Winner Takes All Chapter 1087-1088

Chapter 1087

The roar of the beast rises to the sky.

The roar of the beasts was so loud that it added another wave to the thirteen cities of the Huns today.

With the city under an immediate curfew, the majestic roar of the beasts swept across the city and even washed over the twelve star cities.

And within the royal palace, it set off an uproar.

“Something’s wrong, something’s happened to the beast cage! The royal palace guards, go to the cage immediately!”

“D*mn it, D*mn it, why did something happen to the cage? Isn’t the place where the beasts are being held heavily guarded?”

“My God, what’s happened to the kingdom today?”


In the royal palace, people were on edge.

Everyone knew that the beasts in the cages were all fierce beasts.

Any beast that hadn’t gone through a lot of trouble and paid with its life would not have been eligible to be held in the cage.

When the beasts are out of the cage, it’s a catastrophe for the palace!

The cage was a tradition in the Huns, a place for the truly capable warriors to change their fate.

Since the cage appeared in the Huns, it has been handed down to this day, and there are really only a handful of times in history when something has happened to the cage, you can count them on one hand!

The area around the cage is deserted and even less monitored and guarded.

However, every time the cage is renovated, the building itself is greatly strengthened and fortified.

As a result, the cage itself has been fortified.

Today, however, the cage was broken and the beasts came out!

In the palace, the forbidden troops were rushing to the cage and people were in fear.

Outside the cage.

The wind and snow howled.

With a deafening roar of beasts rushing out of the cage.

A figure rushed out of the cage door and then dashed towards the slanting darkness as fast as lightning.

Almost backwards and forwards.


The door of the beast fighting cage was brutally smashed open.

Even half of the door was knocked out of the cage and landed heavily on the snowy ground outside.

The light was shrouded in flames.

The white mane of the snowy lion stood at the gate of the cage in a domineering manner, like a king.

Behind him, the silhouette of a fierce beast looms large.

Without exception, the eyes of each beast are endlessly cold.

For the beasts, being held in the cage means losing their freedom.

Who is not a king of a fierce beast that can roam the Great Snowy Plain?

Now that they are free, the desire for freedom is in the nature of every fierce beast!

But with the presence of a fierce beast king like the Snowy Lion, all the fierce beasts felt a powerful oppression.

If the Snowy Lion does not move, no beast dares to charge!


The Snowy Lion let out a lion’s roar like a thunderclap, as if the wind and snow were silent.

The snow-white mane, at this moment, was even more awe-inspiringly dancing.

The next second.

The Snowy Lion leapt out of the cage and headed for the outside of the palace.

At the same time.





A fierce and ferocious beast, deprived of the suppression of the Snowy Region Lion, seemed to have gone mad at this moment, roaring and rushing out of the beast fighting cage, and then the stars scattered in all directions.

This was a royal palace catastrophe.

At this moment, it burst forth with a bang!

In the darkness in the distance.

Kui Gang did not leave, but raised his hand to wipe a handful of blood from his chest, and the sharp pain that pierced his heart and bones made him grimace.

The wound on his chest had been inflicted by the Snowy Lion when he had escaped too late when he had unleashed it earlier.

However, at this moment, not a trace of annoyance could be seen on Kui Gang’s face; instead, there was excitement, grimace and anticipation.

He slowly raised his hand, put his blood-stained finger to his lips and sucked on it, and said with uplifting excitement, “If you still can’t get out after helping to this extent, then I’m not to blame for disregarding the cooperation deal, O Heavenly Wolf, bless me and bless them!”

As he spoke, Kui Gang’s eyes looked askance at the royal palace guards who were raging with morale and rushing at breakneck speed.

It was just that the crowd, which was in great numbers, was in instant chaos as several fierce and ferocious beasts rushed in.

There were screams and shouts of death.

In an instant, the barren and desolate expanse outside the beast fighting cage was transformed into a human purgatory.

However, none of this was of any concern to Kui Gang!

In his heart, it was far less important than the success of this deal and the restoration of his former glory!

He didn’t know the exact relationship between the Dark Guard and Chen Dong, but it didn’t affect him in any way at the moment!

As far as he was concerned, the more chaotic the water, the greater the chance of Chen Dong’s death!

Once Chen Dong was dead, who else would the Xiongnu have left without him, Kui Gang?

The beasts were out of the cage.

The few fierce beasts that the royal palace guards faced were but a handful.

In total, there were only a few dozen beasts in the cage.

But the fighting power of each of them was not something that a few ordinary people could resist!

As each beast scattered around the palace, a scene of tragedy was unfolding in all parts of the palace.

Ordinary people, when faced with these fierce beasts, were not even qualified to resist.

With a single roar, they were already split to pieces, and then their necks were snapped by the beasts, and they were bitten to pieces with several bites!

The royal palace army was fighting the fire.

Outside the palace, fierce beasts broke out of the palace and scattered into all parts of the kingdom.

The stragglers were the first to be hit by the beasts.

They were followed by the common people who had been forcibly curfewed by the army.

Wherever there was a beast, dogs and chickens flew and people were miserable.

The whole palace.

The whole kingdom.

At this moment, dozens of ferocious beasts were turning the world upside down, and people were on edge!

And outside the palace, on the main street leading to the southern gate of the kingdom.

The lights were magnificent.

The cold wind was biting and the snow was flying.

Fear still pervades this main street.

The Snowy Lion was running wildly along this street.

Everywhere they pa*sed, countless terrified eyes gazed at the huge, imposing body of the Snowy Lion.

The people huddled in the darkness, shivering.

The soldiers of the army, too, were chilled to the bone and did not move.

At this moment, even the soldiers were too bold to go forward and snipe the Snowy Lion.

This king of the fierce beasts, with supreme domineering might, drove straight through the main street, running wild.

Fear pervaded everywhere it pa*sed.

After they left, everyone breathed a long sigh of relief and felt weak.

No one knew why this king of beasts had abandoned them as a piece of delicacy to run wildly in that direction with his mouth and nose spouting wild breath.

Only the Snowy Lion himself knew.

His master was in trouble!

He had to guard it!

The King of Beasts, in times of crisis, can ignore everything and is willing to die!

The most powerful beast in the cage, when it escaped from its trap, showed a very different reaction to all the fierce beasts.

Beasts of prey, for freedom.

And the Snow Lion, for his master!

South City Gate.

The chaotic battlefield was now incomparably tragic.

Dozens of dark guards, led by Wang Yu and Zhang Chao and others, had formed into small groups, charging left and right, creating the horrific killing power of a meat grinder, brutally reaping the confused and terrified Hun soldiers.

It was a battle so full-blooded, so reckless in its reaping of human life, that it made the blood of every dark guard boil!

A few dozen men, hunting down and killing tens of thousands, how majestic should this be?

But they knew that all these transformations were made possible by the unstoppable figure on horseback!

The young lord …… is powerful!

At the same time.

After slashing three Xiong Nu soldiers in a row, Chen Dong leapt onto the crossbow with his tongue thundering and his feet slamming his horse.

On the huge crossbow cannon, a crossbow arrow was loaded at this moment, aiming right at the direction of the city gate!

Clearly, the army had come prepared.

It was just that the situation had changed so suddenly that the loaded crossbow was too late to send out!

“Brothers, let’s go home!”

Chen Dong shouted, and at this moment, without hesitation, he raised his battle sword in his hand and dropped it bravely, slashing at the trigger of the crossbow.


The two-metre long, thick crossbow arrow, with the crossbow cannon’s firing, came out with a bang, like a dragon, with an ear-splitting whine, shooting straight at the city gate with terrifying momentum!

Chapter 1088

The crossbows roar.

Like pale dragons, they tore through the long sky.


A loud sound echoed across the battlefield.

At the southern city gate, under the cave, smoke and dust rolled and debris flew about.

It was just like a cannonball bombardment.

Barbara was so frightened that she crouched on the ground and curled up in a corner.

And with this loud sound echoed.

The dozens of secret guards who were reaping the Xiongnu soldiers with reckless abandon locked their eyes on the city gates in unison.

For them, that was the way of escape, the door of certain death!

If the gate was broken, the way of life would be revealed; if the gate was there, death would be certain!

Even Chen Dong, at this moment, had his eyebrows knitted together as he watched the city gates with a deadly gaze.


Such a gaze was shattered with a loud roar.

It also exploded like thunder in the ears of every single Xiongnu soldier in the confusion.

“They want to escape, kill them for me!”

“This is a supreme military achievement, whoever wins it, the king will reward him with glory!”

Two explosive roars in quick succession, but they created an unspeakable sensation on the chaotic battlefield.

There will be brave men under heavy rewards, and at this moment, it was interpreted to the fullest!

Supreme military achievement!

A great reward for glory!

A few simple words tugged at the heartstrings of every brave Xiongnu soldier at this moment.

Some of the brave and courageous ones came to their senses in an instant.

One by one, wielding their swords, they pounced directly on the dark guards and also on Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile, and he instantly locked onto the deputy general who had made the sound.

However, after the deputy general made his voice, he instantly converged into a house not far away, hiding his form.

There was no way to kill him!

“Retreat to the city gates!”

Chen Dong made an immediate decision and roared at Wang Yu and the other dark guards.

Almost simultaneously.

He kicked a heavy crossbow arrow into the air with a fierce “bang” with his right foot, catching it with his right hand in the air.

The thick arrow, nearly two metres long, was as heavy as iron in his hand.

It lifted Chen Dong’s heart and soul.

To him, this crossbow arrow, which was like a heavy spear, was even smoother than the war sword in his hand!


The sound of shouting and killing resounded in his ears.

As Chen Dong stood on top of the crossbow, he saw a dozen Xiongnu soldiers with red eyes lunging directly at him.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s killing intent tumbled, and it was as if flames were spitting out from his eyes.


The crossbow arrow in his hand, like a python turning over, as Chen Dong turned in the air, directly roared and swept across the week.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The heavy crossbow arrows, augmented by the terrifying power of Chen Dong’s flesh, were incomparably terrifying at this moment.

A dozen Hun soldiers who got close were swept away on the spot, and some even spat blood directly in the air, screaming in agony.

Forcing back the surrounding Xiongnu soldiers, Chen Dong did not hesitate to leap onto his horse, turn it around and charge straight towards the city gate.

His absolute sanity made him clear.

This was not the time to get attached to a battle.

All battles should be fought for the sake of escape.

Not for the sake of fighting, so to speak.

They were, for the sake of staying alive!

Not to fight to the death against these Hun soldiers!


Wang Yu and Zhang Chao and a group of other dark guards had also formed up and rushed towards the city gates long ago.

At this moment, whether the city gates were broken or not, it was by no means the time to continue galloping into battle.

The confused Xiongnu soldiers had come to their senses.

Morale was broken, but the heavy reward had inspired blood courage.

To continue to fight would only plunge them deeper into the mire, pulled into hell by these wolf-like Hun soldiers.

Dozens of men galloped wildly on horseback, and at this moment also presented a terrifying sight of destruction and long drives.

“Heavy reward! Kill one man, heavy reward, the king’s order himself! All beings are equal!”

The deputy general, who had hidden in his house, now rushed out from his house again as the situation on the battlefield changed, giving a stern order to take control of the situation.

His face was full of determination and bravery.

His eyes were red.

Only while giving the order, the corners of his mouth could not help but rise.

Just now, Chen Dong had swept through a thousand troops, cutting down two generals with two swords, which had indeed shattered people’s liver and guts.

But he was not stupid, high risk came with high reward.

The main general and one of his lieutenants had been killed in battle, and the rest of his lieutenants had their livers and guts broken. At this moment, he stood out, and if he resolved everything in front of him, then the future would be a million miles of glory for him!

And yet.

Just as the corners of his mouth rose to the extreme.

A terrifying and vicious chill that pierced deep into his soul appeared out of nowhere, running from the soles of his feet straight to the sky.

Such a change caused the Vice Admiral’s body to stiffen and his expression to freeze.

Behind him, he could even feel a fiery exhalation of breath.

In his panic, the lieutenant stiffened and slowly turned around.

As behind him came into view, his face instantly went white, and his pupils plummeted to the breaking point out of fear.

A huge lion face was towering over him, leaning down to his face.

When he turned around, his eyes met the lion’s eyes exactly.

That kingly look of disdain was felt to the fullest by the deputy general at this moment.


With a hissing roar from the Snowy Lion, the bloody maw fell down brazenly.

The deputy general, who was standing in place, still immersed in great fear, was left standing in place with only his waist and legs.

As the snowy lion tore violently, blood and guts flew out, raining blood on this small area.

After finishing the lieutenant in one bite.

The Snowy Male Lion fiercely tilted his head up and let out a kingly roar.

“Ow-roar ……”

The lion roar swept across the battlefield.

The chaotic battlefield seemed to have the pause button pressed instantly at this lion’s roar.

A trail of frightened gazes shifted and focused on the Snowy Lion’s body.

Fear pervaded!

That great terror that originated from the depths of the bloodline, at this moment, with the appearance of the Snowy Lion, was like a gloom descending from the sky, enveloping every soldier.

The might of the Beast King!

Ten thousand people were silenced!

“Great White, it’s Great White!”

Fearful Barbara’s eyes lit up at this moment when she heard the roar of the Snowy Region Lion, and after getting up and seeing the Snowy Region Lion, she hurriedly jumped up and waved, “Great White, I’m over here with Uncle!”

The faint voice of a child was not enough to stand out in the chaos of the battlefield.

But at this moment, this faint voice echoed in the ears of everyone.

In the silence, even the faint voice was like thunder!

“Snowy Lion?!”

As Chen Dong rushed towards the city gate, he turned back with a jolt along with the sound of the lion’s roar. When he saw the mighty Snowy Lion at the back of the battlefield, Chen Dong’s eyes blazed with fervour and his tongue burst into thunder: “Come on!”

This was a loud roar.

To the Snowy Lion, it was like a command.

The next second.

The Snowy Lion leapt forward, its huge body like a mountain, and smashed into the battlefield, its thick four feet instantly trampling several Xiongnu soldiers to death.

Then, the Snowy Lion ran straight towards Chen Dong.

Along the way, the lion roared, its paws danced and its mouth swept.

The Xiongnu soldiers, faced with the great terror of the Snowy Lion, did not even have the courage to resist, and those who stood in the way were reaped by the Snowy Lion!

With the appearance of the Snowy Lion, it was as if a heavy bomb had been dropped on the battlefield!

With the power of a single beast, the battlefield was turned upside down.

Even those Hun soldiers who had been inspired by the heavy reward for their bravery threw away their armour and fled in fear!


The city’s gates, which were gradually dispersed by the smoke, were the focus of all eyes as Chen Dong, Wang Yu and a host of other secret guards rushed out of the battlefield envelope.

The way to life …… is open?