Winner Takes All Chapter 1103-1104

Chapter 1103


Barbara let out a terrified scream.

Suddenly turning back and seeing Shying behind him, his little face, covered in mud and dirt, revealed an unprecedented level of panic.

“Ooooooooooooooo …… Auntie Xixing, let go of me, let go of me ……”

Barbara struggled desperately.

But as petite and skinny as she was, she was unable to break free from Shying’s large hand restraints.

At this moment, Shy Xing, facing Barbara, her expression finally revealed a few softness.

She smiled faintly, “Barbara, you are my Hun’s child, Auntie has come to take you home!”

“No, Barbara doesn’t have a home anymore, Barbara only has Uncle, please, Auntie Xie Xing, Barbara wants to follow Uncle. ,”

The voice was so desperate and pleading.

At this moment, Barbara was pitiful and wretched, with tears streaming down her face.

But such a plea made the softness that had just appeared on Xixing’s face disappear in an instant.

“Go home!”

Faced with Barbara’s struggle, Xie Xing spoke coldly and sternly, and his hands fiercely hugged Barbara’s delicate body tightly.

Immediately afterwards.

The cable behind her quickly contracted, carrying both Xie Xing and Barbara up towards the city wall together.


The sudden standing of her feet on the ground caused Barbara to panic and struggle even more violently.

She was clear that once she was really taken up the wall by Xixing, it would mean a complete separation from Chen Dong.

“Uncle, uncle save me, save Barbara ……”

Panicked and helpless, Ah Barbara stretched out her hand and shouted to Chen Dong in desperation and despair.

“Ah Barbara, Ah Barbara ……”

At this moment, Chen Dong’s entire body panicked, his heart thudding as he looked at Barbara, who was being carried by Xixing as she rose towards the city.

In a flash, Chen Dong’s entire body seemed to be hollowed out.

The pain of that moment of loss, in this moment, simply could not be described in words.


Chen Dong’s wretched body trembled violently at this moment.

His chest rose and fell violently, as if a volcano had been suppressed in his chest, and in this moment, it fermented, built up momentum, erupted, and rose to the skies!

The sky is still spinning.

But at this moment, the voices around them were rapidly recovering.


Chen Dong’s eyes were red, as if he had gone mad, and he stumbled towards the city wall without regard for anything else.

Save Barbara!

Save Barbara!

He knew that if he really let Xixing and Barbara rise to the wall, it would mean that he and Barbara might never see each other again.

In his mind.

A scene quickly came to mind.

When he was rescued from the snowy plains, the first thing he saw when he woke up was Barbara’s childish but chapped little face and those big, clear eyes.

It was Barbara who used her frail shoulders to pick up the threads of his life along the way of maintenance.

He remembered.

That night, in that alleyway.

The boy with the boyish face, with his life, gave him and Barbara a way to live.

As he was dying, that boy handed him the bloodstained crumbled cake, urging: Don’t fail my sister.

He took it as a vow, as an obsession.

Vowed to carry a piece of the firmament for this little girl, without leaving her!

And yet.

This moment.

The vow was about to crumble.

The crushing of the obsession was imminent.

“Uncle ……”

Barbara wailed in mournful despair.

At this moment, with her weak and delicate body, she was unable to completely get rid of Xixing, and could only hope for everything, on Chen Dong.

“Ah Barbara, Ah Barbara ……”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, his features were twisted and hideous to the extreme.

He did not give up.

Still leaning on his crossbow, he faced the sky full of cannonballs and crossbow arrows and walked towards the city wall.

Only, the speed was too slow.

Slow as a turtle’s pace compared to the speed at which the cable lifted Barbara and Xixing.

It was too late!

It was too late!

Blood, along with Chen Dong’s hoarse and low murmur like a beast’s roar, continued to gush out of his mouth.

At this moment Chen Dong’s body trembled violently.

Rage surged.

His eyes were even more ferocious without the slightest human emotion.

“Ooooooooo …… uncle, save Barbara ……”

Barbara’s cries and pleas echoed in her ears.

It was like a mango stabbing his back, like a million knives lingering.

The next second.

Shying Xing’s voice, came from high above.

“No one can get the one I can’t have, and I won’t let you have the one you want, Greedy Wolf, you owe me this! You dogs of the domain are not worthy to take away my Xiongnu’s children, and even if Barbara dies, she should die on Xiongnu’s land!”

Resentment and cold hostility, at this moment, were manifested in the best way possible from the tone of Xixing’s voice.


After Chen Dong’s right foot took a step, he landed heavily on the ground with Xixing’s words.

At this moment, he lowered his head, his obsession demonic as he shook his head, “No one can snatch away my Barbara, give Barbara, back to me, give me back ……”

The voice was hoarse and low.

It was as if countless fine sands were rubbing against the throat.

It also seemed like a low roar of a beast with ragged panting.


Huo Zhenxiao, who was coming towards Chen Dong’s side, fiercely paused in his steps.

The cold and stern expression suddenly became shocked at this moment.

His eyes were bursting with a sharp aura, as if they had turned into substance, gushing out of his eyes, staring deadly at the hunched back figure in the smoke and dust of the cannon fire.

At this moment.

He clearly felt the withering silence and oppression of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

It was a feeling that instantly made him feel like he had fallen into a sea of blood, surrounded by white bones and the cries of a million ghosts in his ears.

The silence, the desolation, the ferocity ……

The feeling that suddenly struck his heart instantly made Huo Zhenxiao’s body shiver.

“It’s over!”

A heavy sigh came out of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth.

The next second.


The ground beneath Chen Dong’s feet cracked inch by inch.

The ground surged and lifted out directly in all directions.

As the wind crumpled up, layers of blood mist rose from Chen Dong’s hunched body, forming a curtain of blood that rushed to the sky.

It was like a boundless sea of blood, pouring silence and ferocity onto the world at this moment.

A furious wind swept around Chen Dong, wrapping him in blood mist and attacking the heavens.

At this moment, it seemed that a blurred blood-coloured python had formed around Chen Dong.

Such a dramatic change.

It made Xixing, who was already only a third of the distance away from the city, tremble with fear and her face changed greatly.

She fiercely looked downwards, her pupils rapidly contracting.

This was the most terrifying scene she had ever seen, in her entire life!

It was also just as Xixing looked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s hunched body suddenly straightened up, and at this moment, as the blood fog and wind howled, there was even the “creaking” sound of muscles squirming on his body.

“Give me back, Barbara!”


With an explosive roar, Chen Dong raised his head violently.

In his eyes, two blood-coloured rays of light shot out.

His features were hideous and tense to the extreme, and a sinewy vein had already covered his entire face and neck.

He looked like a ghost!

He was in a sea of blood!

The sound of the roar was like a thunderclap, drowning out the sound of all the shells exploding.

With the roar.

Chen Dong, who was furious and mad, threw back his waist like a strong bow stretched to its limit and raised his crossbow in his right hand.

The target, was none other than Shying Xing who was about to go up the city wall.


There was no hesitation, an arrow with all its might.

The moment the crossbow arrow left Chen Dong’s right hand, it instantly wrapped around the whirlwind of blood mist that surrounded Chen Dong’s body.

In a supreme manner, like a blood-coloured dragon, it tore through the night sky and shot straight at Xixing in this instant.

An arrow, shooting at the Heavenly Wolf!

Chapter 1104

Boom boom boom ……

The crossbow arrows stirred the air, wrapped in a blood-coloured gale, like blood dragons rushing to the sky.

It was overwhelming.

The sound was terrifying.

In an instant, the sky above the city wall, where Chen Dong was, seemed to be rendered in blood.

It was as if a sea of blood had overturned, withering and fierce, stretching across the long sky.

“This, this is ……”

Not far away, Huo Zhenxiao, who had already expected this, instantly changed his face, and even steepled his face a little: “No, it can’t be! This, this is my great snow dragon chant, not its intention, but has its form now!”

Time, at this moment.

As the blood dragon charged into the sky, it all seemed to have been slowed down.


A boundless and great fear enveloped Shying Xing.

Her body was cold, she had never seen such a terrifying scene in her life.

Even at this moment, high above the cable, her delicate body could not help but tremble to the extreme.

Her pupils clenched.

In her vision, the blood dragon of the crossbow came with an indescribably terrifying oppression.

Lightning flashed.

“Lower it down!”

Using all his reason, all his strength, Shying Xing shouted fiercely.

With a clatter ……

Almost the moment the crossbow arrows were projected by Chen Dong, the defenders on top of the city wall, who had already been scared to death, had already made a decision in an instant.

As Shying shouted out, the cable was quickly lowering Shying and Barbara back to the ground.

Rumble ……

The silent, ferocious blood dragon crashed into the city wall, exactly where Xie Xing was before.

The moment it impacted, a shocking explosion shook the heavens and the earth.

The whole wall of the city shook with a loud bang, and smoke and dust instantly swept over the entire wall, like a mushroom cloud that rose to the sky.

Debris flew into the air.

On top of the city walls, there was even wailing and screaming.

There were even crossbows, artillery and even Xiongnu soldiers defending the city, falling from the walls.

A single arrow made the entire wall of the Star City, which was spitting fire, go silent!

The sky and the earth were silent!

Countless pieces of rubble fell in chaos.

The smoke and dust swept up into the sky.

Everything seemed to have been set in stone by Chen Dong’s arrow.

“Snort ……”

The corner of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth pulled out a slit and let out a strange inhaling sound.

With his eyesight, it was clear to see.

The moment the blood dragon struck the city wall, it had actually directly collapsed a section of that side of the city wall!

This kind of destructive power far exceeded that of ordinary cannonballs!

“Barbarian, Barbarian ……”

The mad Chen Dong, blood gushing from his mouth at this moment, hissed with obsession.

As if he had gone mad, he searched around for Barbara.

Only with the astounding destruction caused by his arrow projection, even the crying Barbarian was silenced in fear.

Under the cover of smoke, dust and debris.

It made it difficult for the mad Chen Dong to locate where Barbara was for a while.

“Pull, pull!”

Suddenly, on top of the city wall, the defending general was as if he had seen a ghost, and what was left of his sanity made him desperately give orders at this moment.

Clattering ……

The sound of the cables rang out once again.

At this moment, heaven and earth were silent, but it was incomparably clear.

Chen Dong’s ears twitched fiercely and instantly locked on to the direction.

The small face, full of panic and despair, became clear once again as the cable dragged.

“Uncle ……”

Barbara, being held tightly by Xixing, came back to her senses and wailed forlornly at Chen Dong.

“Barbara ……”

Chen Dong’s feet fiercely crushed the ground, and at this moment, as if a fierce beast in rage, with a faint blood mist churning all over his body, he was about to charge straight towards Barbara.


Rumble ……

The earth suddenly trembled.

In the distance, the entire Hun army, which had been ordered to come in pursuit, finally arrived.

The vast, boundless tide of people covered all the land of the snowy plains in Star City’s view.

Even though they were advancing silently, the roar caused by their simultaneous strides still created a huge oppression, like mountains moving across.

“Not good!”

In a flash of lightning.

Huo Zhenxiao instantly reacted, his feet fiercely stomped on the ground, and instantly, with the momentum of wild thunder, he rushed directly towards Chen Dong.

The mad Chen Dong did not pay any attention to the entire Hun army that was chasing him from afar.

All he could think of was Barbara!

Take Barbara, home!

Only, not waiting for him to take a step.


A gust of wind suddenly sounded behind him.


In Chen Dong’s blood-coloured eyes, blood light abruptly burst out.

Not waiting to turn around.

Huo Zhenxiao, who was standing behind him, brazenly swung his Silver Dragon Lance.

Bang Teen!

The powerful lance struck Chen Dong’s body with a fierce blow.

Even Huo Zhenxiao did not dare to hold back the slightest bit in the face of the mad Chen Dong at this moment.

A shot fell.

Chen Dong’s body trembled violently, and then his blood-coloured eyes fluttered.

A strong feeling of dizziness came over him.

The moment his eyes closed and his consciousness disappeared, he only had time to mumble his lips, “Barbara ……”


Chen Dong leaned back and collapsed into Huo Zhenxiao’s arms.

And this scene.

But it was the one that caused Xixing, who was on top of the city wall, to come back to her senses, and seeing Chen Dong faint to death, her bloodless face finally eased up a bit.



Just then, a beast roared, shaking the heavens and the earth.

A loud bang rang out from the earth.

Huo Zhenxiao’s expression snapped back and he saw that the Snowy Lion had already arrived in front of him with murderous intent in its eyes.

The Beast King has returned to his heart!

After being knocked unconscious by Huo Zhenxiao, Chen Dong instantly sent out the Snowy Lion’s heart to protect his master, treating Huo Zhenxiao as an enemy.

As Huo Zhenxiao turned his head, he met the Snowy Lion’s eyes on all sides.

Huo Zhenxiao’s tongue fiercely burst into thunder: “You, dare to oppose me?”

The words were overbearing.

Huo Zhenxiao’s body was filled with Qi energy, which rushed towards the Snowy Lion.

The Snowy Lion’s footsteps gave an abrupt halt.

Faced with Huo Zhenxiao’s astounding killing intent, he was clearly stunned and frozen.

“Take your master with you and go!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s expression was cold and stern, his aura vast and majestic.

Directly holding the Silver Dragon Lance in one hand and picking up the unconscious Chen Dong with the other, he leapt onto the back of the Snowy Lion in a single bound.

At the same time.

Without further hesitation, the Snowy Lion raised its eyes to the boundless Hun army in the distance, turned around abruptly and ran towards the darkness in the distance.

And on the other side.

The dark guards died horribly, unable to save even their whole bodies under the shells.

A bombardment left only Wang Yu alive among the dark guards.

As the Snowy Lion fled with Huo Zhenxiao and Chen Dong, Wang Yu hurriedly struggled to his feet, found a warhorse, leapt onto it, and fled with the Snowy Lion.

Above the city walls.

As the smoke cleared, the collapsed wall was completely revealed.

The gaping hole, nearly five metres in size, was horrific, and after the smoke cleared, debris and dust still rustled down from the collapsed wall.

As she was rescued to the top of the wall by the defenders, she stared in horror at the collapsing wall, lost in thought.

Even though she herself had triggered the scene just now, she was in a trance like a dream.

Barbara, on the other hand, was lying on the wall in despair, bawling and crying, shouting with all her strength.

“Uncle, please don’t leave Barbara behind. ……”

The voice carried towards the distance.

Only Chen Dong was already in a coma and could not hear this desperate plea at all.