Winner Takes All Chapter 1099-1100

Chapter 1099

Above the battlefield.


Terror enveloped.

Under the attention of all the people, Huo Zhenxiao walked calmly and calmly in front of Chen Dong, leapt up and jumped directly onto the back of the Snowy Lion, followed by the Silver Dragon Lance gently patting the Snowy Lion’s buttocks.

“Let’s go!”

This scene was full of casualness, even with a teasing touch.

However, it caused Chen Dong’s heart and mind to flinch as he reacted violently from his shocked disorientation.

This was because the Snow Region Lion was not angered by Huo Zhenxiao’s frivolous demeanour, and instead, he obediently walked towards the outside of Twelve Star City.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed on the sitting Snow Region Male Lion.

When had it …… been so docile?

The previous scene of the Snowy Domain Lion sweeping across the battlefield and slaughtering the four directions was still vividly visible.

Even Chen Dong could not imagine that without the beast king’s heart, the snowy lion could be so docile to people.

Under the lights of the night.

The Snowy Lion was in front, Chen Dong was sitting on it, while Huo Zhenxiao was standing behind Chen Dong like a sheathed sword, standing majestically, allowing the Snowy Lion’s back to rise and fall as it walked, but his stance did not sway in the slightest.

And behind him, Wang Yu and a host of other dark guards, surprise mixed with trepidation, followed closely.

One man overwhelmed the entire Hun army.

A single shot shattered the courage of the whole army.

Such might is overwhelming.

Even though it was happening right now, Wang Yu and the other guards were in a dream-like trance, and they were so nervous that they were stifled, fearing that the terrified and frightened Hun army would suddenly rise up again.

This kind of fear and anxiety, as Huo Zhenxiao led the crowd completely out of the Hun army encirclement, out of the lantern shrouded land, into the dark night wind and snow, only gradually dissipated.

“Really …… walked out?”

Wang Yu raised his hand and rubbed his face fiercely, with a feeling of waking up from a dream.

The blood remaining on his face, under the extreme cold, froze into ice slag, and with this handful, rustled off.

It was just a little ripple blur in Wang Yu’s eyes as his hands fell.

The rest of the dark guards, too, had a look of survival after the robbery, their tense bodies falling limp on top of their war horses, breathing a long sigh of relief.

A few dozen men, against the entire Xiongnu army.

This was an impossible task!

Even when they had been on the mercenary battlefield, no mercenary group had ever been so wild as to take on a country.

However, after they left the mercenary battlefield, they had really defeated a country by gathering together from various mercenary groups to form the Dark Guards!

And because of Huo Zhenxiao’s appearance, this deadly game of chess came to life, giving them a way out with a single shot!

The star fire around them was still bright.

All the light was coming from the Hunnu Star City.

By order of the Hun King, the thirteen Hun cities were doing their best to keep the people at bay and to minimise the cost of this night’s humiliating event that would change the Huns.

However, the appearance of the five-clawed golden dragon warplanes, the triggering of the Star City anti-aircraft artillery, and the series of shocking explosions on the battlefield had already created a huge shock among every Hun citizen.

Even though the battle was extinguished and Chen Dong and the others had left, the lights on the nearby Huns’ Star City walls still did not shift their direction, always shining on their location.

The wind and snow drifted.

Huo Zhenxiao, who was standing majestically on the back of the Snowy Lion, finally slowly sat back down on the back of the Snowy Lion.

“Speed up!”

As soon as he sat down, Huo Zhenxiao said in a deep voice, “Still in the blockade chain of Hunnish Star City, is slowing down too long to live?”

Chen Dong’s heart and soul shook.

His eyes fluttered even more.

He could clearly hear a point of gravity and worry in Huo Zhenxiao’s tone.

Stunned, Chen Dong turned back to look at Huo Zhenxiao.

The light was dim, but as he turned back, Chen Dong clearly saw that a trace of blood was flowing from the corner of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth.

“You’re injured?!”

Huo Zhenxiao raised his right hand, his thumb wiping away the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth, his face a little pale as he smiled proudly, “Do you really think I’m a god? That shot just now, was it something you could just perform?”

Chen Dong’s mind was shaken to the core, and Huo Zhenxiao’s shot, “Great Snow Dragon Rattle”, came to mind just now.

An inhuman shot, performed by a human, was bound to have a big impact!

Immediately, Chen Dong’s expression was solemn: “Dabai, speed up!”


The Snowy Male Lion let out a low roar, but moved its limbs and ran.

As the Snowy Lion ran, Wang Yu and a dozen other secret guards also spurred their horses to speed up.

A deadly battle had left Wang Yu and the other guards all wounded, and not just badly.

In such a state, if they did not get out of the Xiongnu’s military shock zone and find a quicker way to rescue them, they would die.

Even if the Huns don’t come pouring in with their army again, the extremely cold night weather will be enough to bury the various badly wounded dark guards in the snowy plains.

It was a miracle that they survived against the entire Hun army.

No one would be foolish enough to hope for a second miracle that would allow them to stay alive in this extremely cold night weather with their severely wounded bodies.


The battlefield shrouded in terror did not dissipate the terror as Huo Zhenxiao left.

On the contrary, while the terror remained, an indescribable shame climbed into the hearts of every person on the battlefield.

The darkness was no longer filled with silhouettes, as his gaze drifted in the direction where Chen Dong and the others had left.

But at this moment, as Huo Zhenxiao left, her sanity gradually returned.

Suddenly, with hostility in her eyes, she clenched her silver teeth and quickly got into her car, and the military SUV, like a beast, rushed in the direction Chen Dong and the others had left.

To be precise, it was a Hungarian star city in that direction!

At the same time.

Xixing was the one who dialed the Hun King’s phone number.

The moment the call was answered.

Without waiting for Xie Xing to speak, the Hun King said in a deep voice, “Demon Lady, Father has seen it all and knows what you are going to do!”

“Father ……”

While Xixing drove his car at a gallop, his eyes were flickering for a moment.

“Do it, the king’s court has burdened the Xiongnu with these monstrous shame, perhaps …… pouring out the entire Xiongnu army, if we can keep Huo Zhenxiao’s head, this time the shame, it is not a shame anymore!”

Hearing the phone call, the Hun king’s decision.

Xixing’s gaze instantly became firm.

The most fundamental reason she wanted Chen Dong was because she was expecting someone to counteract Huo Zhenxiao when the Hundred Clans went south.

On the contrary, that man was now gone.

And Huo Zhenxiao was the one who had come to take that man away!

Deep into the heart of the Huns, this is a golden opportunity!

If she could overcome the horror with her entire army and leave Huo Zhenxiao in Xiong Nu for good, then for Xiong Nu, and for her, Xixing, she would have achieved her initial goal in disguise.

Huo Zhenxiao was strong!

There was even the legendary myth of one man, one horse and one gun destroying a city.

Even just a foot before, she had personally felt the great terror of Huo Zhenxiao that was like a god, that people could only look at.

But ……

One man, one horse and one gun can destroy a city!

But what about …… a country?

The fact is that if you can kill Huo Zhenxiao, it will be worth it!

“Father will give the order here.”

Over the phone, the Hun King’s voice became determined, what Xixing could think of, how could he, who had been watching the battlefield through the curtain, not think of it?

Chapter 1100

Having received his father’s affirmation.

Shying no longer had the slightest hesitation and drove the military buggy, speeding towards Star City.

As long as Chen Dong and the others had not yet run out of the blockade chain of Twelve Star City, then everything was still relatively easy.

Even if …… the end result she and the Hun King wanted was to kill Huo Zhenxiao along with him!

With the king’s decree, it would be enough to make the Xiong Nu soldiers, whose courage had been broken by Huo Zhenxiao’s spear on the battlefield, sprout a blood courage again.

A nation’s strength will lay the foundation for the future of all tribes!

If Huo Chenxiao is killed, Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders will be left without a head.

The insurmountable rift will become a smooth path!

Under the night curtain.

The wind howled in the ears.

It was like a sharp knife, cutting into the skin of his face.

Chen Dong drove the Snowy Lion, wrapping Barbara tightly in his arms, and quickly rushed towards the outside of the Star City blockade chain.

Behind them, Wang Yu and the other dark guards followed closely.

They were not aware that shortly after they had left, the entire Hun army, which had been crushed by Huo Zhenxiao’s shot across the face, had in fact made a sudden change.

But it was clear to everyone that the only safe way was to break out of the radiation of these 13 cities of the King’s Court as soon as possible.

Charge out, even if it is within the Huns’ borders.

With the cover of the night and the wind and snow, the sky is still high enough for the birds to fly and the sea is wide enough for the fish to leap!

If we don’t break through, we are all monkeys in the hands of the Huns’ royal court.

“All alert, approaching one of the Xiongnu star cities!”

Wang Yu’s gaze was deep as he looked askance at the lofty majestic city in the distance.

They had optimised their escape route as much as possible, but the Twelve Star Cities of Xiongnu had been built from the beginning to aid each other and defend the royal city together.

To escape in the middle would only expose them to the radiation of two star cities.

By favouring one Star City, at least the threat of the other would be reduced.

Only by actually crossing the outer edge of this majestic city and continuing deeper into the snowy plains would they be considered out of the most terrifying danger.

The group of dark guards were all in high spirits, even those whose spirits had already declined, but at this moment they bit through the tip of their tongues and forced a few moments of vigilance.

On the Snowy Lion.

Huo Zhenxiao looked grave, his gaze always looking above Star City, like a falcon.

Even he did not dare to be the least bit careless.

On the battlefield, his silver spear set the frontier and crushed the entire Xiong Nu army with one shot, but he was overbearing and looked askance.

But this dominance does not mean that Huo Zhenxiao is so arrogant as to be unaware of the situation.

In the Xiongnu’s hinterland, under the 13 cities, what choice the Xiongnu would have, no one could really say.


Above the head of Star City.

The lights are bright.

The wind and the snow are cold.

All the Xiongnu soldiers, wrapped in thick robes, stood at the head of the city, facing the wind and the snow.

The entire Xiongnu army was out of the thirteen cities, so the soldiers at the city’s head had become sparse.

At one of the city heads, Xixing, dressed in thin clothes, looked out of place with the soldiers around her.

Letting the wind and snow fall on her thin body, she seemed to be unaware of the cold.

Her green silk fluttered gently, revealing a sense of desolation.

But at this moment, Xixing’s eyes were blazing, staring in one direction.

She was clear that that direction was where Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao would soon appear.

Compared to the route Chen Dong had to plan when they escaped, being a Hunnish princess, she obviously did not have to.

On her way to Star City, Xixing had already judged Chen Dong’s direction of escape through the traces of snow on the ground, and she had come to Star City in a straight line, so it made sense that she would reach Star City faster than Chen Dong and stand on top of the city.

With his eyes slowly rising, Xie Xing looked out over the sea of fire on the distant battlefield.

At the moment the ocean of fire was already moving.

It was only because of the distance that the movement of the sea of fire had not yet been transmitted.

She gently stroked her green hair behind her ear.

Almost simultaneously.

A roaring sound rang out behind him.

Rumble ……

With the roar, a dense and dull sound rang out even more under the city head where Xie Xing was.

Shying did not turn around immediately, but approached the city head and looked down.

The lights were on.

The walls beneath the city head had opened up through a machine expansion into a huge, dark, deep opening.

Immediately afterwards, a thick gun barrel came out of the huge mouth.

The city defence guns on this side of the wall were all revealed at this moment, hideous and terrifying.

With that, Xie Xing turned around and looked at the city wall behind him.

At this moment, this side of the city wall, along with the booming sound just now, was full of heavy thermal weapons such as artillery, and even the crossbow cannon that Chen Dong had used to break down the city gates earlier.

The corner of Xixing’s mouth slowly turned upwards, revealing a proud cold smile, “Even if you are as strong as a god or goddess, I don’t believe that you can’t be destroyed to ashes under a sky full of cannon fire!”

Huo Zhenxiao was indeed powerful, but before heat weapons, all beings were equal.

She was worried that when the whole Hun army came after her, she would regenerate a strange change.

Solely …… prepare all this, if there is a change, just shell everything!

Only, with the words out, Xie Xing’s gaze flickered a few more times.


“Yes, sir!”

The general in charge of the city’s defence did not hesitate to turn around and leave.

All firepower on land and in the air should be used.

This was the safest way that Xixing had thought of!

Even if they were only facing a dozen people, they would not hesitate to use all their strength to fight a lion.

The consequences of this might be too great.

So much so that it would no longer be possible to hide the curfew from the Huns.

But this is a time and a place!

Before, it was a disgrace to the Huns, so they had to be suppressed by all means.

But now, it’s not just about clearing up the shame and killing the future demon stars of the domain.

It’s more than putting all our efforts into killing the nightmare of the Hundred Tribes of the Great Snowy Plain!

It was worth the gamble!

The Hun King was thinking the same thing!

And at this moment, Chen Dong and the others had no idea at all.

The majestic city near at hand had long since turned into a purgatory-like existence.

Murderous intent lurked, and crisis followed them like a shadow!

“After we rush through this city, someone will meet us!”

Huo Zhenxiao sat behind Chen Dong with a sullen expression, only that his gaze never moved away from the Hunnish Star City, and the Silver Dragon Lance placed on his knees never left his hands.

“There will be a change!”

Chen Dong blurted out.

Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes flickered for a moment, “You’re not stupid.”

“Wang Yu and the others must have reacted as well.”

Chen Dong embraced Barbara in his arms and said in a deep voice, “A pack of hungry wolves, shocked by a fierce tiger, but when the fierce tiger turns around and turns its back on them, how will the hungry wolves not regenerate their covetous greed?”

The words had just fallen.

Suddenly, above the lofty city walls, a beam of blindingly huge light, as if it were blazing sunlight, suddenly appeared and instantly locked onto the location of Chen Dong’s group!

It was like a halo of light, dispelling the darkness around Chen Dong and the others, forming a circle of light that enveloped the crowd, incomparably eye-catching.

When this light appeared.

The Snowy Lions and a group of war horses stopped in their tracks at the same time.

Chen Dong, Huo Zhenxiao and a group of dark guards such as Wang Yu, all …… looked up.

With the light, the crowd glanced at it, but instantly saw, the dense cannon muzzles on the city walls ……

At the same time.

The city’s head is standing in the shy star, this moment green silk once again by the cold wind blowing mess.

She searingly looked at Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao below: “My mistake, I’ll make up for it, let this battle, behead the two demon stars!”

As she spoke, Xie Xing’s right hand slowly lifted up.

As the words fell, her right hand also pressed down brazenly!