Winner Takes All Chapter 1147-1148

Chapter 1147

The sharp pain of ten thousand needles piercing his heart.

It made Chen Dong, at this moment, even breathe cautiously.

With a slight deep breath, the huge pain in his heart would skyrocket.

He did not know why he was feeling this way at this moment.

But as his heart surged, in the darkness, there was just that thought that something had happened to Barbara.

And …… it was getting stronger and stronger.

So strong that he no longer had the heart to care about anything else at this time.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get to know you.

The silence is silent, echoing the sound of Chen Dong’s rapid panting.

Chen Dong, who was sweating profusely, hastily took out his mobile phone and dialled his father, Chen Daolin.

In order to hide himself, he was reluctant to contact the outside world too much.

But at this moment, full of thoughts of Barbara, he had to confirm the matter through his father.

The phone was answered after just one ring.


Chen Daolin’s tone was filled with surprise.

“Dad, have you heard from Barbara?”

Chen Dong forced himself to hold back his heartache and hurriedly asked.

“Not yet.”

On Chen Dong’s eyeballs, blood gradually climbed up and flew towards the blood-stained direction.

With these words out of Chen Daolin’s mouth, the blue veins at the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes suddenly bulged out.

“Check, check quickly! I need to know if Barbara is alive or dead, I need to know if she is safe and sound.”

A hoarse hiss, almost with all his might.

It took Chen Daolin on the phone by surprise, and he couldn’t help but fall silent.

Chen Dong’s body was trembling, his mouth and nose were gasping for air, and his eyes, at this moment, were even more fierce to the extreme.

The majestic killing intent emanating from all over his body instantly seemed to freeze the practice room.

“I will inform them to investigate as quickly as possible, but what can you do now that you have learned of Barbara’s situation? The Huns have now put you on their must-kill list!”

Chen Daolin sounded a little despondent, how could he not understand how much Chen Dong’s escape from Xiongnu had affected it?

Even without the need to probe, he knew clearly that once Chen Dong entered Xiong Nu again, he would inevitably be surrounded and killed by the Xiong Nu as a whole.

It was for this reason that Chen Daolin thought that Chen Dong’s insistence on knowing whether Barbara was alive or dead was a bit redundant.

Chen Daolin could help Chen Dong find out whether Barbara was alive or dead at any cost, because Barbara was Chen Dong’s benefactor.

But Chen Daolin would never allow Chen Dong to act out of his mind because of Barbara at this moment!

“When Barbara is well, it is clear as day!”

At this moment, a volcano rose up in his chest, and he gritted his teeth and said, “If anything happens to Barbara, I will destroy the Xiongnu!”

The words were resounding and powerful, and his killing intent was overwhelming.


There was dead silence on the phone.

Even Chen Daolin was scared into silence by Chen Dong’s words.

A long time later.

Only then did Chen Daolin’s voice ring out on the phone, “I will urge them on, you calm down.”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong put down the phone, the huge pain in his heart did not disappear.

His scarlet eyes, filled with tears, slowly turned his head and looked out in the direction of Xiong Nu.

With one pair of eyes, it was as if he could cross millions of miles and see the thirteen cities of Xiongnu.

“Wait for uncle, uncle …… will definitely go and take you home!”


Inside the beast fighting cage.

Tick …… tick …… tick ……

In the silence, a sound of water dripping down became extraordinarily clear.

The air was filled with the sickening, hair-on-the-back smell of blood.

The light fell to the floor.

The red pools of blood on the ground were imprinted, and even some of the blood was still rising with the slightest hint of heat.

In the corner at the end of the light, Barbara was pale and huddled in fear and distress in the corner, her hands still clutching the dagger dripping blood.

Her clothes were a little torn, but they were sort of intact.

There were also bruises and scratches on his face.

His forehead was also torn, and blood ran down his cheeks, sweeping across Barbara’s eyes, blurring her vision, and then across his pale, terrified face.

This was the result of the beast slave’s recoil just before he died.

Even though her vision was blurred, Barbara stared straight at the beast slave’s corpse on the ground.

She was afraid that the beast slave would get up again.

She knew that the one lying on the ground in a pool of blood was no longer a human being, but a beast.

A beast that was out to hurt her.

At her most desperate and helpless moment just now, the weak Barbara suddenly threw herself on her own and stabbed her dagger at the beast slave.

The beast slave, who was already arrogant and did not care about Barbara’s threat, was unable to dodge in the light of day and was directly stabbed to the ground with Barbara’s dagger.

It was the weak Barbarian who then waved his dagger with a stubborn and resilient mind.

Blood splattered on Barbara’s body.

But Barbara did not dare to stop, she was afraid, she was scared.

She had to protect herself, she had to wait for her uncle to come and get her, so she defied all odds.

When one is pushed to the brink, there are only two ways left, either give up everything and jump, or …… just go ahead.

The weak and helpless Barbara, at the most critical moment, chose the latter.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over ……”

Barbara was trembling all over, as if she was hysterical, and kept shaking her head and muttering.

Her hair was stained with blood and water, clinging to her face.

At this moment, Barbara was in a mess and pitiful.

While murmuring, there were tears coming out of her eyes, as if they were broken pearls.

“Don’t come over …… don’t come over ……”

The heartbreaking murmuring sound echoed in the fighting cage.

For Barbara, whether it was the coveted beast slaves she had just encountered, or the counter-kill wielding a knife to kill someone, it was all a great fear.

Like a gloom, it hangs over her in a deadly grip at the moment.

In the beast cage, the lights, the corpses, the pools of blood, the fearful Barbara.

It all intertwined as if it were purgatory on earth.

Clattering …… clattering ……

The sound of chains echoed abruptly in the cage.

Barbara did not move a muscle, her gaze always fixed on the corpse of the beast slave on the ground, her whole being in a state of great terror of shock and explosion.

The next second.

“Ah! Killing, killing!”

A shrill whistle abruptly echoed through the beast fighting cage.

Even so, Barbara did not react in the slightest.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later, when Xixing arrived with his men at the news.


Shying stopped in front of the beast cage, and when he saw the scene in the cage, he instantly had the feeling that the sky was falling, and hurriedly let out a shout.

Barbara, who was curled up in the corner, trembled violently, and her eyes, which were almost out of focus, gradually regained focus.

Her eyes, too, slowly shifted to Xixing’s body in response to the sound.

When she saw Shy Xing clearly.

Barbara burst out in a loud cry, all her suppressed emotions bursting out at this moment.

“Ooooooooo …… Auntie Shying, afraid, Barbara is afraid …… Ooooooooooo …… Auntie Shying, I don’t want to kill him, it’s him who wants to come over, he wants to come over ……”

The painful cries echoed through the beast cage.

Barbara dropped the dagger, rolling and crawling to the beast cage bars, blood-stained hands through the bars, hugging Xixing’s legs, crying and wailing.

“Ooooooooooo …… Auntie Xixing, please, please let me go to my uncle, ooooooooooooo …… afraid, afraid …… ”

Looking at Barbara on the ground, Barbara’s miserable cries and wails echoed in her ears.

Xixing’s whole body froze, his heart like a knife, his body like oil cooking.

The scene in front of her was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, hitting her hard.

Barbara did not tell the cause and effect, but she had already guessed it.

An icy killing intent exploded out from Xie Xing’s body.

The hundred guards simultaneously changed their faces and knelt down in fear ……

Chapter 1148

An awe-inspiring killing intent fills the fighting cage.

A hundred guards knelt down at the same time.

Amidst the silence and slaughter, Xixing’s lips and teeth opened lightly and his tongue burst into thunder.


The word “kill” was like a big thunderclap.

The hundred guards present were all chilled and frightened.

They …… had rarely seen the gentle and charming princess have such a moment of killing intent.

“Princess, spare your life!”

Almost simultaneously.

A sound of chains rang out.

Dozens of beast slaves, kneeling down at the same time, grabbed the ground with their heads and howled for mercy.


Xixing didn’t even turn her head back, her face as cold as frost, her eyes narrowed, her killing intent stirring.

“A bunch of beasts, I have spared you once, there is no second time, even the children are not spared, what is the difference between you and the beasts and birds of the outside world?”

Cold intent surged.

But Xixing slowly squatted down, tears in her eyes as she gazed at Barbara who was bawling and crying, completely broken.

She knew that children were the future of the tribe, but the people of the tribe did not.

The existence of slavery has given rise to animals with no future, who are dehumanised and have no regard for anything.

What happened to Barbara made her heart twist like a knife and her body cook like oil.

Even though Barbara had not really been harmed, she had already deterred these dehumanised beast slaves with her human head the last time, but it had still happened.

This time, Shying will never allow there to be a next time.

It was time to cut the gra*s …… and get rid of the roots!

“Barbara, don’t cry, aunty hugs!”

Shying’s nose was sore and she squeezed out a gentle smile, and through the iron bars, she swept the bawling Barbara into her arms, gently rubbing her back.

Only as Barbara’s head buried itself in her arms, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.

A boundless coldness covered the stunningly beautiful and charming face.

Her red lips lightly opened, “Kill them all, throw them out of the city and feed them to the wolves!”

The determination was so extreme that there was not the slightest room for manoeuvre.

Clang, clang, clang ……

In an instant, swords and axes fought inside the beast cage, and cold light stirred.

Dozens of beast slaves were terrified to the extreme.

Desperately smashing their heads against the ground, they wailed and begged for mercy.

“Princess, spare our lives, let us go, there won’t be a next time.”

“Please Princess, please Princess, spare us a cheap life.”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die. …… Please, Princess.”


Begging for mercy echoed through the fighting cage.

Some of the beast slaves even knocked their brains out in their desperation.

But Xixing, but ignored it.

With a frosty face, she always held Barbara, murmuring under her breath, “Barbara is not afraid, Auntie is, Auntie is protecting Barbara’s ……”

The next second.



A cold light flashed and a fountain of blood spurted up.

A beast slave fell in a pool of blood.

With a command from Xixing, hundreds of guards all swarmed towards the beast slaves.

The cold light was so cold that the swords fell as if they were chopping up a melon and slicing vegetables.

Every scream.

Shying could clearly feel Barbara’s body in her arms tremble heavily once.

“It’s alright, aunty is here, aunty will protect Barbara, little Barbara is not afraid ……”

Shying spoke softly to comfort Barbara, her right hand gently rubbing Barbara’s back, while also applying slight force to keep Barbara from breaking away from her embrace.

She knew that the bloody carnage behind her was not suitable for Barbara to see.

Not to mention the fact that it was Barbara who had just experienced a great horror.

The screams of misery soon faded into the fighting cage.

Under the lights.

Pools of blood flowed, and the corpses of a beast slave, sprawled on the ground, resembled a slaughterhouse.

Shying did not turn around, but ordered in a cold voice, “Clean up the scene immediately, and in addition, send someone to select a beast cage for me, and rearrange it exactly like my boudoir.


The order exploded like wild thunder.

The hundred guards who had just finished their killings all changed their faces at the same time.

The leader of the guards’ gaze flickered as he said, “Princess, if you do this, the king will definitely explode with thunder and lightning!”

He knew clearly that Barbara was locked up in the fighting cage and was already no different from a slave.

It was a hostage!

On the contrary, did Xixing’s decision at the moment look like the treatment of a hostage slave?

The change in the Huns a while ago had already made the King of the Huns thunderously angry and furious.

The princess’ action was tantamount to disobedience and ruffling the king’s feathers!

“Is it possible to disobey the orders of my princess?”

Xixing questioned calmly.

With a single word, he instantly made the escort leader speechless.

He gritted his teeth and got up to order, “Clean up the scene and find someone to set up the beast cage!”

From the beginning to the end, Xixing’s expression did not change in the slightest.

It was cold, as cold as the ten-thousand-year ice deeper in the Northern Region.

She knew that this would be disobedient to her father.

But if she didn’t, as long as Barbara was inside the beast fighting cage, there was the possibility that she would be violated by the beast slaves.

This time, Barbara had fought her way out, but what about the next time?

Once was luck, but twice might not be!

Whether it was out of love for Barbara, or out of using Barbara as a hostage to blackmail that man in the future, she had to do it!

A ma*sacre.

Dozens of beast slaves were left dead.

As the guards cleaned up the scene, a body was carried out of the cage, attracting no less attention.

Outside the lofty cage, crowds of people stopped in twos and threes to watch in horror, whispering and whispering.

In the middle of the crowd.

A lofty figure slowly approached.

It was none other than Kui Gang.

“What’s going on?”

Kui Gang looked curiously at the beast fighting cage.

The people around them followed the sound and instantly became respectful.

“Greetings, Lord Kui Gang!”

Although Kui Gang had not yet been re-titled as the number one warrior of the Huns, he was after all a genius general of the Wolf House, the future pillar of the nation!

It would never be something these servants around dared to scorn.

Kui Gang asked, “What has happened in the fighting cage?”

One of the old servants responded, “It seems that something has happened to that little girl, causing the princess herself to come and thunderously rage and directly purge and kill all the beast slaves in the cage.”


Kui Gang was taken aback and looked at the old servant, “And then?”

The old puff hesitated, looked around and whispered to Kui Gang, “The princess ordered that from now on, the fighting cage will be guarded by military guards, and the care of that little girl has been changed to us servants, the corpses of those beast slaves are not even qualified for burial, the princess ordered that they be directly thrown out of the city to feed the wolves, the corpses will not survive na.”

“Heh ……”

Kui Gang pulled the corner of his mouth and laughed, “The demon mother is really willing, froze the hostage little slave, made into a master.”

Although he was laughing, but Kui Gang was narrowing his eyes, shady and resentful.

“That man has already returned to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, this little Barbara is that man’s only hang-up, do you want to keep her to threaten that man in the future, or can’t you let go of your one hang-up for that man?”

This was the thought in Kui Gang’s mind.

On the night of the Hun’s change of heart, he had lurked in the shadows and helped in secret, not knowing at the time exactly what had happened outside the city, and only learning about it later.

That so-called mercenary was not a mercenary at all, nor was he the one who had run to capture that man to return to Zhenjiang City to be dealt with by military justice.

The man who could make Huo Zhenxiao crash his seat and come to his rescue in person was not a mere mortal?

In other words, he had been used!

But Kui Gang didn’t care, after all, his purpose had been achieved, such is the cruel adult world, using each other for what they want.

But Xixing’s attitude towards Barbara now was like a thorn in his heart, along with the man’s figure.

Rubbing his face, Kui Gang smiled, “It’s better to have a drink with Old Brother Zhou.”