Winner Takes All Chapter 1121-1122

Chapter 1121

In fact, even without Chen Dong’s request.

When Huo Zhenxiao took Chen Dong back to Zhenjiang City, he had already given a military order.

Everything was to be suppressed and not to be leaked out!

The only people who knew about the situation were the pilots of the fifteen warplanes and the Golden Guards.

Huo Zhenxiao knew very well that the reason Chen Dong had come to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was to avoid trouble, to deter all killers with his name and the name of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

And by going to the army, the latent dragon was in the abyss and Chen Dong had completely risen from his wheelchair.


But Huo Zhenxiao knew himself that there would be countless gazes secretly spying on the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Even if the owner of that one gaze could not know about Chen Dong’s situation within the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

However, once the matter of him bringing Chen Dong back to Zhenjiang City was revealed.

Not only would it be revealed to the outside world that Chen Dong had survived the Jedi and returned in one piece.

It would also reveal that Chen Dong’s legs were not disabled.

Both events would be a great disaster for Chen Dong!

As a senior brother, he would not be able to screw his junior brother to such an extent!

However, Chen Dong’s choice also relaxed Huo Zhenxiao’s hanging heart.

The choice was made rationally and calmly, and at least it was Chen Dong’s own choice to “delay” his entry into Xiongnu.

Huo Zhenxiao was not sure if Barbara was still alive, but it was enough that Chen Dong was willing to stay and not get killed in Xiongnu.

Chen Dong used his hand to contact Chen Daolin in order to minimise the chances of being discovered.

When he returned to his room, Huo Zhenxiao contacted Chen Daolin, and when he learned that Barbara had saved Chen Dong, Chen Daolin agreed to do so without hesitation.


On the other side.

Night falls.

It was a villa.

The curtains around the villa were all closed, and the thick curtains made the interior of the villa pitch black.

Only the light in one of the bedrooms was on.

In the quietness of the villa, this lighted bedroom looked extremely lonely.

“D*mn it, when the hell are we going to get out?”

Zhao Brolu was so annoyed that he slammed his fist on the table with a bang.

Ever since he had managed to escape at the hands of Changeless that night, he had fallen unconscious from a tree branch onto the side of the road, seriously injured.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already in this room.

During this time, this room had always been filled with a smell similar to the disinfectant water in a hospital.

In the large room, there were various medical instruments that occupied almost half of the area. After he had awakened, every day, people wearing masks and white coats would repeat various examinations and treatments on him over and over again.

After undergoing various treatments, his life was finally saved, and the time he spent recuperating had allowed him to recover almost as well.

But what annoyed him was that since he opened his eyes, the man who had saved him had strictly ordered him to be grounded in this room.

This almost drove him mad!

But he couldn’t beat the man who had saved him!

What he had learnt, was beam fighting, real martial arts fighting, and was not very strong.

From the time he woke up until now, every day the figure of that girl called Gu Qingying always lingered in Zhao Breru’s mind, as well as everything that happened that night in the Longjing Mountain Villa.

That girl, who had given him a beam of light!

The first ray of light in over twenty years, apart from his mother!

So, he tried with all his might to save that girl.

Find Chen Dong and go save her!

This was the only obsession in Zhao Breru’s mind, and the root cause of his irritability at the moment.

Of course there was also the gambling debt he owed, the threats those people had made to him!

The night of the accident was when he was raising money to pay his debts, and those men had found the address where his mother lived!

Trapped in this room, his life was saved, but his mother, and the girl called Gu Qingying ……

Of course, when he woke up and desperately wanted to leave this house, the man who saved him had clearly told him that the gambling debt was settled and that his mother was safe and sound.

But Gu Qing Ying, always haunted his mind.

Even when he slept and dreamed, it wouldn’t go away!

“Dingtai Group boss, Chen Dong! Gu Qingying …… you must hold on!”

Zhao Broke-Ru’s face was sullen and his gaze flickered, but his hands clenched his fists.


A brilliant aura burst out from Zhao Breru’s eyes and twisted his head to look at the window where the curtains were drawn.

“Take a chance!”

As he said these words, Zhao Broke-Ru couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

During this period of time, he had uttered these words more than once.

It was the nature of a gambler to try to take a gamble countless times, only to lose in the end.

Just as his initial gambling debts were no different in mentality.

But he knew clearly that taking a chance to escape from this house was even more significant!

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Brocade got up and turned on the television, turning up the sound slightly to cover the noise.


He then slowly walked towards the window and slowly pulled open the curtains.


Upon seeing the iron bars nailed across the window, Zhao Breru’s anger boomed up and he cursed through clenched teeth.

Almost simultaneously.

Creak ……

The sound of the door opening rang out behind him.

Zhao Breru’s body stiffened, his expression changed, and he wanted to change his position, but it was already too late.

A hoarse and mellow voice rang out behind him, “Are you curious as to when I reinforced the window?”

“Is that F**king reinforcement? Why don’t you just get a steel plate and block the window?”

Zhao Breru didn’t even turn his head back, his face full of anger as he gritted his teeth and said, “Anyway, I can’t wear the steel plate in the day, so you can rest a*sured!”


The heir of the Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng has been trying to jump out of the window one after another, so I should be careful, but what you say is not unreasonable.

“I’m not the heir of the Saint of Thieves!”

Zhao Breru turned around and didn’t look at the person at the door, but sat himself down at the table, lit a cigarette and smoked hard, “I just want to F**king visit my mother, why do you have to lock me up if you saved me?”

“The Dragon Ascending Technique, the Bone Draining Technique, you’ve learnt the essence of a Thief Saint Xu Qingfeng, and you’re still not a Thief Saint heir? Do you really think I can’t find out?”

The person who came did not enter the house, always stood outside the door in the dark place, even the light in the house, only illuminated his silhouette: “I have also told you countless times, your mother is well, your gambling debt is paid off, your mother’s living and eating I have replaced, your mother’s life should be the top life you have lived in all these years, your mother’s safety ……”

Only, not waiting for the visitor to finish.

Zhao Breru spat impatiently at the ground, cross-colored, “You say my mother just say my mother, a mouthful of your mother, you curse the street?”

“Huh ……”

Zhao Broshi held a cigarette in his mouth, the image of Gu Qing Ying once again came to his mind, he took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Let me go out, there is a girl, who is still waiting for me to ventilate to save her!”

“You can’t go out, you have to learn to cherish if you live.”

The vicissitudes of a hoarse voice rang out with determination and ruthlessness.

The next second.

Zhao Breru suddenly got up and kneeled on the ground with both knees banging.

At this moment, his expression was incomparably firm.

There was a bang!

He knocked his head on the ground, “I’m F**king begging you!”


The room and the corridor fell into silence.

A few seconds later.

Only then did a mellow, hoarse voice ring out, “Why are you cursing the street?”

Zhao Brocade lifted his head and his gaze flickered for a moment.

With that.

There was a thud!

He once again knocked his head on the ground and begged, “Please, let me go out and save that girl called Gu Qingying, I’m willing to give my life to you and work as a cow for you from now on!”


“Be a cow and a horse? If you want to be rich, just say so, my family’s cattle and horses are richer than your life!”

The person outside the door, slowly turned around, paying no attention to Zhao Brezhong’s pleading, “Just wait, when it’s your turn to go out, you’ll be able to go out, when it’s not your turn to go out, you’ll be a dead man if you go out!”

Chapter 1122

The voice was resolute.

As the words fell, the man outside the door was about to close the door and leave.

Zhao Brocade, who was kneeling on the ground, had a steep and brilliant aura in his eyes as he clenched his teeth hard.


In an instant, Zhao Broke-Ru was like an arrow that had left the string, rushing straight towards the door.


Must escape!

He had to go to Chen Dong, so that Chen Dong could save the girl called Gu Qingying!

Having been detained here for so long, he dared not speculate on what had happened to Gu Qingying.

But the nightmares that kept intensifying every night were a constant source of fear and trepidation for Zhao Baolu.

This was his promise to that girl!

Even if he had to pay with his life, he would not hesitate to do so.

In a flash of lightning.

The door to the room was getting closer and closer in Zhao Breru’s sight.

His clenched teeth, gently opening, said with determination and firmness, “I must get out, no one can stop me!”


A strong wind suddenly rose.

Zhao Breru’s expression changed abruptly and his pupils tightened.

In his sight, the open door of the room, with the forceful slam of the man outside, closed with thunderous speed.

And he …… couldn’t slow down in time.

Bang Teeny!


Zhao Breru let out a pig-like scream as his entire body pressed against the door and slowly slid down towards the ground.

And on the door, where Zhao Breru’s face had been struck, a crater appeared, cracking lines and spreading out in all directions.

“Ouch, that hurts, D*mn it, top your lungs, baka yalu ……”

Zhao Breru lay on the ground, his hands covering his face plate, cursing in pain and anger, but there was blood flowing out between the fingers of his hands.

Almost at the same time.

A teasing laugh sounded from outside the door, “The impact was quite loud, the face is hard enough ah!”

“Puffing Thunder Old Mum, let me out!”

Zhao Breru’s body trembled, his hands clenched into fists and hammered hard on the door of the room, blood all over his face, but he could hardly hide his anger.

“Stay here honestly, without my permission, the king of heaven can’t save you, give you life, you have to cherish it!”

The voice outside the door came down with steep determination and coldness.

The sound of footsteps outside faded away.

Zhao Breru blew a handful of blood from his nose, raised his hand to wipe off the nosebleed with force, and stared at the closed door of the room with morose eyebrows.

“I don’t believe …… that after all I’ve learned in my life, I still can’t escape this villa!”

The next second.

His eyes went up and looked towards the roof.

“Climb the dragon technique onto the roof, we should be able to escape!”

Having made up his mind, Zhao Brocade got up and moved the table to a suitable place, and was about to a*sist in jumping up.

Outside the door, a hoarse voice rang out again.

“I’ve installed a power grid on the roof, if you have the guts, you can climb up the dragon!”

Zhao Breru’s body stiffened, and a million heads of nema raced through his heart.

His nosebleed-stained lips trembled even more.

A teasing laugh, once again, came from outside the door, “At least you are the heir of the Saint of Thieves, can’t you use a little more tact?”

Snapping …… snapping ……

The sound of footsteps was once again far away.

Zhao Brocade sat down on his chair in a dejected manner and sighed alas.

His eyes were hollow and he hung his head in despair.

In his mind, however, the figure of the girl called Gu Qing Ying kept coming up.

How in the world …… could I get out?


Inside the room.

The lights are bright.

Gu Qingying was watching the TV, silently dazed.

Wu Chang’s plump body, which almost filled the chair, was knitting a jumper in her hands, and every now and then she would raise it and compare it with Gu Qingying’s body across the air.

One action after another.

It made Gu Qingying’s willow brows frown slightly and she said in a deep voice: “Doesn’t it bother you?”

“It’s not annoying, it’s getting colder, knitting a jumper for you, girl.”

Wu Chang lowered her head and knitted the jumper in silence.

“Fake mercy!”

Gu Qing Ying’s face was covered with a faint frost: “Isn’t it better to let me go?”

While knitting her jumper, Wu Chang shook her head and said, “I can’t let you go, girl, how many times do you want me to say that? I am responsible for watching you, you are responsible for being watched by me, we are living together in peace, isn’t that good?”

Gu Qingying’s eyebrows lowered, but she did not say anything more.

After spending so much time with Impermanence, she also found that Impermanence was indeed just fulfilling his duty to watch over her.

As for the rest, Changeless treated her as if she was an elder treating a junior.

At that time, Changeless’s words had woken her up; alive, for three months, there might still be hope.

But once it was over, it would be a complete fulfillment of the mysterious man and the fake Gu Qingying’s calculating plot.

To stay alive, to eat well, to sleep well.

In fact, apart from losing her freedom, there were no special restrictions on her in this house.

Even that evil ghost-like man rarely came during this period of time.

In the whole house, there were only her and Changeless.

Touching her stomach, Gu Qingying murmured, “Auntie, I’m hungry.”

This name was the one that Gu Qingying had finally chosen after spending many days with Wu Chang.

“Good, there’s still black chicken soup stewing in the pot, let’s warm it up for you and drink two more bowls.”

Impermanence put down his jumper and got up to walk outside.

Gu Qingying looked deep into his eyes as Changeless left.

Black chicken soup, not precious, was troublesome to stew and was also suitable for healing.

Especially for a woman like her who had never recovered well after a miscarriage.

Wu Chang was actually quite considerate of her in terms of diet.

Retracting her gaze, Gu Qingying gazed at the television, but was not bothered to pay attention to what was actually being played on the television.

In a low voice, she murmured, “Zhao Bros …… are you still alive? You, have you told Chen Dong?”


“Little Shadow!”

Inside the room, Chen Dong snapped out of his memories and his eyes widened as if there was lightning shooting out from his eyes.

Panting violently, quietly, beads of sweat also seeped out from Chen Dong’s back.

He had just been immersed in the state of comprehending the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, but unknown to him, all the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies in his mind suddenly disappeared and were replaced by the appearance of Gu Qing Ying.

This caused him to instantly break away from the state.

At this moment, when he took a big breath, it was a burst of heart palpitations.

His right hand gripped his heart tightly, as if this could make the palpitations lessen a few degrees.

Chen Dong’s lips were noisy: “Wife …… are you alright?”

A long time ago.

Only gradually did Chen Dong get over the palpitation state.

He let out a long breath.

He sat up straight again and swept his gaze over the room’s layout.

As a master’s room, all of his eyes were filled with the style of the military.

The simple decorations did not diminish the majesty of the room in any way.


Chen Dong got up and walked to the weapons rack by the wall.

On the weapons rack, there were cold weapons such as swords, spears and halberds, each with a cold and stern chill.

The weapons that Huo Zhenxiao had placed in the room were all battlefield weapons that had drunk enough blood.

When Chen Dong’s fingers landed on the weapons, he could even feel the sea of blood that had been spilled and killed.


A long spear was pulled out of the weapon rack by Chen Dong.

The cold light was blazing, and the lance swept across the ground with a fierce wind.

Only after wielding it a few times, Chen Dong was shaking his head, “It still doesn’t fit, it seems that it cannot be the same as senior brother.”

He wanted to pick a weapon that suited him, as Huo Zhenxiao had done with the Silver Dragon Lance!

However, after using a few weapons one after another, Chen Dong became a little disillusioned.

None of them were to his liking!

At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open and Huo Zhenxiao walked in.

Seeing Chen Dong standing in front of the weapons rack, Huo Zhenxiao instantly understood: “You’re picking out a weapon?”

“Well, as the martial dao continues upwards, one will need weapons to enhance some killing power after all.”

Chen Dong nodded without concealment, even the highest kung fu was afraid of choppers was no more than that.

“These are all mundane weapons.”

Huo Zhenxiao shook his head dryly, “Not suitable for you.”