Winner Takes All Chapter 1153-1154

Chapter 1153

The First Gong of Heaven?

In an instant, Bai Qi’s ears felt like thunder, and his mind went blank.

Even when he was a Dragon Head Guard, he had never had the luxury of receiving the First Heavenly Merit!

In the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, the First Heavenly Merit was a supreme honour and merit.

Once obtained, it would be able to rank as a frontier and be on a par with Huo Zhenxiao!

You know, Huo Zhenxiao is already a god of war to the domain!

To be on a par with Huo Zhenxiao would mean that another God of War would rise to the sky!

To obtain such a merit, it would take more than Bai Qi could ever imagine!

Even Huo Zhenxiao’s achievements were not enough to match the first merit of the word “Heaven” until after he had created the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, built the Zhenjiang City, and completely formed the ten-thousand-foot divide on the northern frontier with the strength of a single city, and resisted the hundred tribes outside the domain.

Even Huo Zhenxiao’s battle achievement of destroying a city with one man, one spear and one horse was not enough to match the Heaven’s First Merit!

The Thirty-six Marks of the Fourth Order of Heaven and Earth was formulated by Huo Zhenxiao.

But the execution, even for himself, Huo Zhenxiao never slackened a single point.

On the contrary, Bai Qi did not know exactly what Chen Dong had done, so much so that Huo Zhenxiao was so excited at the moment that he was almost out of control before he yelled out the words that Chen Dong’s Heavenly Word First Gong was available.

“Sovereign …… heavenly word first merit, that is able to compare with you, Zhen Guo seal the frontier of the world merit, Chen long leader did what?”

Bai Qi heart doubts, directly open the door to ask out.

Huo Zhenxiao was in a good mood at the moment, even without his usual majesty.

He waved his phone at Bai Qi almost mischievously.

Then, with a raised sword eyebrow, he laughed: “The King of Xiongnu is dying!”

A simple phrase, but it contained the force of ten thousand pounds.

An instant “boom” sounded in Bai Qi’s ears, and Bai Qi’s body shook violently.

“Really, really?”

Bai Qi exclaimed out of his mouth.

At this moment, his body trembled uncontrollably.

Even his demeanour was exactly the same as when Huo Zhenxiao had answered Chen Daoling’s call just now.

It changed rapidly.

His face was red, his neck was thick and his breath was panting like an ox!

With his experience, he could naturally tell in an instant just how explosive a message Huo Zhenxiao’s words contained.

The Hun King was dying.

Once the Xiongnu King returned to the West as an ancient king, it would mean that within the Xiongnu, there would be a change of dynasty.

At that time, the Huns will certainly be in great turmoil.

The Xiongnu have always been a king’s court, and their subordinate tribes have been declining over time.

But together, these tribes are a significant force among the Hundred.

When the Xiongnu are in disarray, these subordinate tribes will also be in disarray.

Even the rest of the great tribes that do not respect the Xiongnu as their royal court will surely be affected.

Once the snowy plains are in chaos.

The minds of the hundreds of tribes will no longer be in the domain.

Whether the Xiongnu would be able to keep their original territory from being swallowed up by the rest of the great tribes, and whether they would be able to hold on to their position, would be a moot point.

In other words, the death of the Hun king would directly lead to the possible collapse of the Hundred Clans Order!

And the trigger was Chen Dong!

It was Chen Dong who had brought about the current situation in Xiongnu, and would probably cause the butterfly effect that would follow.

Once the reality really developed in the direction Bai Qi had envisaged.

Then Chen Dong would be credited with saving the domain from catastrophe, the first merit of the word “Heaven”.

“Is it worthy of the first merit of the word “Heaven”? Does it deserve to be on a par with me, Huo Zhenxiao?”

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes were shining, his face full of smiles.

This was the only time Huo Zhenxiao had been soundly happy since the Hundred Clans Order had reappeared.

The appearance of the Hundred Clans Order was like placing a heaven-breaking sword across Zhenjiang City.

Even if Huo Zhenxiao was strong enough to face this sword, he was not sure that Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders could really stop it.

The way to break the game had kept him awake day and night, and he was unable to find it even after thinking hard about it.

But now, Chen Dong’s disappearance has broken the game!

Once the alliance of the Hundred Clans collapsed, the Heaven Breaking Sword that was straddling the sky above Zhenjiang City would dissipate into smoke.

As long as the hundred clans did not join forces.

Even if those large tribes intended to go south, wrapping up the smaller tribes and forming a million lions to come swinging.

In Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes, it was not enough to fear, it was all his younger brother!


Bai Qi did not hesitate and nodded his head forcefully, “If reality really moves in that direction, who else can there be for this first merit in the word of heaven, other than Chen Longtou? At that time, with this world-wide merit added to his body, the day when the Chen leader returns to the Chen family and the winner becomes the king, who would dare to collect his sharpness?”

“Hahahahahaha …… Chen Dong, Chen Dong, this kid is the Chosen One!”

Huo Zhenxiao laughed freely, “This first merit of the word heaven is also considered a generous gift from me as a senior brother, with this worldly merit in place, I still don’t believe that you kid can’t suppress the world’s giants and the heavenly gods and demons on the day of your father’s birthday banquet!”


Chen Dong, who was immersed in his training room, did not know that this worldly merit was about to be bestowed on him.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s brows were locked and he was sitting on top of a futon, pondering.

“No, Qi should not come out like this, according to the inheritance of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, this is not the right path!”

Puzzled and puzzling murmurs emanated from his mouth.

Chen Dong raised his hand and scratched his hair a few times in annoyance.

When he had first faced the Iga Flying Armour, he had been able to copy the “qi” form, but he just did not have the “qi” intention.

But now that he was really in the process of understanding Qi, he realised how difficult it was to understand it.

When he had faced Iga Heijia, he had been able to wield his sword with great speed, causing the air to tear apart and causing injuries through the air.

But that was a hundred thousand miles away from the real “ki”!

It seemed to be the same, but the difference in the inner core was a stone’s throw away!

In his irritation, Chen Dong took a deep breath.

He then sat down on the futon and closed his eyes.

Inside the practice room, there was silence.

Chen Dong did not move a muscle.

However, in his mind, a Skywolf Martial Dao body emerged clearly.

Each and every human-shaped pattern on the Sky Wolf Martial Dao body was so clear at this moment that it seemed to be turning into substance and appearing in reality.

The complicated and complex human-shaped patterns were quickly peeled away from the body of Tian Wolf Wudao as Chen Dong concentrated on his memories.

As if playing a movie, the patterns were rapidly exchanged one by one, at an extremely fast pace.

Chen Dong did not doubt in the slightest the power of the martial heritage in the body of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao.

The mere fact that Chen Daogun had been able to increase the chances of sensing Qi from the one lineage of cultivation movements, the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique, stripped from the forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies was the best proof that the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body was powerful.

And he was in possession of the inheritance of the former Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, holding this general outline in his hands.

By all rights, he should have been able to increase his chance of perceiving Qi even more!

Time flew by.


Chen Dong’s eyes snapped open, and two beams of brilliant light shot out from his eyes as if they were substantial.

“Perhaps …… forget about the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique as a reference?”

Chapter 1154

As soon as the words left his mouth.

Chen Dong then rose straight away, without any pause, and quickly entered a state of forgetfulness as he swung his fists and feet.

With the main line, the Nine Heavens Stunning Dragon Technique, advancing to the martial heritage of the forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies would indeed allow him to grasp it more easily.

But the main line was the main line, and the general outline was the general outline.

The general outline contains the heaven and earth and the stars, the main line is just a dipper taken from the three thousand weak waters!

This dipper was able to allow Chen Dong to peer into the star river.

But it was also this dipper that fixed his perspective and limited his space for enlightenment.

With such an idea in mind.

Chen Dong simply followed the Martial Dao inheritance on the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao and directly proceeded to enlightenment.

The light imprinted on Chen Dong’s body, stretching his shadow long and long.

He swung his fists and kicked out, his movements still flowing.

But in the silence, there was a clear difference from before.

When Chen Dong performed his movements before, every time he made a move, there was a buzzing sound in the air, a small but real movement.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s movements were the same, but softer.

In the silence, the movements of his fists and feet are still flowing, but quietly.

Such a change is obvious.

Only at this moment, Chen Dong, who was immersed in a state of forgetfulness, did not notice.

He did not deliberately recall the 108 movements of the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique, and could even be said to have completely abandoned the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique in his state of oblivion.

All attention was focused on the forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao.

All the movements were also completely in accordance with the human-shaped patterns on the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao.

Whether it was successful or not, to Chen Dong, it was a feasible move for him to reopen a path that might exist when one path did not work.

The time left for him was running out.

If he wanted to give himself a leg up, then he would have to try every path over and over again.

Chen Dong was not an indecisive character, and when a decision was made, immediate execution was the way to go.

Time pa*sed slowly.

This pa*sing was seven days.

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong detached himself from the state of forgetfulness and exhaled a heavy breath.

The hot air went into the air and turned into a white train that swam into the surrounding air, eventually dissipating.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth, however, gently turned upwards, revealing a delighted smile.

“It seems that this decision was the right one, one can already feel that Qi flowing in the body.”

If these words were heard by Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

In over a month’s time, in Huo Zhenxiao’s and Bai Qi’s opinion, it was impossible for Chen Dong to feel “Qi”.

But at this moment, after Chen Dong had changed his path, in just a week’s time, he had already sensed a flow of Qi in his body.

“Let’s try it now.”

Chen Dong looked invigorated and stepped in front of one of the walls in the practice room, standing a metre and a half away from it.

Between breathing in and out, Chen Dong quickly allowed his mind to calm down.

Silently, he felt the flow of Qi in his body.

When he felt the flow of qi turn to his right hand.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong instantly sank his waist and stood upright, clenching his right hand into a fist and blasted out a punch towards the wall in front of him across the air.


A muffled sound, as if it was a heavenly sound, suddenly echoed in the practice room.

Chen Dong froze, his features twisted and turned, his eyes full of shock as he looked at the wall.

It was a light punch!

Whether it was the force or the sound it made, it was nowhere near as strong as Chen Dong’s punch that actually hit the wall.

But Chen Dong could clearly see that on the wall, there was an almost invisible mark of the fist!

It was very shallow, but with the help of the dust on the wall, the outline of the front of a fist was perfectly made.

But this was enough for Chen Dong!

When this step was taken, the road afterwards would be better!

“Success, success!”

Only after a long time did Chen Dong’s lips and teeth lightly open, letting out a voice of surprise.

The next second.

He hurriedly closed his body and approached the wall.

Under close observation, the outline of the fist, was even clearer.

Although it was shallow and superficial, it was something he had actually blasted up through the air.

“Hahahahahaha …… I chose the right path, I chose the right path.”

At this moment, even Chen Dong’s mind could hardly remain calm, and jumped up in excitement on the spot.

This punch already had qi.

It was only when he sensed the airflow turning to his right hand that he blasted it out in a smooth manner, not like Iga Feijia and the others who were like arms.

But to Chen Dong, this was already a big step forward!

Now that he had the Qi, could he be far away from being able to use it like an arm?

Inside the training room, Chen Dong’s excited laughter echoed freely and joyfully.

It was at this moment.

The door to the training room slowly opened.

“Chief Bai, good news, good news!”

After entering the practice room, the only person who entered and left the practice room every day was also Bai Qi, so even without looking, Chen Dong knew that it was Bai who was up.

“I’ve come to bring you food, you’ve improved your fighting skills again?”

When Bai Qi heard Chen Dong’s excited laughter, he gave a start, but he only thought that Chen Dong’s fighting skills had improved again, and did not think in the direction of “Qi”.

After all, in his and Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes, it was very difficult to perceive “qi”, at least not in the month or so that Chen Dong had supposedly been able to do so.

However, the improvement of a martial artist’s strength was not only limited to “qi”.

In Bai Qi’s mind, Chen Dong was indeed very strong today, but there was still a lot of room for growth.

With an excited smile on his face, Chen Dong beckoned to Bai Qi, “Come and see, this is what I have just done!”

Bai Qi closed the door to his practice room, put down his rice plate and walked over to Chen Dong with a puzzled face.

As soon as he saw the shallow fist marks on the wall, his brows knitted, “What’s so pretty about this?”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand violently and thumped Teeny with a fist, smashing it on the wall.

There was a loud bang and brick chips tumbled.

A large crater was blasted out of the wall, hard by his fist.

“That wasn’t hard!”

Bai Qi shook off the brick chips on his right fist blade and looked at Chen Dong in amazement.

Chen Dong, however, was full of smiles and looked at Bai Qi with a strange look.

“Hurry up and eat.”

Bai Qi did not notice the change in Chen Dong’s eyes, and turned to himself to pick up the rice plate and turn around to hand it to Chen Dong.

Only, just as he turned around.

Chen Dong, however, was already facing the wall and had once again stepped back to a distance of one and a half metres from the wall.

Sinking his waist and standing up.

His expression was focused.


When Bai Qi turned around and saw this scene, his face instantly changed and his heart suddenly rose to his throat.

At a distance of one and a half meters, it was impossible for a normal person’s arm to touch the wall.

This kid …… could ……

A terrifying thought instantly surfaced in Bai Qi’s mind, and at this moment, he had a feeling of his scalp exploding.

The next second.

Chen Dong, who had sunk his waist and stood on his horse, threw his right fist like the wind, and bravely threw a punch.


A very slight sound.

However, Bai Qi clearly saw that the wall, which was separated from Chen Dong’s fist blade by a distance, was scattered in all directions by a stream of air, and a fist blade mark was also left on the wall.

Clang clang ……

The rice plate in Bai Qi’s hand fell to the ground, spilling rice all over the place.

At this moment, his mind was blank, frozen as a wooden chicken, his lips trembling: “Crap, crap!”