Winner Takes All Chapter 1211-1212

Chapter 1211

Ye Linglong’s face turned red as she stood amidst the crowd.

Her words were as if a heavy bomb had been dropped on this birthday banquet square.


The faces of all the gentry changed dramatically.

Shouts of shock shot up to the skies and swept the wind and snow.

Even the bigwigs of the top powers in the front row looked shocked at this moment and turned their heads to pay attention.

“The Hong Society …… Ancestor?”

“What the hell is going on here? The Hong Society only has one Ancestor, Elder Ye, when did they get another one, or such a young Chen Dong?”

“God! Such a big matter, why, I, Rothschild, have not received the slightest bit of information?”


Chen Dong sat on his wheelchair, his eyes like stars, sweeping across the sea of people and looking out at Ye Linglong in the distance.

At the same time.

Ye Linglong’s gaze, too, locked with his.

In an instant.

The heavens and the earth seemed to be empty, the sound and clamour of alarm was not there, as if only Chen Dong and Ye Linglong were left.

The next second.

Both of them laughed at the same time.

“Unbridled! Talking out of your a*s, who are you to represent the Hong Society?”

Chen Tiansheng’s face surged with majestic anger, and his shadowy eyes now seemed to be bursting with cold ice, as he sat on the Shou Terrace, his sword finger pointing at Ye Linglong across the air, and shouted sternly, “The ancestor of the Hong Society, Ye Yuanqiu, and the leader of the Hong Society, Yuan Yigang, are both here, so how can you represent the Hong Society?”

The stern shout was particularly piercing even amidst the shouting and clamour of the sky.

Chen Tiansheng’s entire body was now a bit frantic.

He knew all too well what the Hong Society meant!

If the Hong Society really favoured Chen Dong, then this first round, which was within his grasp, would be completely cold!


The words had just fallen.

A layer of cold frost steeply covered Ye Linglong’s pretty face.

The next second.

She brazenly raised her right hand and landed a palm on the mat table in front of her.


With great force, the table exploded into tatters and splattered everywhere.

The crowd at the same table even turned pale and retreated.

“Just because I am a Hong Society Double Flower Red Stick!”

Ye Linglong’s expression was cold and stern, and her words were overbearing and unparalleled.

Under the gaze of the appalled eyes.

Ye Linglong walked towards the Shoutai step by step.

As she walked, her tongue burst into thunder.

“Just because my surname is also Ye, Ancestor Ye Yuanqiu is my grandmother’s grandfather!”

“Just because Yuan Yigang, the leader of the Hong Society, is auntie’s elder brother!”

With swift footsteps, her voice shook all directions.

At this moment, Ye Linglong’s aura was as majestic as a sheathed sword, domineering and unparalleled, attracting the attention of all.

It was only when Ye Linglong stopped at the front row of tables and approached Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, who were helplessly covering their faces, that her footsteps gave an abrupt halt.

“With all this, how do you think auntie can’t represent the Hong Society?”

The question rang out as Ye Linglong’s harsh gaze swished towards Chen Tiansheng.

Chen Tiansheng’s body shook and his face turned red to the colour of pig’s liver.

Being gazed at by Ye Linglong gave him a feeling of fear as if he was surrounded by swords.

The oppression of that aura, caught off guard, had instantly put even him at a disadvantage!

Even the group of bigwigs from the top powers in the front row were staring at Ye Linglong with appalled and strange expressions at this moment.

A teasing voice rang out.

“Elder Ye, your girl child, she’s really hot!”

Sixth Master Jiang stroked his beard and looked at Ye Yuanqiu.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang looked at each other.

The two of them had already tried to conceal Ye Linglong by all means during the Chen family’s trip.

However, they had never expected that this girl would still come!

And now, to make such a sensation!

Hong would want to help!

Your big brother Yuan Yigang had already stood up, but he was scared back by your girl’s words!

Ye Yuanqiu held his forehead and sighed, full of helplessness.

“Chen Dong, why don’t you take out your Yuan character token?”

Ye Linglong’s starry eyes flashed as she ignored Chen Tiansheng and dropped her gaze onto Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng’s face was as pigs’ liver, and when he heard these words, he clenched his cheeks and turned his head to look at Chen Dong in his wheelchair.

Chen Dong’s every move, at this moment, was as if a heavy hammer had been blasted at his eyeballs.

It was not until the “Yuan” token was exposed in broad daylight.

Chen Tiansheng was struck by lightning and staggered back a step.

Chen Dong turned his head to look at Chen Tiansheng, “I am really the ancestor of the Hong Society!”

Hiss ……

A chorus of backwards sucking in cold air emanated from the mouths of one of the top big giants.

Ancestor of the Hong Society, that was the faith of the Hong Society!

In the Hong Society, where seniority is ranked, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith, the requirements for seniority are extraordinarily harsh!

Even these big giants rarely knew of instances in the history of the Hong Society where ancestors were invited into the Society from outside.

“Grandpa, big brother, are you just going to watch Chen Dong being bullied?”

Ye Linglong stared at Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang without good grace.

“D*mn girl, sit down for the old man!”

Ye Yuanqiu pulled Ye Linglong to sit beside him and whirled around, “How come you’re still stealing your big brother’s thunder?”

“It’s because I’m anxious because I’m afraid that you guys won’t help Chen Dong and he’ll lose.”

Ye Linglong said in an exasperated voice.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang looked at each other and smiled bitterly at the same time.

The birthday platform.

“It’s just that, let the person who thoroughly investigated Chen Dong’s family come back.”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was pale and she leaned back against the tai shi chair in dismay, the Buddhist beads she was twirling in her right hand, fiercely firing, the bruises on the back of her hand protruding.

“Sanniang, why don’t you just stop checking?”

Chen Daojin asked sharply, “Even if ……”

“Calculate what?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s gaze was awe-inspiring as she looked straight at Chen Daoxin: “What’s the point of those three accomplishments when you’ve become a Hong Society ancestral elder? The Hong Society’s three thousand six hundred sects, one sect shelling out one hundred million to this ancestral elder, that’s all three thousand six hundred million!”

Chen Dao pro: “……”

Thirty-six hundred billion was nothing to the Chen family.

It was also nothing to the group of top powers in the front row.

But for the first round of the Ding Ding at this moment, as an achievement, it was a sky-tilting crush on Chen Tiansheng!

Following closely.

Old Lady Chen locked her gaze with resentment at Elder Long under the Shou stage, before slowly dropping her gaze to Chen Daoling beside her.

“Dao Lin, ah, you were able to set the family head back then, you really deserve to be the family head!”

Old Madam Chen gave a wry laugh, “This game of chess you’re playing, I can’t even understand it anymore!”

“Sanniang is joking, Dao Lin doesn’t have that kind of Qiankun city spirit, Old Man Long is just an accident.”

Chen Daoling laughed lightly and glanced down at the Buddha beads in Old Mrs. Chen’s hand, “The Buddha that Sanniang begged for is not worth the 3,600 doors of the Hong Society, right?”

Old Mrs. Chen choked on her words.

“Hustle on!”

Chen Daolin smiled as if relieved.

The old master of ceremonies no longer hesitated.

With big strides, he walked to the front of the longevity platform.

“First round, Chen Dong wins!”

A loud voice echoed throughout the room.

No one dared to speak out!

Even the most reluctant Old Lady Chen and Chen Tiansheng could only gnaw their teeth into their stomachs.

The Hong Society Ancestor, the “Yuan” generation token could not be faked.

There were even Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang present to testify!

The Hong Society was a huge prison, unstoppable!

“Next, the second round of the competition, the level of individual force and physique! Chen Dong and Chen Tiansheng will have a battle in the ring!”

The emcee old man shouted while his gaze was lowered and swept skimming Chen Dong who was sitting on a wheelchair.

Chen Tiansheng, whose face was the colour of a pig’s liver and full of resentment and grievances, laughed uncontrollably and uncontrollably as the words of the master of ceremonies left his mouth.

He gazed at Chen Dong with contempt, shrugged his shoulders and sneered, “Where’s the match? Wild B*****d, isn’t that asking me to bully you? I, Chen Tiansheng, am not in the habit of bullying the disabled na, it’s too bad to say it out loud!”

Chapter 1212

Chen Tiansheng’s sneer of shame was unconcealed.

Nor did he need to conceal it, for it was the truth!

What right did a dead cripple in a wheelchair have to compete with him in the ring?

From the moment Chen Tiansheng got onto the Shoutai, this dead cripple had exposed his most fatal weakness to the eyes of thousands of gentry in broad daylight.


With Chen Tiansheng’s sneering words.

The Chen family members on the birthday platform also laughed in shame in low voices.

“A cripple in a wheelchair, what can he do to compete with Tiansheng na?”

“The Chen family head set the tripod, which originally required three tests, the family head knew everything, yet he insisted on letting Chen Dong on the stage in a wheelchair, isn’t this bringing shame to both him and Chen Dong?”

“Tsk tsk …… So what if Chen Dong wins the first round? This second round will doom him to certain defeat, a cripple, what kind of family head is he fighting for? Not worthy at all!”


The crowd’s comments echoed in his ears, but Chen Daolin was acting cloudy and calm.

The old lady Chen, Chen Daoping and Chen Daojin on the other side of the room were smiling.

It was as if the enormous resentment and anger that had been pent up earlier had dissipated at this moment.

A crippled B*****d who wanted to compete with Chen Tiansheng?

What a fool’s dream!

What a travesty!

“O family head, just now you should not have let Chen Dong, this wild ……”

Chen Daoxin sneered, but as the word “wild” came out, Chen Daolin’s gaze swept over him and he hastily swallowed the next word and said with a laugh, “You shouldn’t have let him come on stage to embarra*s himself, knowing that he couldn’t even stand up to compete with Tiansheng?”

“None of your business!”

Chen Daoling simply dropped four words, causing the smile on Chen Daoxin’s face to instantly freeze.


Under the birthday platform.

Thousands of magnates also chattered.

“I’ve also had my eyes opened today, Chen Dong is in a wheelchair, what can he do to compete with Chen Tiansheng? Can he still do a show like I’m standing still and let you go north, south, east and west? How can he carry Chen Tiansheng’s attacks and bring him down?”

“You’re kidding! This is no fight at all! So what if Chen Tiansheng stood up? Chen Tiansheng is a natural talent educated by the elite generation of the Chen family, the force is estimated to be able to directly nullify Chen Dong with one move, right?”

“Alas …… there is no suspense in this second round, just announce the result!”


The crowd was surging, chattering and exclaiming.

Even the top big giants and giants in the front row could not help but exchange words at this moment.

“What on earth was the Chen family master thinking? He knows that there will be a second round of force competition, and Chen Dong is in a wheelchair, so he doesn’t have to fight at all!”

“As I see it, the Chen family head should have calculated that Chen Dong would win the first round, so even if he let Chen Tiansheng win this second round, the final decision would still be on the third round.”

“What’s the point? Putting aside his contribution to the Chen family, even if Chen Dong could win in the end, how can the entire Chen family still make a disabled man in a wheelchair the head of the family? Chen Dong is indeed gifted and talented, and to have made such a fortune in just over a year is enough to be proud of the world, but …… alas …… a pair of legs has ruined his future!”

Listen to the chatter of the crowd.

The people of Gu Guohua and others really behaved exceptionally calmly.

As Chen Dong’s sidekick, they knew very well what was going on with Chen Dong’s legs!

Hadn’t they been holding back and hiding, just to wait for today, to glory and shock the world?

Public opinion was in an uproar.

It was like a tidal wave, deafening.

Old Mrs. Chen said to Chen Daolin at the right time, “Daolin, do you think it’s comfortable to have thousands of powerful families judge my Chen family?”

“Why did Sanniang say that?”

Chen Daoling raised his eyebrows and said.

“A crippled and wild B*****d, the moment he sits in a wheelchair, he is destined to never be the head of my Chen family in this life, and the ancestors will never agree!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s aura suddenly rose, and the walking stick in her hand hit the ground with a “thud”.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dao Ping’s expression turned hostile as he shouted, “Chen Dong, step down!”

Chen Daoping followed, “Chen Dong, how can you be worthy of competing with the natural born with your disabled legs? Get off the stage!”

With the two leading the way.

On and off the birthday stage, the Chen family finally exploded.

“Go down, my Chen family recognises your ability, but with your disabled legs, you are doomed to not be able to compete with Tiansheng in this second round, why do you have to lose face?”

“My Chen family will never allow a disabled person to become the head of the family, Chen Dong you are not worthy, and you are not worthy of competing with Tien Tien in this second round!”

“The world’s greatest families are all in the Chen family, Chen Dong, you still don’t step down, are you trying to throw my Chen family’s face into the mud and nail my Chen family to the pillar of shame?”


The words were harsh, piercing to the ears!

At this moment, with Old Mrs. Chen leading the way, the crowd of Chen family members could no longer contain it.

One after the other, they sang out their disapproval without hiding it, and even more blatantly drove Chen Dong to step down.

To them, who the head of the family was was a matter of the future interests of the faction to which they belonged!

But the crippling of the family head was a matter of the future face and majesty of the entire Chen family!

Chen Daolin’s brows were knitted together, his hands clenched into fists, his face full of indignation.

At this moment, the Chen family’s loud chant of repulsion did not draw the discontent of the gentry on the stage.

A cripple, unworthy of a family head!

This is the tacit agreement between the gentry, and an unwritten rule!

Stereotypes …… have never been an insurmountable mountain in everyone’s mind!

It is so deep rooted that it cannot be erased!

Chen Tiansheng walked up to Chen Dong, leaned down fiercely, and grabbed both sides of the wheelchair armrest with both hands.

At this moment, the eyes under the gold-rimmed gla*ses were like shadowy vipers, staring deadly at Chen Dong.

The corners of his mouth, however, curled up in a smug and hideous sneer.

“Wild B*****d! A cripple! Who are you …… to compete with me? Are you worthy of it? Even if you have the blood of the family head in your body, you are still a wild child that is not recognized by everyone in the Chen family! You are also a cripple in the eyes of the entire Chen family, a cripple who sits in a wheelchair like a dead dog!”


“Heh …… wild seed? A cripple? I’m not worthy?”

Chen Dong suddenly lightly pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled wickedly, and in an instant, his aura was as powerful as a rainbow, as if he was pulling up mountains from the flat earth, rising to the sky.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time!”


Chen Tiansheng’s heart and soul trembled greatly, and his expression instantly rose in dismay.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s change fell into the eyes of the entire Chen family, as well as the magnificent powers, and also caused the entire audience to be horrified.

Under the attention of all the people.

With a snap!

Bai Qi’s large bushel-like hand directly pushed Chen Tiansheng away.

A fierce wind sprang up.

A thud!

The Shou stage shook and the bladeless heavy sword, which was erected by Bai Qi, was placed beside Chen Tiansheng.

With that.

The warm sun enveloped.

Under the gazes of ten thousand fearful eyes.

Chen Dong’s feet, slowly landed on the ground.


This scene was like a shocking thunderbolt, bombarding everyone’s minds.

“This, this is impossible?”

Exclaims of shock resounded through the Shou Terrace, coming from Old Lady Chen, Chen Tiansheng and the others in unison!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was majestic, with an evil smile on his face and eyes like stars, looking straight at Chen Tiansheng.

Both hands fell onto the armrest of the wheelchair and gently propped it up.

Effortlessly, he stood up!

All voices were silent.

The magnificent family was in shock.

Chen Tiansheng gently glanced at the bladeless heavy sword held in Bai Qi’s hand.

In a whirlwind, a contemptuous and despicable voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

“He’s not worthy!”