Winner Takes All Chapter 1189-1190

Chapter 1189

Mum, you must calm down, the more times like this, the more calm you must be, you are our backbone, if you mess up, then what will we do?”

Chen Daoping hurriedly calmed Old Lady Chen.

The Chen family was up and down.

Although the factions were complicated, everyone was clear.

Even the most complicated factions could only be undercurrents and secret rivalries.

After all, the Chen family was headed by Chen Daolin!

As the head of the family, he could overpower many people.

The only person who could compete with Chen Daolin on the table was the only remaining member of the older generation, Old Lady Chen.

As the eldest, she was qualified to fight with the family head in an open stalemate!

At the sound of her words.

Chen Tiansheng also withdrew his gaze and advised Old Madam Chen, “Grandma, you must not get angry and damage your health.”

This was the Chen family head’s birthday!

It was also the moment to establish the next head of the family.

There were many successors in the Chen family, but the ones with the best records had already been honed over time.

Chen Tiansheng was favoured by Old Madam Chen, and was placed under the banner of Old Madam Chen. With the help of Old Madam Chen, he had already become the most promising successor to the next family head!

Even better than Chen Dong!

After all, he is the first-born of the Chen family and has received an elite education in the Chen family since he was a child.

Whereas Chen Dong?

A wild child in the eyes of the Chen family, he grew up as an outcast, displaced and out of step with the Chen family.

If Chen Daolin hadn’t found him and changed his fate, he wouldn’t even know where he is now.

Even if, with Chen Daolin’s support, and with great ability, he did produce an answer sheet that laughed at the successors of the Chen family.

But so what?

What right does a wild child have to be the head of the Chen family?

What’s more, he was a crippled B*****d in a wheelchair!

This was the consensus of the entire Chen family!

What’s more, some news had already been secretly circulated in the Chen Family.

In the Chen family, even though Chen Daolin swore to Chen Dong that the winner would be the king, everyone was clear that Chen Dong’s hopes were not as good as Chen Tiansheng’s!

And Chen Tiansheng, naturally, was also clear about this!

So at this moment, he was even flattering and persuading the old lady Chen.

He wanted to behave submissively with the old lady and gain enough support!

And as Chen Daoping said, the old lady, the great banner, if she started to disrupt herself now, how would she be able to go toe-to-toe with Chen Daoling and set things right at Chen Daoling’s birthday banquet?

“The old body is angry at this Buddha, helping the wild seed!”

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was red, her eyes staring at the golden Buddha statue with resentment, “Worshiping it day in and day out and believing in it, but it doesn’t bless the old body with everything, that wild B*****d has become more and more powerful instead!”

As she spoke.

Old Mrs. Chen threw away the Buddha beads in her hand, “In three days’ time, if you still don’t protect me, I will smash this golden body Buddha statue!”

Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng’s expressions changed.

Both of them felt a bitter chill and resentment in the tone of Old Madam Chen’s voice.

“Grandmother, don’t be too anxious, with your patronage, I am now the most promising successor to the next family head in the Chen family!”

Chen Tiansheng supported Old Madam Chen and spoke in a calm and rea*suring tone, “What’s more, Grandma, don’t forget Chen Dong’s Heaven-Slaughter Bureau, so what if he ran away to Zhenjiang City? So what if he’s back now? What can a cripple in a wheelchair do to compete with me? Perhaps he has just left the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, or just arrived at our Chen Family, and he will be slaughtered by the various forces of the Bureau of Heavenly Killing?”

Old Lady Chen smiled faintly.

The anger on her face dissipated for a few moments.

She dotingly raised her hand and stroked Chen Tiansheng’s head.

Originally, Old Madam Chen’s hunched body was a great deal shorter than Chen Tiansheng’s, but as Old Madam Chen raised her hand, Chen Tiansheng crouched down with a clear understanding and obediently met his head to Old Madam Chen, and showed a willing expression at this action.

“It’s my son who can comfort people.”

In three days’ time, you will be the next head of the Chen family, and even Chen Daolin will not be able to save the day. In front of the world’s giants, giants and titans, if Chen Daolin wants to save face, he will not dare to look like a rascal!”

As she spoke, Old Lady Chen was still stroking the top of Chen Tiansheng’s head, moving gently, as if she was stroking a pet dog.

Gradually, Old Lady Chen’s gaze deepened and she smiled disdainfully, “You’re right, a crippled B*****d in a wheelchair has no right to be the head of the Chen family? What’s more, I have other cards to play. At the family head’s birthday, he, Chen Dong, wants to be the king? He’s lucky if his father’s birthday doesn’t turn into his death anniversary!”

“Grandma really still has her cards?”

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes lit up and his mind was lifted.

“Of course!”

Old Mrs. Chen smiled smugly, collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, four words as heavy as a mountain, can crush people to death!

However, she did not intend to tell Chen Tiansheng right away, this matter, only when the words were thrown out at the birthday banquet, could it explode into an overwhelming shock!

Chen Tiansheng was full of expectation and spring.

Even, when he felt the caress on the top of his head, he could not help but squint his eyes slightly, revealing an even more well-behaved look.

So much so that he didn’t even notice how strange Chen Daoping, who was at the side, was looking at him at the moment.

At that very moment.

“Sanniang, Sanniang!”

A shout came from outside.

“Help me out!”

Old Mrs. Chen opened her arms and allowed Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng to help her out of the Buddha Hall.

In the courtyard.

Chen Daoping hurriedly walked in.

His face was full of joy, even with flattery.

As soon as he saw Old Mrs. Chen, he clasped his fist and arched his hand, congratulating her, “Congratulations to Third Mother, congratulations to Third Mother, congratulations to Tiansheng, congratulations to Tiansheng!”


The three of them looked choked.

Old Mrs. Chen asked, “Dao-jin, there is no joy, why are you here to congratulate us? It’s Dao Lin’s birthday in three days, you should congratulate him!”

“I can’t, Third Mother.”

Chen Daojin said with a flattering smile, “The family head’s birthday is in three days’ time, so naturally we should congratulate him, but what I am congratulating in advance is that Daojin has become the next head of the Chen family!”

At these words.

A faintly imperceptible smile appeared at the corners of Old Lady Chen, Chen Daoping and Chen Tiansheng’s mouths.

Chen Tiansheng shrugged his shoulders in mock confusion, “Uncle Dao, what are you congratulating me for? The time of the family head’s birthday banquet is when the next family head will be established.

“Tiansheng, at least I’m your uncle, and you’re already playing sloppy with me?”

Chen Dao said with a smile on his face, “Who in the Chen family doesn’t know that you are the most likely to become the next family head? Even with Chen Daoling’s reckless protection, could you really push him in his wheelchair and put him on the throne? Of all the heirs in the Chen family, whoever dares to say that you were not born to be the next head of the family, I, Chen Daolin, will be the first to trouble him.

Chapter 1190

The compliments and flattery made Chen Tiansheng’s heart swell.

Old Mrs. Chen and Chen Daoping also showed their smiles.

Old Mrs. Chen said with mock seriousness, “Daoping, Daoling is your own brother, and Chen Dong is also your own son and nephew!”

Chen Daoping raised his eyebrows and rubbed his hands together, smiling fawningly, “Third Mother, it is true that the head of the family is my own brother, but that B*****d Chen Dong could never become the head of the family, even if the head of the family is biased, but the head of the Chen family is the one who will control the lifeline of the Chen family for decades to come, so how can it be a child’s play? I’m helping reason not relatives!”

“Hahahaha …… What a way to help reason but not relatives!”

The old lady Chen threw back her head and laughed out loud, “Don’t worry, when Dao Lin’s birthday comes, the old body will definitely let you see born surrounded by ten thousand glories and set the next family head’s position! As for that Chen Dong …… hehe ……”

With a cold laugh.

The courtyard, which was already drifting snow and bitterly cold, suddenly exploded in temperature.

Chen Dao pro came and went quickly, and did not stay in the small courtyard for long.

The Chen family had a lot to do as the birthday was approaching.

For Chen Daojin, it was enough for him to come and show his loyalty once in advance!

His high position and power was based purely on his bloodline relationship with Chen Daolin, but his ability was in doubt.

When Chen Dao Lin retires in his old age, his position will also be lost.

Now that the next head of the family is about to be established, he has to think about his own future.

From the very beginning, Chen Dao’s relatives did not think that Chen Dong would really become the next Chen family head.

Even if he was Chen Daolin’s own son, it would never be possible!

A stray wild child with two crippled legs at his back, how could the magnificent Chen family bow their heads and throw their faces into the mud?

In his opinion, Chen Tiansheng, who relies on the banner of Old Lady Chen, is the most likely successor to become the next head of the Chen family!

By showing his loyalty in advance, Chen Tiansheng will succeed Chen Daolin when he abdicates in his old age in the future.

His power and wealth might shrink, but it was by no means likely to drop much. This was the fundamental reason why Chen Daochen had been hostile to Chen Dong from the very beginning and had always stood on the same side as Old Lady Chen and the others!

As Chen Daoping left, Chen Tiansheng also took his leave and retired.

Old Mrs. Chen, with the help of Chen Daoping, returned to the Buddha Hall.

Kneeling on the futon, Old Lady Chen gazed eerily at the golden Buddha statue and murmured a prayer.

“My Buddha is above, I have been enveloping and ritualising the Buddha for so many years, the trials and tribulations of these years, the Buddha did not protect me, I have nothing to say, but this time, I beg the Buddha to protect me, in three days, I must succeed na!”

The look of devotion and the words were sincere.

It was hard to imagine that just a short while ago, she had stormed out and scolded the Golden Buddha.

On the side, Chen Daoping stared deep into the ground at Old Lady Chen and murmured, “Mother, are you sure that we will be able to control Tiansheng when he comes to power?”

“Although Tiansheng has a heavy heart, he is too young after all, since the old body can grant him the position of family head, if he does not comply, just take it away and appoint someone else!”

Old Madam Chen said in a calm tone.

The corners of Chen Daoping’s mouth also pulled up a shadowy smile.

“Born ah, must be a good dog to me and mother!”

This was the thought in Chen Daoping’s mind.

The Chen family’s factions were intricate, and the heir supported to the throne meant that the faction behind them was ushering in a period of dividends for decades to come.

But what worried the faction the most was indeed whether the heir would have a backbone in the back of his head!

Looking at old Mrs. Chen’s chest, the last trace of scruples in Chen Daoping’s heart also dissipated.

Everything …… is waiting for the big birthday!


The Chen family airport.

In the past, the air was full of aeroplanes taking off and landing, densely packed, and the prosperity did not lose any airport in any way.

But today!

The entire airport stopped all the planes going to and from the airport as Chen Daolin issued a “No Air Order”.

Because …… Chen Daolin had to pick up some distinguished guests!

Even for the family members, this is the only treatment!

The wind was bitterly cold.

Snowflakes were flying.

Chen Daolin, with a group of Chen family members, stood loftily beside the airport, quietly waiting.


The figure of a plane appeared in the air, and with the clear roar of the engine, the plane landed quickly.

A happy smile appeared on Chen Daolin’s calm face and he led his people to meet it quickly.

The hatch opened.

Gu Guohua and Li Wanqing, both of them, walked off the plane with red faces.

Looking at the wide airport, Gu Guohua’s gaze was complicated and his heart was full of mixed feelings.

There was a time when he, Gu Guohua, had visited the Chen family several times in order to seek development.

The special plane he took landed at the airport several times.

He came in a hurry and left in a hurry.

Gu Guohua never dreamed that he would come to this day!

Although there was no grand and glorious greeting ceremony, there was no grand and glorious attention of all.

But to be greeted personally by a special Chen family plane, to be greeted personally by the Chen family head, to be the guest of honour of the Chen family, this was already the highest honour.

And it was even more soothing to Gu Guohua’s heart than the glory of those magnificent scenes.

And all because his daughter had found a good son-in-law for him!

“Perhaps the best thing …… has done in this life is to promise Xiaoying to return to China in the first place?”

Gu Guohua felt a lot of emotions in his heart.

Ever since Chen Dong and Gu Qingying got married, Gu Guohua’s Qingying International, with the help of the Chen family, had risen to great heights. The mountain that was once insurmountable in his eyes had been directly razed to the ground with a wave of the Chen family’s hand, and all he had to do was to take Qingying International and lift his leg over it!

“My in-laws!”

Chen Daolin greeted him with a smile.

Gu Guohua returned to his senses and smiled as he gave Chen Daolin a fist hug: “Master Chen, congratulations, I wish Master Chen a long and prosperous life!”

Chen Daolin raised an eyebrow, “We are all in-laws, so you are calling me Master Chen, that’s not fair!”

Gu Guohua froze, then laughed out loud, “In-laws, in-laws ……”

After a few pleasantries.

Li Wanqing looked at the crowd behind Chen Daoling and asked, “In-laws, hasn’t Little Shadow and the others arrived yet?”

They were aware of Chen Dong’s trip to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

So it made sense that they could not return earlier.

“They should be arriving soon!”

Chen Daolin smiled faintly.

At that very moment.

On the sky dome, the roar of an aeroplane sounded.

The three of them simultaneously looked up at the dome of the sky, and a plane was rapidly landing.

When the plane came to a halt, the hatch opened.

Gu Qingying took the lead and stepped down from the plane, while behind her, the mysterious man, Elder Long and Kunlun followed.

As for Fan Lu and Zhang Yulan, they did not accompany her because they had to take care of Qin Ye.

As soon as she stepped out of the cabin door, Gu Qingying’s eyes flickered as she looked around.

At this moment, her heartbeat was banging faster.

Is this …… the Chen family, the most powerful family in the world?

The Chen family’s estate, which stands majestically amidst the rolling hills, gave Gu Qingying a severe shock.

This …… is the life I want!

Soon, this place will belong to me!

Gu Qingying walked off the plane with a longing in her heart.

And at this time.

Chen Daolin and Gu Guohua, husband and wife, also welcomed up.

“Little Ying!”

The three of them shouted at the same time.

In a trance, Gu Qingying walked straight up to Chen Daoling, took Chen Daoling’s arm, smiled and shouted, “Dad ……”

Words and actions.

But it was instantly made the couple Gu Guohua, who were full of expectation, the smiles on their faces froze at the same time.

What’s wrong with your daughter?