Winner Takes All Chapter 1073-1074

Chapter 1073

If we can get his help, then tomorrow will definitely go a lot smoother!”

Wang Yu gently rubbed his nose, the gloomy solemnity on his face, but it was difficult to stretch out and disperse.

Among the dark guards, everyone was once the best in the mercenary battlefield, and had also walked the guillotine once.

There was no shortage of experience, naturally.

They knew exactly how much danger they would encounter tomorrow.

It could be a scene where the entire Thirteen Hun cities would be hard pressed with a small army of Dark Guards.

Death, they were not afraid!

But they were afraid that even if they all died, they would not be able to take Chen Dong with them.

They had died once and their lives had been entrusted to Chen Daoling long ago, so after taking on the task of running to the domain to find Chen Dong, they were the only team of 100,000 people to cross the Qilian Mountains.

The encounter with Chen Dong three days ago was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If only Chen Dong had nodded, they would have been able to leave the Xiongnu City immediately, and now they were almost at Qilian Mountain.

However, Chen Dong’s words had ruined the golden opportunity.

Wang Yu and the others were not sure why Chen Dong had refused at that moment, but they were clear that their mission was to bring Chen Dong back to the domain at any cost to their lives!

So, everything was for the sake of carrying out the mission.

Lives, long ago, had been out of the question.

Compared to three days ago, Wang Yu knew very well how dangerous it would be to take away a man who had just made a name for himself as the first person in the history of the Huns, a monument to his statue and an official title on the morrow.

It was like pulling the teeth of a tiger!

It is tearing the skin off the Huns!

Purely with the dark guards hard, even if everyone puts life and death on the line, Wang Yu is clear that the success rate will be low to near despair.

But …… if he could find that person and turn the inside man, perhaps the chances of success would be a few points greater.

“It’s hard to say, but the former glory was plundered because of the appearance of the young master, such a sad shame, whoever else, probably also has a gap in his heart.”

Zhang Chao walked inside together with Wang Yu, murmuring in a low voice as he did so.

The conversation between the two, under the cover of the powerful music inside the tavern, could not be heard by anyone.

Putting aside everything else.

The prestige of being the first warrior of the Huns alone was known throughout the Huns.

The title of the First Warrior changed hands and was definitely in the spotlight.

And as the formerly revered First Warrior of the Huns, now that the halo has faded, everyone still knows him, but the awe is gone.

In the past two days, there had already been rumours of the former number one warrior hanging out in taverns and getting drunk.

So after getting the news, Zhang Chao snooped around non-stop and eventually …… found this place!

The former glory of Kui Gang no longer existed, but after all, he was the last First Warrior of the Huns.

The glory is gone, is to Kui Gang.

But in the eyes of Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, Kui Gang was a pawn!

If used well, inside and out, this former number one warrior of the Huns could still explode with awe-inspiring power.

“Chief, over there!”

Zhang Chao pointed to Kui Gang, who was grimacing and indignant, in the corner.

Wang Yu’s eyes lit up and the two immediately swept through the crowd and walked directly to Kui Gang.

“Get lost!”

Before the two stood still, Kui Gang said angrily without even looking at them, “Get the hell out of here and leave me alone, although I’m not the first warrior anymore, breaking your necks is as easy as killing a chicken.”

For the past few days, he had been in this tavern, drunkenly dreaming of death.

He had also known what the purpose of the crowd approaching around him was for a long time.

However, such hara*sment had been much lessened a day earlier, after he had had trouble containing his anger and had personally and publicly ended the life of a drunkard.

Tonight, for example, a strange gaze swept by from time to time.

But the only ones who dared to come forward were the two in front of them now.

“You’re bleeding.”

Wang Yu took out a handkerchief and threw it in front of Kui Gang.

Kui Gang took one look at the handkerchief and his gaze froze.

The handkerchief was of silk, which was common in the extra-territory.

However, the pattern on the handkerchief was out of place with the hundred tribes of the Extra-territory, and clearly carried the style of the Extra-territory.

Kui Gang raised his eyes and looked at Wang Yu and Zhang Chao.

Because he was so deeply drunk, his eyes were covered in red blood at this moment, and the way he looked at the two of them was even a little lax and empty.

“A dog in the domain?”

Zhang Chao’s eyebrows were knitted together, his expression sullen.

Wang Yu, on the other hand, looked as normal and patted Zhang Chao’s shoulder, “Go get another dozen of the best wine to cheer this brother up.”

Only, without waiting for Zhang Chao to turn around, Kui Gang was cursing in a deep voice.

“D*mn domain dogs, your Master Kui is not cowardly enough to be on a par with you.”

With that, Kui Gang spat out a mouthful of spittle onto the ground.

Obviously, he showed great rejection and disgust towards the sudden appearance of Wang Yu and Zhang Chao.

“You should bandage your wounds first.”

Wang Yu pointed at Kui Gang’s blood-soaked hand, then slowly sat down.

This action instantly caused the drunken Kui Gang to burst into rage.

In an instant, a wave of qi burst out from Kui Gang’s body, blowing the messy bottles of wine on the table with a loud bang.

Kui Gang’s face was as fierce as an enraged lion!


However, Wang Yu seemed to have expected this, and when faced with the terrifying qi and killing intent emanating from Kui Gang’s body, he said lightly: “I’m not sure if I’ve seen this before.

He said lightly, “Let’s talk about a deal!”

“You’re worthy of that?”

Kui Gang gave a fierce laugh, “Get lost or die!”

Wang Yu remained motionless and leaned back in his chair instead.

He was gambling!

For the sake of Chen Dong, he could spare the lives of the entire Dark Guards, so how could he spare his life when facing Kui Gang at this moment?

Seeing that Kui Gang was about to go on a rampage.

Wang Yu slowly dropped a few words, “A deal that will make you the number one warrior of the Huns again!”


A single word was like a great thunderstorm.

Kui Gang’s fierce expression froze, his ears buzzing at this moment, and his confused mind was suddenly much clearer.

His eyes began to focus and he shook his head hard a few times, before his gaze blazed at Wang Yu.


Wang Yu was in no hurry and slowly and methodically picked up Kui Gang’s cigarettes on the table, lit one up, took a deep puff and let the smoke slowly exhale from his mouth and nose.

Feeling Kui Gang’s fiery gaze, Wang Yu had a certainty in his heart.



Kui Gang shook his head and lifted his blood-stained hand to pat his head, “I’m D*mned if I’m going to get carried away, two Intra-domain dogs to make me the number one warrior again, what a D*mned joke, if I’m guilty, Sky Wolf can send down punishment, why should I let two Intra-domain dogs humiliate me?”

“It’s not humiliation!”

Wang Yu shook his head, “It’s a deal, a deal that can be mutually beneficial!”

Kui Gang’s movements gave a start, lowering his head, his face full of drunken flush, at that moment his expression changed, his gaze even brighter and darker, hesitating.

At that moment, Zhang Chao came over carrying a dozen of wine.

After placing the wine on the table.

Zhang Chao settled to one side, then Wang Yu, with a cigarette in his mouth, opened three bottles of wine, one for him and one for Zhang Chao, and then handed another bottle to Kui Gang.

“Friends meeting, drinking a bottle?”

Wang Yu said with a smile.

Kui Gang, who had his head bowed in hesitation, suddenly had a firm gaze at this moment.

He took the wine handed to him by Wang Yu, then clinked his head together with Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, and tilted his head to pour down most of the bottle of wine.

With a bold wipe of his mouth, Kui Gang said in a deep voice, “Tell me what the deal is?”

Chapter 1074

There is no rush.”

Wang Yu smiled faintly and pointed to his handkerchief and Kui Gang’s blood-stained hand, “Bandage it first, how can the next first warrior of the Huns be injured? In case the blood dries up and you die, a dead man can’t be the first warrior.”

The words were teasing.

Offhand, but straight into the heart of Kui Gang.

That was what he …… wanted!

Kui Gang nodded, picked up his handkerchief, and quickly bandaged his bloodstained hand.

It was also during this process.

Wang Yu and Zhang Chao looked at each other, and both of them smiled in satisfaction at the same time.

Now Kui Gang’s reaction was exactly as Wang Yu had predicted.

A man who was extremely unbalanced after the great transformation he had just undergone could not really expect much loyalty to remain.

In the eyes of the Hun king, this Kui Gang, who had been robbed of the title of the number one warrior of the Huns, might have been insignificant.

But in the hearts of Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, this man …… was precious!

Stabbed at the vitals, the temptation of big interests, with the situation of Kui Gang at this time, will indeed have the heart to rebel against the inside.


Kui Gang bandaged the wound.

His eyes burned as he stared at Wang Yu, and at this moment, even Zhang Chao, who was on one side, he simply ignored.

He was not stupid, he could tell at a glance who exactly was the leader of the two.

“Now, it’s time to talk about the deal.” Kui Gang said in a deep voice.

The powerful music covered it up.

It made the sounds of this table, impossible to be heard by the bystanders.

In addition, yesterday, Kui Gang’s drunken killing spree had frightened many people. Tonight, being in this remote corner, although the people around were curious, they were also afraid like ghosts and gods, and when they sat down, they all intentionally stayed away from Kui Gang, fearing that if they offended him, their lives would be lost.

As a result, the corner where this table is located is extraordinarily secluded.

The lights were dim.

Although onlookers looked at Wang Yuhe and Zhang Chao curiously, they were unable to distinguish the two men’s appearance and identity.

“We have to catch someone!”

Wang Yu slowly exhaled smoke and took a mouthful of wine: “If you help us catch this man, we …… will let you regain the title of the first warrior of the Huns, and maybe …… even you will get more! ”


A blazing fire emerged in Kui Gang’s eyes.

At this moment, both hands couldn’t help but clench their fists, their heartbeats banging faster.

“A traitor of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

Wang Yu said calmly.

“A traitor of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?!”

Kui Gang was surprised for a moment, then his face changed drastically and his pupils suddenly tightened, “That scum?”

As the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, he was actually able to pry into Chen Dong’s background if he wanted to.

In fact, when he was first called by the Hun King, he really had no idea who Chen Dong was.

But afterwards, he investigated!

It was also clear that the man from the domain who had taken away his title of the number one warrior of the Huns and was crowned with the supreme glory of the Hun triple crown, actually had a secondary identity …… Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Recruit!

It’s just that the investigation is just that, an investigation.

For the Kui Gang who was taken away the title of the first warrior of the Huns, even though he is still in the most important courtyard of the Huns, the reality is that the identity power has declined by a large margin.

But it was precisely because of this clarity that the humiliating indignation at having his title taken away was all the more intense!


Kui Gang’s expression became alert: “You …… are from the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

As soon as these words were spoken, this side of space, all of it, became solemn and murderous.

It was as if invisibly, swords were shining!


Wang Yu laughed contemptuously, “Lord Kui Gang na, what do you think? Do you think that the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry would come all the way across the Qilian Mountains to chase you Xiongnu because of a deserter?”

Kui Gang’s guard eased by a few degrees, but the way he looked at Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, he still had a few scruples.

Wang Yu continued, “For the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army, such a price is unconscionable, burying a group of veterans because of a new recruit, will Lord Kui Gang, who also leads troops in wars, do the math?”


Kui Gang frowned and stared at Wang Yu: “Then who are you?”

Wang Yu rubbed his nose, “We are a mercenary regiment, paid to do things, paid to play with our lives, what the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army cannot afford to pay, we dare to pay, what they are not willing to pay, we are willing to pay, where they dare not hunt, we dare!”

As he spoke, Wang Yu straightened his body, and at this moment, his entire aura was as stern as if a sharp sword had been sheathed.

The killing intent was washed out.

The temperature in this small space plummeted to the freezing point!

“If the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army can afford it, we dare to come and arrest him and bring him back to Zhenjiang City to be executed!”

Words, killing intent.

In this moment, Wang Yu was holding it all with great precision.

Seeing Kui Gang’s gaze flickering, he was caught in thought.

But Wang Yu slowly raised his bottle: “An enemy of an enemy is a friend, Lord Kui Gang was oppressed by that man and lost his glory, and we need that man to go back and chop off his head and receive a huge reward, can’t you and I still be considered friends?”

Kui Gang slowly raised his head and gazed at Wang Yu in awe and suspicion.


Zhang Chao, who had been silent, slowly spat out a sentence, “We have taken him away, which also happens to clear the roadblock for you, Lord Kui Gang, this title and glory of the number one warrior of the Huns, if it does not return to Lord Kui Gang, who else can it fall into?”

A single sentence, like a sharp knife, tugged at Kui Gang’s heartstrings.

Kui Gang’s eyes abruptly became firm.

But he raised the bottle, clinked it with Wang Yu and Zhang Chao, tilted his head and drank the remaining half of the bottle in one go, then opened another bottle again.

Only, he hesitated again.

“No, it’s too costly, that scumbag has won the favour of the princess and even walked out of the fighting cage, and now he has even added the triple crown of supreme glory to his body, making a name for himself in the history books of Xiongnu, and in the near future, he will even take my place and lead the allied army of the hundred tribes to fight against Huo Zhenxiao in the south.”

Kui Gang’s gaze was sullen and hesitant, “If I help you, I can indeed let that scum die, but if things go wrong in the east, I will also die, it’s a gamble on my life!”

“Life and death are destiny and wealth are in the hands of God! If you don’t gamble with your life, how can you have a ten-thousand-foot sky?”

Wang Yu’s words were powerful: “When a man is born, he should set his mind on a swan. If he can stop it, why can’t you, Lord Kui Gang, lead the allied army of the Hundred Clans south against Huo Zhenxiao?”

“I ……”

Facing Wang Yu, at this moment, Kui Gang’s aura had shriveled up a notch.

Wang Yu, however, revealed contempt at this moment, “Lord Kui Gang does not even have the courage to let go of the title, and is indeed unworthy of the title of the number one warrior of Xiong Nu, it is only natural that he was robbed of the title!”

With a single word, Kui Gang’s expression changed abruptly to blue and red, and he was infuriated.

But Zhang Chao moved closer to Kui Gang and spat out the wine in his mouth, slowly saying, “Lord Kui Gang, don’t you think that if this deal is really completed, the reward for Lord Kui Gang will not only be the title of the No. 1 warrior of Xiong Nu, but also the supreme glory of leading the army of the hundred tribes to fight against Huo Zhenxiao in the south. ”


Kui Gang’s gaze rose with fire as if he was longing for it.

Moreover, he knew that if he really won the bet, in the future, there would be a great benefit!

Shying away from the stars!

And he …… would also get the cherished star and become the Xiongnu’s horse in harness!

“Phew ……”

Kui Gang exhaled a heavy breath of wine, and at this moment, there was no more hesitation on his face, replaced by an almost fierce and crazy smile, “Friend, I wish us …… a happy and successful cooperation.”