Winner Takes All Chapter 1077-1078

Chapter 1077

He locked eyes with Xie Xing’s.

Chen Dong’s heart instantly raced, nodding his head in an ancient well on the surface, “This will also make it safer, after all, there is Barbarian around this time.”

Xixing withdrew her gaze and faded her half worn robe back down, pondering, “Well then, you have a point, the process of the birth of the Hundred Clans Order was already a dark tide in the Xiongnu royal court, so me following you and Barbara would indeed be a bit of a liability.”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment, “You’re not angry?”

“What am I angry about?”

Xixing smiled gently and walked in front of Chen Dong and Barbara with displaced lotus steps, raising her hand to gently scratch the bridge of Barbara’s nose, “It’s so hard for you to keep Barbara company, as long as Barbara is happy, it’s fine ah.”

Chen Dong looked at the smile on Xixing’s face, his mind was a little complicated.

However, he still nodded, “Then I will go with Barbara first.”

After saying that.

He was then leading Barbara towards the outside.

When Chen Dong and Barbara left, the smile that had always hung on Xixing’s face suddenly disappeared.

In its place, there was an indescribable deep gaze.


A clear, cold word.

Soon, outside the room, female guards came in a hurry.

“Princess, what are your orders?”

The female escort clasped her fist and bowed.

Xixing’s face was calm, but her tone was cold: “Master Xixing is going to take Xixing out of the palace for a tour, you take a team of escorts to guard secretly.”

“As ordered.”

The female escort hurriedly left.

But Xixing lazily lay on top of the bed, staring at the ceiling, and murmured, “Be good, yo.”

The words were soft, but there was an air of distrustful questioning.

Even now, Xixing had never been completely at ease with Chen Dong.

Because this time, the stakes were too high!

It was a matter of the Huns, a matter of the Hundred Tribes!

She, the Heavenly Wolf of the Snowy Plains who had single-handedly brought the Hundred Clans together, had to be cautious.

After leaving Xixing’s palace.

Chen Dong then led Barbara to face the wind and snow, and quickly headed towards the palace gate.

The night was covered with lights.

Under the cover of the wind and snow, even Chen Dong did not notice that there was a figure standing tall at a corner of the palace wall some distance away.

A blazing gaze was gazing at him and Barbara.

“Soon …… is going to be successful ah.” Kui Gang murmured in a low voice, his heart longing in anticipation.

As soon as this domainer was captured by that group of mercenaries, the glory that once belonged to him would turn around and surround him again in an instant, and even more.

He was the first warrior of the Huns!

He would also be the star of the Hundred Clans who would soon be heading south, the one who would stand up to Huo Zhenxiao, the God of War who reigned over the Great Snowy Plain, on the battlefield!

Just at that moment.


Kui Gang’s gaze stared, but he saw that a small team seemed to surge out from the palace of Xixing like a tidal wave, quickly following the direction Chen Dong and Barbara had left.

“Not good!”

Kui Gang’s heart thudded as a bad feeling arose.

If it was a secret escort …… this deal was going to be a disaster!

Gritting his teeth, Kui Gang hurriedly followed.

This was a deal between him and Wang Yu, a deal that concerned his return to the peak of his former glory once again, a deal that concerned his future.

Kui Gang would not allow any slip-ups.

At the necessary moment, as long as he did not expose himself, he did not mind helping Wang Yu and the others who were sharpening their swords outside the palace.



On the main street outside the palace, the houses along the road were brightly lit, but they still could not dispel the darkness in all the corners.

In these dark corners, there were scattered squatters living in the darkness.

This is the norm after a very dark night.

Even in the main street outside the palace, it is inevitable.

The soldiers in front of the palace gates, not far away, had become accustomed to these people squatting in the dark corners and did not drive them away.

They knew very well that even if they drove them away, they would still come back later.

Unless, of course, they killed them all.

But even if they were killed, there would be others who would come here and continue to live in the dark corners.

When the night falls, a hundred ghosts walk around at night.

All sorts of cruelty and bad things happen all the time in the dark and secluded corners.

The gates of the palace were guarded by soldiers, so it was clear that the dark corners were safer.

It was to stay alive that these stragglers gathered here.

“Why haven’t they come out yet?”

Zhang Chao crouched on the ground, wrapped tightly around the hooded black robe on his body, a little anxious.

“Bear with it, it should be soon.”

Wang Yu advised, while his gaze was deep as he looked towards the gates of the royal palace.

And to their left and right, there were some dark shadows, hidden in the darkness, no different from those stragglers, crouching on the ground, cloaked in snow and shivering.

These …… were all secret guards!

For this action today, Wang Yu had gathered the secret guards together early.

Only, when Wang Yu was looking towards the gate of the royal palace, his heart was murmuring silently, “Do your best, what you can do has been done, next, it’s time to die for the young master.”

Subconsciously, Wang Yu reached his right hand under the black robe at his waist and felt the pistol at his waist, his heart slightly steadied, then he moved another three inches and gripped the hilt of the long knife next to him.

If he could take the young master with as little rattling as possible, he would naturally be happy to do so, so that the chances of the Dark Guard’s men surviving were a little better.

But if it had to be a fight to the death, that was the moment to use hot weapons!


Wang Yu’s gaze froze.

In his vision, within the gates of the Royal Palace, two figures, one large and one small, were rapidly becoming clear in the light of the lamps.

It was Chen Dong and Barbara.

Only in surprise, Wang Yu’s gaze fell on Barbara beside Chen Dong, full of doubts.

Young master …… did not leave three days ago, was it for that little girl?

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Chao’s voice rang in his ears.

At this moment, Zhang Chao, with an unconscious turn of his head, also saw Chen Dong and Barbara.

It was just that compared to Wang Yu’s composure, Zhang Chao was outright puzzled out loud.


Wang Yu raised his hand and pressed Zhang Chao: “Wait and see what happens.”

At the same time.

The secret guards around them, who were pretending to be stragglers, had also stopped trembling at this moment and were looking towards the gates of the palace.

The air seemed to freeze.

The atmosphere was heavy and tense, and it changed dramatically in an instant.

Inside the gates of the Royal Palace.

“Uncle slow down, uncle slow down, Barbara can barely keep up.”

Barbarian could barely keep up with Chen Dong’s steps at a near trot, and could not bear it any longer, so he finally spoke up.

Chen Dong paid no heed, his right hand holding onto Barbara’s small hand as his steps flew.

As he approached the palace gates, the faces of each and every soldier became clear, and Chen Dong’s heartbeat could not help but thump faster.

In sight.

This lofty and ma*sive palace gate was as if it was the dividing line between two worlds.

Walk out!

Only by walking out would there be a chance of taking Barbara away!

“Why are you leaving the city, Prince-in-waiting?”

The patrol leader stepped forward and stopped Chen Dong and Barbara’s way.

Chen Dong pulled out the token that Xixing had just given him and said, “The princess promised to let me take the child out for some fun.”

The patrol leader took a look at the princess token from Xixing and swept a glance at Chen Dong, but he stepped aside.

Everything, everything went surprisingly smoothly!

Even when Chen Dong walked out of the palace gates with Barbara at a fast pace, there was a sense of unreality.

“Uncle, can you let Barbara rest for a while?”

Barbarian’s pleading voice rang out.

Chen Dong’s gaze sank as he glanced at Barbara, who was panting and her little face was red, and felt a bit distressed.

Immediately afterwards, he leaned down and picked Barbara up, “Uncle carry Barbara, okay?”


Barbara did not refuse.

But since he no longer had to worry about Barbara’s pace, Chen Dong took another step, but his stride was even more rapid.

While striding along the main street, Chen Dong’s eyes were burning as he searched around.

He didn’t know where the secret guards would meet him, but the best place to meet them …… would be in one of these dark corners.

For example ……

Among these stragglers!

Sure enough.

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed shrewdly, and in his sight, a figure slowly stood up in a dark corner not far away.

And just at that moment.

Inside the gates of the Royal Palace.

The female escort had also arrived behind the palace gates with a small team, only following Xixing’s order to protect them secretly, she did not immediately lead them out of the palace gates, but spied on them secretly.

The scene of Chen Dong carrying Barbara and hurrying forward fell into the eyes of the female escort, but she was puzzled.

What was the urgent matter with the prince’s team?

This did not look like a pleasure trip at all!


However, without waiting for her to think about it, a figure slowly stood up in the dark corner of the street where Chen Dong was walking.

This scene made the female escort’s heart flutter.

She was well aware of the virtues of the stragglers in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court!

Chapter 1078

A group of displaced, hungry and cold people with no status, in the thirteen cities of the King’s Court, were a bunch of snakes, insects and rats.

At the end of their tether, it was no surprise that they would do anything.

But as soon as the thought started, the guard’s eyes sank and she suppressed the impulse.

This was in front of the gates of the palace, and if this group of stragglers were to act recklessly, a butcher’s knife would be waiting for them!

It was at this moment that the female guard’s pupils suddenly shrank.

The female guard’s pupils suddenly shrank.

In her line of sight, she saw that Chen Dong, who was carrying Barbara at a fast pace, had made a change in his path, shifting a slight direction, but somewhat towards the straggler who had risen.

The change was so slight that it would have been difficult to notice if she hadn’t been paying constant attention.

After all, even if the two were leaning together, it was a scene that would not occur until Chen Dong had stepped out a long distance.

However, the female escort was ordered to secretly protect Chen Dong, all her attention was on Chen Dong at all times, and this tiny change was instantly discerned by the female escort when Chen Dong’s body turned slightly.

Something …… is not right!

The female guard’s slender sword brows furrowed.

The thought had just risen.

Instead, she saw that the stray figure that had stood up first, also turned around together with Chen Dong as he changed direction.

One after the other, the two of them walked quickly towards the distance!

The female guard’s pupils tightened to the point of no return.

All her attention fell on the stray figure ahead of Chen Dong.

The stride was rammed, the dragon walked with a straight back.

Even if it was just a shadow silhouette, the female guard could not detect the slightest hint of the straggler’s despondency at this moment.

Something was wrong!

I’m afraid something is wrong!

In an instant, the guard’s heart rose to her throat.

But the next scene that occurred was an instant thunderstorm that struck the female guard hard.

In her sight.

The stragglers who were crouching in the dark corners were getting up.

Then, they turned around and, like an undercurrent in the darkness, followed the direction Chen Dong had gone, and went forward together.

This ……

The female guard’s body shook, and her scalp immediately tingled.

The female guard’s heartbeat banged faster as she looked at the scene on the street.

Whether it was Chen Dong, or that black figure, all of them had hurried steps.

The rapid forward, but some of the stragglers “hundred ghosts night walk” look.

But how could …… the harnessed horse be mixed up with those stragglers?

What’s more, each and every one of those figures, the posture of the dragon walking tiger, are not half of the appearance of the stragglers.

In a flash of lightning.

The female escort could not care less about Xixing’s admonition.

She took the lead and rushed out of the palace gates with a loud shout, “Stay where you are, Prince in Law!”

She was followed by the small team she had brought with her.

The shout was like rolling thunder, echoing through the main street and drowning out the sound of the wind and snow.

It also attracted the stragglers in the street, who looked sideways to watch.

Chen Dong’s face sank, hesitating whether to stop or not.

It was at this moment.

“Young master, go!”

Wang Yu, who was walking at the front, let out a loud shout and suddenly turned around directly, carrying a gust of wind with him, sweeping past Chen Dong and Barbara, and directly rushing past Zhang Chao and the rest of the secret guards.

Wang Yu quickly pulled out a pile of Hun money from his arms and scattered it brazenly into the air, “Come and grab it all!”

“Money, money!”

“Come and grab it, come and grab it, there’s money to be picked up, Heavenly Wolf is on top, there’s help, there’s help!”

“Sh*t, it’s all mine, it’s all mine!”


In the snap of a finger, the stragglers, who had been crouching in the dark corners, seemed to have gone mad and pounced on the Hun money that was flying and falling from the sky.

They were originally people wandering like dead dogs in the thirteen cities of the king’s court, without status or position, even starving and cold, and could die in some dark corner at any time.


It was important to them.

In their desperation, they could ignore everything!

Just like now.

A crowd of stragglers, attracted by money, swarmed into the street, but formed an impenetrable wall of people.

The female guards and the small group that had hurriedly arrived were stopped in their tracks.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way!”

The female guard looked fierce and her chest was seething with anger.

She pushed a few stragglers out of her way and tried to go after them, but as soon as she pushed them down, they once again struggled to get up like animals, kneeling on the ground and desperately grabbing money, and continued to block her path as well.

The small group of soldiers beside her did the same.

In the chaos, the female guard looked at Chen Dong and the tide of black people who were rapidly moving away, and instantly her face shifted red and white.

“Something’s wrong, something big has happened!”

Phew …… phew ……

It was also at a time when the streets were in chaos.

A sound of horses neighing came violently from the direction Chen Dong and the others were heading.

The neighing rushed to the sky, completely breaking the silence on this street.

Followed closely by.

A rumble ……

The ground vaguely trembled and a roar sounded.

Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened, and in his vision, he saw a bountiful and handsome horse in the alleyway between the houses on the slant of the street, hissing and rushing out.

“Young master, get on your horse!”

Wang Yu caught up with Chen Dong and let out a shout, followed by a piercing whistle as he put his right hand in his mouth.

At the same time.

Behind him, Zhang Chao and the rest of the secret guards followed suit and let out an ear-piercing whistle.

The whistle was like a call to arms.

After rushing out of the alleyway, the horses rushed towards Chen Dong and the others.

Wang Yu stepped forward and tugged on the reins of one of the horses.

Chen Dong leapt into the air and mounted the horse.

In a flash of lightning, he ripped off his belt and tied Barbara tightly in his arms, then turned his horse around and charged towards the southern gate of the Xiongnu City.

Wang Yu and the other guards quickly mounted their horses and spurred their horses on, encircling Chen Dong in the centre of the city.

It was all too fast, too fast!

So fast that the soldiers at the gates of the palace were frozen in their tracks.

So fast that the female guards, who had been stopped by the stragglers, were in a state of despair and fear.

Until Chen Dong and the others disappeared from sight on their horses and whips, the stragglers around them had not yet dispersed.

“Report it, report it, report it!”

The female guard’s face was pale to the core, she did not expect that a secret escort would turn into such “bad news”!

The Prince-in-law had escaped!

The first warrior of the Huns had escaped!

The General of the Hundred Clans of the South had escaped!

The man who had just been enshrined in the history of the Xiongnu and whose statue had been erected on a monument, now …… had run away!

This moment, the female guard was terrified to the extreme, covered with bad chills, like a female madman, stumbled and rushed towards the palace gate.

For her, this is like a catastrophe!

Rumble ……

The quiet streets.

The wind and snow were howling, the horses were running wild and the roar was loud.

Fortunately, as night fell, there were not many Huns on this street, only a lot of stragglers to watch.

But no stragglers dared to approach such an imposing and turbulent herd of horses.

“Heave, heave, heave ……”

The horses galloped wildly, but Wang Yu and the other secret guards still felt that the speed was too slow, and desperately pumped the horses for more speed.

And Chen Dong, who was protected by the secret guards in the centre, was also clear about the situation in front of him.

He had already escaped!

But escaping from the royal palace was only the first step, the second step was to escape from the royal city, the third step was to escape from the blockade line of the twelve star cities that surrounded the royal city, and beyond that there were unpredictable dangers and crises.

Now that we’ve done that, we’ll have to fight tooth and nail to seek this ray of hope!

“Uncle, I… Where are we going here? Don’t want Auntie anymore?”

Barbara hugged Chen Dong tightly with both hands, her head buried in Chen Dong’s arms, and asked in a frightened and uncertain manner, even her voice trembled with fear.

What had just happened was too fast and too sudden.

So much so that Barbara, who was so young, was scared silly, and only then did she slowly react.

Chen Dong faced the wind and snow and looked down at Barbara, his voice gentle but filled with indescribable determination: “Uncle, take you to the starry sky that belongs to uncle!”