Winner Takes All Chapter 1157-1158

Chapter 1157

The journey was cloaked in snow.

Chen Dong returned to the practice room with a deep frown.

“What exactly should I do, so that I can do it like an arm?”

Sitting cross-legged on the futon, Chen Dong propped his right hand on his chin as he pondered.

Although he had sensed Qi, but if he could not do it as if it was at his fingertips, it would not improve his martial strength much today.

Qi was meant to be used in combat, and in a life-and-death struggle, life and death could be decided in a second, so he could not always gamble on the flow of Qi to the stances and kicks he needed in that second.

Sensing Qi and using it are purely two steps!

In the process of perceiving Qi, he had left behind the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique and focused on perceiving the first forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, which allowed him to make rapid progress.

This also made Chen Dong realise a very crucial point.

The higher one went up the martial dao path, the more one needed to blend in one’s own senses!

At the lower levels of the martial path, it was all about physical strength and fighting skills. As long as the physical strength was strong enough, speed and power would be available, while fighting skills could be consolidated and deepened through repeated training.

However, when it comes to the level of “qi”, it is not just a matter of “copying”.

It’s not something that can emerge through repeated training.

When one rises to the level of the Dao, one has to eventually realise one’s own Dao. Following someone else’s Dao will only limit one’s vision and potential.

The Nine Heavens Dragon Scare Technique is the best example of this.

Chen Dong was certain that if he continued to train the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique, he would also be able to perceive Qi, it was only a matter of time.

If he left behind the “Nine Heavens and Terrifying Dragons Kung Fu”, which was a mixture of martial arts movements, or “gongfu”, inspired by his uncle Chen Daojun, he would be able to get twice the result with half the effort!

Understanding this, Chen Dong did not ask Huo Chenxiao how he could use his Qi to such an extent that he could use it like his arm.

Huo Zhenxiao had already been able to use Qi as he wished, so asking him would definitely help Chen Dong to understand more, and it was precisely because of this that Chen Dong might have fallen into Huo Zhenxiao’s martial path.

He was going to walk out of his own martial arts path!

He would not eagerly ask Huo Zhenxiao for guidance unless he had to.

After he had realized “qi”, there was still a month before his father’s birthday banquet, so Chen Dong had enough time to slowly sharpen his method of using “qi”.

“Hoo …… continue to cultivate.”

Chen Dong heavily exhaled a mouthful of white practice, rubbed his hair, and got up to enter a state of forgetfulness.


Clang clang clang!

Three sounds of metal clashing came from behind him.

Chen Dong’s face changed drastically and he turned around instantly to see three clusters of sparks shooting out from the door of the training room.

On the door of the training room, there were three ninja’s Bitterblades nailed to it!

On the ring at the end of the bitterblades, a cold light could be seen from the threads that resembled fish scales, entwining with each other and sealing the door.

In a matter of moments.

A vicious chill swept through Chen Dong’s entire body, like falling into an ice cave, and a thick layer of goose bumps rose all over his body.

The Iga school?

When did they sneak into Zhenjiang City and infiltrate into this training room?

The ninja bitterless instantly reminded Chen Dong of the Iga school!

But what followed was a flurry of doubts and horror.

With his current strength, if someone was nearby, there was no way he would not be able to detect it.

Even if the Iga school had the art of concealment, it could hide the art, but not the killing intent!

Not to mention the fact that it was in such a quiet and confined space as the training room.

And yet, in the short time since he entered the practice room, he had not even noticed it!

If he hadn’t experienced it himself, Chen Dong wouldn’t have believed that someone could hide their traces to such an extreme degree!

Invariably, the air seemed to freeze.

The originally calm and quiet practice room also suddenly became agitated with killing intent with the sudden appearance of these three bitterless handles.

Clattering ……

The wall not far from the door of the practice room, the wall skin suddenly rippled and collapsed to the ground like a cloth.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed, looking scornfully at the man who had revealed himself.

He was dressed in a tight black ninja outfit, his face covered with face armour and tightly covered, except for his eyes, which were exposed in the air.

This was the standard ninja costume.

Just the moment Chen Dong and the ninja locked eyes, the awe-inspiring killing intent that was released from the ninja’s eyes was like a thousand swords that swept over him.

In a trance, Chen Dong even felt the stinging sensation of swords on his body.

What was even more noticeable was behind the ninja.

A samurai long sword was on the ninja’s back, seven of them, plus a samurai short sword at his waist, a total of eight!

“An expert of the Iga school!”

Chen Dong looked grave, fearful of the ninja in front of him.

“Sir Chen Dong, farewell!”

The ninja faced Chen Dong and slowly bowed and bent over, “I am of the Iga Ryu, Iga Ichiban!”

Chen Dong’s lips mumbled as he raised his finger to point at Iga Ichidou: “Aren’t you the eight swords?”

Iga Ichidou: “……”

Straightening up, Iga Ichiban said in a deep voice, “Shouldn’t your focus be on your own life?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and gently pulled the corner of his mouth, “Actually, I am curious as to how exactly you managed to conceal yourself from me, from the time I returned to the practice room until you showed yourself, I didn’t even notice.”

“Fake death technique!”

As if in no hurry, Iga Ichiban slowly explained, “It allows one to enter a state of false death, abandoning everything as if one were dead.”

Is there really such a secret art in the world?

Chen Dong’s heart was astonished, if one really achieved fake death, then one would indeed be able to collect all breath.

After entering the state of fake death, one was already no different from a dead person, so it made sense that he could conceal it from his perception by hiding it with the Subterfuge Technique.

Following closely.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and asked Iga Yidao with a strange gaze, “Since you were able to sneak into Zhenjiang City with its layers of heavy troops to kill me, your strength must be at least at the level of Iga Feijia and Iga Feiyu, right?”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s gaze was always locked on Iga Ichabodger, looking him up and down.

This ninja in front of him gave him a very different feeling.


Unusually calm!

Such a calm and collected calmness, a state of mind that could only be maintained when there was a huge difference in strength.

Even …… when he had faced Iga Feiyu Iga Feijia back then, Chen Dong had never seen the two of them in such a state of mind.

“I am none other than Iga Feijia and Iga Feiyu’s uncle!”

Iga Ichiban put his hands behind his back and straightened his back: “Iga Ryu, one of the three Shinobi clans! Ordered to come and hunt Your Excellency to the death, this may …… also be called Your Excellency’s glory!”

Iga Sanninjutsu?

Stronger than Iga Feijia and Iga Feiyu?

Chen Dong’s heart contracted for a moment, smacking his lips for a moment.

Then, he smiled, “So it is this glory that made you not attack and kill me just now, but seal the door and then plan to fight with me in a dignified manner?”

“That’s exactly it, your Excellency can kill the two Fei Liu Fei Jia, you are a strong man, naturally you deserve this glory of Iga Ichiban!”

Iga Ichiban slowly drew a long samurai sword from his back, sank his waist and stood in a fighting stance: “Then …… please accept this glory, Your Excellency!”

“Then you can’t say I’m bullying the elderly!”

Chen Dong said seriously with a solemn expression, and then slowly bowed with his hands together, “Aligado!”

This was an island phrase he had once learnt by chance through a movie, to express his gratitude!


Iga Ichiban’s eyes were full of surprise and he was busy asking, “You, what are you thanking me for?”

The words had barely left his mouth.

Iga Ichiban was in his sight.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head, only his face no longer had the coldness and gravity of before, but was replaced by happiness, joy, and even excitement!

Those eyes were full of fire!

The hands that were originally joined together were now rubbing each other ……

Chapter 1158

Inside the practice room.

The austere and stern atmosphere.

With Chen Dong’s bizarre thank you, it suddenly diminished by a few points.

The Iga Ichiban was a little frightened, I killed you and you thanked me?

As one of the three ninja of the Iga school, he had a high position of power and strength.

Facing the layers of defence of Zhenjiang City, facing Huo Zhenxiao and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, the only person who could have the strength to sneak into Zhenjiang City and hunt Chen Dong was one of the three ninjas in the Iga school.

The lottery had chosen him, and he did not hesitate, he had no choice!

A ninja, who had always made it his vocation to carry out his mission, even if it cost him his life.

In his opinion, Chen Dong might have played a major role in killing Iga Feiyu and Iga Feijia, as well as the other two Iga superninja, but it was never Chen Dong’s work alone.

With his a*sessment of Chen Dong’s strength, he was considered a strong man, but definitely not a match for him.

This was his absolute confidence as one of the three Iga ninjas.

Even in the entire Zhenjiang City, the only one who could scare the Iga Ichabod was Huo Zhenxiao!

It was this absolute confidence that made Iga Ichabod arrogantly disdainful of using a*sault and kill methods, and instead intended to bring glory down on Chen Dong, so that he would have the qualifications to fight him even before he died.

What the hell is …… thanking this for?

“Baka yalu!”

Unable to figure it out, Iga Ichiban’s expression was steeply hostile as he brandished his samurai long sword and charged directly towards Chen Dong.

The speed was as fast as lightning!

But the moment his footsteps were taken.

But the moment he took his step, Chen Dong drew back, and behind him was the bladeless heavy sword leaning against the corner.

This scene was clearly captured by Iga Ichabod.

With his combat experience, he naturally instantly surmised Chen Dong’s intention to fight.

Trying to pick up a blade?

The moment he reacted, the corner of Iga Ichabod’s mouth turned up and a disdainful smile emerged.

That heavy sword was so heavy that once you held it, not only would your speed be limited, but it would also reduce the endurance time of the fight.


Bang Teen!

The moment Chen Dong’s feet were next to the bladeless heavy sword, Chen Dong’s feet stomped the ground and he stumbled backwards in the air at a faster speed.

Not to raise the sword?

Iga Ichiban was stunned as he saw Chen Dong, who was flying backwards in the air, still had that strange and weird smile on his face.

This caused Iga Ichabod to panic a little.

The next second.

Iga Ichabod’s eyes narrowed and he stopped chasing after him.

Instead, he stepped forward with a long samurai sword in his hand and slashed out at Chen Dong who was flying back in the air.


A violent wind swept up from beneath Iga Ichabod’s feet.

The moment the samurai sword struck out, the sword Qi, visible to the naked eye, swept across the air and cut down on Chen Dong with an overwhelming momentum.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong flew back to the wall in the air, and as if he had expected it, he bent his legs in the air and stamped his feet on the wall with a bang as Iga’s sword struck out.

With the force of the stomp, Chen Dong’s entire body was like an arrow that had left the string, directly hitting the knife Qi in the air.


Iga Yidao’s pupils suddenly shrank, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes jumped furiously.

In his eyes, Chen Dong’s move was clearly a death-defying move!

His sword qi had already sharpened iron like mud, so to shake it with his flesh was simply ridiculous!

Just at the moment when Chen Dong was about to collide with the sword qi.


The shocked and disbelieving Iga Ichiban’s body trembled at once and let out a furious curse.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong could even feel the sharp pain of the awe-inspiring sword qi ripping through his body, and the wind blew his robe to rattling.

Just as the sword qi was about to hit him, Chen Dong’s body twisted violently in the air, and with the help of his strong waist strength, he changed his position into a side-lying position in the air.

This small shift!

But it was in the form of an antelope hanging from a corner, a narrow but dangerous stance, that he brushed against the knife Qi.

The terrifying killing force instantly tore the robe on his chest to shreds.

The next second.

Chen Dong arrived in front of Iga Ichiban.

With the help of inertia, Chen Dong clenched his hands into fists, like a python coming out of a hole, and slammed into Iga Ichabodger’s chest.


There was a drum-like explosion.

Iga Ichigo’s body quickly retreated, his feet sliding close to the ground, while his hands were blocking in front of him.

When he settled down, Iga Ichabod looked grave, and the look in Chen Dong’s eyes was no longer as calm as it was a moment ago, and even carried an undisguised shock.

What had just happened had changed too quickly.

So much so that with his powerful and rich combat experience, he was unable to tell what Chen Dong was trying to do.

It even seemed to him that Chen Dong’s series of actions were all a death-seeking move.

But at that very moment, the tables were turned!

Chen Dong fought for his life, and narrowly escaped from a desperate situation, and managed to break out of it with a chance of survival!

Although the scene just now was brief, it sent a huge wave through Iga Yidao’s heart.

Courage, strength and determination, all of which were indispensable in that brief moment!

The pain in both arms continued to be intense.

The punch just now was so fast that Iga Ichiban could not draw his sword in time to counterattack and could only block with both arms.

But the force of the punching blade was such that he had no choice but to suffer.

“Hoo ……”

Iga Ichiban slowly exhaled a breath, forcing his arms to endure the severe pain, and looked at Chen Dong with a sullen gaze, “Feiyu, Feijia and the two superior ninjas, their deaths at your hands were not unjust at all!”

From the time he was certain that he had come to attack and kill Chen Dong, to this moment, Iga Yidao’s opinion of Chen Dong had finally changed!

Finally, it was impossible to remain calm!


Chen Dong, however, wiped the light red blood on his chest, although he had just dodged the blade qi, the overbearing blade qi had still caused damage to his chest.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Dong was full of smiles as he once again closed his hand to Iga Ichiban in thanks, “Arigato!”

The corners of Iga Ichiban’s eyes jumped wildly and he gritted his teeth, “What, exactly, are you thanking me for?”

“Fighting and killing in actual battles is always the best way to improve your strength!”

Chen Dong slowly raised his head, although he was still smiling, an endless cold aura surged out of his eyes that were narrowed into slits, “Thank you, Senior Iga Ichiban, for coming to help me improve my strength!”


Iga Ichiban’s expression changed drastically and he froze like a wooden chicken.

In an instant, a monstrous wave of depressed anger filled his chest.



Under the fury, Iga Ichiban’s body even trembled.

His face was gloomy to the extreme as he laughed grotesquely, “Well, well …… one of the three Iga ninjas in the hall is actually being used as a litmus test for his own prey to improve his strength… Amaterasu is above, is there such an arrogant and heinous person in the human world?”

The sound of laughter echoed.

A majestic coldness surged out from Iga Ichiban’s body, filling the entire training room, like the extremely cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

Underneath Iga Ichabod’s feet, majestic qi swept upwards.

Click ……

The ground exploded into pieces in response to the sound.


Chen Dong let out a startled cry and instantly curbed his smile, instinctively retreating two steps back under the oppression of fear.