Winner Takes All Chapter 1107-1108

Chapter 1107

Rumble ……

The ground trembled and the sea of continuous fire was endless.

The Xiongnu army, marching forward in great numbers.

Having moved away from the thirteen Hun cities, there was no longer the suppression of the Hun king’s decree.

The whole army had no more worries!

It was like a mountain range moving across the land at full speed, and even the snowstorm was silenced in its path.


The snow on the ground was rolling in waves as the army advanced.

In the darkness.

Visibility was greatly impeded.

But for the vast Hun army, there were countless ways to determine where the target was ahead.

And there is only one goal for the whole army!

To kill the three men ahead!

No matter what the cost!

Even if it means piling up a mountain of bodies and blood.

And in the darkness.

The snowy lion and the warhorse galloped wildly, trampling the snow and tearing the wind.

The horse was already in a precarious state of exhaustion from the long gallop, with heavy snorting coming out of its mouth and nose as it ran wildly, and its hooves staggered as it fell.

The snowy lion is in better shape, although the nostrils in his mouth and nose are heavy, but there is still a long way to go before he runs out of gas.

“What on earth is …… waiting for?” |

Wang Yu crouched on the back of the war horse, feeling the sharp deterioration of its condition, his heart sinking fast towards the bottom of the valley.

Once the warhorse collapsed.

The snowy lion’s strength alone could take the three of them, but carrying the weight forward, the speed would definitely land a cut again.

Perhaps, Huo Zhenxiao would abandon him to his fate.

But he didn’t care. After receiving Chen Daolin’s order to run to the Great Snowy Plain, he and the other brothers of the Dark Guard had actually prepared to bury the bodies under the thick snow of the Great Snowy Plain.

Otherwise, he would not have been the only one to march forward when all the people retreated, defying all odds to bypa*s the Qilian Mountains and reach the Thirteen Cities of Xiongnu.

Even if he died, he would have died with Zhang Chao and the rest of the Dark Guard brothers.

What Wang Yu Zhen was worried about was what would happen after his death.

Waiting for what?

If, after his death, he had not waited for what Huo Zhenxiao had said he would wait for, then the Snowy Lion would still just be running around with Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao to his death.

The end result was self-evident.

He could die, but young master Chen Dong had to live!

On the contrary, at this moment, he could feel that the vast army of ten thousand Huns behind him was rapidly closing the distance.


Huo Zhenxiao heard Wang Yu’s murmured doubts and said in a voice without the slightest hint of emotion, “You hold on, don’t die!”

The exact same words as before made Wang Yu a little parched with rage.

He gritted his teeth fiercely and was about to speak.

Rumble …… rumble ……

The night dome suddenly resounded with a booming explosion that shook the sky.

Wang Yu forced himself to endure the severe pain, raised his head with difficulty, but vaguely saw, the night sky vault, at this time there are vaguely a huge figure, speeding past, sweeping across the long sky.


At this instant, Wang Yu was going crazy, his scalp exploding, his body was covered in evil chills.


Huo Zhenxiao, who was sitting atop the Snowy Lion, also let out a startled eek and gazed towards the night sky.

A warplane stretched across the sky, roaring and exploding.

As Huo Zhenxiao gazed into the sky, it was the roar of increasingly dense warplanes that echoed across the sky.

Dense warplanes swept in behind them in the direction of the thirteen Hun cities, always accompanying them in the night sky above them, covering the sky and making a great deal of noise.

A thunderous roar.

A huge swarm of warplanes.

Even if they did not attack immediately, at this moment an indescribable oppression descended from the sky.

It was an absolute suppression of the ground from above the heavens!


Huo Zhenxiao raised his hand, rubbed his chin, and laughed to himself, “The Huns really think highly of me, Huo Zhenxiao… How can I, Huo Zhenxiao, alone, attract such a huge group of air force warplanes to accompany me?”

Hearing these words.

Wang Yu, who was lying on his war horse, was immediately confused.

This …… is a companion flight?

This is a F**king death wish!

Followed closely.

Huo Zhenxiao raised his hand and slapped Chen Dong’s buttocks, laughing: “Of course, there is also your D*mn share of what virtue and what ability!”

The way he spoke and acted, he was frivolous and relaxed.

It was as if the swarm of warplanes overhead, the exact number of which was unknown, did not exist at all.

Or rather, as Huo Zhenxiao said, it was just …… accompanying flight!

This kind of subdued calmness, this kind of verve.

Let Wang Yu have the urge to scratch and explode, force …… is not this time to pretend ah!

His first task was to escort Chen Dong back to the domain at any cost to his life, at any cost.

Not the dark guards dying to the point where he was the only one left, and then pretending with Huo Zhenxiao and carrying an unconscious Chen Dong!

“Sovereign Huo, what the hell are you waiting for?”

The dense roar of warplanes overhead like ten thousand thunderbolts made it difficult for Wang Yu to contain at this moment, using all his strength and gritting his teeth to ask in a stern voice.

“I’m waiting for ……”

Huo Zhenxiao gently smiled, was about to explain it.

Rumble …… rumble ……

Directly in front of the escape, the pale night, suddenly exploded with a terrifying boom.

The sound, even louder and more shocking than the roar of any of the warplanes in the group overhead.

When the first roar broke through the sky, it instantly had the air of an eagle looking down on all “birds of prey”!

Immediately afterwards, a long roar of warplanes sounded out.

The terrifying sounds of warplanes originated from two directions.

When they converged together, they instantly pushed the heaven and earth into a realm of majestic killing intent.

“This is ……”

Wang Yu raised his head with difficulty and looked towards the distant night sky, astonished and suspicious at this moment.

Huo Zhenxiao’s words came to a screeching halt as he gently rubbed his chin and turned his head towards Wang Yu with a proud smile, “This, is what I’m waiting for! The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s aerial divine weapon, the true aerial Great Snow Dragon Riding!”

This moment.

Huo Zhenxiao’s aura was like a long rainbow rushing through the sky, an invisible majesty that washed over all directions.

Just as his words fell, too.


In the distant night sky, a long rainbow of fire suddenly lit up the night sky as bright as day.

With a long trailing flame, the shell burst into the group of Hun warplanes in a brutal and overbearing manner.


One of the Huns was hit and exploded into a sea of fire, with the wreckage of the aircraft falling towards the ground at great speed.

Almost simultaneously.





The air force fighters of the Great Snow Dragon Riders spat out long dragons of fire at the same time in this instant.

The dense artillery shells, trailing long trailing flames, lit up the night sky and crashed into the Hun warplanes in unison in a domineering manner.

It was all too fast!

So fast that before the Huns had even finished a*sembling, they were caught off guard by the sudden onslaught of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

In a flash.




In the night sky, a Xiongnu warplane turned into a sea of fire, as if it was a celebration, like a bright firework, floating in the night sky.

The scene.

It was incomparably shocking.

Dazzling beyond compare.

Huo Zhenxiao sat on the back of the Snowy Lion and smiled proudly: “Such a firework spectacle, thanks to the Xiongnu’s generosity!”

Chapter 1108

The night sky sparkles.

A shell with a long tail of flame, like a fire dragon across the sky, hit an aircraft and instantly lit up the sky in a spectacular “firework”.

The sky was full of “fireworks”, beautiful and shocking.

It lit up the night sky like daylight.

One after another, the Hun warplanes kept falling from the sky.

The silent night sky was at a fever pitch at this moment!

The sudden appearance of the air force of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was decisive and crisp, pre-empting the attack with a rear-engine strike!

It was so fast that the Xiongnu warplane group seemed to have fallen into a daze, and after a dozen warplanes were destroyed in an instant, they still did not react and immediately counterattacked.

Huo Zhenxiao lowered his head and gently patted the Snowy Lion: “It’s safe, you can take a slower break.”

The words fell.

The Snowy Region Lion’s stride did indeed slow down a little.

But behind him, there was a thumping sound.

Huo Zhenxiao turned around and saw that Wang Yu’s horse had collapsed in the snow as it had run out of strength.

He immediately called for the Snowy Lion to stop, turned and jumped down, helped Wang Yu onto the back of the Snowy Lion and let the Snowy Lion carry the three of them towards the darkness in the distance.

With three people on board, the Snow Lion was really struggling.

But with the warplanes roaring overhead and the “fireworks” blossoming, the speed of the Snow Lion was no longer important to Huo Zhenxiao!

In the extreme cold weather of the night, he knew very well that the Snow Dragons were not going to be able to keep up their speed.

He was well aware of the difference between the air force of the Snow Dragons and that of the Huns!

After all, when it came to the extreme night and cold weather, the Hundred Clans of the Snowy Plains, including the Xiongnu, all eliminated warplanes from taking to the air as much as possible.

In these years, when it was extremely cold, their air force did most of the work of invading the major barbarians, and with the experience of flying in such extreme and cruel weather, the air force of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had a horrible accumulation of experience that the Xiongnu air force could not hope to match.

In the night sky, warplanes roared and whistled.

A raging sea of explosive fire swept across the sky.

Against this shocking sight, the Snowy Lions slowed their pace and headed for the darkness in the distance.

Behind them, however, the vast army still kept on pursuing.

Just ……

Boom, boom, boom ……

When a roar of cannonballs streaking across the vault of the sky rang out violently.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A cloud of flaming mushrooms suddenly rose up from the Hun army, forcibly blocking the pursuit of all Hun armies with a domineering and brutal bombardment.

Up in the sky.

The Xiongnu warplane fleet finally came to their senses, and one by one they roared across the sky, rapidly striking back at the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

However, to the highly trained and experienced air force of the Xerxes, the counter-attack was nothing.

Such a counter-attack was insignificant.

Even though there was a huge difference in the number of aircraft between the two sides.

The dozen or so planes of the Great Snow Dragons still showed great strength in the face of the vast swarm of Hun warplanes.

While dodging quickly.

The dozen warplanes flipped and shifted in the night sky in an absurd and bizarre manner, forming an appalling encircling formation around the Huns.

At this moment, shells and machine guns were fired from the dozen or so Great Snow Dragons towards the group as if the floodgates had been opened.

The Xiongnu fighter group, in turn, fought back frantically.

The night sky, completely illuminated.

So much so that the wind and snow, all in this white-hot air battle, disappeared.

On the other side.

Huo Zhenxiao sat loftily on the back of the Snowy Lion, with the unconscious Chen Dong in front of him and the gasping Wang Yu behind him.

Deafening roars continue to be heard overhead, and blinding flashes of fire, moreover, flicker wildly, illuminating his path ahead.

Only at this moment, Huo Zhenxiao’s relaxed face was revealing a thoughtful look, his gaze always falling on the unconscious Chen Dong.

“You alone, have drawn the entire Hun army, even at the expense of the air force out of the cave ……”

Huo Zhenxiao’s sword eyebrows slowly stretched out, at this moment, as if enlightened, his gaze bright as a star: “Yes, the first person in the history of the Xiongnu, not only is he a domainer or immediately became a second five after obtaining the supreme glory, this is the shame of the Xiongnu, but also the shame of the royal court!”

“If it causes the people of Xiongnu to shake, even the Xiongnu royal court will have to capsize, killing you and killing me is the best way to defuse this catastrophe!”

As he spoke.

The corners of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth turned upwards, revealing a clear, happy smile of enlightenment.

He had only been thinking about rescuing Chen Dong, but now that he had the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry’s air force to set the long sky and stop the pursuing army, his thoughts were running wide.

When the crisis had pa*sed and he was in safety, there was more to seek!

“Hahahaha …… I know how to break this game of the Hundred Clans Order!”

Huo Zhenxiao violently threw back his head and laughed, soundly and incomparably.

In the next second, his gaze was like lightning, turning back to look coldly and sternly at the entire Hun army in the distance, his gaze gradually rising to look at the fierce air battle that was erupting in the air.

“If the Huns want to turn the sky upside down, then how can I, Huo Zhenxiao, not give a boost? This is a great gift, a great gift to the hundred tribes outside the realm!”

“How can the Order of the Hundred Tribes become a reality when the Huns, who are the king’s court, have already turned over the heavens?”

He did not know who the originator of the Hundred Clans Order was; in fact, he and the Golden Guards had been doing their best to probe into it since the very beginning of its creation.

It was just that the Huns and Xixing had kept the matter so secret that even Huo Zhenxiao and the Golden Guards knew nothing about it.

However, this did not affect Huo Zhenxiao’s decision at this moment!

As far as he was concerned, the real threat of the Hundred Clans Order was not all the Hundred Clans.

The real threat to him was not all of them, but the huge and powerful clans among them!

One of them …… is the Huns!

A barbarian tribe that can become the court of the Hundred Tribes carries more significance than any of the powerful tribes!

If even the Huns have turned the tide, won’t the rest of the barbarians be hesitant to join forces?


The roar of a warplane came from overhead.

It was very close to the air battle, but it was behind the air battle.

Huo Zhenxiao tilted his head to see a Great Snow Dragon Rider Army warplane, descending towards them.

The hatch was open and the man standing in front of it was the pilot of the previous Five-Clawed Golden Dragon.

Without the slightest hesitation, Huo Zhenxiao urged the Snowy Lion to enter the warplane directly.

As the hatch closed, the confident Huo Zhenxiao immediately jumped out of the Snow Lion.

The pilot of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon warplane immediately stepped forward, “Sovereign, I’m sorry, we’re the ones who are late!”

“Just in time!”

Huo Zhenxiao had no intention of blaming him, to be able to summon the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s air force in such a short time after the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon had crashed was already the limit of human power.

If it hadn’t been for the “lingering” period, how would it have been possible to wait until the Xiongnu air force was out?

How could he have thought of the crucial decision that was in his mind at the moment!

“My lord, the brothers will delay the Huns and their troops, we will return immediately.”

And yet.

“Return to flight? Return to what? They Xiongnu have bullied our people and just return to flight, thinking that I, Huo Zhenxiao, am a ninja god turtle with no temper?”