Winner Takes All Chapter 1105-1106

Chapter 1105

Beneath the starry night.

The cold wind is like a knife.

Goose feathers and heavy snow fall.

The Snowy Lion kept spitting out breaths from his mouth and nose, but his feet were flying and he was running furiously.

On his back, Huo Zhenxiao sat with a sullen expression, placing Chen Dong across the Snowy Lion’s back and letting his head and feet dangle to the ground.

The Silver Dragon Lance was placed on Chen Dong’s back and pressed down with one hand, sort of holding Chen Dong in place.

At the same time, Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes were full of amazement as he looked at Chen Dong, his gaze drifting from bright to dark and then revealing the ultimate doubt.

He knew better than anyone what his “Great Snow Dragon Chant” meant.

But Chen Dong was able to grasp its form after observing it once and going mad, which was sensational enough!

“Although unintentional, it has a form… Is your Daoist heart planting a demon auspicious or malevolent?”

For the first time, such a question arose in Huo Zhenxiao’s mind.

Once you have become a demon, but can break through the original realm, this kind of realm-breaking power, the Daoist Heart Planting Demon that makes people turn pale when they hear it, has become open to question at this moment too.

Behind the Snowy Lion.

Wang Yu was lying on top of his war horse, following close behind. A vicious battle had left him almost out of gas, his body was covered with wounds, but his blood had long since frozen into a blood scab under the extreme cold.

Lying on his back, the pain from his wounds as the warhorse undulated in a frenzied gallop caused Wang Yu to groan in agony.

He was the only dark guard who had survived!

But if he did not get out of the predicament before him soon, what awaited him would also be death.

Whether it was the endless, cold sky of the extreme night in front of him, where he could not find his way.

Or the Hun army that was raging behind …… and shaking the earth.

“Sovereign Huo, so, fleeing on, is not an option ……”

Wang Yu used all his strength to squeeze a sentence out of his teeth.

His heart was burning with anxiety at this moment, but as he gazed ahead at Huo Zhenxiao, who sat loftily on the back of the snowy lion, he was as steady as Mount Tai and as calm as water.


Huo Zhenxiao’s gaze flickered for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Hold on, don’t die.”

Wang Yu: “……”

Wait for what?

The situation before him, what was there to wait for?

Even if he persisted in enduring this extremely cold night without dying, what should he do with the raging army of Huns behind him?

The pain in his body made it difficult for Wang Yu to ask any more questions.

On the other side.

The curfew had not yet been lifted in the thirteen Hun cities.

With the shelling outside the Star City, the Thirteen Cities were completely blown into the whirlwind of public opinion.

Even though the people have been “curfewed” by the army, the beasts in the King’s City and the cannon fire in the Star City are enough.

It was clear to anyone who was not stupid that something big had happened in the Thirteen Hungarian Cities today.

Such a clamour of public opinion was manifesting itself all over the Thirteen Hungarian Cities.

There were even plucky Huns who wanted to break through the army blockade and find out what was going on.

But such a clamour of opinion suddenly died down as a warplane took to the air and swept across the sky.

The roar of a single warplane exploded into the sky.

In this extremely cold night, the intense roar of warplane engines raised the hearts of all the people in the Thirteen Cities to their throats.

Fear, anxiety, apprehension.

Could …… the Huns have a big war?

The extreme cold weather of the night, extreme cruelty, will not only affect the daily life of the people of the snowy plains out hunting and so on, but the military aspect will also have a ripple effect.

The most remarkable thing is that in such extreme harsh weather, once the war machine is out of the hole, then something really monstrous has happened!

Otherwise, even the Hun royal court would never have been willing to force an ascent in such weather, at the risk of paying the huge price of crashed warplanes and dead pilots.

At this moment, the people were in a state of panic.

The streets of the thirteen Hungarian cities were full of people.

The streets were filled with stragglers, detained in one place by the army, and their view was not obstructed.

As the warplanes exploded into the sky, they saw, to their horror, a single warplane or ten thousand birds taking off, covering the entire night sky and flying off in the distance.

The scene was incomparably shocking!

A gesture that was sensational.

“What’s happened? What has happened to the Huns?”

“Is there a great war about to take place in the Huns today? Is it the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army coming?”

“D*mn it, the ferocious beasts inside the city have not even been exterminated, and now so many war machines are rising at the same time, is it really …… going to be lifeless?”


The trepidation of the stragglers seemed insignificant among the Huns who still preserved slavery.

A group of soldiers on guard, although equally shaken by the sky full of war machines, ignored the words of the stragglers, who were only responsible for guarding these stragglers and nothing else.

If the stragglers dared to act in a disorderly manner, they would not mind a bloodbath in the streets!

The stragglers, though not Huns, were without status and had lost everything, like stray dogs on the street, just one point above slaves.

The Huns’ royal palace.

The lights are on.

The cage broke open and the herd of beasts rushed out to wreak havoc.

So much so that the air is still thick with the smell of blood in the palace at the moment.

The army to suppress the ferocious beasts had already been dispersed, and it was believed that the fleeing ferocious beasts would soon be dealt with.

However, the smell of blood that filled the royal palace caused Xixing, who was hurrying forward, to have her face as cold as frost and her eyebrows furrowed.

This was a disgrace, a great disgrace, for Shying Xing!

And what had happened today was the greatest disgrace in the thousands of years of the Huns’ history!

All because of that man!

Silver teeth clenched, bloodstained red lips clenched.

At this moment, Xixing stepped forward with an endlessly cold chill emanating from her body.

She even ignored Barbara’s wailing cries behind her.

The night sky above Xie Xing’s head was echoing with the thunderous roar of warplanes, which were taking off in a frenzy towards the distant sky.

“Uncle …… uncle ……”

Barbara was sandwiched by two soldiers, half-supported, half-dragged, and followed Xixing towards the King’s Palace.

Her pearly, wretched little face was filled with despair.

“Uncle, please don’t abandon Barbara, what will Barbara do when Uncle is gone?”

“Woooooooooooooo …… Aunty Shying, Barbarian wants Uncle, Barbarian only has Uncle.”

Faced with Barbara’s pleading, Shying’s frown deepened.

And one of the Hun soldiers who was holding Barbara up, but sternly scolded, “Shut up! Be honest, do you know what a great crime your uncle has committed? Now the princess is taking you to pay homage to the king, and it is already a great favour from the princess and the king to give you a whole body and let you die in Xiongnu!”

He was a defender on the head of Star City and had personally experienced the scene just now, making him very clear what the final outcome would be for the child he was holding at the moment, after meeting the King of Xiongnu.

With a single word, it was as if Barbara had instantly fallen into the dark abyss of despair.

Amidst the wind and snow, Barbara’s small, frail body trembled violently, tears welling up as she pleaded in fear: “Uncle …… Barbara, I’m afraid ……”

Chapter 1106

In the King’s Hall.

It was quiet enough to listen to a needle.

The air was so oppressive that it seemed to freeze, suffocating people.

The King of the Huns sits indifferently on his throne, his tiger eyes flickering with madness from time to time in the light.

The roar of the warplanes overhead was dense and ear-splitting.

It was the last desperate attempt!

The Huns had been nailed to the pillar of shame!

If we could kill Huo Zhenxiao and that B*****d of a domain, it would still be possible to tear the Huns off the pillar of shame and even turn the tide and gain the awe of the hundred tribes.

A triple crown, the first glory in Hun history, pushed the situation, straight to the point where there was no way back!

With today’s dramatic change, even the Hun royal court is in jeopardy.

The monument to the traitor was erected in the square of the royal court, on a par with the other seven men in Hun history, and even more courageous than the rest in terms of glory titles.

When the truth of the matter was revealed, if there was not a great hand to press down across the land.

The king’s court could not have withstood the fury of the Huns.

And the big hand that pressed down the heated anger of the Hun people was the life of …… War God Huo Zhenxiao!

The bombardment of Star City ended in failure.

The only thing that could be used was the full force of the Huns’ air force.

The Star City side had already alarmed the Hun people, and in a desperate attempt, the Hun King simply made the alarm even bigger!

The sight drifted.

The Hun King saw Shying Xing walk in.

“Father, is this what you decided?”

Shying raised his finger and pointed upwards, obviously referring to the sky full of war machines.

The Hun King said calmly, “In the whole of Xiongnu, who can order the entire air force except by my king’s decision?”

“But that would have too much influence.”

Xixing was a little hesitant: “I’m afraid ……”

The words were not finished.

The Hun King interrupted calmly, “Do we have a way back? The greatest disgrace to the Huns stands in the royal court square, and it was our royal court that made it happen. Once this is revealed, even if the throne of the Huns has never changed its name in thousands of years of history, I’m afraid that this time, it will have to change its name.”

After a pause, the Hun king raised his hand and scratched his hair, revealing a pale and tired smile: “There is no way back, it is only to fight everything and throw everything at it, only then is there a possibility of turning the tide, otherwise &…… consequences you also know.”

Xixing’s expression was frozen, her heart chagrined and guilt-ridden to the extreme.

What outcome, of course she knew clearly.

Silver teeth clenched, Xixing also no longer dissuade the Hun King.

Instead, her delicate body moved with a slight lotus step and stepped aside.

At the same time.

The two soldiers, let go of Barbara.

Barbara, who had already fallen into despair and felt that the sky was falling, fell to the ground.

Her small, thin body kept trembling, snotting and crying in a low voice.

Truly pitiful and miserable.

Chen Dong’s departure was, to her, like being in the darkness, the last glimmer of light that she had been clinging to thumping out, immersing herself in complete and utter darkness.


On top of the throne, the King of Xiongnu glanced at Barbarian indifferently and spat out a word decisively.

In an instant, the entire king’s palace was stirred with killing intent as this word was spat out!

The two soldiers had expected this and were about to step forward at once.

But Xixing’s expression was solemn as he took a step forward and looked angrily at the two soldiers, “Stand down!”

“Xixing, what do you want?”

The Hun King’s expression was as dark as black charcoal as he gazed at Xixing, his eyes flaming with anger.

Even as he questioned, his fists clenched tightly, clicking and his veins stood out.

It was because of the choices made by Xixing that had brought Chen Dong’s case to the point where the sky had collapsed.

The King of the Huns had very little patience left with Xing!

He did hope to restore the glory of the Xiongnu royal court, to sit on his throne and enjoy the worship of all the tribes.

But if this is at the expense of the present Xiongnu court, and if it has not yet succeeded, the King will not allow it!

Restoring the glory of the royal court would be a great thing.

It would be enough to make his term as King of the Xiongnu a glorious one, drawing the worship of future generations.

But to preserve what was left of the glory of the current Hun court, at least for a while, although the river was going down, and everyone knew the ultimate end, would not happen in his time as King of the Huns.

A barbarian girl who was in cahoots with that domain scum, and even followed without hesitation when the domain scum fled.

Even now, she still thinks of him.

What is the use of keeping such a traitor?

Killing them would not change the overall situation, but it would relieve the King of the Huns at this moment!

With a poof!

Xixing fell to her knees and said slowly, “Father, Barbara is the child of the Great Snowy Plain, the future of the Great Snowy Plain!”

“She is nothing more than a family-less, traitorous child of the Snowy Plains who has recognized a thief as her father!”


The King of the Huns shot up, his raging anger sweeping through the entire king’s palace.

The two soldiers immediately fell to the ground in fear, shivering and trembling, wanting to bury their faces in the ground.

The thunderous fury of the Hun King was beyond the knowledge of the two ordinary soldiers, and the slightest mistake would be their undoing!

“Xixing, just how long are you going to be obsessed?”

The Hun king gritted his teeth, his eyes red with rage, as if they were about to turn into substance and burst out of his eyes: “How can a rebellious seed be the future of the Snowy Plains? If we don’t kill this scourge, when she grows up, do you think her heart will return to the Snowy Plains and to my Xiongnu?”

“But the child is innocent!”

I have brought her here to see my father, not to ask him to kill her, but to plead with him to give her a break, why is it that the Xiongnu and the Snowy Plains clans, in slavery, never see the future potential of the child and always stick to it?”

The plea was also a question.

Young slaves have always been a source of disbelief and anger to Shying.

What she wanted to change, too!

“Shying, since when have you come before this king to be coquettish?”

The Hun King snorted and narrowed his tiger eyes, his coldness as biting as a sword: “This is not about children and young slaves, but this Barbarian is a rebellious seed, with the scum who pushed the Hun royal court to ruin! No one is innocent under the fall of the sky, nor does it matter if they are adults or children!”

In the face of the Hun King’s fierce killing intent.

The young Barbarian curled up into a ball, and even when she cried, she did so with her silver teeth clenching her lips, forcing back her sobs.

“Father, has your mind been made up to kill Barbara?”

Shying suddenly looked determined: “Then if Shying tells Father, Barbara ……”

The first thing you need to do is to tell your father that you’ve got to tell him.

“What about Barbara …… is the only one who can hold that man? The only person who can touch that man’s soft scales and even use it as a threat?” |They are the only ones who can touch that man’s soft scales or even use it as a threat?

A rhetorical question, sounding like thunder, echoed through the king’s hall.

The Hun’s narrowed tiger eyes instantly widened.

In a flash of lightning, his mind turned to a hundred thoughts.

The next second.

He dropped his right hand and ordered in a deep voice, “The cage is empty, detain this traitorous female in the cage and treat her as a beast!