Winner Takes All Chapter 1181-1182

Chapter 1181

Clang, clang, clang ……

The crisp, loud sound of chisel blows echoed through the barracks.

Perhaps the only thing that has not changed is the strength with which Master Zhang swings the hammer and strikes the burin.

No one noticed the change in Old Master Zhang.

As the pattern chiselled into shape, Master Zhang’s dissimilarity became more and more intense.

His face turned blue, his lips turned purple, and even on his seal, a black patch gradually haloed over and became more and more intense.

Because of the sound of the chiselling blows, so much so that neither Chen Dong nor Zhang Wudao noticed the increasingly urgent gasping sound in Master Zhang’s throat.

At this moment, Elder Zhang’s face was frighteningly pale.

As the human-shaped patterns appeared more and more on the twelfth martial body, his face became more and more frightening.

Like a ghost and like a chimera!

Eerie and spooky!

Under the bright light.

A dull, crystalline vein faintly protruded from Elder Zhang’s glowing green face.

All this.

Chen Dong, who had closed his eyes and immersed himself in his senses, did not notice.

Zhang Wudao, who could only see Elder Zhang’s back, did not discover it either.

And just as the chiselling of the humanoid pattern proceeded to the chest position of the martial body.

Outside the barracks.

Yet there was a change without warning.

The extremely cold sky of the night.

It made the atmosphere in Zhenjiang City a little more wintry and bleak, in addition to being stern and tense.


Not a single snowflake fell on the dark sky, which was originally sprinkled with goose feathers and snow.

Only the cold wind continued to wail.

At this moment, the patrolling troops within Zhenjiang City and the city defence troops all noticed the change.

Everyone was shocked and amazed.

“Strange, why has the snow suddenly stopped?”

“I enlisted in the army and have been in Zhenjiang City for so many years, I’ve seen snow stopping, but I’ve never seen it stop in the middle of an extreme night.”

“Wait! Did you guys notice that the wind seems to have weakened too!”


An army of patrols stopped in place, staring openly at the dark sky and talking.

As a voice from the group rang out.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

The howling, biting wind …… had indeed grown smaller!

And it was declining at a rate that everyone could notice!

The same thing was happening in every part of Zhenjiang City.

All the troops in defense were stunned by this bizarre change.

The northern frontier was always windy and snowy, not too far removed from the harsh weather of the great snowfields outside the realm.

To everyone in the Great Snow Dragon Riders stationed in Zhenjiang City, heavy snow and cold winds were what the weather in Zhenjiang City should be like!

Especially during the extremely cold nights, the worst time of the year.

Any sudden stoppage of the snow and wind seems extraordinarily abrupt and bizarre!

So much so that many years of veterans of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had never experienced such a sudden change.

Even in shock, a sense of fear was lingering in the hearts of every soldier, and it was rapidly amplifying!

People were on edge!

In Huo Zhenxiao’s room.


Huo Zhenxiao, who was dealing with military affairs, suddenly raised his sword brows and looked out of the window, “Why has the wind and snow all stopped?”

As he murmured, Huo Zhenxiao’s eyebrows tightened as an ominous feeling suddenly came over him.

Ignoring his military duties, he put on his thick robe and walked out of the room.

The familiar wind and snow involved did not appear.

The ground, still covered with snow, was snowy white.

But the dark vault of the sky, the snow and wind had indeed vanished!

“When things go wrong, there must be a demon, what has gone wrong?”

Huo Zhenxiao murmured gruffly.

As the Lord of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, controlling the military defence of the entire northern frontier, this strange and abrupt change in the weather was not something he dared to underestimate.

At once.

Huo Zhenxiao turned around and went inside, picked up his communicator and ordered the Eleven Golden Guards to investigate the cause of the weather immediately.

Just as Huo Zhenxiao finished giving the order, he put down the communicator.


A thunderclap suddenly exploded in the darkness of the sky.

A lightning bolt, like a dragon, snaked across the sky and pa*sed in a flash, instantly dispelling the darkness above Zhenjiang City, making it as bright as daylight!

Huo Zhenxiao’s expression changed dramatically.

It was as if this shocking lightning bolt had struck him directly.

His heartbeat banged faster and faster, and that ominous feeling grew stronger and stronger.

“This frightening thunder and lightning has never appeared in the extreme night and cold sky of the Northern Region, what has happened to Zhenjiang City this evening?”

As Huo Zhenxiao walked out of the room with giant strides.

The sound of shouting and shrieking came from all directions at once.

He was familiar with the weather on the northern frontier!

The soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were equally familiar with it!

It was already extremely strange for the snow and wind to stop in such harsh and cruel weather as the extreme cold of the night.

Now there was thunder and lightning that had never been seen before!

“What’s wrong? What the hell is going on?”

“Thunder and lightning? D*mn, I’ve been in the Northern Region for so long, but I’ve never heard or seen anything before!”

“Something’s wrong! It’s so F**king wrong, there’s always a demon when something goes wrong, I, why do I feel like something is going to happen tonight?”


A chorus of alarmed comments came from the patrolling army in the distance.

This caused Huo Zhenxiao’s face to become more and more gloomy, as dark as dead water.

The hands beneath the sleeved robes of his robe were even clenched into fists.

This lightning bolt was enough to strike the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops, causing them to be terrified and their hearts to be shaken!

The same scene was unfolding in all parts of Zhenjiang City.

Patrols of troops everywhere stopped abruptly in their tracks as the thunderbolt appeared, their faces varied and they murmured.

On the city walls in all directions, the city defenders, who had braved the snow and wind, were now crowded with people talking to each other.

Even the sleeping soldiers in the barracks on all sides woke up and rushed out of their barracks to look at the sky in amazement and fear.

Rumble …… Rumble ……

After the first thunder and lightning, after only ten seconds of silence, the dark sky suddenly resounded with the sound of rolling thunder.

The moment the rolling thunder sounds appeared, they instantly exploded this side of the pitch-black pale dome.

At the same time, it also caused the entire Zhenjiang City to completely explode!

Invisibly, a great oppression, along with the rolling thunder sounds, also suppressed Zhenjiang City!

Rumble …… Rumble ……

The thunder sounds were dense and rolled on.

It was as if a thunder beast was lying dormant in the dark vault above Zhenjiang City, now awakening and whispering.

The hair of sweat on Huo Zhenxiao’s body stood up.

His eyes stared up into the darkness of the sky, and his ears echoed with the noisy shouts of Zhenjiang City.

He could feel the great oppression!

It was also while he was gazing into the dark vault that he vaguely saw that dense currents of electricity stirred up in the darkness and appeared across the long sky.

Under the light of the electricity, he saw that a black cloud that could not be seen, layered on top of each other, was slowly sinking down towards Zhenjiang City, with thunder rolling and currents stirring in it.

This scene was terrifying!

It was as if the end had come.

Even Huo Zhenxiao’s bones were chilled at this moment, his spine was chilled and his mind was on edge.

The communicator behind him rang.

Huo Zhenxiao grimaced and hurriedly turned around to answer it.

“Sovereign, there is no abnormality!”

“Sovereign, there is no abnormality!”


The results reported by the eleven Golden Guards one after another caused Huo Zhenxiao’s anger to flare up, making it difficult to contain it.


He heavily slammed down the communication instrument.

This was already covered in dark clouds and lightning, and the weather above Zhenjiang City was still D*mned abnormal?

Chapter 1182

Rumble …… Rumble ……

Above the pitch-black sky, thunder rolled and lightning tumbled.

The great oppression of the sky, which descended with the black clouds, enveloped Zhenjiang City with a mighty momentum, as if to completely swallow it up.

Huo Zhenxiao stopped at the entrance, his face so gloomy that he stared at the sky above.

As the black clouds descended, he could even feel the electricity of the tumbling and stirring lightning, which was transmitted to his body, causing his body to tingle.

The ominous thought grew stronger and stronger.

In Huo Zhenxiao’s heart, however, a feeling of powerlessness had never been born before.

He was a man, not a god!

He was able to build the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, forge the Zhenjiang City, use one city and one army to resist a million lions, oppress a hundred tribes, and shake the world.

But in the face of this real change in the heavens, there was nothing he could do.

No matter how strong a man is, he is as small as an ant in the face of the thunder of the heavens!

Zhenjiang City exploded into a frenzy.

All the soldiers poured out into the streets, staring up at the heavens in fear and horror.

“What the hell is going on? Jesus Christ, how did it suddenly turn out like this?”

“D*mn, such strange weather, not to mention Zhenjiang City, never occurs even further south in the Northern Region!”

“D*mn, I can even feel the electricity pa*sing down from the lightning, is this a F**king thunderstorm that’s going to directly rain down all over the sky, spell us out alive and raze Zhenjiang City?”


There were shouts of alarm and chatter.

The hearts of the troops were in turmoil and people were on edge!

At this moment, if there was the only place of peace in Zhenjiang City.

Perhaps it was only the barracks where the martial bodies were placed!

Clang clang clang ……

The sound of crisp chisel blows echoed continuously.

Elder Zhang’s glowing blue face was already covered with veins, his lips were purple tending to be black, and the blackness on his seal was as thick as ink, even the ragged panting in his throat was like a torn bellows.

Chen Dong, who was immersed in his senses, frowned slightly.

He had heard Elder Zhang’s gasp!

But at this moment, his enlightenment was about to be accomplished, and he was trying to override the Qi and drive it into that “small puddle”.

This was a crucial moment, a matter of success or failure!

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong’s eyebrows relaxed and he did not open his eyes.

Because of the distance and the sound of the chiselling, Zhang Wudao did not hear Master Zhang’s gasp.

Instead, he let out a surprised gasp from his mouth and looked towards the barracks window in surprise.

He heard the sound of thunder filling the sky!

“Strange, why has the wind and snow stopped? How can there be thunder sounds in this place, Zhenjiang City, on an extremely cold night?”

Zhang Wudao’s voice was full of confusion and disbelief.

It had been many years since he had followed his father to the Northern Region to live in seclusion, and he knew the weather in the Northern Region like the back of his hand.

The Northern Domain …… had never seen such bizarre weather changes before!

Retracting his gaze, Zhang Wu Dao glanced worriedly at Elder Zhang’s back.

With that, Zhang Wu Dao was turning around and walking towards the outside of the barracks.

He could not help Elder Zhang, and standing here waiting would not help.

Curiosity drove him out of the barracks, and when he saw the scene on the pitch-black dome, Zhang Wudaob’s face instantly changed drastically, his five senses stretched to their limits and his eyes widened.

“This, this can’t be! This can’t be the weather of the Northern Region’s Extreme Night Cold Sky!”

With a startled cry, the shocked Zhang Wudao instantly lost his self-control, forgetting about Chen Dong and Elder Zhang who were feeling and chiselling away in the barracks.

The words had just fallen.

Boom click!

Boom click!

Boom click!


The long-standing momentum above the sky.

The sky was covered with lightning, like a celestial dragon, striking down with fury.

With the sound of explosive thunder, a lightning bolt seemed like a pillar in the sky, wanting to break away from the black clouds and go straight into the ground.

In a flash.

The sky was filled with lightning, countless of them.

It instantly made this part of the world, Zhenjiang City, as bright as daylight!

Lightning flashed, thunder scorched the prison!

It instantly plunged Zhenjiang City into a realm of doom.

Zhang Wu Dao looked at the shocking scene in the firmament, his body tingling and sweating, an unprecedented great fear that caused his body to shake violently, staggering backwards and leaning against the barracks wall.

“It can’t be, it can’t be! My God, what, what the hell is going on here?”

Dense lightning stirred the long sky, shining on Zhang Wu Dao’s fear-filled face.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Instantly, dead silence fell, and all the shouting and clamouring, at this moment, abruptly disappeared.

The 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, including officers at all levels, even Huo Zhenxiao, were shocked by this terrifying and shocking scene in the sky, and their bodies were chilled to the bone, as if they had fallen into hell.

Huo Zhenxiao stood in place, his eyes facing the lightning in the sky as the thick, heavy black clouds, like a great prison, wrapped in lightning and thunder, slowly pressed down.

Quietly, beads of sweat seeped out from Huo Zhenxiao’s forehead, dripping down his razor-sharp face.

Outside Zhenjiang City.

The sky was filled with thunder and lightning.

Not only did it blow up Zhenjiang City.

It exploded across the entire Northern Region!

The overwhelming sound of thunder was transmitted, a scorched prison of lightning that shone like a pearl in the darkness of the night.

In an instant.

Everyone in the hundred kilometre radius of Zhenjiang City discovered this terrifying scene.

Countless people rushed out of their houses, despite the cold wind and snow, to look at the terrifying scene above Zhenjiang City in the distance, and were terrified beyond words.

From a distance.

Zhenjiang City was beyond eye-catching!

The boundless black clouds above Zhenjiang City were rolling with thunder, and countless lightning bolts seemed to connect the black clouds with Zhenjiang City, turning it into a city of scorched lightning, as if it was going to completely raze and devour Zhenjiang City.

There were even some cowardly and superstitious people who, upon seeing this scene, immediately knelt down in the snow and prostrated themselves in prayer.

A hundred kilometres away, many people also sensed this sudden change in the extremely cold night sky!

For a while, people were on edge.

As the number of people paying attention skyrocketed, the news was spreading throughout the entire vast Northern Region in a very short period of time at lightning speed.

The Northern Regions are shaken!

The distant Huns.

Wind and snow covered heaven and earth.

The Hun king, his face withered and wrapped in a thick animal robe, sat by the campfire, concentrating on his affairs.

He knew he was running out of time.

So he treasured every second even more!

He had to pave the way for Shying as soon as possible, otherwise …… the royal court was in danger!


“Oooh ……”

In the silence of the thirteen Hun cities in the middle of the very night, the silence was suddenly broken by a startling wolf whistle.

The wolf whistle was so loud that it shook the sky and the earth!

If Huo Zhenxiao had been present, he would have changed dramatically, this …… was the same wolf whistle he had heard when he had rescued Chen Dong!

The snap!

The Hun king’s body shook and the pen in his hand fell on the desk.

His eyes were filled with shock.

His features were even nearly twisted.


The Hun King spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Suddenly his eyes were red and he rushed out of the room like a madman.

Even the beast robe fell to the floor, and he, who had always feared the cold, all but ignored it at this moment.

With only his single garment remaining on his body, the Hun pulled the door of the room open straight away and rushed out into the freezing snow.

“Someone, someone, someone!”

The Hun King, fluffy-haired and looking like a madman, roared loudly.

And in the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

The secret room where the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were placed.

At this moment, there were no guards outside the chambers.

Because of the special layout and structure of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, no one around the chamber knew of the movement.

Inside the chamber.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies stood in silence.

But the moment the Sky Wolves roared long and rushed into the sky and shook the air.

Rumble ……

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies suddenly trembled in unison.