Winner Takes All Chapter 1135-1136

Chapter 1135

It was the same practice of the Nine Heavens Frightening Dragon Technique.

Chen Dong could not believe that the difference between the two would be so great.

Not to mention, the Nine Heavens Terrifying Dragon Technique did not even have a name when Chen Daogun pa*sed it on to Huo Zhenxiao, or Huo Zhenxiao had given the title to the one hundred and eight movements.

The Nine Heavens Stunning Dragon Kung Fu was derived from the first forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies.

In other words, Huo Zhenxiao was more well-versed in the first forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies than he was.

Even so, just the first human statue, half of his martial heritage, had brought Huo Zhenxiao to such a state.

He, on the other hand, had forcibly memorised sixty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, and although he suffered from oppression, the impact was far less than Huo Zhenxiao.

Even when he had forcibly memorised the seventy-second Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body at that time, the oppression he had suffered had not put him in the position Huo Zhenxiao was in.

The so-called descending dimensional strike, with Huo Zhenxiao’s strength and realm, how strong was that higher dimensional realm?

For a moment, Chen Dong froze in his tracks, thoughts running through his mind.

Frightened, confused, puzzled ……

All sorts of emotions were intertwined.

In a trance, Chen Dong thought of the two possibilities he had a*sociated with Chen Daojun when he had said those words on the phone earlier.

Chen Dong’s body trembled violently, and with a fierce grit of his teeth, he forcibly pulled himself out of his state of thought.

“What’s wrong?”

Huo Zhenxiao noticed the change in Chen Dong and asked suspiciously.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Chen Dong shook his head and digressed, “Senior brother, I think the Martial Dao Body’s inheritance should be shelved for now.”

Huo Zhenxiao’s pale face was somewhat hesitant.

He was the master of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and the things he considered were with the greater good in mind.

The inheritance of the Heavenly Dao Martial Dao Body was a treasure that had been refined down over a thousand years by the Hundred Tribes of the Snowy Plains.

Even if the first martial heritage could be carved out for the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to understand, it would be of great benefit.

The strength of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry would also make the northern frontier even more solid, so that the millions of people in the domain behind them would be happy and prosperous!

Seeing Huo Zhenxiao hesitate, Chen Dong’s gaze suddenly became firm: “Put it aside for now, this matter should not be as simple as we think, the power of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body, even uncle is very scornful.”

“Master ……”

Huo Zhenxiao murmured, his gaze drifting up.

In his heart, Master Chen Daojun had always given him a feeling of being high up in the mountains and unreachable.

Apart from his own talent, his greatest reliance on his master’s teachings was that he was able to get to where he was today.

He has stood on the shoulders of giants, and has made a name for himself as the God of War in the North!

In his heart, one of the things he sought was to catch up with Chen Daojun.

But even now, when facing Chen Daogun, that feeling of looking up to a high mountain and being unreachable still never disappeared.


The wolf’s whistle that shook the heavens and earth when he saved Chen Dong’s life appeared in Huo Zhenxiao’s mind.

When the wolf whistle appeared, it was like a nightmare, instantly engulfing Huo Zhenxiao at the moment.

His gaze snapped into focus and tightened, then he said dryly and decisively, “Just put it aside for now.”

Chen Dong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and his apprehensive mind calmed down.

When he fled the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu that day, he was already in a coma, so he did not know about the long wolf whistle.

But the scene in the practice room, and Chen Daojun’s words, had cast a shadow over his heart.

In the dark, Chen Dong felt that if Huo Zhenxiao continued to be obsessed with casting the First Martial Dao Body, perhaps …… there would still be trouble!

Descending dimensional strikes, this absolute suppression, one really does not expect a faceless body to be able to renounce everything.

Even Chen Dong vaguely guessed that Chen Daogun’s asking him to use a faceless body was merely a speculation by Chen Daogun.

Otherwise …… Uncle Daojun was able to dismantle forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, so why did he not think of casting out a Martial Dao Body like the two of them?

“How is Elder Zhang doing?”

Huo Zhenxiao changed the subject, the matter of the Heavenly Wolf Whistling Sky was equally in his shadow.

Whether it was Chen Dong or Huo Zhenxiao, the shadows were different, but both had thoughts of giving up at the same time at this moment.

“Elder Zhang is bleeding from his seven orifices and his eyes are blind.”

Chen Dong said with a frown, “But don’t worry, senior brother, the impact that Elder Zhang received was far less than senior brother, so it is not life-threatening.”

“Blindness ……”

Huo Zhenxiao had a pained look on his face, “For a stonemason, losing one’s sight is no different from losing one’s life with a broken arm, it was me who …… harmed the old man.”

“Things would suddenly change like this, none of us had anticipated it.”

Chen Dong looked obscure and blamed himself, “Even if I were to be blamed, I should be blamed, it was because of me that Senior Brother asked Master Zhang to forge his Martial Dao body.”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled bitterly, “It has nothing to do with you, I was the one who ventured in, you should leave first, staying with me all the time will increase the risk of you being exposed.”

“I plan to stay in the practice room.”

Chen Dong proposed, “Senior brother recuperate in the room at ease, Bai Qi and the others have sealed off the news, no one will know about senior brother’s serious injury, after I stay in the practice room, I will be considered in seclusion, properly study the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, and wait until my father’s big birthday before I come out of seclusion and go home, this will also reduce the risk of exposure.”

This was something that Chen Dong had carefully considered before.

At his father’s birthday banquet, the world’s giants, flocked together, and ten thousand people celebrated his birthday.

At that time, it would also be the time for him to ask to be the next family head.

Before then, Chen Dong did not dare to be the least bit careless, and could only do everything he could to improve himself.

For him, for the Chen family.

Even if he had handed in a perfect answer sheet to the Chen family and the world’s giants on the day of his father’s birthday banquet, perhaps …… would not be as convincing as Chen Tiansheng handing in a ninety-point answer sheet.

The Chen family, the Chen family’s home, is not the father’s home alone.

What he can do is to fight to exceed the full mark answer sheet while preserving the full mark answer sheet!

Only if he excelled to the point of silencing the world’s giants and leaving the entire Chen family powerless to refute, would he be able to sit on the throne of the next family head and wear the crown!

At that time, he would also be able to invite his mother’s spirit into the Chen family’s ancestral shrine!

It would also be the time when he would bring Gu Qingying into the Chen family in a dignified manner.

He had promised his mother and Gu Qingying that on that day, he would bring him all the glory!

This was his promise as a son and a husband, and he would do his best for it!

“Go on, that day is not far away.”

Huo Zhenxiao agreed and watched Chen Dong leave, his gaze flickered for a moment before he suddenly reminded, “By the way, your Heaven-Slaughter Bureau is not yet over, the day of your father’s birthday will be the time when your glory surrounds you, and also the time when the Bloodlight Calamity descends, so be careful!”

Chen Dong’s footsteps gave a beat, and this was one of the reasons why he had decided to enter the practice room to close up at this moment.

Only by improving his strength as much as possible could he cope with the calamity with ease.

Raising his hand and rubbing his nose, Chen Dong laughed lightly, “I have already prepared ……”

Chapter 1136

Already prepared for this?”

After looking at Chen Dong leaving the room, Huo Zhenxiao withdrew his gaze and murmured in confusion, “What has he prepared on my turf?”

After leaving Huo Zhenxiao’s room.

Chen Dong did not immediately head to the practice room, but found Elder Zhang together with Bai Qi.

When Chen Dong and Bai Qi walked into the room.

Zhang Wudao was sitting worriedly by the bed, tending to Old Master Zhang.

At this moment, Master Zhang’s face was still a bit pale and his eyes were wrapped in gauze, which was still faintly stained with blood.

However, his energy was far better than Huo Zhenxiao’s.

When he saw Chen Dong and Bai Qi, Zhang Wu Dao immediately got up and said to Elder Zhang with his ear attached, “Dad, Chen Dong and Chief Bai Wu have come to see you.”

Elder Zhang’s head shook for a moment, as if he was looking for Chen Dong and Bai Qi.

Immediately afterwards, he let out another sigh.

“Elder Brother Chen, Chief Bai Wu, please bear with me, I am unable to get out of bed to meet you in this state.”

“Old Master Zhang has spoken too highly.”

Chen Dong hurriedly stepped forward and said soothingly, “I am to blame for what happened today, it is because of me that old senior is in such a situation.”

“As it is a great merit to bless the people, and the old man is also working for the welfare of the Thief Sect, I don’t blame anyone for ending up in this situation, only that the old man’s skills are not good and his dao is not high!”

Elder Zhang said calmly.

As Chen Dong listened to him, he had mixed feelings.

Both Huo Zhenxiao and Elder Zhang had their own demands.

However, he was clear that the most fundamental thing was that he had underestimated the terrifying power of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body’s martial heritage, otherwise it would not just be a worrying premonition at that time, but it would be time to strongly stop it.

“Chen Dong owes the Thief Sect a favour.”

Chen Dong said from the bottom of his heart.

At those words.

Elder Zhang suddenly laughed.

The sound of laughter echoed around the room, causing Zhang Wudao to reveal a puzzled look.

“Good, then old man will accept this favour from old brother Chen.” Elder Zhang responded with a smile.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and respectfully cupped his fist in a salute, “Please also take a good rest and recover, Old Master Zhang.”

With that, it was time to turn around and leave with Bai Qi.

Waiting for the two to leave.

A puzzled Zhang Wu Dao then opened his mouth and asked, “Dad, losing your eyesight is breaking the foundation of your future, and it is even more unfortunate for the present-day Thief Sect! Why are you still so happy to receive a favour from him?”

Elder Zhang smiled slightly, “Wu Dao, today, although I have lost my eyesight, broken my future and a general of the Thief Sect, but Master Huo’s favour and this son’s favour, in exchange, do you think it is not worth it?”

Zhang Wu Dao’s gaze was bright and uncertain, his lips mumbling, not immediately responding, somewhat hesitant.

The smile on Elder Zhang’s face grew even bigger, “A person who can chisel out such a terrifying martial heritage, a person who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Sovereign Huo, you think it’s a mere mortal?”

“Dad ……”

Zhang Wudao finally responded.

“This son is not a pond!”

Master Zhang straightened his back, “What is the point of exchanging an old and crippled body for the rise of the Thief Sect? This is a blessing for you and me, and a great blessing for the Thieves’ Sect!”

There was a poof!

Zhang Wudao fell to his knees with tears in his eyes, “Dad, is this worth it?”

“What’s worth it? God’s will is such that it is not humanly possible to turn the tide?”

Elder Zhang said in a deep voice, the smile at the corner of his mouth not weakening in the slightest: “In recent generations, since the disappearance and disappearance of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, there is no leader in the group, and the seven generals are hardly in charge of the overall situation, nowadays, the Thief Sect is not as prosperous as it was in the hands of Xu Qingfeng. If there is no big hand to help the building that is about to tumble, the Thief Sect will surely decline. The outside world says that a Thief Sect with Xu Qingfeng is a Thief Sect, but a Thief Sect without Xu Qingfeng is just a group of people who are robbers and thieves.

“Dad ……”

Zhang Wudao’s sturdy body trembled.

While Elder Zhang was getting more and more agitated, even clenching his fists as his body trembled.

With an incomparably hoarse voice, he said, “Xu Qingfeng ah Xu Qingfeng, you disappeared and went into hiding, and buried the entire Thief Sect, as the leader, do you know that the Thief Sect has been waiting for you, ah?”

A wail of near despair echoed through the room.

It also made Zhang Wu Dao, an eight-foot man, unable to contain it any longer, tears came out of his eyes.


The other side.

Lijin Hospital.

The air was filled with the smell of disinfectant water.

The temperature had plummeted on a cold nine-day day.

Luckily, in the ward, there was always air conditioning to keep the temperature in a suitable zone.

Zhang Yulan’s face was haggard and she sat exhaustedly by the bedside, her right hand propping up her chin, her bloodshot eyes always staring at the unconscious Qin Ye on the hospital bed.

She could not remember how many such days and nights she had had.

The great fear buried in her heart kept her nerves on edge all the time.

After learning the truth, Zhang Yulan had boarded at the Lijin Hospital many times on the pretext of taking care of Qin Ye.

She did not dare to go back.

She was afraid!

What’s more, she didn’t know what to do.

Chen Dong’s disappearance and Gu Qingying’s replacement by a civet had left her at her wits’ end after learning the truth.

She pondered over many ways to tell Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu, to tell her family, and even to stab the Chen family directly.

But the results, all left her powerless and desperate.

How could an outsider have the power to make a slave rebel against his master?

How could a mere Zhang family have the power to shake the Chen family heir?

How could the Chen family …… listen to the words of an outsider?

The fear, helplessness and despair have kept Zhang Yulan’s psychological state on the verge of collapse for a while now.

Only by being around Qin Ye, even if he was a comatose vegetable, could she feel the slightest sense of security and warmth.

This was the only security and warmth she could crave today!

Zhang Yulan’s left hand clutched Qin Ye’s hand and murmured, “Husband …… when the hell are you going to wake up, I’m so scared ……”

Although there are no three books and six rites, the phoenix crown and cape, and an open marriage, but Zhang Yulan’s heart, long ago, has taken the man in front of her as the ultimate belonging.

Creak ……

The door to the room pushed open.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Zhang Yulan, who was holding tears in her eyes, hurriedly got up, wiped the corners of her eyes and squeezed out a smile: “Dean Liu, you’ve come to check the room, huh?”

The president handed Zhang Yulan the glucose in his hand: “Girl, drink some, you can’t stay up like this, your body will collapse. You can’t stay up like this, your body will collapse.”

Zhang Yulan was stunned for a moment.

She took the bottle of glucose and drank it with her head back.

During this process, Dean Liu always watched Zhang Yulan, his gaze was complicated and he wanted to say something, but under the complicated gaze, the colour of heartache would flicker from time to time.

“Goo dong ……”

Zhang Yulan drank the last mouthful of glucose and wiped the corner of her mouth, “Thank you Dean Liu for your concern, I can hold on until he wakes up.”

“When there’s nothing you can do about some things, you just have to relax.”

Dean Liu said in a meaningful manner.

The words had just fallen.

Creak ……

The door of the ward was pushed open again.

“What is it that can’t be helped?”

Gu Qingying had a smile on her face as she pushed the door open and walked in.

As this voice rang out.

Dean Liu and Zhang Yulan’s expressions froze at the same time.

Zhang Yulan hurriedly got up, “Sister Xiao Ying, you’re here?”

“Mm nah, here to see Qin Ye.”

Gu Qingying walked over to Dean Liu and asked with a smile, “Uncle Liu, what can’t be helped?”


Dean Liu pointed to the unconscious Qin Ye on the hospital bed, then calmly said, “Medicine can’t do anything, but Yu Lan is sulking with himself, you guys talk, uncle still has to check the room, so I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, he ignored Gu Qingying and turned around to leave the ward.

Zhang Yulan’s heart was thumping faster at this moment.

Panic and fear flickered in her eyes, she gritted her silver teeth and asked in a calm manner, “Sister Ying, is there, is there something for me?”