Winner Takes All Chapter 1149-1150

Chapter 1149

Inside the room.

The Hun King’s face is grim as he sits quietly by the campfire.

The dancing firelight shone on his face, which was a little red from the fire.

This was the first time in a while that he had truly let go and rested.

Before, even when he slept, he had tossed and turned and worried.

Burning one’s life to help a building fall was really more than just words.

With the arrival of the Chen family caravan, it also gave him a breath of fresh air.

The reason why he was sitting by the campfire was also because of the debriefing he had just received.

Knock knock ……

“Father, Xixing begs to see you.”

The Hun King’s hollow tiger eyes regained focus and coughed twice, “Come in.”

The voice was low and breathless.

Creak ……

The door to the room pushed open and the wind and snow swept in.

It was clearly still some distance away and had not been affected by the waves.

But the Hun King still felt the cold piercing into his bones and wrapped his robes tightly.

The scene was so worrying that she frowned at it.

After closing the door of the room.

Xixing did not go up either, and knelt down directly on the ground, “Please also ask Father to forgive me.”

“The demon mother is big, what else does father forgive the demon mother for?”

The Hun King smiled sadly, his eyes falling.

Xixing hurriedly crouched with his hands on the ground and kowtowed to explain, “Father, the demon niang is also doing this in order to eliminate future problems, Barbara is his only concern, if when we threaten him with Barbara, he finds out that Barbara is bruised and battered, just ask, what possibility is there of a threat?”

“You have a point.”

The Hun king waved his hand, not intending to be overly annoyed by this matter: “Go back, you are an adult, you have your own measure of things, a mere child, whether she lives as a beast or as a human, it does not matter, as long as she is in Xiongnu, father still has to frame the matter of the cooperation of the Chen family’s merchants, with the money funding of the Chen family’s merchants, the crisis of the king’s court has also eased a bit. ”

“Father ……”

Xixing raised his eyes to the Hun king, who had already turned his head away from the campfire and faced the campfire, his side silent figure, lonely and heartbreaking.

The Hun King, however, pulled at the corners of his mouth, “Go back.”

Shying had no choice but to get up and leave.

From beginning to end, the Hun King always stared at the bonfire, not moving a muscle.

When the door to the room closed, he waited for a few more seconds.

The Xiongnu King suddenly turned his head to look at the room door again and smiled faintly: “O Demon Mother, I hope that the old ancestors will bless us and allow my father to pave a royal road for you out before I am old and decrepit, we will not go south anymore, and we will not ask for anything to restore the ten thousand glories of the old royal court, we will just honestly keep the foundation left behind by the old ancestors. I’m not going to be the only queen of the Xiongnu for thousands of years!”


In the royal city of Xiongnu, in a mansion.

The spacious mansion was lit up with pavilions and pavilions.

There was even the sound of water gurgling in the vast mansion, in the midst of this extremely cold night.

With its location near the royal palace, the mansion is an inch of gold.

Zhou Haijian was led into the mansion by a servant, and even though he had seen a lot, he was still shocked by the luxuriously decorated mansion.

As he pa*sed by the gurgling pond and fountain, Zhou Haijian tsked, “This is a cold night, but there is still a pool of living water that hasn’t frozen into ice.

“Lord Zhou is joking, this is just having a heater to heat up all the water, it is not worth much.”

The servant laughed gently, but his demeanour could not hide his pride and complacency.

“Brother Kui Gang is worthy of being the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, this mansion, with its magnificent atmosphere, can only be lived in by a hero like Brother Kui Gang.”

Zhou Haijian once again paid a compliment.

The servant who led the way unconsciously straightened his back, even though he was a servant, it was an honour to hear someone praise his master.

“It was all a reward from the king.” But the servant still responded.

Zhou Haijian smiled gently and made no more noise.

After he had initially received Kui Gang’s invitation, he was pleasantly surprised that the opportunity had finally come!

It was a rare opportunity to be invited by Kui Gang to drink in a private house.

It was a rare opportunity to be invited by Kui Gang to drink in his private home. Some of the topics that Kui Gang would avoid talking about in public were much less of a concern in private.


Zhou Haijian followed the servant into the banquet hall.

In the large banquet hall, the lights were bright.

The spacious round tables were filled with all kinds of delicacies.

The aroma was overwhelming and the boiler was rolling with golden soup.

As the turntable on the table turns, each dish is a masterpiece.

The most conspicuous dish was a roast lamb, brown and oily, in the middle of the table.

Kui Gang was sitting in the main seat.

“Brother Zhou, I’ve prepared a small feast, I didn’t enjoy myself the other night, you and I must have a good drink tonight!”

When Kui Gang saw Zhou Haijian, he immediately got up and greeted him, and graciously took Zhou Haijian by the shoulders.

With a smile on his face, Zhou Haijian said, “It is a great honor for Brother Kui Gang to host a banquet at his home, and for me, a merchant, to receive such an honor is a blessing from my ancestors.”

“Hahahaha …… are all brothers, come, come, take a seat, the food is all hot, try our Hun cuisine and drink our Hun wine.”

Kui Gang pulled Zhou Haijian into the table, picked up an earthenware altar, slapped open the wine seal and poured out the blood-coloured, crimson wine.

It smelt strongly of alcohol and even had a hint of blood in it.

Zhou Haijian instantly froze: “Brother Kui Gang, this wine ……”

The servant who had not yet retreated smiled and introduced, “Lord Zhou, this is a fine wine created by our Xiongnu, called blood wine, the brewing process is mixed with blood to make the wine’s aroma more intense and complex, and the taste is also better, this is something that in our Xiongnu, if not for our closest friends coming to our door, we would not have blood wine on the table.”

The implication was that the blood wine was a treat for the guest of honour!

“Thank you, Brother Kui Gang, for your generous hospitality!”

Zhou Haijian’s surprise surfaced as he clasped his fist and said to Kui Gang in gratitude.

Kui Gang waved his hand to signal the servant to leave and closed the door, and then he and Zhou Haijian drank and drank.

Inside the banquet hall, the heat surged.

The sound of laughter echoed.

With Zhou Haijian’s experience, it was no problem for him to please Kui Gang.

Three rounds of wine had pa*sed.

Zhou Haijian looked at Kui Gang curiously, “Brother Kui Gang, do you have something on your mind tonight? I see that you are a bit drunk.”

Everything at the dinner table was clearly captured by Zhou Haijian’s eyes.

Kui Gang’s state was obviously a little different from the last time he drank.

That bitter sourness hidden between his eyebrows could be easily seen.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m still really depressed and have trouble expressing my anger.”

Kui Gang drank up a bowl of blood wine and poured out his breath as he said, “Today, there was a murder in the king’s palace. The princess of our great Huns is amazing, she slaughtered dozens of beast slaves for a little girl who is no different from a slave.

A little girl?

Zhou Haijian’s mind was instantly shaken.

He pretended to be calm and asked, “What exactly happened?”

“After the princess found out, she was furious and slaughtered all the beast slaves. She also disobeyed the king’s order and transformed the cage, making the guards watch and the servants wait on her.


Zhou Haijian was struck by lightning, his eyes exploded with essence, and the wine bowl containing the blood wine in his hand even trembled, dripping out some blood wine.

So easy …… to find a clue?

Kui Gang …… is really my good big brother!

Chapter 1150

This moment.

Zhou Haijian’s heart set off a huge wave of horror.

The surprise was so mixed that it was hard to calm down.

He didn’t expect that just the second drinking game would be completed straight away!

This good big brother …… was really something that Ollie gave!

Excited as he was, Zhou Haijian still pretended to be calm: “It’s indeed a bit funny, but that girl called Barbara must have something special if she can make the princess do that, right?”


Kui Gang’s tiger eyes glared, and thumped his fist on the table, shaking the tabletop bowls and plates with a clanging sound.

He poured a bowl of blood wine and drank it all in one gulp, wiping the corner of his mouth before saying, “Old Brother Zhou, I’m not afraid of your jokes, so I’ll give you the lowdown tonight.”

“Good Brother!”

Zhou Haijian lifted the bowl of wine, “The meaning of friendship is all in this bowl of wine, to my good brother!”

He then drank it all in one go.

Kui Gang waved his hand, his eyes hazy with drunkenness, spitting out wine, and continued, “What’s so special about it? That girl is just a person whose village was destroyed, whose parents were killed and who almost became a slave, all thanks to a man who changed her life.

Compared to Kui Gang’s drunkenness.

At this moment, Zhou Haijian’s mind was sober.

He listened quietly.

Kui Gang burped and said, “If you ask me, the princess doesn’t care about Little Barbara, she’s obviously because she’s tied to that man, so she treats Little Barbara well, protects her and gives her a thought for herself.”

At these words.

Zhou Haijian’s heart and soul were greatly relieved.

According to Kui Gang’s meaning, Barbara was not only alive, but because of the princess, she was alive and well, and although there were hiccups in the process, she was ultimately protected by the princess.

In Xiongnu, with the princess protecting him, he could still not rest on his laurels?

Follow closely.

“I hate it!”

Kui Gang clenched his fist and punched his chest: “I think I, Kui Gang, am at least the number one warrior in Xiongnu, but I can’t win the heart of the princess, instead, I let that scum from the domain give her a kiss.

Zhou Haijian, who was listening, was stunned.


Why does this smell a bit wrong?

The good elder brother is the young master’s …… love rival?

And the kind of person who was defeated by his men?

In an instant, Zhou Haijian recalled Chen Dong’s amazing experience in Xiongnu, and then looked at Kui Gang, but in his heart he despised.

My young master is a monument!

My young master has taken the title of the first warrior from you!

My young master even took your princess from you!

How can you compare yourself to my young master?

My young master is handsome and handsome, but you are a simple man, and the princess is blind enough to know how to choose!

However, despite his thoughts, Zhou Haijian said seriously, “My good brother, Lord Kui Gang, is the best warrior of the Huns, who can compete with him?

With that, he poured a bowl full of wine and drank it all.

“I just like your straightforward truth, old brother!”

Kui Gang was hazy with drunkenness and similarly drank the bowl of blood wine in one go.

In the process, he didn’t even notice that Zhou Haijian was looking at him with a strange smiling eye.

“Losing everything to my young master, at the end of the day, it was you who gave us Barbarian’s information, if you are not my good big brother, who is my good big brother?”

This was the thought in Zhou Haijian’s mind.

Kui Gang put down his wine bowl and looked at Zhou Haijian with drunken eyes, “Today, I am really angry, so I want to talk to Brother Zhou to tell my heart.

This is the truth.

In the snowy plains, where the law of survival is the law of the jungle, everything is a competition.

Even if Kui Gang seemed to be the best in the Sky Wolf Academy, seemingly holding the aura of being the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, in reality, this aura and this glory were all earned through competition.

The competition in the Academy is extremely fierce.

There is no such thing as a friend!

One foot, they could be rivals, and then they could be stabbed in the back.

This was the reason why Kui Gang had a heart-to-heart with Zhou Haijian after their second meeting and a painful drink.

There was no competition between the two sides, Zhou Haijian had come with the caravan and would soon leave with it, so there was no fear of being stabbed in the back.

Kui Gang continued, “In our Xiongnu, no, in our Great Snowy Plain, there has never been a slave in the past or present who could live like Barbara, a slave became a master, her demon mother said she was protecting Barbara, but in reality, wasn’t she also holding on to that man?”

“After giving everything to that man, didn’t that man still lift his trousers and leave? This woman, when she puts her mind to it, she can really ignore everything, and she doesn’t hesitate to do anything that will harm the country and the people.

Zhou Haijian listened quietly.

As far as he was concerned, Barbara’s information had been obtained.

Barbara was alive and well now under the shelter of the Hun princess!

That was enough!

By using this information to resume their orders, the mission of their Chen family caravan’s trip would be complete.

As for the latter, all he had to do was to drink well, eat good meat and act well.

After dealing with Kui Gang in an “uneventful” manner, he could then go back and give his report to Chen Shuijia and the others!


Inside the restaurant room.

Chen Shuijia was sitting on a chair, holding a cup of tea, not moving a muscle.

The smoke in the cup of tea was dense and rising.

Next to him, two of his cronies also sat bored, waiting quietly.

Time pa*sed.

The three of them never said a word.

It was clear to everyone that Zhou Haijian’s visit to accompany the drinking Kui Gang was an opportunity to find a breakthrough, but it was also a risk.

Spilling the beans after drinking was not just talk.

What if, when drunk, he spilled the beans and was detected by Kui Gang.

It would be bad news and calamity for their entire Chen family caravan.

Given the extent of the Xiongnu’s hatred for the young master, the King of Xiongnu would have no hesitation in ordering their death, even if the Chen merchants had come to “help” the Xiongnu!

“How long has Zhou Haijian been there?”

Chen Shuijia asked.

One of his cronies looked at the time: “It’s been five hours.”

“Five hours?”

Chen Shuijia’s brow furrowed as his worry intensified, “This is already considered midnight and he hasn’t returned yet, has something happened?”

The two cronies also revealed a worried look.

At that very moment.

Bang, bang, bang.

The sound of a heavy door slamming sounded.

Chen Shuijia and the two cronies looked at each other, then gestured for one of them to open the door.

When the door opened.

Zhou Haijian, who was drunk, fell into the arms of his cronies as his body went limp.

“Zhou Haijian, you, just how much have you drunk?”

The smell of alcohol in his face washed over his cronies, causing them to blink.

“No, I didn’t drink much.”

Zhou Haijian responded with a loud tongue.

After getting Zhou Haijian inside and closing the door behind him, Chen Shuijia hurried up to him, “Why did you come back so late?”

“To keep Kui Gang company, I had to serve him well before I could have a chance.”

With a single word, he instantly made Chen Duijia and his two cronies look frozen.

“Brother Chen, let me tell you ……”

Not waiting for Zhou Haijian to finish his words.

Chen Shuijia suddenly said, “Quickly pull down his trousers and take a look, Zhou Haijian you B*****d, in order to complete the task is too unscrupulous.”

The two cronies agreed, and one held Zhou Haijian while the other hurried to take off his trousers.

Zhou Haijian: “? 0?”