Winner Takes All Chapter 1165-1166

Chapter 1165

Clang Clang ……

In the darkness, a cluster of sparks, constantly blooming.

It was accompanied by the sound of Iga Ichabod’s ragged panting.

There were reasons of exhaustion, but more of panic!

Facing Chen Dong, who was holding a bladeless heavy sword in his hand, this strong man, one of the three Iga ninjas, was completely panicked, no longer able to maintain his previous cloudy, calm and relaxed look.

His strength came more from the use of “ki” than anything else.

This also made up for his old age, which had led to his fatal flaw of a weakened physique.

However, the bladeless heavy sword in Chen Dong’s hand had weakened his Qi, exposing his fatal flaw completely.

Before, it was Chen Dong who was unable to withstand his slash of Qi.

At this moment, Iga Ichiban also dared not withstand Chen Dong’s slash!

A heavy blade as wide and thick as a door slab had made him vomit blood with just one scrape, and a few more times, this old body would completely fall apart!

But in all his life’s experience, Iga Ichiban had never heard of such a “demonic sword”!

The disparity between the two realms had been overcome, bringing martial arts and Tao to a similar level.

Iga Ichiban’s state of mind was almost broken!





Time and again, Chen Dong wielded the bladeless heavy sword without any fancy, so simple and brutal that there was not even a hint of beauty.

One word …… shot and it was over!

The reversal of the situation allows Chen Dong to face the wretched and panicked Iga Ichiban at this time, without even bothering to concentrate carefully on identifying where Iga Ichiban is.

The sound of that panting like an ox, even if Chen Dong had his eyes open, he could clearly distinguish the location of Iga Ichidao by his ears.

In the darkness.

Chen Dong was like a reckless man, wielding his heavy, bladeless sword, which was the thickness of a door plate, and slamming it into Iga Ichiban with a roar.

The scene was absurd and bizarre.

If ordinary people who were unaware of it saw it, they would definitely scold Chen Dong’s young man for not speaking martial arts and swinging the door to bully the old man.


Iga Ichiban once again wielded his samurai short sword and slashed at the bladeless heavy sword.

With the terrifying force of the recoil, he quickly drew himself back and flew back.

At the same time, Iga Ichiban held his katana high in both hands, raised it above his head, and slashed down with a blatant slash.

“Iga Ichiban Ryu!”

Boom! ~

The vast and overwhelming sword qi ran directly towards Chen Dong in a devastating manner.


Chen Dong did not move a muscle as he brazenly stomped the door-slab wide bladeless heavy sword in front of his body.

Rumble ……

The deafening sound of the overbearing and violent sword qi hitting the blade of the Bladeless Heavy Sword was deafening.

But Chen Dong, who was holding the Bladeless Heavy Sword in his hand, only experienced a tremor in his arm and a huge pain in his tiger’s mouth!

The sword qi had weakened significantly, allowing Chen Dong’s physique to cope with the power of the residual sword qi, merely frowning in pain.

“Too weak!”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly and spat out three words.

Iga Ichiban: “……”

Iga Ichiban Ryu, his sure kill technique!

In his lifetime of experience, after creating this move, although there had been failures, there had never been such a failure as this one!

A sure kill move, too weak?

Iga Ichiban’s chest rose and fell violently with anger, humiliation and rage.

“Baka, Baka, Baka!”

Three angry curses in quick succession.

Iga Ichiban’s eyes were red and his body shook as he suddenly stomped the ground and leapt up in the air.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

Countless shurikens were instantly shot out by Iga Ichiban.

It was like a rainstorm of pearly flowers, engulfing Chen Dong in an overwhelming manner.


Chen Dong slightly tilted the angle of his Bladeless Heavy Sword and his body retracted underneath it.

Clang clang clang ……

The sky of shuriken and bitterless landed on the Bladeless Heavy Sword, splashing large sparks, but they could not even hurt Chen Dong under the sword.

When Iga Ichiban, who had fallen back to the ground, saw this scene, his body shook and a mouthful of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth with a surge in his throat.

I’ve put all the shuriken and bitterless on my body, but I dare to put a firework on your sword?

What the hell ……


Depression filled his chest and anger rushed to the sky.

Iga Ichiban charged directly in the direction of the diagonal thrust, and in that direction, there was his samurai long sword!


The samurai sword was pulled out of the ground directly by Iga Ichigo, and as Iga Ichigo swung it, the samurai sword overflowed with sword qi, turning into a wave of qi that ploughed towards the ground directly behind Iga Ichigo, exploding inch by inch.

The next second.

With a short sword in one hand and a long sword in the other, Iga Ichidao lunged at Chen Dong, who was standing with his sword, with red eyes.

Chen Dong saw the scene of Iga Yidao picking up his sword, but he did not stop it.

The most fundamental reason was that his physique was not strong enough to use a bladeless heavy sword in a sustained battle!

Waiting in place for Iga Ichiban to strike was the best way he could think of to save his strength!

The rest was up to him to decide whether he would lose his strength and be unable to wield his sword, or whether Iga Ichiban, the old man, would die of exhaustion first!


Facing the frantic Iga Ichiban, Chen Dong swung out his Bladeless Heavy Sword.

With the broad and thick blade of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, a casual swing of it could raise a dull and violent wind.

The resulting wind would be too much for an ordinary person to bear!


Iga Ichiban slashed his swords, but felt a heavy force shake back at him.

After stabilising himself.

Iga once again rushed towards Chen Dong.

The darkness of the training room was bizarre and absurd.

Chen Dong stood in place as if he was a rock, not moving at all. Whenever Iga Ichabodger rushed forward, he directly swung out a slash.

Iga Ichiban, on the other hand, was already on the verge of frenzy.

He jumped up and down, trying desperately to get close, but every time he was swatted away by Chen Dong.

After the Bladeless Heavy Sword had weakened the Qi, the gap between Chen Dong and Iga Ichiban’s strength was brought to a very similar level!

He knew that before Chen Dong had discovered Qi, when he had faced Iga Feiyu and Iga Feijia, he had been able to kill them with his determination to fight to the death.

The Iga Ichiban was even more powerful than the Iga ninja he had faced before, but it was in his Qi and his combat experience that he was powerful!

With a single sword in his hand, the bladeless heavy sword erased these two advantages to near nothing.

No amount of combat experience would be enough to wipe out the absolute defence Chen Dong had constructed with his bladeless heavy sword while standing still!

On the contrary, Iga Ichabod’s fatal flaw of old age and frailty became more and more obvious as Iga Ichabod attacked desperately!

In the darkness, Iga Ichiban’s frantic roar continued to resonate.

“Baka-ya-roo! Why is there this D*mn sword!”

“Die, die to me! I fight for my life, bless me, Oshogami Amaterasu!”

“The honour and dignity of the Iga school, if I cannot kill you, will be lost today!”


A frantic, almost insane hiss echoed through the practice room.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was calmly wielding his sword and calmly responding.

The situation of the two had changed, compared to before, it was like a complete exchange.

But while he was calmly wielding his sword, Chen Dong did not stop there.

Faced with the angry Iga Ichiban, he was carefully sensing the flow of Qi within his body.

At this juncture, Chen Dong did not want to continue to rely on the Iga Ichiban to deduce the use of ki.

What he was waiting for was to sense the “ki” and then, with a single blow, end the fight!


Two more metal clashes and sparks erupted.

Once again, Iga Ichiban was shaken back.

Iga Ichiban, who was in a fury, was now red-eyed, trembling and panting.

He had come to kill Chen Dong with the determination of certain death. From the time he was chosen by lot, he had been righteous and had not hesitated, even when he was sneaking into Zhenjiang City, he had not been terrified.

But now, the repeated fruitless attacks had made Iga Yidao afraid!


Not waiting for Iga Yidao to launch another attack.

Chen Dong’s ice-cold voice, however, was like a cold wind blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries, causing the temperature in the practice room to suddenly explode down.

“Old immortal, do you want to feel a shot of my sword qi?”

Chapter 1166


The panicked and terrified Iga Ichiban’s scalp exploded when he felt that biting, piercing killing intent.

The next second.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The next moment, a smoke screen fell to the ground.

The thick smoke, which was pungent and choking, instantly filled the whole practice room.


Iga Ichabod didn’t hesitate, turning around and rushing towards the door of the training room.

He could die!

But the prerequisite was to kill his target, Chen Dong.

Without being able to kill Chen Dong, death was meaningless.

Escape was the way to go!

In the darkness, thick smoke rolled.

Chen Dong stood majestically in place, his expression cold and stern, his murderous intent spreading.

Faced with the thick smoke rising in all directions, Chen Dong did not pay any attention to it.

Almost instantly, his eyes locked on the direction of the door of the practice room.

At the same time, his hands slowly raised the bladeless heavy sword above his head.

Qi …… arrived!

The next second.


A stiff qi burst out from Chen Dong’s hands, forming a cyclone of qi that blatantly wrapped around the Bladeless Heavy Sword.

The astral wind whistled and tore around.

The killing intent was so overwhelming that it filled the entire practice room in an instant.

In the darkness, it was as if the bladeless sword in Chen Dong’s hand had become the only focus.

A roar shook the room.

Chen Dong took a step forward with a bow, and the bladeless heavy sword in his hand slashed down bravely.


The violent sword qi instantly rushed out of the Bladeless Heavy Sword, like a python dragon breaking through the air, destroying everything and razing everything, charging straight at the door of the training room.

“Baka, thunder flash!”

In a flash of lightning, the darkness suddenly exploded with Iga Ichiban’s furious roar.


A piercing light instantly blossomed from Iga Ichigo’s samurai sword, dispelling the darkness and illuminating the practice room in a white haze.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed, and he could vaguely see a bright cross blade Qi appearing in front of Iga Ichiban, who was standing behind the door of the room, blatantly facing the bladeless sword Qi.


Like a bomb explosion, the whole training room trembled, rustling down the walls, dust and masonry.

Smoke and dust rolled around and washed away all directions.

Even Chen Dong, who had cleaved out the Bladeless Sword Qi, quickly retreated to the corner under the impact of this terrifying wave of Qi.

Light, quickly sweeping in.

Chen Dong looked up sharply and saw that the corner of the wall where the door to the practice room was located had completely collapsed, with countless bricks and stones rustling down from the broken wall.

The smoke and dust had not yet cleared, but Chen Dong’s gaze swept past the dense smoke and dust and looked out over the snowy ground.

The scene in his sight caused Chen Dong to take a breath of cold air backwards.

This was the power of …… sword qi?

In the sight, after the sword qi collapsed the wall, it did not stop, but extended all the way out, ploughing a furrow nearly five meters long on the ground, and even lifted the snow around it up into the sky.

At this point, the snow was flying.

Under the bright light, Chen Dong saw the blurred figure of Iga Ichidao kneeling on one knee in the windy and snowy sky.

Iga Ichiban was kneeling on one knee, his chest was stained with a large amount of blood, the samurai long sword in his hand had broken off, half of the broken sword, he was pinned to the ground, supporting his body, motionless.

Tick …… tick …… tick ……

Blood, dripping from Iga Ichiban’s mouth, dripped down to the ground, staining the gravel and white snow on the ground red.

In the distance.

The sound of dense clashes of armour came.

The loud boom just now was like a heavy bomb that not only collapsed the training room, but also shocked and exploded the entire Zhenjiang City!

With the defence level of Zhenjiang City raised to the highest level and everyone on alert at all times, this explosion from within the city caused the entire Zhenjiang City to instantly explode in the middle of the extreme night.

Chen Dong raised his hand and touched the mask on his face to make sure it was okay, then he dragged his bladeless heavy sword backwards towards Iga Ichiban.

His footsteps were slow, leaving a path of blood behind him.

The intense battle just now had left Chen Dong covered in bruises and blood gurgling.

If it wasn’t for the Bladeless Heavy Sword, perhaps the one kneeling on the ground right now, with his life hanging by a thread, would not be Iga Ichabodger, but Chen Dong himself!

Just as Chen Dong stepped out of the ruins of the practice room.

Iga Ikkou, who was kneeling on one knee with his head bowed, finally slowly raised his head.

At this moment, Iga Ichidao was in a terrible state, his silvery white hair was stained with blood and grit, and he was messy, his pale, furrowed face was bloodless, and blood was gushing out of his mouth.

Only one pair of eyes, bright as stars, only carried a strong sense of fear.

Looking at Chen Dong, who was walking towards him, Iga Yidao’s voice became slurred because of the blood in his mouth.

“You, can’t kill me!”

“Heh! Teaching me to respect the old and love the young?”

A cold, bloodthirsty smile emerged on Chen Dong’s blood-stained face, his footsteps still not stopping.

“If you kill me, there will be a sea of blood on your father’s big birthday!”

Iga Yidao’s eyes were a little fearful, although he had come as a deadly soldier to attack and kill Chen Dong, he had failed in his mission and he had the same luxury of staying alive.

Alive …… had a chance!

There was a chance to rejoin the Iga school and remain one of the three Shinobi clans.

Glory and wealth, power and wealth without equal.

But if you die, everything that you have, is gone.

“Aren’t you guys waiting for the day of my father’s big birthday with your heavenly killing game against me!”

Chen Dong said coldly.

He was not stupid.

Before coming to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, he had already made a judgment of the situation.

Entering the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would indeed be able to instantly contain the Heavenly Slaughter Bureau and make it dissipate into nothingness.

But it was only a matter of time, and he had entered the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for the same purpose of stalling for time!

Chen Dong had never had the extravagant hope that the Heaven-Slaughter Bureau would completely disappear, that was just daydreaming.

The various forces had somehow surrounded him, yet it was not destined to somehow give up.

On top of his father’s big birthday, the Heaven-Slaughter Bureau would reappear with thundering momentum!

And that moment, before he becomes the next Chen family head, will be the final moment of a*sa*sination for the strength of all sides!

Once he is established as the next Chen family head and wears the crown, only then will the Bureau of Heavenly Killings be weakened by fear of the Chen family.

The various forces of the Bureau of Heavenly a*sa*sination would never let go of this final opportunity!

He had already prepared for it too!

Iga Yidao’s gaze froze, and he was instantly somewhat dumbfounded.

At this moment, he suddenly did not know how to beg for mercy, for Chen Dong was indeed right.

As a member of the Iga Sannin, he naturally knew exactly what the purpose of his personal desperation to attack and kill Chen Dong was this time.

If he could kill him, it would save him from meeting the Chen family at their birthday banquet a month later.

Even the Iga school, when confronted by the Chen family, feels a sense of fear and trepidation like facing a fierce beast.

They would not dare to kill in the Chen family!

If they did so, they would be offending the great Chen family.

If they did it before Chen Daolin’s birthday banquet, they would only be offending Chen Daolin.

The difference between these two was a huge gap in the sky.

Of course, just as Chen Dong had said, if his Iga Yidao failed in this attack, the Iga school would indeed strike again at the Chen family’s birthday banquet in a month’s time!


Chen Dong stopped at a distance of two metres from Iga Ikkou.

For a strong man of this level, even if he was already seriously injured and dying, Chen Dong did not dare to have the slightest carelessness.

In the wind and snow.

Chen Dong’s sword eyebrows raised: “In fact, I am curious, why are your various forces, so desperate to kill me? If you tell me the answer, I might be able to accept your plea for mercy and let you live.”