Winner Takes All Chapter 1201-1202

Chapter 1201

It was so hasty that it was too late to even organise the words.

The moment Old Lady Chen’s words echoed through the square.

The whole room was silent.

Everyone had a stunned and dumbfounded expression on their faces.

Even the bigwigs at the top of the pyramid in the front row were momentarily stunned.

The Chen family, even more unexpectedly, suddenly looked different.

“Sanniang, am I celebrating my birthday, or are you?”

Chen Daolin’s expression was cold and stern, and his gaze was harsh as he stared at Old Mrs. Chen: “You’re so disrespectful to the old, do you want to disgrace the Chen family like this?”

At a grand banquet, every move is a rule, a matter of etiquette!

Not to mention that today’s birthday banquet of the Chen family was an event of great magnificence, with thousands of gentry all paying tribute.

The No. 1 banquet in the world is more than just words!

A birthday banquet for a small, powerful family would have many rules and rituals.

But Old Lady Chen’s abrupt act instantly wiped out everything!

Out of order and abrupt, this is what the oldest member of a powerful family can do?

All at once.

The atmosphere in the lively Chen Family Square was suddenly strange.

Everyone knew that it was completely out of order to do so.

But once Old Lady Chen’s words were out, it was a different situation.

What lay ahead of the Chen family was either some bickering and arguing in front of the world’s gentry, or else Chen Daolin would succumb to Old Lady Chen’s abruptness and start the birthday feast straight away!

“Dao Lin, San Niang is doing this for your sake. It’s cold and windy, and all the gentry are waiting. Not to mention the fact that the Jiang family is still emerging today, it would be best to start the banquet early so that the next head of the family can be crowned as soon as possible!”

Old Mrs. Chen said to Chen Daolin in a serious tone.

Old man!

Hearing the end, Chen Daolin’s mind instantly became clear.

In spite of the face of the Chen family, she wanted to shorten the time and force me to establish the next head of the family before my son Dong returns?

Without waiting for Chen Daolin to retort.

Old Mrs. Chen, with a depressed look on her face, squeezed out a sentence from between her teeth, “Sanniang has said it, the world’s gentry are watching, you should at least think of the Chen family.”

A threat!

An undisguised threat!

A single word, but a decision that tied Chen Daolin to the Chen family.

Having made this decision, Old Lady Chen had actually thrown in the towel long ago in her heart!

The major powers scrambled to make their appearance.

The reclusive Jiang family came out to pay their respects and even asked Chen Dong directly where he was.

This left Old Lady Chen’s heart hanging in the air.

If the next head of the family wasn’t established soon, it might be even harder to really wait for Chen Dong’s wild son to arrive!

The risk is indeed great, but when the benefits are great enough, even the greatest risk is worth taking!

Above the birthday platform.

There was a whisper, as the Chen family revealed their indignation in various microaggressions.

Although the Chen family’s internal factions were complex and fought against each other.

But externally, there had always been a high degree of unanimity, and everything was done to uphold the Chen family.

At this moment, Old Lady Chen’s action was a violation of the Chen family’s taboo!

It was all just a matter of two or three seconds.

Chen Daolin swept his gaze at the sea of people in the square below.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Daolin raised his hands and smiled, “The birthday banquet, begin!”

Although he was laughing, the veins in the corners of Chen Daolin’s eyes were pulsating wildly as he said these words.

Anger and resentment were building up in his chest like a volcano.

As the head of the Chen family, Old Lady Chen, the “emperor”, was able to disregard her cheek and take the place of the peach, but he could not deny it in public, he had to protect the Chen family, this was his duty and mission as the head of the family!

Even if he was reluctant, he had to comply!

Boom, boom, boom ……

As the words fell, the cannons fired in unison.

At the same time, the long and mellow sound of trumpets and drums rang out simultaneously.

The sound of the ceremony was so powerful that it shook the sky!

At this moment, the majestic and heavy music of the ceremony echoed through the square and resounded through heaven and earth.

On the top of the mountain behind the platform, a red ribbon embroidered with the word “Shou” instantly poured down from the top of the mountain along with the music, like the flowing water of a mountain and a waterfall of the Milky Way.

The scene was spectacular.

The square was filled with shouts of amazement.


It was far more spectacular than that!

The nine mountains around them had already prepared everything.

The moment the red ribbon with the word “longevity” flew down from the top of the mountain where the Chen family was located.

Above the nine mountains, the sky was filled with beams of fireworks.

Dang, dang, dang ……

When the fireworks reached a certain height, a gorgeous, colourful and spectacular firework exploded, rendering the whole sky.

The snow and wind were silent at this moment.

Above the sky, the fireworks were glorious.

It was clearly a warm sunny day, but the fireworks were still rendered by the endless sky-rocketing fireworks, a fireworks feast that should only be seen at night.

And with the fireworks in full bloom.

Above the sky.

Warplanes swept across the sky.

Dozens of warplanes, like kings, stirred the sky.

In a very short time, they moved and flipped, tearing the sky with their tail flames, and sketching a huge “Shou” character with the sky as a cloth, high above the fireworks.


Everything was spectacular.

Every display of birthday greetings is a masterpiece.

Even just one birthday celebration was enough to cover the entire fortune of a small powerful family.

It was a time for the Chen family to show off its heritage.

For the Chen family, which holds all the wealth in the world, money is already just a number.

The Chen family is the most powerful family in the world.

The clouds and the clouds are all competing to pay their respects.

The slightest restraint would be a disgrace to the Chen family!

Heaven and earth are cloth!

Under the majestic, heavy sound of ceremonial music, a scene of seemingly fantastic birthday congratulations competed to blossom out in the heavens and earth.

Above the square, tens of thousands of people witnessed all this.

The shouting was like a tidal wave.

The bigwigs of the top pyramids were able to face it with ease.

But for the tens of thousands of people from thousands of powerful families, it was the shock of a lifetime.

The birthday banquet finally opened under the accompaniment of the extraordinary colours of heaven and earth.

Chen Daoling gave Old Madam Chen an ugly glare before ordering everyone to take their seats.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Daolin, surrounded by Elder Long and Kunlun, wandered between the front rows of tables, exchanging gla*ses and laughing.

Such a scene was easy for Chen Daolin to navigate.

It was only when he reached the table where Old Lady Gu and the forces of the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels were gathered that Chen Daolin grimaced and simply walked around.

On the other side.

At the Chen family’s main family table.

“Mum, you were really decisive just now, this way, we have a greater chance of winning by birth!”

Chen Daoping couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

In a flash of lightning, to make the decision to throw the Chen family out on its own, that was no less powerful!

If he were in his place, he definitely wouldn’t be this decisive!

“Sanniang, this way, Born to Win will have a greater chance of winning.”

Chen Dao pro was full of flattering smiles, but his gaze was directed towards the first row, the most central position: “Tsk …… Chen Dao Lin still has the main table reserved, he probably wants to make the birthday feast a reunion feast for his family, right? It’s just a pity, as long as we time it right, by the time that wild B*****d Chen Dong arrives, everything will have been set, and he’ll just come and have a meal with him.”

At those words.

Old Mrs. Chen, Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng all looked towards the first row, the most central table.

That table was the real main table!

The table where the Chen family head should sit, and the table where the Chen family head could only be seated by invitation!

But at this moment …… was empty!

Even the couple, Gu Qingying and Gu Guohua, were temporarily placed at other tables!

They all knew that Chen Daolin, who was wandering among the top powers, was …… waiting for that wild child!

Chapter 1202

The heavens and the earth are in different colours.

Rites and music reverberate.

A banquet of three thousand tables.

Chen Daolin wandered among the world’s giants, laughing and smiling, red-faced.

It was as if nothing had just happened.

Surrounded by thousands of people, for tens of thousands of people from thousands of gentry, even if Chen Daolin just stepped up to the table and laughed and talked, it was a great honour for them.

The gap was as wide as a heavenly rift.

These gentry could not even knock on the Chen family’s door, let alone look up to the true face of the Chen family head.

Gu Guohua’s ten billion dollar Qing Ying International is the best example of this!

For the magnificent Chen family, a ten billion dollar family can knock on the door, but the reception is only for the middle level of the Chen family, or the family head’s cronies.

Under ten billion, all lives are equal!

Time pa*sed slowly.

Chen Daolin was always wandering around, smiling and holding his gla*s of wine as he exchanged tables again and again, surrounded by the crowd.

Every now and then, his gaze would look askance towards the open space where the helicopter had landed.

He was indeed waiting!

Also at this moment, by wandering the tables and stalling for time!

The next head of the family would be crowned today, at this banquet!

He could not change this!

This was the unanimous decision of the entire Chen family.

With Old Lady Chen being shameless and deliberately starting the banquet early, the only thing he could do was to stall for time by any means possible.

Until …… Chen Dong arrived!

“Dong’er, how long do you …… have before you arrive?”

This was the thought in Chen Daolin’s mind.

The seated table.

Gu Guohua and his wife, Gu Qingying, the mysterious man, Kunlun and Long Lao, sat around together, but did not move their chopsticks.

They all looked grave, glancing at Chen Daolin from time to time, and then at the main table in the centre of the first row.

That was where they should be sitting!

There was no doubt about it!

But they all knew clearly that no one could get on that …… group round table until Chen Dong arrived!

“Young master, we …… are all waiting for you!”

Long Lao rubbed his hands together, but his forehead was quietly seeping with dense beads of sweat.

A tense, apprehensive atmosphere always lingered around this table.

It was very different from the warmth and laughter of the surrounding tables.

At the other table.

The atmosphere was more or less the same as at the table where Elder Long and the others were.

Old Lady Gu, Patriarch Iga and Dracula were sitting alone at the table.

The coldness and the invisible slaughter emanating from the three of them lowered the air pressure around the table.

Every now and then, a glare swept over them, but the three ignored it.

At the table with the three of them were a few old faces.

Their expressions were always the same as the three.

“Grandma, when will the next step be taken?”

Chen Tiansheng was full of anticipation, as long as he could take over the crown from Chen Daolin before Chen Dong arrived, then he could rest easy.

In front of the giants of the world’s great families, even Chen Daoling could not turn the tide, it was called world recognition!

Chen Dong had come late to the party and was already powerless!

Before, Chen Tiansheng was one of the most favoured of the Chen family’s heirs.

Chen Dong’s appearance was like a comet rising strongly in the sky, causing Chen Tiansheng to feel an unprecedented pressure.

It is not polite to say.

Chen Tiansheng, who is now under the banner of Old Lady Chen, is proud enough to take pride in himself!

Apart from Chen Dong, the rest of the heirs in his heart …… are all rubbish!

“The birthday banquet has been brought forward by half an hour, and the time to set the next family head will only be at exactly twelve o’clock!”

Old Mrs. Chen lowered her brows and said in a deep voice.

Chen Tiansheng’s gaze stared.

Without waiting to speak, Chen Daoping said softly, “When it comes to the world’s gentry, there are some things that grandmother can do one way or the other, the head of the family is not a soft touch!”

Beyond words, just now forcing an early start, it was no longer possible to repeat the same trick!

Otherwise, it will usher in Chen Daolin’s thunderous fury of desperation!

Chen Tiansheng nodded, forcing down the impatience in his heart, and ate slowly and methodically.

“Don’t worry Tiansheng, today it will definitely be you who takes over the crown of the Chen family head, others, are not qualified at all!”

Chen Dao pro soothed, “So what if that wild B*****d Chen Dong comes? He’s pushing a wheelchair in front of the world’s gentry, and he’s still the head of the family? If a crippled B*****d is the head of the family, unless all the older generations of our family are cerebral palsy!”

Chen Tiansheng’s tightly knitted brow finally relaxed.


I’ve already prepared everything, why do I have to worry about that wild B*****d?

There’s no way a person in a wheelchair can become the next head of the family!

Not to mention, Grandma has an even stronger killer undercard!

After thinking it through, Chen Tiansheng revealed a smile and laughed with the group of elders at the same table.

To be seated at the elder table as a junior, this was the preferential treatment that he had received thanks to Old Madam Chen’s favour.

At the birthday banquet table.

Even when seated, they were strict to the extreme.

The elders were seated at the same table and the juniors at the same table.

Even if there were factional divisions, the difference in seniority was not to be overstepped!

As far as I could see, Chen Tiansheng was the only one of the Chen family’s juniors who could sit at the same table as the elders at the moment!

Time pa*sed by minute by minute.

For Chen Daoling, Elder Long and the others, every second of this was anxious without Chen Dong being present.

As for Elder Zhuge, Zhuge Qing, as well as Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang, they all looked grave, and compared to the other bigwigs of the top powers, a few of them simply did not care to eat or drink.

They, too, were waiting!

“According to the usual practice, the setting of the next family head, if it is at the birthday feast, is usually half an hour after the birthday feast begins!”

The sixth master Jiang’s words caused several people’s expressions to become even more gloomy and dark.

After waiting anxiously and apprehensively, the time finally came to twelve noon.

Chen Daolin was still in front of the table, talking and laughing, as if he had forgotten about setting the next head of the family.

“Sixth Master, I am grateful that you have come to my birthday banquet, here’s to you!”

Chen Daolin stood in front of the Sixth Master Jiang and raised his cup with a smile.

However, as soon as the Sixth Master Jiang’s cup was raised, he put it down again with a solemn face.

“Family Master Chen, let’s work first.” Sixth Master Jiang said.

Immediately after.

The voice of Old Lady Chen rang out behind Chen Daolin: “Daolin, the auspicious time has arrived, it is time for the winner to be the king, you are delaying in setting the pot because Chen Dong alone is not present, this is too much favouritism, how can you convince the public?”


Who the hell is showing favouritism?

My son hadn’t even shown up yet, and you deliberately shamelessly started the birthday banquet in public, half an hour early, is that favouritism towards my son, or is it your favouritism towards Chen Tiansheng?

At this moment, Chen Daolin was furious, his fingers twisted his wine gla*s, and his eyes were about to eat people!

“Dao Lin, for the sake of your own selfish desires, are you going to disregard the world’s great families?”

Old Madam Chen gritted her teeth and shouted sternly.

Chen Daoling swept his gaze across the sea of people.

At this moment, there was suddenly a sense of resentment and helplessness as a family head.


I am the head of the family, I represent the Chen family, so I have to look after the Chen family!

You’re an old woman, so you can be shameless and push me backwards with the world’s gentry?

“That’s F**king hilarious!”

Even in front of the Sixth Master Jiang, Chen Daolin dropped a sentence in resentment.

Whirling around, he turned around, “Sanniang sit down, I’m going to start!”

After saying that.

Chen Daoling’s anger surged to the skies as he turned and stepped towards the Shou stage.

This action immediately drew the attention of the entire audience.

Chen Daolin had just wandered from table to table, so he had to be up there now.

What’s more, some of the bigwigs of the forces and the masters of the powerful families had already gotten some news on top of this birthday banquet.

Finally …… was going to settle on the next family head!

Under the attention of all the people.

The tide of sound in the square all slowly weakened.

Feeling the countless gazes behind him, Chen Daolin had a feeling like a mane on his back.

His footsteps were slow, each step was as if filled with lead as he slowly and heavily walked towards the Shou stage.

“When exactly will you return, Dong’er ……?”

This was the thought in Chen Daolin’s mind.

On the other hand.

Old Mrs. Chen returned to the mat table with a smile on her face.

“Mom, the odds are finally all in our hands!”

“Tien Tien, see, your Uncle Dao’s vision has never been wrong in his life, it’s about to be decided, that B*****d still hasn’t returned, there’s no chance!”

“The old lady has taken the greatest credit, it’s really a great fortune for my Chen family!”


The people at the same table congratulated each other, excited and flattering.

“All of you should be careful, before the tripod is set, everything is subject to change!”

Old Mrs. Chen said in a feigned seriousness, but the smile between her eyebrows could not be concealed.

As far as she was concerned, Chen Dong no longer stood a chance!

As for the rest of the Chen family’s heirs, who could rival Chen Tiansheng?

And yet.


Above the heavens, there was a sudden, clear thunderclap!

The thunder rolled, sweeping through the eight directions and echoing across the mountains.


In the square, tens of thousands of people were shocked by this loud sound and looked up to the sky.

The wind and snow were raging in the long sky.

A warplane engraved with a five-clawed golden dragon was swooping towards the square with supreme momentum, as fast as lightning.

Under the sunlight.

The five-clawed golden dragon on the fuselage of the aircraft was even more powerful, as if a king had descended!