Winner Takes All Chapter 1167-1168

Chapter 1167

The cold, stern voice was like the wind and snow in this extremely cold night.

Iga Yidao’s gaze was bright and uncertain, seemingly hesitating.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was not in a hurry.

He did want to know the real reason for this heavenly killing game.

The Blood Angels, the Iga school, and the forces that had struck but not revealed themselves, had flocked together and descended on the thundering killing machine, so much so that his father, who was the head of the Chen family, had chosen to stay put.

How deep is the involvement?

This pool of water was no longer confined to his competition for the Chen family head!

Chen Dong had even been asking himself many times since the emergence of the Heaven-Slaughter Bureau: How can I be so good?

Dense footsteps were coming from all directions.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders who had heard the news arrived, their armour was cold, and they all looked cold and stern, their killing intent stirring.

But when the crowd saw Chen Dong, a chorus of voices drew in a breath of cold air from the ranks.

Under the lamplight.

Chen Dong stood amidst the wind and snow, his naked upper body covered with oozing wounds, blood gurgling, especially on his abdomen, where the wounds that stretched across his body were even more hideous and terrifying.

The upper half of his body was nearly dyed in blood, but his expression was cold and stern and ancient, without ripples.

This guy …… is so ruthless!

Throughout the sands, bloodshed and killing, these soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army have cognized a truth.

If you are ruthless to your enemy, you are not ruthless, but if you are ruthless to yourself, you are truly ruthless!

A man with horrific wounds all over his body, but without a frown on his face, how ruthless should he be towards himself?

“Stay where you are!”

In one of the troops, a stern shout suddenly rang out.

It was hinted that it came from a Golden Guard.

The ordinary soldiers did not know Chen Dong, but as a Golden Guard, they were clear about who that blood-covered figure really was!

At the same time.

Bai Qi and the other two Golden Guards had also arrived with their teams.

Only when they saw the scene in front of them.

Bai Qi’s face instantly turned gloomy to the extreme.

His tiger eyes flipped with rage and bloodlust, instantly locking onto the kneeling Iga Ichabod.

While angry and bloodthirsty, a huge wave rose up in his heart.

When had the defences of Zhenjiang City been so weak that it was possible for someone to sneak in?

Looking at the hideous wounds on Chen Dong’s body, Bai Qi kept crying out in his heart that it was a fluke.

Compared to the Golden Guards, he knew a little more, and that was the most crucial point!

Chen Dong was not just a Dragon Head Guard, nor was he just Huo Zhenxiao’s senior brother, but he was also an existence that was about to carry the number one merit of the word Heaven and was comparable to Huo Zhenxiao.

If he was really attacked and killed in Zhenjiang City, it would be a catastrophe for all 300,000 of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

“Alright, come over here and I’ll tell you alone.”

Iga Yidao’s eyes suddenly became firm as he smiled at Chen Dong.


Chen Dong, however, shook his head, “When I was five years old and living on the streets collecting rubbish, when I met hooligans who wanted to teach me a lesson, I also used tactics like yours!”

As he spoke, the corners of Chen Dong’s mouth turned up, revealing a disdainful smile.

“If you want to live, say so in public, and if you want me to come closer, it will only be me who kills you!”

Iga Yidao looked flustered at once, and his right hand, which was hidden behind him, gave an abrupt lurch.

Chen Dong’s response caught him a little off guard.

“You, you don’t want to know why all want to kill you?”

Iga Yidao asked in a panic, somewhat unwillingly.

“Want to!”

Chen Dong slowly raised his bladeless heavy sword, “But you’re humiliating me by teasing me with a trick I’ve been playing since I was five years old, and I’m running out of patience.”

“Huh. ……”

Iga Ichabod’s rattling eyes suddenly stopped spinning and he gave a cold laugh.

Immediately afterwards, his body trembled, and he leaned his head back and laughed loudly against the wind and snow.

The sound of laughter, giving a sense of madness, echoed across this side of the world.

And the surrounding Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had a grave expression.

The next second.

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Iga Ichiban suddenly raised his right hand.

In his hand, there was a specially made bomb!


Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards’ faces changed drastically as they let out a shout.

Chen Dong’s face also changed drastically, cursing in his heart as he dragged his Bladeless Heavy Sword and was about to draw himself back and fly back.

“Iga Ichiban, salute!”

However, Iga Ichiban did not pause and roared out in a frenzy.


In full view of the crowd, Iga Ichiban’s thumb picked the drawstring of the bomb.

In this moment, time seemed to be slowed down.

The pull string flew up into the sky and slowly fell towards the ground.


With a deafening sound, a mushroom cloud of flame suddenly shot up into the sky.

The terrifying wave of Qi, even more so, was wrapped in flames and rampaged in all directions.

“D*mn it!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, facing the bomb explosion, it was simply too late to dodge, so he could only crouch down with his bladeless heavy sword across his body.


The terrifying wave of Qi crashed against the Bladeless Heavy Sword, and Chen Dong’s body shook violently as a mouthful of blood spurted out with a “poof”.

But the terrifying and violent impact did not dissipate after hitting the Bladeless Heavy Sword, but directly pushed the Bladeless Heavy Sword and Chen Dong to glide on the ground.

“It’s over, it’s over.”

Bai Qi looked at the flaming mushroom cloud, and could even clearly hear, as if it was raining, the sound of broken flesh falling to the ground.

Smoke and dust filled the air, blurring vision.

With Chen Dong out of sight, it instantly sent Bai Qi’s thoughts into the most desperate of situations.

Almost simultaneously.

Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards rushed towards the centre of the explosion without a second thought.

Just as they lifted their feet, the four of them came to a halt.

It was because they saw that Chen Dong was crouching behind the Bladeless Heavy Sword, being rushed out of the land of thick smoke by the explosion’s air wave.

“I’m fine!”

After stabilising himself, Chen Dong turned back to look at Bai Qi and the Golden Guards, a smile appearing on the corners of his blood-stained mouth.

A faint smile.

Yet it was like the warm sun of winter, enveloping Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards.

The four visibly breathed a long sigh of relief and their shoulders relaxed.

They were clear.

If Chen Dong was well, it would be sunny in this Zhenjiang City.

If something happened to Chen Dong, then Zhenjiang City would truly see heaven and earth change!


Far above the island.

The wind and snow were still there, but it was daytime.

Halfway up the snowy mountain, cherry blossoms were everywhere, sprinkling down, adding colour to the silvery world.

Between the mountains and the forest, a large compound covering a wide area, like a small city, stands on the mountain side of this snowy mountain.

The main colour scheme is black, grey and white, with a retro style of architecture.

This small city-like complex is heavy and mysterious, as if it were back in the Warring States period.

The wind and snow are drifting.

Everything is tinged with a bit of desolation in this winter day.

In front of the huge pagoda, a few letters sprawled across it, dragons flying.

This is the clan site of the Iga school!

In this country, a sacred place to which ninjas aspire!

In one of the courtyards.

The wind and snow are drifting.

The courtyard was full of cherry trees, their petals flying down and laying thickly on the ground.

Under one of the cherry trees, on a stone table, a copper pot was being placed, rising with a rolling heat.

An old man, so old that his silver hair was like weeds, with only a few tufts left and his face full of folds, was holding a bowl and holding chopsticks, staring at the ingredients in the copper pot with rapt attention.

“On a day like this, the best thing is a hot pot, shouldn’t it be ready?”

The old man couldn’t wait to get up, clearly no one was around, but he nodded respectfully to the surroundings and said, “I’m going to start!”


Just as the old man was about to move his chopsticks.

Then he started to eat.

In the courtyard, a strong wind suddenly sounded.

The cherry tree beside the old man swayed violently a few times, shaking off large petals that fell into the copper pot.

“Aiyaaah …… my hot pot.”

The old man’s white eyebrows were furrowed in some annoyance.

Beside him, however, a low voice rang out.

“Sovereign, Iga Ichiban’s Life Lamp shattered, Iga-kun crushed the Life Lamp bomb before he died, Chen Dong didn’t die!”

This was what Iga Ichiban had agreed with them before he left!


The chopsticks in the old man’s right hand broke into two pieces.

The next second.

He directly threw the chopsticks and the bowl, towards the copper pot in front of him.

Rumble ……

It was this simple and casual move that set off a violent wave of Qi that instantly split the copper pot and the stone table, extending out in a harsh and domineering manner until it left a gully half a palm deep on the courtyard wall before it abruptly disappeared.

“Build up your momentum, on the occasion of the Chen family birthday banquet, fight to the death to kill Chen Dong and stain the Chen family with blood!”

Chapter 1168

The cold, husky voice was like an oath.

The intention of certain death made the courtyard instantly cold to the extreme.

The old man beside him changed his expression dramatically.

Hastily bowing, he knelt down on one knee.

“Sovereign, is this a bet on everything for the Iga Ryu?”

They had drawn straws to decide to give the life of a Sannin clan member to go to Zhenjiang City to a*sa*sinate Chen Dong.

It was because they didn’t want to make a move against Chen Dong and anger the Chen family at this last chance of the Chen family birthday banquet!

To anger the Chen family would be even more dangerous than to anger Huo Zhenxiao of Zhenjiang City.

After all, even if Huo Zhenxiao was furious, he would still have to consider the fact that the northern border was now a very cold night and everything had to be done to protect the country and suppress the border.

The Chen family, in a thunderous rage, would have given everything they had.

The family head’s birthday banquet is a great event for the world’s giants, with all eyes on it.

Once the a*sa*sination is carried out, it will not be directed at any one person, but at the entire Chen family.

At that time, even if the Chen family is intricate and tangled within its factions, for the sake of the Chen family’s face, it would descend with thunderous force in front of the world’s gentry, the terrifying might of the number one gentry!

The ultimate price, as one of the Three Shinobis, the old man knew very well!


The old man who was sitting on the stone bench at the end of his seat closed his eyes.

“God will kill God, Buddha will kill Buddha, if Chen Daolin wants to stand in the way, then we will kill him too! What if we bet everything on the Iga Ryu?”


With a single sentence, the body of the old man kneeling on one knee shook, his eyes filled with dismay, and his heart even raised a huge wave.

“But …… to pay such a price to kill Chen Dong, is it worth it?”

Even as the Iga Saninin crowd, under one person and above all others, to this day, they were not sure of the true purpose of the Sovereign’s single-mindedness to kill Chen Dong.

The first goal of a ninja was to carry out a mission.

But things had intensified to the point where it might cost the entire Iga school as a price, and he had to ask this one now.

“It’s worth it!”

The old man’s tone was resounding.



Far away in Europe.

An ancient medieval castle.

Lively piano music echoed in the wide, luxurious room.

A stout, muscular, middle-aged man is holding a gla*s of red wine in his hand, dancing around the room, intoxicated, to the music.

But between his eyebrows, there was a stern and cold look that sent shivers down one’s spine.

“Sir, the Iga Ryu’s Iga Ichiban, has failed!”

A blond man in a tuxedo hurried in.

The middle-aged man, however, still did not stop dancing, a faint smile curving the corners of his mouth.

“Alright, get ready, on top of the Chen family birthday banquet, kill Chen Dong!”

The tone of his voice was calm and leisurely.

Yet it was accompanied by music that spat out a monstrous murderous intent.

“Sir, but that’s at the Chen family ……”

The blond man looked scandalized.

“Oh, then kill the Chen family!”

The middle-aged man, still dancing, said with a smile, “That’s what God said, we are the Blood Angels organization, of course we have to obey God, not fear the Chen family yet.”


The same scene.

With the death of Iga Ichabod’s life in Zhenjiang City, it was being played out all over the world.

Everything within Zhenjiang City could not be probed by the major powers.

But the information of the Iga Ryu, they could probe, and the information of other places, they could also probe.

Iga Ichiban’s infiltration into Zhenjiang City attracted the attention of the major powers.

It was like a signal!

A signal to ascertain whether Chen Dong had returned to Zhenjiang City or not!

A signal to determine whether Chen Dong would be killed in advance or whether he would pour all his chips into a desperate gamble.

The death of Iga Ichiban made the forces that wanted to kill Chen Dong, through the Iga School, know that Chen Dong was in Zhenjiang City, so they chose to throw their weight around!

The clouds were moving in all directions, and killing intent was overwhelming!

The majestic murderous intent was already building up quietly a month before Chen Daolin’s birthday.


On the other side of the ocean, the Mountain River a*sociation.

Ye Linglong sat in the courtyard, her jade arm propped up on her chin, her gaze vacant and dazed.

And in one of the rooms of the Guild Hall.

Ye Yuanqiu and Yuan Yigang were sitting facing each other, frowning sadly.

The tea on the table had long since ceased to rise in heat.

With the strength of the Hong a*sociation, Chen Dong had already known about it when he returned to Zhenjiang City.

A bitter smile surfaced on Ye Yuanqiu’s face, which was full of vicissitudes.

“Huo Zhenxiao had calculated well and was able to force down the secret of Chen Dong’s return to Zhenjiang City with an army of 300,000, but he missed a move and forgot about the extra-territory ah!”

Yuan Yigang pushed his gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and nodded helplessly, “The sky has turned upside down outside the domain, and the Huns have sealed off the country, this cannot be hidden from anyone, now the question mark lingering in the minds of the major powers has become an exclamation point!”

The Hong Society detected Chen Dong’s return to Zhenjiang City, not from the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but through a single event that happened outside the domain, and through the Hong Society’s huge and complicated intelligence agency, using a single event to project out.

The same projection that the Hong Society could do, always focusing on Chen Dong, because Chen Dong in turn focused on the major forces of Zhenjiang City, could do the same!

No power can grow and expand without a powerful and ponderous intelligence agency.

And this time, Iga Ichiban lost his life, allowing the major powers that had been focusing on him to speculate on the outcome from the reaction of the Iga school!

To be precise, if the Hong Society had not learnt the answer from Chen Daoling, even the result reached by the Hong Society’s intelligence agency would have been mere speculation!

The other forces were not able to get the definite answer directly from Chen Daoling as the Hong Society did.

They had merely relied on step-by-step calculations through the shocking changes outside the domain to arrive at an answer that Chen Dong might return to Zhenjiang City!

This time, Iga Yidao’s infiltration into Zhenjiang City was more of an investigation than an a*sa*sination!

In other words, the answer to the question mark “Chen Dong might return to Zhenjiang City” could be changed to an exclamation mark!

With the changes within the Iga School, the major powers, who were always focused, also had an answer in mind!


Yuan Yigang face soberly looked at Ye Yuanqiu: “Now it has sat, Iga Yidao dead, Zhenjiang City layers of protection, Huo Zhenxiao and 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry army shelter, perhaps …… hefty killing opportunity to focus on Chen Daolin’s birthday banquet, then… . how will we Hong will deal with it?”

“Not maybe, but definitely! When that old immortal from the Iga Ryu made his decision, the other forces that wanted to kill Chen Dong had actually made the same decision as him!”

Ye Yuanqiu held up his cup of tea and took a sip of the cold tea, his gaze deep as he stared at Yuan Yigang, “When the Chen family head’s birthday banquet comes around, you and I should go, it would be a good way to help Chen Dong settle on the next family head’s position!”


Yuan Yigang did not hesitate and nodded dryly.

There was a pause.

Yuan Yigang asked again, “Take Linglong with you?”

Ye Yuanqiu was stunned.

After thinking for a while, he slowly said, “It is better to conceal that girl just like we concealed Chen Dong’s disappearance before, the Chen family birthday banquet is a Hongmen banquet with complicated variables, and I am worried that the silly girl will do something stupid.”


In the courtyard.

Ye Linglong, who was fuming, her eyes suddenly blossomed with a flash of brightness.

Her red lips mouthed and she murmured softly, “Right well Ye Linglong, it’s not like you’re going to him, if grandpa and Brother Yi Gang are going to the birthday banquet and you follow, then you’re also following to the birthday banquet.”