Winner Takes All Chapter 1111-1112

Chapter 1111

Fifteen Great Snow Dragon Rider warplanes look like evil spirits that seek their lives in the night.

The ghosts were moving forward and killing intent was descending.

Even the Xiongnu air force had already reported the information back to the thirteen Xiongnu cities.

But the fifteen warplanes, with their unrelenting and dominant charge, easily penetrated the skies above the Thirteen Towns after a round of anti-aircraft fire from the Thirteen Towns.

The anti-aircraft fire of the Thirteen Cities exploded into the sky and earth, spitting out countless dragons of fire in an attempt to shoot down the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ warplanes.

Such a sensation was no small feat!

Compared to the previous two star cities that opened up their anti-aircraft fire, this moment, it was the entire Thirteen Hun cities!

The anti-aircraft fire alone, as if it were a nuclear bomb, was thrown into the Thirteen Cities, causing the Thirteen Cities to completely explode!

Shouts of shock rose to the sky.

But soon, the shrieks of the thirteen cities.

But as the fifteen Great Snow Dragon Rider warplanes poured out their full firepower, they fell into complete silence.

The night sky.

In an instant, it was bright and incomparable.

It was as if a river of stars were falling low, falling rapidly towards the thirteen Hun cities.





The next second.

A mushroom cloud of flames rose from the Thirteen Hungarian Cities, piercing the night sky and lighting up the Thirteen Hungarian Cities as if it were daylight.

The deafening sound of the explosion echoed through heaven and earth.

The ground and the cities rumbled and trembled in the midst of the intense bombardment.

The firepower carried by the fifteen Great Snow Dragon Riders was not majestic, but the firepower poured down in a single moment, regardless of everything, still had a fierce intent of covering the sky and razing everything.

At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to be turned upside down.

A mushroom cloud of flame, like a star, lit up the ground.

The city walls collapsed and the buildings were reduced to rubble.

Terrifying waves of Qi even swept out in all directions with one explosion after another.

“Run, run!”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, let me out of here!”

“D*mn it, what the hell is going on? What’s wrong with the Huns today?”


The bombardment completely shattered the already terrified people of the Huns.

At this moment, the Huns who were under “curfew” in every place, under the threat of death, broke away from the guards of the Hun army and rushed into the streets as if in a frenzy.

The streets were lit up by fireworks.

The streets and alleys were filled with Huns scurrying for their lives.

Even the stragglers in one area of the street gave up the idea of “no resistance” at this moment and, like a dying mad dog, broke through the guards of the Huns.

For everyone in the Thirteen Towns, standing still was like waiting to die.

If they ran, there might be a chance of survival.

Such a thought might be somewhat absurd and ridiculous.

But people really do rely on their instincts and do something unfathomable when faced with the great terror of the threat of death.

Ta-da ……

The air raid had not yet subsided, but the fifteen warplanes were looking out of the sky, with heavy machine guns on board, at this moment, like fifteen fire dragons tumbling across the sky, pouring out bullets in a frenzy.

Huo Zhenxiao’s order was to pour out all the firepower.

Not even a single bullet could ever return to Zhenjiang City with the war machine.

This was Huo Zhenxiao’s might!

A military order is like a mountain, and the words are followed!

As the last of the heavy machine gun bullets were poured out by the Great Snow Dragon Riders, the Xiongnu people and stragglers, who were scrambling to escape, were greeted by the baptism of bullets without any cover!

Screams, wails and shrieks of fear ……

At this moment, the thirteen Hun cities were plunged into unprecedented panic, like a purgatory!

There were countless dead!

Even the Hun soldiers, at this moment, could hardly keep their composure, let alone safeguard the lives of the people and stragglers.

In the past, the Xiongnu Thirteen Cities would also have endured the war machine invasion of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army on the very night.

But unlike in the past, the air raids by the Xiongnu army still came with a vengeance and caught people off guard.

But over the years, everyone in the Thirteen Cities had become accustomed to the rhythm of the night.

Today was different!

The initial curfew, the rampage of the fierce beasts, the shock caused by the entire Hun army attacking, the barrage of cannon fodder around Star City ……

Step by step, the people and stragglers, who had been able to remain calm, were pushed into the ultimate great panic of the unknown.

Now a mere fifteen Great Snow Dragons suddenly attacked and killed the city, raining down fire with a brutal momentum and without any manoeuvring tactics.

This instantly shattered what little composure and calmness the Huns had left!

The result was an inferno of horrific destruction!

Inside the royal palace.

The royal palace was silent.

As soon as the first bombardment sounded, the Hun rose in anger.

He had already been informed, but he had not expected such a fierce attack from the air force of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

And …… the anti-aircraft firepower of the 13 Hun cities was so weak that it was virtually useless!

The sound of the bombardment was like thunder, shaking the sky and earth.

Even as he gazed past the gates of the royal palace, looking out over the Hun cities, he could clearly see a dazzling mushroom cloud of flames rising into the sky.

The fire, moreover, shone brightly on his furious face.

In this short moment, the Hun King’s entire body had aged to the extreme.

His face was pale, his aura was decrepit, and he no longer had the majesty and dominance of the past, as if he had entered a state of exhaustion in an instant.

The bombardment had not yet ended.

The sky was full of heavy machine gun fire, and once again it rang out.

A disgrace!

A great disgrace!

At this moment, the Hun was trembling, his chest felt clogged to the extreme, so clogged that he could hardly even breathe.

The eyes of the godless tiger were filled with tears.

“It’s finished …… utterly and completely finished ah ……”

The Hun king cried and howled, echoing in the king’s hall: “This …… is going to be a change of heaven for the Huns!”

Mournful and remorseful.

Who would have thought that the high lord of Xiongnu, the iron-blooded and majestic king, would have such a moment of despondency and collapse into tears?

As he wept, blood gradually appeared in the King’s dark eyes.

His body trembled violently, and horrific veins and veins appeared on his neck and face.


Accompanied by a beast-like roar.


A fierce and domineering wind suddenly swept out from the Hun King’s body, blowing his robes.

The ground beneath his feet cracked as the wind swept out!

He was the King of the Huns, and just because he had supreme power, it did not mean that his martial art was weaker than others!

In a world that believes in the law of survival of the weak, even the king …… is still in search of the ultimate in martial arts!

A poof!

The Hun King, who was covered in astral wind, smashed both knees heavily on the ground.

At this moment, two lines of blood tears flowed from his scarlet eyes, and he looked up with his features twisted, allowing the blood tears to flow down.

Mournfully wailing, he said, “Old ancestor …… Xiongnu thousands of years of glory, all lost to my hands, old ancestor ah ……”

The wailing sound, as if it was a magic sound, washed out of the king’s palace.

Even at this moment, the people in the king’s palace, in every corner, all clearly heard the king of Xiongnu this cry.


Inside the beast fighting cage, Xixing’s delicate body shook, and her beautiful face turned pale and terrified to the extreme.

Not caring about anything else, she turned around brazenly and rushed out of the cage.

But the moment she stepped out of the cage, there was a sudden change!

“Ow! ……”

A wolf’s wail, with the ultimate desolation and slaughter, rushed through the sky and echoed in heaven and earth.

Chapter 1112

Ouch ……”

The extremely pale wolf whistle rose to the sky and echoed in the night sky.

At this moment.

All the people in the thirteen cities of the Huns heard it.

The terrifying penetrating force reached everywhere, spreading out in all directions between heaven and earth.

The terrifying sound of the wolf’s whistle suddenly plunged heaven and earth into dead silence.

It was as if this wolf whistle had pressed the pause button and frozen everything in this part of heaven and earth, the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.

It was bleak, majestic and stern ……

It was a long whistle that was hard to describe, and could not even have been done by any of the pale wolves that roamed the Great Snowy Plains, or even by the wolf king.

On the contrary, it was a bizarre appearance at this moment, a wolf whistling in the long sky!

Within the thirteen cities of the Huns, the people and stragglers who had been fleeing in fear, and even the panicked Huns’ army, all stopped abruptly at the sound of this wolf’s wail.

Frightened, terrified and shocked ……

Amidst the surrounding sea of fire and the remnants of the bombing and air raids, all the Huns, however, were at this moment, a bizarre and incomparably shocking scene.

Rumble ……

A tide of people, moving in the same way, fell to their knees in unison as the wolf whistled into the air.

Prostrate on the ground, their foreheads pressed against the ground.

Whether it was the people, the stragglers, or the army, at this moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten life and death, calmed their fears, and prostrated themselves on the ground in an incomparably pious posture.

Such a scene was incomparably shocking!

When it appeared at the same time in every corner of the Thirteen Hungarian Cities, it was a majestic impact that overwhelmed the people.

Even the pilots of the fifteen Great Snow Dragons hovering above the Thirteen Cities were completely shocked by this scene!

Even the King of the Huns could not have had such a powerful scene today when the thirteen cities were like a purgatory with countless dead people, right?

Where did this wolf whistle …… come from?

The night sky is still some distance away from the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders are hovering alone.

Huo Zhenxiao did not leave, as domineering as he was, he had to let the Huns lose a piece of flesh when the situation was reversed.

At this moment, the wolf whistle coming from the thirteen cities of the Xiongnu was so loud and cracking that even from where he was, he could clearly hear the ancient and desolate wolf whistle.

The long and desolate wolf whistle echoed in his ears.

Huo Zhenxiao’s face changed sharply, and he sank to his knees.

An indescribable feeling of palpitations appeared, sweeping through his body like a tidal wave.

It was also as if an invisible hand had instantly dragged him into a palpitating abyss, with sweat standing on end and a vicious chill running from the soles of his feet to the sky.

“This is ……”

Huo Zhenxiao’s pupils clenched, that intense feeling of palpitations that made him feel indescribable fear.

He was the Northern Region’s God of War, the master of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, who had crisscrossed the sands and taken the world by storm!

Even back when one man, one spear and one horse destroyed a city, facing thousands of troops and death falling at any moment, he had never been in the same state of mind as he was now!

His state of mind had long since reached the point of being rock-solid and indestructible!

Yet, it was such a wolf whistle that caused him to lose his composure!

With tight pupils, he quickly cast a sidelong glance at Wang Yu and the pilot of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane inside the cabin.

Although the two of them also looked somewhat stunned and shocked, the extent of their feelings was far less profound and bone-chilling than his own!

“Is this a case of the higher the realm, the more profound the sensation?”

This was the thought in Huo Zhenxiao’s mind.

As strong as he was, a decision was instantly made in his heart after this glance of discernment.

The wolf whistled, like a mane piercing his bones.

Huo Zhenxiao immediately turned around and entered the C*ckpit of the warplane.

“Sovereign, this wolf whistling sound is not right!”

The pilot flying the warplane said in a deep voice.

I F**king know better than you!

Huo Zhenxiao’s face was gloomy to the extreme, that strong feeling of palpitations was making it impossible for him to maintain his usual majestic posture at the moment.

He picked up his communicator straight away, “This is Huo Zhenxiao, what’s the situation in Xiongnu 13 Cities, report back immediately!”

Within a second, a voice tinged with fear and shock rang out from the communication instrument.

“Kneel, kneel! The entire city is on its knees, Sovereign, what, what the hell is going on here?”

“Snort ……”

Huo Zhenxiao’s features twisted and a slit appeared at the corner of his mouth, letting out a sound, followed by a stern order, “Retreat immediately! Retreat at full speed! Give up pouring out all firepower!”

“As ordered!”


Huo Zhenxiao put down his communicator.

The long wolf whistle in his ears was still echoing.

It was incomparably long and the air was endless!

The palpitating feeling grew stronger and stronger, like a thousand sharp needles, piercing his pores and going straight to the depths of his soul.

He felt it so strongly even though he was so far away, what state should he be in if he were in the thirteen Hun cities?

In the face of the aerial bombardment, the entire Xiongnu Thirteen Cities abandoned life and death and fell to their knees.

Such an anomaly must be a demon!

Closing his breath and concentrating, Huo Zhenxiao tried his best to adjust his breathing to compensate for the suffocating sensation in his lungs.

Thoughts spun.

He murmured, “The Hundred Tribes of the Great Snowy Plain have always worshipped the Star of Heavenly Wolf, this wolf’s roar into the sky and the kneeling of all the people should have hit the faith of the Xiongnu people, hence this shocking scene.”

He raised his hand and rubbed his chin, Huo Zhenxiao’s face was a bit frightened, his sword brows were furrowed, his lips and teeth were lightly opened: “What secret is hidden behind this wolf whistling …… in the Xiongnu?”

Such a look made the pilot of the warplane and the pilot of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane look dumbfounded, their minds going blank.

My God!

When would Lord Huo, who had shaken the northern frontier and set the hundred tribes on their feet, ever look like this?

Even Wang Yu, who was badly injured and had almost fainted, could not help but see the look on Huo Zhenxiao’s face in a trance, and his hair stood on end, raising goosebumps all over his body!

Above the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.

The wolves were whistling.

But the fifteen planes of the Great Snow Dragon Riders that were hovering over the Xiongnu Thirteen Cities, when they received Huo Zhenxiao’s order, did not hesitate and immediately detoured back into the night sky, avoiding the Xiongnu planes that were already over the Xiongnu Thirteen Cities and started to retreat!

With the battle experience accumulated by the Great Snow Dragon Riders over the years in sneaking in on the hundreds of tribes in the extreme cold of the night, it was not too difficult to avoid the Xiongnu warplanes.

But even though they were retreating, the fifteen fighters remained in a dull, oppressive and shocked atmosphere.

The Huns below, crouched on their knees by the wolf whistle, did not know, but they did.

This retreat was not because they had completely completed their mission!

Rather, it was because the Lord of …… had been so shocked by the sound of the wolf’s whistle that he had ordered this retreat!

Otherwise, with an overall advantage, with Huo Zhenxiao’s temperament, he would definitely not have immediately given this retreat order.

Even if they had retreated, it would have been after the last of the heavy machine gun bullets had been poured out.

As for the Xiongnu air force, Huo Zhenxiao would not care, and their fifteen elite air force of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would not be in the eye of the beholder.

The root cause of all …… originated from this wolf whistle that resounded through the long sky for a long time!