Winner Takes All Chapter 1199-1200

Chapter 1199

Above the square, all is silent.

Only the propellers of the three landing helicopters roared.

All eyes were on the crowd, but the gaze was complicated.

How could there be so many twists and turns in the Chen family’s birthday?

How many flunkeys are there in the world …… that dare to collect the Chen family’s sharpness like this?

Chen Daolin’s face turned gloomy.

Behind him, a group of Chen family members also looked cold and stern.

Today, the family head’s birthday, the wind and clouds, the dragon and tiger gathered, the invited guest list, are special people day and night strictly selected out.

But …… repeatedly and repeatedly came with uninvited guests!

This is not respect for the Chen family, let alone paying homage to Chen Daolin, but provocation and insult!

The only person sitting alone at a table, old lady Gu, but the corners of her mouth overflowed with a faintly detectable smile of triumph.

Chen Daolin …… today you are not going to have a good birthday!

“Iga-ryu, Iga Sovereign Senkou, come to pay your respects, and please forgive the Chen family head for the nuisance!”

With all eyes on him, an old man, surrounded by several ninjas, slowly stepped out of one of the helicopters.

White hair that looked like weeds covered his head in a dishevelled and scraggly manner, fluttering in the wind.

His face was covered in folds, but he was smiling like a spring breeze!

Almost simultaneously.

“Blood Angel, Dracula pays his respects to the Chen family head on his birthday, please don’t blame the Chen family head for his rudeness in coming here uninvited!”

The sturdy man, dressed in a tuxedo, stepped down from the plane, surrounded by a crowd of people.

The gentlemanly demeanor was on full display as he stepped forward, but the shadowy look in the corner of his eyes made people feel eerily cold and seeping.

“Hehe …… has come well enough!”

Long Lao’s expression was shadowy to the extreme.

The Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels were the main driving forces behind the initial formation of the Heavenly Killing Bureau!

Now, on Chen Daolin’s birthday, they had come together, that was a weasel worshipping a chicken under the warm sun, their hearts were punishable!

For a while.

The atmosphere was bizarre to the extreme.

Compared to the thousands of magnates and giants, unknowingly, what huffed and puffed was simply the act of non-personally coming to humiliate the Chen family.

But …… to the forces at the top of the pyramid in the front row.

With the two forces at the helm close, even can feel the air solemn to the extreme.

The Bureau of Heavenly Killing, they can more or less spy some inside information!

The birthday platform.

Chen Daolin’s expression was cold, his face covered in a layer of cold frost.

He slowly turned back and swept a glance at Elder Long, Kunlun and the mysterious man.

After a moment, he returned his gaze to Patriarch Iga and Blood Angel Dracula.

Just as he was about to speak.

From the third helicopter, a magnetic voice suddenly came out.

“Ancestor Ye Yuanqiu of the Hong Society and leader Yuan Yigang have come to pay their respects today!”


The voice was like a thunderclap.

The many bigwigs in the front row were all dumbfounded.

Old Lady Gu, whose face was flushed with complacency, had her smile disappear in an instant.

The people of the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels.

The moment the voice appeared, their steps came to a screeching halt.

Patriarch Iga and Dracula turned around at the same time, narrowing their eyes and locking them onto Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang with a strong sense of scorn!

And on the birthday platform, two beams of brilliant light exploded steeply from Chen Daolin’s eyes, his expression uplifted.

Even Elder Long and the others showed their joy!

The Chen family, on the other hand, were looking at each other with different expressions.

The Iga Ryu and Blood Angels were indeed strong, but in the domain they belonged to, the Hong Society …… was the deserving leader of the leader!

The appearance of Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang was like crushing the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels on the spot!

What’s more crucial is that Chen Daolin and Elder Long, among others, are clear that the Hong Society has come for good!

“Hahahahahaha …… Welcome, Chen is very fortunate to have Ancestor Ye and Dragon Head Yuan here today to congratulate us, it is indeed a great blessing for the Chen family!”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

His attitude was very different from that of Old Lady Gu, the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels!

This scene.

The tens of thousands of people from the thousands of powerful families present were all puzzled.

What was going on here?

The people who could appear at the Chen family’s birthday today were all the best of the best.

But Chen Daolin’s two faces were not hidden!

Many people, already drumming in their hearts, could smell something extraordinary!

“Hahahaha …… Lord Chen family, please forgive me for taking the liberty to pay my respects, it is indeed a hasty meeting of Hong!”

Under the gaze of countless gazes, Ye Yuanqiu clasped his fist in response to Chen Daoling.

The first time I saw him, I was able to see him.

“Take your seats, quickly take your seats!”

Chen Daolin was filled with a warm smile, hurriedly greeting the special person to lead Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang to their seats: “Hong will be present to pay his respects, fire the salute!”

This phrase, shouted by Chen Daolin himself, was enough to show the importance attached to the arrival of the Hong Society.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The salute shot up to the skies and shook the earth.

As the sound of the cannons echoed in the sky, Chen Daolin then said casually to the Iga Ryu and the Blood Angels who were standing in place, “Take your seats, sit with the Gu family, you are all here, if you are not invited to sit, the world’s giants will still be watching, lest they say that my Chen family is stingy.”

The words came casually, penetrating a clear and cold air.

It was as if a large invisible hand had been drawn directly above the faces of Patriarch Iga and Dracula.

The two looked at each other with a sombre expression as they led the way towards the table where Old Lady Gu was.


While everyone’s attention was on top of the square, on the way to the square from the foot of the mountain, a silhouette was walking quickly forward.

“Humph! Grandpa and big brother, they’re really stingy enough to follow and not even bring me along to pay their respects, I still have to charter my own plane to come over.”

Ye Linglong’s beautiful eyes were full of expectation, but her footsteps were flying.

Above the square.

The sound of the salute echoed for a long time.

Not waiting for Hong Hui and, Iga Ryu, Blood Angels and others to take their seats.

In the sky, another helicopter blast exploded.

Countless eyes looked up again.

The wind was bitterly cold and snow was falling.

Under the warm sunlight, a strange-looking helicopter was flying in from the distance.

But when the crowd looked at the word “Jiang” engraved on the helicopter.


The simple word was like a heaven-shaking thunderbolt, instantly blasting into the eyes of the many bigwigs in the front row of the square.

“Jiang, the Jiang …… family? Is it someone from the Jiang family?”

“It must be the Jiang family, other than them, who dares to stamp the word Jiang as a mark?”

“The hidden clans and gentry are all present today at the Chen family’s big birthday, is this sky …… really about to change?”


At this moment, the crowd of bigwigs from the top of the pyramid forces in the front row could no longer contain their surging hearts.

One by one, their faces were red and their expressions varied, but their gazes were deadly fixed on the rapidly approaching, descending Jiang family helicopter in the sky.

The next second.


The crowd of bigwigs, all at the same time, rose up and faced the landing helicopter, their expressions respectful and solemn.

Even the old lady of the Gu Family and the Iga Patriarch and Dracula.

At this moment, they also collected their faces and rose in unison to greet them!

Chapter 1200

The Jiang family is a deserving family!

Not only does it have the power to take over the world, it also has the accumulation of a thousand years of prosperity.

These two conditions are the only criteria for a powerful family to become a top-level family!

Even if the Chen family, which holds all the wealth in the world, is strong enough but has accumulated less than a thousand years of wealth, it still stops short of being a family.

The meaning of a family’s existence is not only the prosperity and power of the family!

It is also a huge mission to control the rise and fall of kingdoms and to help them to fall!

The dynasties in the region have been slaughtered by wars and the dead have been scattered all over the land.

But those who really know what is going on can see in each successive dynasty a trace of the great hands of the clans that have been pressed into service to set the world in motion!

Power over the world, but far more than power!

The accumulation of a thousand years of prosperity is unimaginable!

A power that is above all else, hidden from the world at ordinary times, but present in times of war.

This is a power that can overwhelm the times!

It is not comparable to any of the powers present.

Perhaps the …… Chen family can be counted as half of them!

As a group of forces at the top of the pyramid all rose to greet each other.

The tens of thousands of people from the thousands of giants further back were all filled with shock at this moment.

Horrified eyes gazed at the slowly landing helicopter.

Puzzled, puzzled, shocked ……

All kinds of emotions instantly swept through the tens of thousands of people present.

The next second.

Rumble ……

The crowd surged like a tidal wave.

Tens of thousands of people all got up, faced the helicopter and greeted them respectfully.

They didn’t know what the word “Jiang” meant, but that didn’t stop them from following the same lead as the top powers!

The birthday platform.

The Chen family were already dumbfounded.

Even Old Lady Chen was dumbfounded, with veins trembling in the corners of her eyes.

“How could a birthday banquet today blow out the reclusive Jiang family?”

This was the thought in Old Mrs. Chen’s mind.

“Fire the salute, fire the salute!”

Chen Daolin looked excited, his heart beating wildly.

Although the Chen family possessed strength not far behind the Jiang family, it was ultimately a head shorter because its accumulated heritage was less than a thousand years old.

Because the Jiang family was used to being secluded, Chen Daolin had not invited the Jiang family this time, even though he had friendships with them.

If the family were to appear in the world, the implications would be too great and the impact too heavy!

But now the Jiang family had given Chen Daoling face by coming uninvited!

It was an honour!

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sound of the salute shot up into the sky, deafening.

Tens of thousands of people rose to greet them, a scene that could not be described as spectacular.

The whole place was silent, the gods were respectful and the sound of the salute, became the only sound.

The next second.

Chen Daolin loudly and boisterously saluted, “The Jiang family is here to pay their respects, glory to the Chen family!”

This loud salute caused the thousands of magnates present to look shocked and their hearts to be lifted up in huge waves.

The Chen family was in control of the world’s wealth!

The Chen family head was like a god on the clouds.

The arrival of a power on the family head’s birthday actually caused the Chen family head, the birthday boy, to disregard the rules of etiquette and willingly lower his status to make a personal noise.

What exactly is the origin of this Jiang family ……?

Compared to the shock of the thousands of magnates, the group of bigwigs of the forces in the front row looked unchanged.

In their opinion, Chen Daolin’s reaction was simply normal!

If it were them, they would be just as happy to lower their status!


The helicopter landed on the ground.

Chen Daolin had already stepped down from the Shoutai and walked towards the helicopter with giant strides.

The hatch opened.

What met his eyes were familiar old faces.

“Welcome, Master Jiang, and please forgive Dao Lin for not inviting you!”

There were no polite formalities, and even the opening of his mouth conveyed that he was the first to apologise for being short.

This had never been done before!

“I came in a hurry, so I didn’t tell you.”

Sixth Master Jiang smiled and shook Chen Daolin’s hand, then his eyes looked around, “Lin’er hasn’t arrived yet?”

When Chen Dong killed a member of the Jiang family and caused a huge disaster, it was the Sixth Master of Jiang who dealt with the matter, solving the misunderstanding in the Chen family and telling Chen Dong that the person who was killed was someone who had been expelled from the Jiang family.

As soon as he heard the Sixth Master Jiang ask about Chen Dong.

Even with Chen Daolin’s state of mind, it was hard to contain this moment, and the smile that spread across his face grew a few shades bigger.

“With the Jiang family present, Dong’er’s chances of winning have increased even more!”

Chen Daolin was full of smiles as he invited Jiang Sixth Master to the stage while saying, “Dong’er will still have some time to arrive, so Sixth Master will go on stage with me first.”

At first, because of Chen Dong’s killing of Jiang’s family, in the Chen family, Chen Daolin was able to talk and laugh with the Sixth Master Jiang.

But at this juncture today, the Jiang family had given him Chen Daoling face by coming to the door in person, regardless of the sensation.

As the host, Chen Daolin’s words were ultimately a little more humble.

“No need, old man, I’ll take my seat here, this big birthday today ……”

The Sixth Master Jiang was dressed in a brocade robe, but he was not angry, his gaze swept the front row, did not finish his words, but only smiled meaningfully.

Chen Daolin did not say much and personally invited the Sixth Master Jiang to take his seat.

As Master Jiang took his seat, the atmosphere in the room seemed to change dramatically.

Even if the Sixth Master Jiang was merely sitting, it was as if there was a layer of oppression that swept across the front row of the table.

“Take your seats!”

The Sixth Master Jiang spoke softly.


The front row of powerful bigwigs settled into their seats in unison and neatly.

In the back row, tens of thousands of giants, tens of thousands of people all looked bewildered.

But they too took their seats one after another.

The next few moments.

One by one, there were more major powers arriving.

Above the sky, a helicopter came and went.

Between the mountains, the sound of cannon salutes echoed incessantly.

The giants exchanged pleasantries and exchanged pleasantries, all waiting in silence.

Time pa*ses slowly.

The tables were also getting fuller and the time for the birthday banquet was getting closer and closer.

Only …… what made Elder Long and the others frown was that there had been no sign of Chen Dong!

Even Chen Daolin could not help but be a little puzzled.

Today’s birthday banquet, he was the birthday boy, but he knew better, the real key at the birthday banquet was to elect the next family head and take over the crown!

Chen Dong was late in arriving, and delay would bring change!

On the birthday platform, Old Lady Chen and the others had gloomy faces.

Ever since the arrival of the Sixth Master Jiang, Old Madam Chen’s face had been like a pool of stagnant water, and her frown had never been stretched.

Beside her were Chen Tiansheng, Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping.

“Mum, the Jiang family have all shown up, I’m afraid there are big changes today!”

Chen Dao Ping said in a deep voice.

Chen Daoping hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes, so many uninvited forces, even the Jiang family has shown up, if we don’t contest for the next head of the family as soon as possible, I’m afraid the situation will become more and more unfavourable, just now the sixth master Jiang has asked about that wild seed, if we wait until that wild seed arrives, the situation will probably be very unfavourable for Tiansheng!”

“Then what will you teach the old body to do?”

Old Madam Chen looked at Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping with gloomy brows.

Both of them had a pause at the same time.

On the side, however, Chen Tiansheng rubbed his chin and pondered, “Perhaps …… start the birthday banquet early? With a full house and three thousand tables already almost full, there is nothing wrong with advancing the time a bit.”

At those words.

Old Mrs. Chen, Chen Daoping and Chen Daoping all brightened up.

The birthday banquet would start at 12 noon!

The winner would be the king and set the head of the family, which would also take place sometime after the start of the birthday feast.

If the birthday banquet was brought forward, it would mean that the time for the winner is the king and the family head would also be brought forward.

If it was before Chen Dong arrived, then the variables would be greatly reduced!

And at this moment, there was still half an hour before the birthday feast began!

The next second.

The next second, a flash of determination appeared in Old Lady Chen’s eyes.

In full view of everyone.

She stepped forward with her walking stick and said in a loud voice: “Ladies and gentlemen, as Dao Lin’s Third Mother, I would like to thank you all on behalf of Dao Lin for coming to the banquet in the midst of your busy schedules, this is the best honour for my Chen family.