now he could finally return his mother’s glory to her.

After placing the spirit tablet.

Chen Dong lit the oil lamp for his mother, took three steps back, lit the incense, bowed three times to Li Lan, and after inserting the incense into the incense censer, knelt down on the futon again and heavily bowed and kowtowed.

Once he had worked hard to earn money so that his mother could have a better life.

But as fate would have it, bad luck always followed him.

When Elder Dragon appeared and changed his fate for him, everything was going in a good direction and he was able to let his mother live a good life, allowing her to live a good life with her grandchildren after working hard for half her life.

But fate, D*mn it, brought everything to a sudden end!

Now all the guilt can no longer be repaired.

With these three sticks of incense, he could only mourn his mother.

It was like guilt like a knife to Chen Dong’s heart as he performed this series of actions.

“Go out and wait, let me be alone with your mother for a while.”

Chen Daolin exhaled a mouthful of wine and said heavily.


Chen Dong got up and left.

Only the moment the door to the lobby room was closed by Chen Dong, Chen Daolin’s body suddenly hunched down, as if he had instantly aged by dozens of years, tears declaring out of his eyes, his knees bent, and he directly knelt down heavily on the ground.

Chen Dong, who had left the hall, did not walk too far.

It was only when he saw a figure standing at the entrance of the ancestral hall that he walked over with a grave expression.

“Eldest uncle, why are you here too?”

Chen Dong asked, a little dizzy from his drunkenness, rubbing his head.

Chen Daojun flexed his fingers and flicked a cigarette to Chen Dong: “To talk?”


Chen Dong and Chen Daojun walked to the entrance of the ancestral hall and the two of them sat down on the steps.

Chen Dong picked up the lighter and lit the cigarette, and then lit it for Chen Daojun.

The two men sat side by side, smoking, but fell into silence.

When the cigarette was half lit.

Chen Daojun finally broke the silence.

“Actually, I’m curious, when exactly did you find out that Gu Qingying was a fake?”