Winner Takes All Chapter 1101-1102

Chapter 1101

Boom, boom, boom ……

A loud sound resounded through the sky.

A streak of fire raged through the long sky.

There was not the slightest pause.

As Xie Xing’s right hand pressed down, all the thermal weapons prepared on this side of the city wall launched their attacks.

The cannon fire that covered the sky was like a fierce wind and rain, falling to the ground.


Huo Zhenxiao’s pupils tightened as his vision was filled with dense cannonballs in the sky, and he shouted in a hideous voice.


“Phew ……”

The snowy lion and the war horse at this moment, at the same time, let out a roar and hissed, charging towards the darkness in the distance.

The threat of death caused the animal’s instinctive desire to survive to explode at this moment.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A shell crashed to the ground, instantly taking to the air as a mushroom cloud of flame.

The world beneath the dimly lit city walls was instantly lit up like daylight under the illumination of a mushroom cloud of flames.

Smoke and dust rose in all directions.

Smoke rolled out.

In an instant, the scene went straight to a white-hot stage under the urging of the heat weapons.

At this moment, he did not even try to drive the Snowy Lion, relying entirely on its survival instincts to charge towards the fire coverage.

Even Huo Zhenxiao was leaning close to Chen Dong’s back.

His right hand, however, held the Silver Dragon Lance, which had been resting on his knees, in his hand, and his gaze was constantly focused on the sky full of cannonballs above his head.

Suddenly, Huo Zhenxiao’s pupils tightened.

In his vision, a cannonball, impartially, was hurriedly smashing down on them head-on.


In a flash of lightning, Huo Zhenxiao waved his silver dragon spear, like a silver dragon across the sky, bringing up a fierce wind and smashing it directly into the air above the cannonball.

The cannonball that was about to blast above their heads was directly swept away by Huo Zhenxiao, flying seven or eight metres away before exploding in the air with an explosion and a wave of fire.

This scene.

It made Chen Dong’s heart and soul tremble.

To change the trajectory of a cannonball with a gun, to even counteract the impact of a lance that was enough to send a cannonball exploding, to what level had this mastery of power reached?

Compared to Chen Dong’s side, he had Huo Zhenxiao to shelter him.

Behind him, Wang Yu and a dozen other dark guards were just like entering purgatory at this moment.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The shells fell and exploded into a mushroom cloud of flame, with a terrifying impact that was enough to shatter everything.

There were constant screams from the guards and neighing horses, but they perished instantly under the shell bombardment.

Even if they managed to avoid the shells that fell on their heads, the terrifying waves of air caused by the shells exploding next to them instantly lifted the guards and their horses out of the air.

After landing on the ground, there was another shell falling on his head.

In just two seconds’ time.

Half of the dozen guards had already disappeared.

The few remaining ones, even Wang Yu, were also exhausted at the moment.

Even if they were the best in the mercenary battlefield in the past and their personal bravery far surpa*sed that of ordinary people, they still did not have even a semblance of resistance when faced with hot weapons.

In the midst of an army, they could still break out of it.

But at this moment, under a sky full of shells, they were shattered to pieces.

Such a situation.

The only thing that could sustain them was their own instinctive desire to survive and that of their horses.

“Charge, charge!”

“Charge out, charge out!”

“God bless, God bless ……”

Wailing sounds came from the mouths of one of the dark guards.

Shying stood on top of the wall, overlooking the mushroom cloud below, the firelight imprinted on her face, shining brightly and dimly.

Every now and then, she could catch a silhouette of a man fleeing for his life like a molehill through the gaps between the mushroom clouds.

Eventually, her gaze fell on Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao on the Snowy Lion.

Even these two demonic generals were still molehills!

“Huo Zhenxiao, aren’t you the only one who has no king in me? In this sky full of cannon fire, you are instead trying to save the day, huh?”

Xixing’s gaze burned, the corners of his mouth curled up in a bloodthirsty cold smile.

Dense artillery fire covered the sky, shaking the earth with a loud sound.

This moment.

Shying Xing no longer cared about how much of a stir such a heaven-shattering noise would cause in the Star City behind her, or in the King City and the other Star Cities.

What she wanted was results!

The King of Huns wanted results too!

The death of Huo Zhenxiao would be enough to offset the calamity of the Hun’s disgrace!

Not only the intense cannon fire, but also the crossbow arrows, which were strong enough to bombard the city, fell with the cannonballs at this moment.

A fierce wind and a sudden rain.

Four simple words can best describe this scene before us.

The place where the fire was set was already a purgatory slaughterhouse.

People were falling down, people were being blown apart.

Under the heat of the weapons, everyone was running for their lives like a molehill.

Mushroom clouds continued to rise up around them, sending up flames, craters and mud.

Terrifying waves of air swept across the area.

Even with the intense barrage, Huo Zhenxiao was overwhelmed by the shells and crossbows overhead, even though he was able to block them all by himself.

As for the surrounding area, it was even more difficult to cope with.




Not far away, there was a loud roar and a terrifying wave came up, along with a roar from the Snowy Lion and a scream from Barbara.

The Snowy Male Lion stumbled on its feet and directly fell to the ground with a loud bang, while Chen Dong, Huo Zhenxiao and Barbara were even directly thrown away.

Even Chen Dong, who had already bound Barbarian to his body with his belt long ago, was also flung out with this time, and Barbarian flew straight out of his arms.

After she landed on the ground.

The surrounding artillery fire was incessant and smoke and flames rolled.

Chen Dong, however, ignored everything and hurriedly got up, full of fear and anxiety, shouting, “Barbara, Barbara ……”

“Oooooooo …… uncle, uncle ……”

Barbara’s cries, full of panic, echoed in her ears.

But the surrounding vision was too blurred, smoke, fire and debris washed away the sight, making it difficult for Chen Dong to distinguish where Barbara was even though he had exhausted his eyesight.


Just as Chen Dong looked around for Barbara, a shell fell behind him with a bang.

A mushroom cloud rose up and a terrifying shockwave lifted Chen Dong out of the sky.

When he landed, Chen Dong spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, his position shifted, his vision briefly cleared, and Chen Dong instantly caught sight of Barbara’s location.


Above the city walls.

Compared to the blurred vision that Chen Dong and the others were in, her vision was like a God’s perspective, able to see everything at the bottom of her eyes.

When she saw Barbara falling right under the corner of the city wall, Shying’s gaze froze.

Even when the cannon fire was raging and the crossbows were wailing.

She could catch Barbara’s cries of utter terror.

At this moment, Barbara was cowering in the corner of the wall, shivering, her face covered in mud, dirt and scrapes, fear written all over her face at this moment, while cannon fire and crossbow arrows kept falling all around her.

Weak and helpless.

Pathetic and desperate.

Suddenly, a thoughtful look appeared in Shying’s eyes.

The next second.

Shying said in a stern voice, “Drop the cable for me, I want to bring the girl up!”

“Princess ……”

The guardian general’s face changed dramatically.

Just before he could finish his words, she scolded in a stern voice, “Do as I say!”

With that, she turned her eyes to the desperate and helpless Barbara below, “Whoever I can’t have, no one can! I won’t let you have the one you want. Barbara is a child of the Great Snowy Plain, how can she go with your dogs in the domain?”

Chapter 1102

Boom, boom, boom ……

The cannon fire was incessant and the crossbow arrows roared.

The shells rained down from the sky, turning this corner of the city under the walls into an inferno.

After locking onto Barbara’s location.

At this moment, Chen Dong did not care about anything else and frantically rushed towards the corner of the city wall where Barbara was.

The distance was not that far, but at this moment, under the bombardment of cannonballs and crossbow arrows, it seemed like a stone’s throw away.

“Barbara, stay there, don’t move, uncle will be right over!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, and as he ran, he stumbled and staggered, showing his wretched steps.

But at this moment, he no longer cared about that much.

He wanted to take Barbara away!

Without Barbara, he would have died in this vast snowy plain.

When he was living in darkness and dying of despair, it was Barbara who shone the only ray of light into his eyes.

For Barbara’s sake, even if it meant his life, he would do anything!


A cannonball exploded not far from Chen Dong, sending a mushroom cloud into the sky.

The terrifying explosion shockwave, instantly wrapped in a rolling heat wave, swept directly onto Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Dong instantly flew out like a broken pocket, and his clothes and robes were stained with sparks.

When he landed, Chen Dong spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The impact of the shell’s evil blast felt like his internal organs were tossing and twisting.

The pain in his side was so intense that it made Chen Dong’s features twist for a moment.

But his teeth were clenched and he froze the pain, not letting out a scream.

However, his red eyes were still locked on Barbara in the corner of the city wall as if she was a beast locking onto its prey.

“Wait, wait for me, Barbara …… wait for me ……”

Chen Dong shook his dizzy head hard, and then he rose again, with hot blood in his mouth and his hands on his crossbow, stumbling towards Barbara.

Explosions roared, smoke and fire rolled.

This side of the world was filled with a fierce heat.

On the other side.

Huo Zhenxiao was the first to rejoin the Snow Lion.

The bombardment just now had overturned the Snowy Lion, but it was fortunate that the Snowy Lion had not suffered any substantial damage.

It was only when Huo Zhenxiao found Chen Dong amidst the rolling smoke and saw his movements that his cold, stern face became steeply grim.

“Come back!”

A roar echoed through heaven and earth.

But at this moment, Chen Dong, as if he had not heard it, continued to advance towards where Barbara was.

“D*mn it!”

Seeing that Chen Dong did not pay any attention, Huo Zhenxiao fiercely gritted his teeth and immediately charged forward, wielding his Silver Dragon Lance.

Cannonballs and crossbows kept falling overhead.

While Huo Zhenxiao moved forward quickly, the silver dragon spear in his hand seemed to transform into a dragon, sweeping across the sky with a whistling sound, blocking all the shells and crossbows and arrows.

It was only because of the different direction that the shells had just lifted.

At the moment, Huo Zhenxiao was farther away from Chen Dong than Chen Dong was from Barbara.

In addition, Huo Zhenxiao also had to deal with the cannonballs and crossbow arrows along the way, so that his speed of advancement became slower.

“Floundering B*****d who is not afraid of death, come back here!”

Looking at Chen Dong, who was stumbling through the rain of cannons and fearlessly moving forward, Huo Zhenxiao’s entire body was in a state of parched anger.

He couldn’t understand how Chen Dong could fear life and death to such an extent for the sake of a little barbarian girl!

The sky was full of cannonballs and crossbow arrows, the slightest mistake would be the point of shattering his bones!

Another cannonball fell.

This time, it was even closer to Chen Dong.

And Chen Dong, who was only thinking about Barbara, did not even notice this falling shell and continued to move forward.

In a flash.

“Dodge it!”

Huo Zhenxiao, who was struggling to move forward, hissed loudly with a vengeance.

The next second.


The shell landed and the moment it exploded, a mushroom cloud of flames shot up into the sky, a terrifying shockwave that lifted the ground and swept across all directions.

Chen Dong, who was moving forward, felt a blinding flame in the corner of his eyesight, which shone brightly.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a terrifying wave of heat sweeping across him.

Without the slightest resistance, Chen Dong instantly flew out like a broken pocket.

Boom! With a loud bang, he fell heavily into a crater.

In an instant, Chen Dong’s gaze was dazed and his entire body was in a state of panic and disorientation.

Everything around him seemed to be instantly silenced.

The only sound that reverberated in his ears was the sound of the explosion, which sounded like electricity.


The pain all over my body was as intense as if I were being cut and burned.

The sky was spinning, and his eyes were blackened for a while.

Chen Dong’s chest rose and fell violently, and his heavy breathing was still unable to fill his empty lungs.

The smell of blood in his mouth and nose was so thick that it blocked the air flow.

He struggled to get up again, but several times he struggled, and the pain in his body caused him to fall heavily into the crater.

The flames roared.

A mushroom cloud bloomed like a flower from hell.

A single crossbow bolt fell from the sky.

The smoke raged and tumbled, blurring the vision.

“Barbara ……”

At this moment, Chen Dong used all his strength to squeeze out a hoarse and weak voice from his throat.

With dull eyes, he looked around.

He saw the pulverized and bloody flesh of the dark guard shells exploding.

He also saw Huo Zhenxiao’s face full of fierce anger, wielding his silver dragon lance as he trudged closer towards him.

He also saw the Snow Lion in the distance, who was constantly dodging cannonballs and crossbow arrows, also attempting to get close to him.

Finally ……

Chen Dong’s gaze swept past the mushroom clouds and rolling smoke, and saw Barbara at the foot of the city walls.

Only at this moment, Barbara was already on her feet.

Her face was full of mud and dirt, her face was filled with fear, but tears kept falling from her eyes.

At this moment, to Chen Dong, who was in a state of silence, he could even see a tear falling from the corner of Barbara’s eye, like a broken pearl.

He saw the corners of Barbara’s mouth moving, crying and howling.

But in the next scene, something happened that made his heart tremble and his liver and guts split.

In his sight, Barbara moved her steps, running towards him even though she was terrified in a million different directions.

Her small, thin body was surrounded by rampaging cannonballs and crossbows.

Seeing this scene, Chen Dong’s mind was struck by a loud bang, like a bolt from the blue.

“Barbara! Stay where you are!”

Chen Dong’s expression suddenly turned fierce, and he used all his strength to spurt out the blood from his mouth and nose, roaring harshly.

“Oooooooooo …… uncle, uncle ……”

Barbara was so frightened by Chen Dong’s roar that she froze in place, pacing in place, terrified and worried.

“Wait for uncle, uncle …… is coming!”

Chen Dong used all his strength, gritted his teeth, and forced himself to stand up, using the crossbow as a staff as he endured the severe pain that cut through his body and burned with fire.

The steps staggered, but firmly as if each step was a great mountain fall.

“Wait for me, wait for uncle …… uncle is coming, barbarian is not afraid, barbarian stay where you are, not afraid ……”

Moving little by little, Chen Dong was barely able to pull out a smile and kept rea*suring Barbara in the distance.

He is only about ten meters away from Barbara, but this ten meter distance is like a heavenly rift at this time.

Every step he took caused Chen Dong’s body to ache, and his legs even twitched, weighing as much as a thousand pounds.

Relying on the crossbow arrows, he braced himself and advanced a little.

But all around him, there were still dense shells and crossbow arrows falling.

“Uncle …… promised to take you to that star of uncle’s, no, not to abandon, Barbara’s.”

Consciousness was a little blurred, but the eyes, blurred by blood, were now firm.

“Floundering seed, you, you come back to me!”

Huo Zhenxiao saw this scene and his thunderous fury exploded. , the

But the shells and crossbow arrows that poured down from the sky were deadly curbing his footsteps and limiting his speed.

Only he did not know that at this moment, Chen Dong’s ears were buzzing and he could not hear the outside world at all.

“Oooooooooo …… uncle, uncle ……”

Barbara stood helplessly in place, every shell explosion and crossbow arrow that fell around her scared her body into trembling, her face full of panic.

Death, to her, was terrifying.

But what frightened her more was the loss of …… her uncle.

She was just a child.

Having lost her village, her parents, her brother, she was also left with only Chen Dong.

This child gave Chen Dong a ray of light in the darkness.

How was Chen Dong not the only ray of light in the darkness for Barbara?

“Coming, uncle, coming soon, to take Barbara …… home. ,”

Chen Dong murmured, moving forward with determination.

At this moment, the only thing left in his mind was this one obsessive thought.

Ignoring the sky full of cannon rain and crossbow arrows, putting life and death on the line.

Ten metres.

Nine metres.


Suddenly, Chen Dong’s determined eyes changed.

Horrified, frightened, angry.

In an instant, Chen Dong was like a fierce beast in rage, sternly roaring, “Barbara, run!”


Not waiting for the terrified Barbarian to regain his senses, a delicate figure descended from the sky and quietly appeared behind Barbarian.

Immediately afterwards, a large hand as white as jade embraced Barbara directly from behind.