Winner Takes All Chapter 1225-1226

Chapter 1225

The sound shakes the heavens and the earth.

It also shook people’s hearts.

All of a sudden, the sound of Huo Zhenxiao’s voice was still lingering, but everyone in the entire birthday banquet square was already pale and full of shock.

Old Madam Chen staggered back a step, her face pale as she felt the sky and the earth spinning.

What was going on here?

How could a wild B*****d who collaborated with the enemy and betrayed his country receive the first merit of the word Heaven?

“This is my merit?”

Chen Dong was filled with dismay, and even more so with a sense of dazed unreality.

He had spent time in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army and was well aware of just how harsh the determination of military merit was in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army.

Heaven and Earth, the four characters and 36 merits, and the first merit of the word Heaven, were basically legendary!

Now, it had fallen to him!

Beside him, Bai Qi said in a soft voice: “During your trip to Xiongnu, you put Xiongnu in a precarious situation, and now that the Xiongnu Heaven has changed, you have also made the Hundred Tribes Order fall apart, all of this is worthy of the first merit of the word Heaven!”

Xiong Nu?

Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered for a moment, full of bloodshot eyes, slowly receding, his expression suddenly complicated.

“Heaven, the first merit of the word Heaven? This, what the hell is going on here?”

The sixth master Jiang was completely confused.

The pen and pencil evidence of guilt handed over by Old Lady Chen was indeed collaboration with the enemy and betrayal of the country, and even more heinous crimes.

But this Heavenly Character First Merit was enough to offset it!

For thousands of years, the domain had been fighting a bloody war with the extra-territory, and it had always been a stalemate between you and me.

It was only when Huo Zhenxiao came out of nowhere that he was able to set up the northern frontier with his unparalleled might, making it impossible for the hundred tribes from outside the realm to enter the territory.

A thousand years of family clans, but only one Huo Zhenxiao has emerged in the region in thousands of years!

The number one feat in the word Heaven, a word that is equal to Huo Zhenxiao!

Does this not mean that Chen Dong has also produced one person in thousands of years?

Such a world-renowned feat, such a world-renowned glory!

Even the Jiang Clan, a worldly clan, would be overshadowed in the face of it!

“Sovereign Huo, all these evidence of guilt are real, no falsification, every single stroke is untold, why is there still this wild, and his first merit in the sky?”

Old Mrs. Chen propped her hands on her cane with all her might, supporting her trembling body, her face now white, asking reluctantly to Huo Zhenxiao.

With this hoarse and hoarse questioning.

The shocked and dumbfounded crowd also came back to their senses at this moment.

The public outcry went straight to the sky.

“The first merit of the word “Heaven”, the word “One” tied with Huo Zhenxiao, God, this is impossible, how can a person who collaborates with the enemy and traitors the country have such a world-wide glory?”

“One Huo Zhenxiao has been enough for thousands of years, why is there another one in the Great Snow Dragon Riders army today, and one who is worthy of death?”

“God! This is the kind of glory that even I, Rothschild, could not ask for!”


Even the great giants of the top powers could hardly remain calm at this moment.

Chen Daoling’s birthday banquet brought together the world’s giants.

Each had their own national boundaries, but everyone knew exactly what the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s Heaven’s First Merit meant!

The top army in the whole world, hellishly difficult to compete with.

When Huo Zhenxiao had set the Northern Region, he had already made the whole world aware of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army.

The First Heavenly Merit, such a glorious feat, was indeed unparalleled and looked up to by all the giants in the world!


Huo Zhenxiao, however, looked askance at the crowd and coldly stared at Old Lady Chen: “I, the God of War, Huo Zhenxiao, why do I need to say more to an old woman?”

Doctrinal dominance, undisguised contempt.

It caused a flash of shame and annoyance to appear on Old Lady Chen’s instantly white face, but she was unable to argue.

Following closely.

Huo Zhenxiao stood tall and looked down on the Sixth Master Jiang.

“Stabilising the Northern Region is a great feat! Sixth Master of the Jiang Clan, do you still suspect that this Heaven’s First Merit, which can only be awarded by the Lord of the Domain, was awarded to Chen Dong by me, Huo Zhenxiao, who committed a grave sin and awarded it privately?”

The Sixth Master of the Jiang Clan’s face changed dramatically.

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant, I was trying to ask the reason for it!”

At this moment, the Sixth Master of the World Clan Clan, Jiang Sixth Master, was in a rare panic.

“Your so-called pen and pencil evidence of Chen Dong’s guilt is all that he has vomited his heart and blood for! As for the rest, the secrets of the state, no comment!”

Huo Zhenxiao spoke in a stern voice, sweeping his gaze across the whole world’s gentry: “I only ask Huo Zhenxiao, you are all gentry, top powers, holding power and money, but do you …… have such merit and glory, other than me Huo Zhenxiao and Chen Dong?”

The sound was like a wave, sweeping across the room.

The giants of the world’s great families, even the giants of the top powers, were now red in the face and somewhat ashamed.

Huo Zhenxiao didn’t stop as he carried the plaque of “Heaven’s First Merit”.

Instead, he stared sternly at the Sixth Master Jiang, “Jiang family, do you have one?”

Master Jiang bowed his head in shame and shook his head.

“The Zhuge Family, is there one?”

Master Zhuge shook his head excitedly.

“Rothschild, any?”

“F**k, the Rothschilds don’t have one even if they’re in the domain!”

A series of questioning made the world’s giants, all of them, bow their heads.

Chen Dong witnessed Huo Zhenxiao’s back, and could vaguely see the “Heaven’s First Merit” plaque standing on Huo Zhenxiao’s shoulder.

There was excitement, surprise and shock ……

However, he was clear that the arrival of his senior brother, the First Merit of the Word of Heaven, had sealed the deal and everything would be settled!

“Mom, Xiaoying …… I promised you guys, I’ll do it soon!”

Chen Dong excitedly hands clenched fist are a little trembling.

The next second.

The next moment, Huo Zhenxiao, carrying the plaque of “Heaven’s First Merit”, suddenly turned his head and scolded Old Mrs. Chen, who was already dumbfounded.

“Old Mrs. Chen! Your family has been in charge of all the wealth in the world, but have you ever had the luxury of seeking such worldly merit as the First Merit of the Word of Heaven?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s body shook and shook her head.

“Old Mrs. Chen! May I ask, can this world-renowned merit of the first merit in the word of heaven be considered an honour for your Chen family?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s five senses were trembling, her body was trembling even more, and if she hadn’t reluctantly supported her cane with both hands, she would have fallen to the ground at this moment.

But she, nonetheless, nodded her head forcefully.

“Old Mrs Chen! Just ask, this worldly merit falls to your Chen family, should your Chen family be grateful and kowtow to the blessings of the ancestors?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s chest rose and fell violently, but her white face was an eerie red colour.

Every word of Huo Zhenxiao’s questioning was like a knife, plunging straight into Old Mrs. Chen’s heart.

“Old Mrs Chen! Ask, Chen Dong was awarded this world-wide merit, it was a gold medal for your Chen family, it was to grow the prestige of your Chen family, Chen Donglong entered the Chen family, yet you are using this incriminating evidence to hold him guilty of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, what is your intention?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s body trembled violently, and her teeth clattered.

“The glory of the world, the glory of the world, is Chen Dong’s and the Chen family’s. What is your intention, you old woman?”

The words were as clear as a knife.

Huo Zhenxiao was at his most domineering at this moment, his aura was majestic, and every word of his words was forcing!


Old Lady Chen suddenly raised her head, hissed and roared, and a large mouthful of fresh blood spilled into the air.

Immediately, with a thud, she fell to the ground!


Chen Daoping let out a miserable cry and hurriedly went forward.

Huo Zhenxiao, on the other hand, turned around and smiled at Chen Dong, “Dragon Head Chen, why don’t you come forward to receive this First Kung Fu of yours?”

“Many thanks, Sovereign Huo!”

Chen Dong smiled as he stepped forward and took the plaque from Huo Zhenxiao’s hand.

This scene.

It fell into the eyes of the world’s giants, tens of thousands of people, all like a heavy hammer smashing.

The taunts, reprimands and crusades of the party had all turned into awe, even with a sense of admiration and insignificance.

The first merit of the word “Heaven”!

The world’s greatest achievement!

Such glory is unparalleled!

All the great houses of the world are eclipsed!

Even the Sixth Master Jiang was ashamed of himself and bowed his head at this moment.

He knew very well that the Jiang family was seeking such glory!

He was also clear that only the ruling lord of the realm could enact such an honour!

He was even more aware that the so-called “collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country” was a mere mirage when the first merit of the word “Heaven” was placed on Chen Dong!

As the world lost colour.

Chen Daolin let out a long breath of relief and smiled brightly.

Lan’er, Dong’er has won!

The winner is now king!

Immediately, with a red face, he walked over to the tattered birthday platform.

“The next head of the Chen family …… Chen Dong!”

The voice echoed and fell clearly into everyone’s ears.

The entire Chen family, shocked and terrified as they resented, had different thoughts, but they did not dare to refute.

As for Chen Dong, he faced the awe-inspiring gaze of the world’s great families.

But he slowly looked towards Elder Long: “Elder Long, my wife and my mother, have they arrived?”

Chapter 1226

“It should be soon.”

Elder Long pondered for a moment and responded.

On the side, Chen Daojun frowned in confusion and glanced at Chen Dong and Elder Long.

However, he was forcing himself to hold back his full of doubts, as he was clear that now was not the time to ask this.

Huo Zhenxiao had come and gone as quickly as he had come.

As soon as he had entrusted the Lifting Merit to Chen Dong’s hands, he left in a hurry due to the defence of Zhenjiang City.

The five-clawed golden dragon warplane, rising into the sky, roared and disappeared in the blink of an eye into the sea of clouds.

Between the mountains.

The roar of the warplanes still echoed.

But it was the only sound in the entire birthday square.

From the moment Chen Daolin announced that Chen Dong was the winner, until Huo Zhenxiao left, the entire birthday banquet square was silent enough to hear a needle.

Thousands of giants, tens of thousands of people, were all silent.

But the look in Chen Dong’s eyes was completely different!

The previous anger, cold severity, and even disgust, at this moment dissipated, the only thing left, only …… awe!

Even …… with a hint of admiration!

Grylls looking at the mountain, unreachable!

Even the giants and bigwigs of the top powers, such as the Sixth Master Jiang, are looking at Chen Dong with awe and envy at this moment!

It was clear to everyone.

Before this, if Chen Dong was the winner, the aura and glory he received was bestowed upon him by the Chen Family.


The first merit in the word of heaven, the merit of the world!

When this made the giants and bigwigs only dare to be cautious and extravagant to hope for a world of merit to surround Chen Dong.

The so-called winner is king, and the order of precedence had all but shifted.

Chen Dong’s victory, with the first merit of the word “Heaven”, was a real gilding of the Chen family’s lid, a growing of the Chen family’s prestige, and a great deal of glory was bestowed on the entire Chen family!

The change of subject matter had a very different meaning!

In the eyes of the giants and magnates, Chen Dong’s figure was like a mountain rising from the ground, rising to the skies and shining brightly!

“Congratulations, Young Master of the Family!”

The Sixth Master Jiang looked solemn as he respectfully clasped his fists together and broke the silence of heaven and earth with a cry.

This congratulatory cry represented the affirmation of the Jiang Family.

It also represented an honour!

As the Sixth Master Jiang opened his mouth to offer his congratulations.

The giant bigwigs in the front row also woke up.

“Congratulations, Young Family Master!”

“Congratulations, Young Family Master!”


The tide of congratulations washed away.

The thousands of magnates also finally came back to their senses.

Tens of thousands of people simultaneously looked solemn, clasped their fists with immense respect, and bent their backs.

“Congratulations! Young Clan Master!”

The neat and unified movements, like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings as they bowed and bowed, were vast and magnificent.

The sound of voices thundered through the sky, echoing off the mountains in an endless stream.

The sound of congratulations was glorious.

At this moment, no one objected to it, and all of them placed affirmation and glory on Chen Dong.


Chen Daolin’s face was red and his mouth was aglow with joy.

Chen Dong walked slowly to Chen Daolin’s side, and at this moment, father and son looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

This day had finally come!

Only after a glance at each other, Chen Dong’s gaze drifted towards the road to the square.

This caused Chen Daolin to be a little dismayed.

He could tell that Chen Dong was looking for something, but at such a crucial moment, when the world’s great families were competing to congratulate each other, as the next family head, he should show his family head’s demeanour and respond with courtesy.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s delay in searching for the family is just like neglecting the world’s giants!

“Dong’er, the world’s great families are all congratulating ……”

Chen Daolin reminded in a deep voice.


The words were not finished.

Rumble ……

Above the sky, the roar of a helicopter propeller suddenly came.


Who else was going to be there?

At this moment, all the giants of the world who were congratulating each other looked to the sky in amazement.

The dust had settled and the winner was king.

Is it too late for …… to have someone else there?

The only one who heard the sound of the helicopter was Chen Dong on the birthday platform, and his eyes suddenly burst into a brilliant aura.

The smile on his face, this moment completely bloomed.

At the same time.

Elder Long also walked to the bottom of the birthday platform with a smile on his face, guarding the grief-stricken couple Gu Guohua beside Gu Qingying.

“Master Gu, Madam Li, Young Madam …… is here!”


The grief-stricken and heartbroken couple were instantly struck by lightning.

The sound of the world’s gentry vying for congratulations just now hadn’t even caused the couple’s complexion to ripple halfway.

But Elder Long’s gentle reminder.

But it caused the couple’s pupils to instantly regain focus.

“Long, Long Lao …… what do you mean? Xiao Ying she ……”

Gu Guohua was in tears, asking Elder Long with a sobbing voice, while raising his finger to point at Gu Qingying on the ground.


Long Lao smiled faintly and raised his hand to point at the helicopter that was slowly landing, “The real young lady, in the helicopter.”


The couple were completely dumbfounded.

Real? Fake?

That is, until the helicopter landed on the ground and the hatch opened.

It was only when the familiar face appeared in Gu Guohua’s and his wife’s sight that the couple woke up completely.

“Daughter, daughter!”

In an instant, the couple stood up in a moment of surprise.

It was just that they did not wait for the couple to rush over.

Chen Dong on the birthday platform, however, jumped straight off the platform and ran wildly towards the helicopter amidst the astonished uproar of the world’s magnates.

“Dong’er ……”

Chen Daolin’s face changed greatly as he looked at Chen Dong, who was desperately running wildly amidst the tide of people, and wanted to drink to stop him.

“Let him go, he has more guts than you!”

Chen Daogun stopped Chen Daoling, and did not forget to sneer.

“Oh my god, what’s going on? How can there be two Gu Qingying?”

“What the hell is going on here? Two young ladies?”

“True or false, could it be that ……”


The whole room was in an uproar.

In everyone’s sight, Chen Dong, at this moment, no longer had any semblance of the imposing demeanor he had just had, his face was filled with the purest of bright smiles as he ran towards the helicopter without a care in the world.

As the hatch opened.

When Gu Qing Ying saw the scene of tens of thousands of people, she couldn’t help but freeze in her tracks.

All along the way she had been apprehensive and on tenterhooks.

But now that she was faced with this sea of people, her mind was blank.

There were shouts of astonishment.

All eyes were on her.

What’s more, Gu Qingying’s palms were filled with sweat.

“Xiao Ying, Mr. Chen is coming over!”

A reminder from Fan Lu rang out from the cabin behind her.

Gu Qingying’s delicate body trembled, her beautiful eyes rippling as she turned her head in a daze, finally locking onto the wildly running figure amidst the sea of people.

At this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

To Gu Qingying, to Chen Dong.

At this moment, the world’s giants, all of them, disappeared.

In sight, only each other remained!

Silently tears flowed from Gu Qingying’s eyes.

The loss of freedom, the endurance in detention, the fear of facing the unknown and death, and the trepidation at the thought that she would be replaced ……

Everything, during this time, had been tormenting her viciously.

Countless times she had been on the verge of collapse, thinking of him like a madman.

And now, here he was!

Coming in a frenzy!

In an instant, it caused Gu Qingying’s emotions to roar out like a river breaking its banks.

She jumped off the helicopter, stood on tiptoe, lifted the hem of her skirt and rushed madly towards Chen Dong.

I am running towards you, you are the starry sea!

For Chen Dong, for Gu Qingying, both!